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"Region local government leaders are back to investing more money to crime fighting efforts In prince George's county there's a proposal for millions of more dollars for its department Prince George is kind of executive Angela also Brooks is investing in stronger investigations We're funding new positions with the police department that will expand the capacity of our forensics team And she says $5 million will be spent luring new cops The goal over time of course is to increase the complement of officers I think we want to get in the neighborhood of 1700 or so Right now the department has about 1400 officers on the force But the budget also includes funding for two new entities that were created under the Maryland police accountability act of 2021 and so we are also responding to the changing environment that we're seeing John Doe and WTO news Tim Silver Spring residents are urging Montgomery county to put more restrictions on bars and hook the lounges hoping it will cut down on crime Crime in the county has spiked in the last few years with 35 homicides recorded last year the most in three decades Bethesda beat reports county executive Markel rich was receptive to the request from a residential association in downtown Silver Spring saying he might limit the hours of operation for certain businesses One of the biggest names in beer is parting ways with the Washington commanders No beer here your next beer at FedEx field won't be a bush The company that bought us the clydesdale say they are cutting the ties with the commanders but not exactly saying why In a statement only saying they're cutting ties with the embattled sports franchise while keeping its commitments with the least 26 other teams the league is investigating allegations of sexual harassment and a hostile workplace at the team including allegations that owner Daniel Snyder may have been involved Allegations he denies Del Walter's WTO news What's your team The following is a paid commercial message This is bishop Michael burbidge of the Catholic diocese of Arlington This week the Irish and those who are Irish for a day observe Saint Patrick's Day in honor.

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