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"Was not when I saw it in real time when I saw the first few replays that didn't really come to mind for me that he could have done better. But I'll look at it again. And I'll get back to you. You know, it's not like a guy met a guy in the street called Chad, who said, you know, he should have saved that. Right. Was Brian a scar you said it, not that kind of, that's what made me mention it. Yeah. But I'll say this, you are right in that, that moment was kind of an oasis in the desert for Jamaica. Up to that point. Nothing. The shouting and the defense after the Tim weyer goal. The goalkeeper and Bobby Reid had words. They looked at a bit of a mess. They'd started the game indecent order. They had more possession of the ball, but once the U.S. got into it, Jamaica looked at 6s and 7s and back all just lifted everything and deflated to use your term deflated the U.S.. Yeah, although not a ton more in the first half, well, not really, there's just I suppose there's two points to be made. Jamaica started to go a little bit longer to make it Antonio, who was winning headers against Zimmerman. So they started going much more direct. And I think the other thing that's we're talking about is the Chris Richards Tom Baldwin. She said, you know, D rule's expert. She said, his elbow, his arm needs to be bigger, further away from the body and it wouldn't be a candidate for review and var. It vary existed in this Concacaf world of ours. Gucci did not agree with that. He said it was a stonewall penalty and he's a center back and he supports the U.S.. So I don't know. There was one thing that she said in her description of it that I that resonated she said, look, let's say you chopped his arm off. What would have happened there? She said it would have hit his chest. In some way, maybe that makes it an easier decision to not give the handball that his arm is tucked into his body. The best that you can. I was kind of with a Gucci on this one. I didn't feel like it was very talked. Okay. Talked enough. But again, you know, it was a close one. I think it was. The other two things from the half, which was a constant theme throughout this game was you had the brown tackle on Tyler Adams, which was, you know, just two footed wild swinging. And then you had, I thought, I was really worried about Brennan ironson, but he got away with it. In fact, did you make him play? Injured himself more. It was like this sandwich tackle after a really good moves the past put them through. And two, Jamaican players just sandwiched them together in a sliding motion. Yikes. Like, these tackles. This was a really physical game. Wild. And.

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