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"tim ham" Discussed on The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

"A a great mentor. Always looking to help out. There was no such thing loses really the person in life that taught me that. There's no such thing as a stupid question. When i was twenty years old turning twenty one and she was great mentor and i. It's hard to believe. It was twenty five years ago and it's hard to believe that she's been she's gone almost eighteen months but just a wonderful person and individual. And she's missed a fantastic way to honor a memorandum issued a to wanted if we were gonna. She probably wouldn't have wanted anything. If we're going to do anything that would be the thing she would have wanted us to our. She actually was a classmate of mine at the university of arizona and the race track industry program. So maybe don't know her as as well as you do. Because i never got to work with her but we did have a few classes together and yeah. It's it's great that they're doing this really really really happy to hear that news and Great way to honor her memory she would love it She wouldn't have loved any attention but she would love this. All right. let's get back into the stakes action. The acorn goes race number. Five tomorrow at delmonte park by the way. Got to tell you that that that race for that brooklyn kicks off a mandatory middle. Pick five tomorrow. There's a middle middle. Pick five more of those written down here. Hold the line please. I wanted to make sure. I didn't want to miss anything Pick four. i'm sorry there's a midday pick four tomorrow so there you go An epic for starts in race number four in that brooklyn. He's five we go with that acorn Flat mile one turn field of six and search results. Who's gonna new writer robert. Tease junior off everything. what a big effort she had in the in the kentucky. Oaks beaten a neck by the undefeated. Malla thought who was once considered for the belmont. They're gonna wait for the coaching club. American oaks and maybe the travers at saratoga this summer she cuts back to the one turn mile and she could prove to be very very tough tomorrow afternoon. Over big sandy. Yeah just a guess Looking at who's already riding in the race and the connections of search results. I'd be shocked. Joel rosario was not aboard. Search results tomorrow but Whoever it is. I'm sure chad is going to pick somebody very capable. She's definitely the one to beat. But i'm gonna try to beat her. I think that number four out of the office was not ready to fire her. Best shot in the eight bells last time out. In fact i think his job. Is tim ham and his team. Do i think they kinda rush day out of the office to get to a race. They originally wanted to run something You know earlier in the spring. And then maybe go in the in the kentucky oaks and neither one of those things happen. I think day out of the office even though she ran. Well the eight bells. I don't think she was one hundred percent. And i think she will be better tomorrow than she was that they She's one for one valmont in fact Maybe the most impressive wimmer career. The great one for that last year was at big sandy janet velazquez picking up the mount for the first time. Four to one on day out of the offices of very juicy price for affiliate who i know is capable on her day of winning this race. Yeah i think if anybody beat search results it'll be her now. Miss brazil is cross entered on sunday in the jersey girl. That's a sprint. This is the mile search results already. Handed her of feet at the mile and she handed the feet. Miss brazil had the run of the race. She was the inside speed on a day with a rail was great most of that run from mid february to mid march. Terrell was great at acworth. So i would imagine she's gonna come out if she comes out it it it. It makes a little easier on a horse. Like data the office who looks to be the controlling speed and it probably takes away a little potency of obligatory who took advantage of that incinerating patiently. Eight thousand came flying to pay thirty three bucks. I'm curious to see if they hit up front early maybe obligatory piece of this. I don't like travel column tomorrow. That's my plan. The race playing in star. I think searchers be tough. She's even money on the morning line. She's a top pick unlike. Bobby i think they ought to the office very dangerous six four. Maybe a little turnaround for me in race five the grade one five hundred thousand dollar acorn race number six the jack pocket jaipur grade one pick six kicks off in race six tomorrow big turf sprint. Big field in here field of twelve is actually a main track only in here secret rules. connections also send out consecrates. Eleven will go on the turf. The numbers six bound for nowhere to don't one on the morning line for owner trainer. Wesley ward was having a fantastic. Go of things in new york right now to resolve rides. Bobby there's eleven horses in this race for the turf. You hardly ever see this in six. Horse turf sprints disorders loose on elite. Tomorrow yeah i can't get past him not only do i think he's the lone speed in the race. He's already proven at belmont. He's already proven running without lasix. And he's proven on tracks that are not firm so or turf courses. That are not firm. So i don't really see any away around him. I don't think he lays over this field. Everything being equal. But i don't think everything is equal tomorrow. I think bound for nowhere as in front. And he's gonna just basically have to kick for the last quarter mile three eighths to do any running and he can do that. I think two to one is a very fair price. But the given the ground and the pace scenario which just i mean you and i talk about how we there's vulnerability in our handicapping in some of these turf sprints right that we were in agreement with that. I don't know how you get past. The only thing i'll say is this. Casa creed is a nice horse and kasa creed is kept some serious serious company in his career. They cut him back last time. He got the job done. I think what was most impressive about him. Getting the job done last time is that he faced a very similar scenario. But he's gonna face. There was no pace. They went forty eight. Going seven furlongs on the turf at belmont park elusive quality. And he still closed and got them now. He's gotta take another cutback in distance. Which is probably his undoing tomorrow with the way this pace figures to unfold. Now maybe somebody finds some speed. That's the problem though right. There's not even a horse in here. That has i mean there's a chance that somebody a or dot stormies laying. Second in the case rosario can just control and that's the other thing she he's in great hands hard to get past bound for nowhere if anybody beats him. It's kasa creed. Fast boat is probably after bound for nowhere. The most accomplished sprinter and best turf sprinters. Afs boats problem. He has not done well at belmont park. You know these big turns at belmont have not suited him. He mostly likes these tighter turf horses and where he's able to just whip around their man alphand overlook stuff that starts to pick six. I mean if you're gonna play ticks tomorrow that this might be if you're gonna single if you're gonna take advantage Twenty get back bonus. This might be a good way to start off in single and then if you go dad if he gets beat you got the pick five coming up. It was hard for me to get past them. Casa credence fast boat. The other two but for nowhere looks tough as nails to me race. Number six goes is the great one. Jack pocket jaipur will wrap this segment in the first half of the program with the ogden phipps. Great one for the fillies and mares five hundred thousand on the line kicks off the late all stakes pick five mile and a sixteenth again recapping from earlier scratch don't was skydiver. With one hundred and four fever scratch the to valiant put jose ortiz on the number. Three triska replacing injured brother erratic..

Joel rosario new york Bobby tomorrow afternoon five hundred thousand mid march mid february Eight thousand eleven horses five mile five robert tomorrow belmont park Tomorrow jose ortiz one hundred percent delmonte park one hundred thirty three bucks