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"tim fran imron" Discussed on Kinda Funny Games Daily

"An episode of Friends Tame and Cool Greg you can catch it on which is kind of funny games. If you're watching live later youtube dot com slash kind of funny and then podcast services around the globe under the we have cool friends banner remember we have cool friends still our new show it needs your support and always you can like it and youtube if you can leave reviews on itunes if you can if you walk into somebody's house and they got Alexa Ago Alexa cool friends like that they love kids love that you know what I mean. Does that work now. I think people love that make it. What do you want to pay before you go all right well? I put my patriarch where I do two songs a month for you. He come in there. We talk about what game I'm playing wrestling. I'm into and then I work on a song together. Gather with it with you. That's patriarch dot com slash mega ran. Also I WANNA put my friends wait is that that's not right. Ah but I do go to eight Bit Music Dot Com yeah you ever pay as well patriots dot com slash eight bit. He plays the keys eighty eight in the also does a lot of eight bit melodies a great marble madness so good so oh go check him out on Youtube or whoever also go and check out sky blue. He's on the Instagram Sky Blue Music is on band camp at Sky Blue One that bank camp dot com. Oh Yeah S. K. Y. B. L. E. EH W S right guy check him out also music you might hurt him on a fun of nation trailer and he's been doing all kinds of cool. Stuff is basically the coolest so so yeah my friends I love it. You're the coolest thing you're spending time today. <hes> the rest of the week looks like this from host lineup Tuesday. It's me and S J from DC A Universe Online Wednesdays mean Gary widow Thursday. It's me Imran Khan and then Friday. It's me and Tim to close out the week. Remember the game cass records live Thursday September nineteenth at two PM <hes> it'll be me Tim Fran Imron. Stay tuned for wildlife. We've cool friends will make if you're in a car somewhere else you can pull over and then download it from somewhere else unless you can go like Hey Siri trigger. Hey Siri like I did yeah. I can't do

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