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"tim broaddrick" Discussed on STEM-Talk


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"tim broaddrick" Discussed on STEM-Talk

"Welcome to stem talk. Stem. Stem, talk Welcome to stem talk for introduce you to fascinating people who passionately inhabit the scientific and technical frontiers of our society. Hi. I'm your host Carnegie and joining me to introduce today's podcast as man behind the curtain Dr Ken. Ford Agency's director and chairman of the Double Secret Selection Committee, that selects all the guests who appear on Stem Talk Hi Don d here today. So our guest today is after Tim Broaddrick who is a surgeon biomedical research and Development Innovator who has been a pioneer and laproscopy robotic tele robotic surgery he's had an absolutely fascinating careers at surgeon. A Darpa program manager and now as chief science officer here at IMC.

Tim Broaddrick Double Secret Selection Commit Carnegie Development Innovator chief science officer director and chairman Dr Ken Ford Agency Darpa program manager Don d