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"tim mcgill" Discussed on Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast

Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast

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"tim mcgill" Discussed on Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast

"So stay tuned for that. And then the one with the groundhog that well that was actually from various of hewlett. But that's i think we're that sound came from you're thinking you're thinking of the Yes that's yeah with the the stunned gopher dramatic gopher over right yeah so it last but certainly not least the fan zone. Podcast with dj. Nick friend of the show right now. We are going through low key and this weekend. We're going to be according our third episode of loki. We've been having a ball doing this. Dj nick has taken the wheel for the six episodes as we go through low key and he's already ready to give the wheel back to me so i guess he didn't realize how hard it was going to be. Go figure maybe if he got a little sleep. I'm just saying. Yeah no your nick because instead of sleeping. You're listening to this. Let's because we know he's part vampire apparently because he never sleeps ever. I have yet to find proof that he actually sleeps just like blade. I was thinking more like the vampires of venice vampire because then italy. So he's a fish fish empire. that's it he's a vampire all right but But yeah so right. Now we're go through and then Because some things in the in the works for that as well also because titan talk the titans pockets will be returning in august. We got word of titan season. Three returning to hbo max august. So we're gonna dust off titan talk. It's been like almost like a year or so since we've last done an episode when we discussed the indus doom patrol season two so stay tuned kids titan talks come back and nick's going to be there. I'm going to be there. Hopefully jesse is going to be there with us so tuned for that. That's what's going on with me. I am only on episode. Three of season two okay. Well i'm working on it. We're quite the right. And if you wanna learn more at checkout titan talk so we go through all those episodes and Christina thank you so much for joining me here. I really enjoyed it. I really need this today so timing. It sounds like you did to you had quite the week you said so. I hope you had a good time i did. I don't remember any of it but it was fun. you know. remember what we did. But that's okay because we've got it recorded and right able to enjoy the same time. You could be like saint andre cinema where you get to recover your memories through the podcasting now. I remember what we talked about. I was gonna say you don't see that here because we know him drink. i'm flying. are you still my catchphrase. Because you're still a totally still catchphrase. All right tim mcgill. Oh you know that's kind of thing you know. But her batman returns thing because we won't have enough things already all right so next time the next stuff everywhere and this is once again going to be two weeks from now so appreciate everybody being patient but with the summer schedule and everybody needing to get out and do things and it's kind of worked out. I think 'cause obviously everybody's got a.

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