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"time warner foundation" Discussed on The No Film School Podcast

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"time warner foundation" Discussed on The No Film School Podcast

"Uh someone put that on our best scenes of 2017 list actually i'm forgetting who that was now but that clip is available in the posts were at the border if you will someone comes out and does this foxtrot dance in namur the un some granted lines is a bunch of on this week we might as well caught ifp grant deadlineweek but first the itv digital open call has a deadline on march ii they're looking for fiction nonfiction linear trans media or other kinds of digital series that are still in preproduction and they can provide up to thirty thousand dollars in research and development funding to help you take your original digital conscious idea to the pilot stage for distribution on public media and our friends over it also film formerly the san francisco film society have yet another great grant opportunity with a deadline on march fifth this is a new when it's called the vulcain productions environmental fellowship and it offers you'd twenty five thousand dollars plus an adviser travel to san francisco and seattle and more to explore an important environmental our conservation story the needs to be told by documentary and on monday march fifth my former employer alma mater ifp as a couple of deadlines coming up that's what we did the research party until the oscars and then the day after we get down to business deadlines the ifp filmaker lab documentary section of the deadline is monday march fifth if you have a rough cut for your first film you can apply be a part of the illustrious ifp lab for a year long mentorship programme presented by the time warner foundation the ifp filmmaker labs ensure that talented emerging voices received the support resources in industry exposure necessary to complete market and distribute their first feature they focus exclusively on lowbudget features and it's very highly immersive program that provides filmmakers were the technical creative and strategic tools necessary to launch their films and their careers as well as very career building careeroriented it goes beyond just the first feature to open to all first time feature documentary directors with films in postproduction if you have forty minutes.

namur itv time warner foundation un san francisco seattle twenty five thousand dollars thirty thousand dollars forty minutes