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Ep. 138 - SOCIAL IN SIX [034]

Social Minds - Social Media Marketing Answered

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Ep. 138 - SOCIAL IN SIX [034]

"They don't know this then behind time. Metrics it matters is convenience launch. Suddenly you're in. Its may seventeenth and tom feels social than six updates. Yes another busy fortnight in social has given way to major changes on most platforms including pinterest. I i've a livestream test twitter's initial tip jar launch and egypt's new creates a fund. As always if you enjoy this episode then please leave a review on i tunes battles now. Now let's get started. Hey creators. let's talk about youtube shorts fest up today. Youtube is launching a hundred million dollars. Shorts fund for creators. Yes you may be wondering what youtube shorts. Oh well ensure that by short form videos are up to minute long thing tiktok or rose. Now if you're already in the know however you'll be interested to know that shorts of just launched own us creators and while there's no indication when uk traitors will get their fix. Youtube has announced plans to distribute creative fund with one hundred million dollars in two thousand twenty one and twenty twenty two. It's a tactic we've seen before we've snapchat. Which offered a share of one million dollars daily to create behind the highest performing short form content. So as you cheap monetize shorts well. It's the same reason. Any platform monetizes a key feature created by if greatest no they stand to financially benefit from a new feature service. It makes sense that they'll put their efforts into making content. It's more engaging for the user which in turn naturally says you gbs interests keep shorts on the platform and let us know what you think in the facebook group tiktok shop or you going profile shop basket. Scroll down see what you like next up. Talk is testing an in app shopping. Tub that's right take talks next. Move is to add a native shopping feature similar to instagram. According to bloomberg a new shopping tab is being tested select brands across europe. One of which a streetwalker pot o'brien hype take his made colmes updates in the past like it's t spring integration. Fakhri says or. It's live infomercial test. But this native shopping feature sounds more like how social uses are used to experiencing social comments. The brands involved in the task. Now have a shopping type in their profile Can list products. Prices have follow. Us will be able to select what they want to buy. Choose specifics like the size cola and at checkout on delivery information all in the app of course this is great. News for many brands increases on tiktok. But it's also be interesting to see the direction for the platform itself. Take his quickly becoming much more than a place to create and what short videos and is following in its chinese counterparts footsteps. Doyen pulled in over twenty six billion dollars in e commerce transactions during its first year of launching a native shopping tub. Would they created as a social app that lets folks bookmark images that they find around the internet. Next up from theo penn trust will test livestreams for the first time this month yes. Livestreaming has been a massive success on social media and now could become into pinterest between may twenty four for may twenty fifth pinches. We'll be going live with some of the platforms biggest craters as part of a virtual event. The launches will take place within the pinterest. Stop mark the first broadcast discount from pinterest. According to the details pinterest will be able to go live up to five guests and have an unlimited number of us and although that won't be a shopping feature bill in on this occasion consideration for the future contrast itself is continuing to rise in popularity with more than four hundred seventy five million global users and a string of impressive updates including product. Catalog integration with vitamin capabilities. Pinterest could go door to a whole new world of discovery options. Set up your account. On an i will tip you. I will things. I have a vet moa. County doesn't have. I'm still on my space except for me. Twitter launches jaw among a small group of profiles. Yes as you're probably aware Twitter has been testing several subscription-based features in the last couple of months one of which has now launched among a small group of profiles select creators public and nonprofits. Now have a tip jar in that profile. Anyone using twitter in an english speaking country can use this icon to send money to these creases and tip them for that tweets and tip support payments through band camp cash up patriots. Pay pile on Twitter has been vocal lately about monetize. The platform for publishes on with so many journalists on twitter. It makes sense. What's interesting is. The inclusion of nonprofits is a tipping feature designed to increase value of content. Could actually double up. As a native donation feature which public figures could probably use to crowd fund projects or raise money for a cause. It's great to see how it works for individuals. But i'll be interested to say whether or not the feature will reach commecial brand accounts toll and if so what it can be useful well pronouns language. He used to address the person and they change. Depending on who. You're talking to leslie from theo. Instagram will now let creates his at pronouns to that page. Yes in a step forward for quality itself. I've done to tea. Instagram added a feature that will enable us to state their preferred pronouns. The new update means users in select countries can choose up to four pronouns and yet it pro foaming you. This will be hardwired and great on your profile and live next to your account name. Currently you can only select from a list of around forty one recognized pronouns decision. Instagram is taken to avoid harassment however instrument is calling on the lgbtq plus community to submit suggestions for future pronouns. They'd like to see there's also request list that uses can submit to and while the news is welcomed many have remarked on how long it's taken instagram's launches feature considering it's been available on facebook since two thousand fourteen nonetheless. Most but agree is a step in the right direction for more inclusive world. The marketplace is similar to gig websites like fiber but will aim to be a more robust marketing tool to help snap. Creators create more robust advertising campaigns and brand activation and finally snapshot announces its create a marketplace snaps create a marketplace will launch later this month among a small group of al creators for expanding to include all snap. Cry is next year similar to take tokes own creates a marketplace aims to help businesses find snapchat create is pot on campaigns including augmented reality and blends creators developers and partners. The platform said that later prominent snapchat creatives with public profiles also snap stalls will be included to from fast looks businesses. Stretch for created by location specialty. Type of lenses they make anna writes the benefits of course mean that brands can save time. Reset in create is themselves. Unrest is showed the any on the marketplace reputable and endorsed by the platform though. It's focused mainly on. Craig is on lenses in a off. Now snap said eventually plans to expand the marketplace to include snapshot influences those who understand current snapchat trends and snap uses interest and he will be best placed to help bronze. But that's not true. Ad campaigns and instagram paid partnership feature snaps. That it won't take of the deals facilitated through the marketplace. I'm really shocked. How can change in two weeks. I mean we always say that social moves fast. But i mean this is special but one of the stories that really want to focus on with tiktok and the news of testing an in app shopping tab which is absolutely massive the platform that we spoke about on this podcast a few weeks ago about tiktok in the power shopping and consideration on there. And i mean this whole idea of ecommerce platform. This is something that like. you said. it's very much been on. And before and it's within that chinese world as well that we know that they're very ahead when it comes to ecommerce shopping a lot the time but to see this coming to take tokens must be a really exciting future thing. I mean we saw guest this coming for a little. While and they've like flirted with set in shopping options especially recently said things like the te- spring integration which is just full crates to sell them match on. We've got things like the environmental task but this update is the most concrete one. We've seen yet. Like i mentioned earlier is very similar to instagram's native shopping tab but we've seen how well it's worked on that platform so i have absolutely no doubt that it would work just as well on tiktok while we already know that people are buying things. I'm actually really excited to see where this occurs. Full brands and creators. Because for me seems like a really natural fit. But i mean on your stories as well kind of also in the shopping fail other. We said that that isn't happening this time. Let's talk about pinterest love streams because i also read something. I think it was only this morning at slate. That said this would be packed. Full future. Comments integration yes absolutely incredibly excited into save lives emerging on pinterest. We've always spoken for years about just being the sleeping giant. I think you can call it that anymore. Is you know a giant platform with such potential. And wonder you know as we say. Sometimes under utilized by brands aren't necessarily using it. The moment that the brands in that space clearly seeing add value in pinterest and we can clearly see the value. Contrasts nothing yet. we've livestream in the integration. Is definitely that's something that could be quite special in that respect and we've got used to this idea of live shopping as well and i talked about it for a while but these kind of online social shopping channels and being able to see and demo product and by in real time. I think there's loads in those directions of this can govern lately. And i think it's good. It's a good way for them to be able to raise awareness of thick as prominent create is on the platform. I think that slight here the livestream starting with and i know that pinterest has been adding of new features recently and the festival of coal for something like that obviously is to raise awareness of them which they might have big is using so being able to do that via livestream virtual event situation. I think would be great and yeah if this is something that they do in feet terrific goes well. I'd be interested to see how they can then link products services while talking people three things. I think it's a natural Excited to see that now. We've got some incredibly exciting guests coming up over the next few including fort leaders and professionals from sa- landau deliver ru and the british army. We are really looking forward to those remember to less now. If there any other brands you'd like to hear from in the facebook group but before we sit down with those brands next week. We'll be joined by monica who the director of social media for mia at twit. And we'll be talking all about aka always on content on how to do it well by giving us. They've really enjoyed this episode if he did police rapidly review on and because it really really helps and allows us to bring you knew episodes every single week. This has been the social monz podcast selfish. What's and produced by oli thompson.

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Twitter's Trying to Reinvent Itself, Facebook CPMs and Americans Newspaper Readership | Mar 30, 2021

Behind the Numbers: eMarketer Podcast

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Twitter's Trying to Reinvent Itself, Facebook CPMs and Americans Newspaper Readership | Mar 30, 2021

"But what. I will say if audio does stick around on social media. I think that spaces has a good chance of being a top player. It launched early Clubhouse to the android punch and it already has twitter is engaged user base to playoff pay. Gang it's tuesday. March thirtieth jasmine and listen. Welcome to the daily remarked. Podcast made possible by new star. I'm markus and today. I'm joined by a senior analyst covering global trends jasmine emberg. hello jasmin. Today's fact german inventor karl von dress is credited with developing the first bicycle. His machine known as the swift walker hit the road in eighteen. Seventeen this early bicycle had no pedals. Its frame was a wooden beam and the device had to wooden wheels with iron rims and leather covid. Taya's sounds comfortable victoria. It was just talking. Who edits show. She just talking about breaking out the bicycle. She has one of these. she has The eighteenth seventeenth squad the swift walker. Yes she's got hope not is. It's horrible. It's like that bar. That goes between your legs when you. It's basically like you sit on that it's awful. It's a horribly uncomfortable and because there's no pedals you like kick your legs like a child on one of those small light toy contraptions barry embarrassing to roy tough to pull off. The penny farthing was the first by apparently. Not currently that was an iteration on this eighteen. Sixty nine frenchman. Eugene mayor invented the first high wheeler as paving the main purpose was to make bosquet foster he invented the first version. But there's a brit cor james stanley who perfected. It became famous for his the design in eighteen. seventy seven. nice way of saying he stole the idea last year. Was the first boy school anyway. Today's topic twitter is trying to reinvent itself. Victoria needs a new bike so talking twitter today. They're trying to reinvent themselves. Apparently there's a whole bunch of initiatives are working on. We're going to go through each of those initiatives and get jasmine's take on whether she thinks it's likely or not likely to succeed the scout we've got for. Her is very unlikely unlikely. Likely very likely very flashy scale. So that's the scale. Jasmine is gonna give us one of those reach of these different initiatives to his working on twitter. Who are they. They're the social app. Fifty five million users spot sixteen percent of the population in america. People spend about thirty one minutes a day on the platform. That's up five minutes from two years ago responding j. By six minutes it will come down by minute this year to level off about thirty thirty one minutes a day it's been wise debris good last year We had them going from one point. Six billion to one point seven billion to revenues from twenty nine hundred twenty twenty picked up a little bit six percent growth. this year. they'll see thirty percent growth so from one point seven billion last year to two point two billion this year. So it'd be a pretty impressive through. Twitter is who they are but which of their initiatives are most likely to workout and or take off jasmine. Let's go through them so you go in. You said well. Actually we've got them in chronological order. Pretty much tons of when twitter announced door released these different features astonished twitter topics so rather than just following people on twitter switzer allowance folks to follow a specific topic of which there are now six thousand. Apparently would you make of this feature. How far and how important is going to be going forward. Well we've also got the easiest. I which is why. I like a good but yeah topics. Is this a very likely for me. I think that they kind of marty speaks to the heart of twitter which is about connecting people around topics and issues and events that interests them. Also been around the longest of all of these initiatives than it's gotten pretty good traction so don't really see any reason why that would change. Yes seventy million people following topic seven zero in q. Three of last year. It's now up to one hundred million in q one says twitter q one this year. One hundred million or one hundred million people following topics we've got fleets next twits. Athletes think snap instagram stories. Pretty much same thing. Twitter fleets jasmine. How likely or unlikely is this to be an important feature or successful feature for twitter. So i've said this before. And i'm gonna say it again. I think it's very unlikely. I'm actually still sort. Of having trouble wrapping my head around why they launched fleets in the first place. I mean it's out five years to the game. You mentioned instagram stories and snapchat stories. They've been around for you know at least five years second. I'm not fully buying the reasoning. That twitter is giving about why they launched fleets. Yes they disappear but they're still visible for twenty four hours and i'm not really convinced that makes people feel any safer posting on the plot and then finally i just don't think it really fits in with twitter's core use cases or even its user base. I mean stories is all about this unpolished scenes. Look at people's daily lives in contrast to the more planned polished. Perfect feeds twitter. To me is already kind of unpolished in its feed. It's kind of collective stream of consciousness. I don't really know what fleets adds to that. So i really started to see this in twitter trying to cover. All bases rose out new products aaron to see what sticks. I'm not convinced on. The sun occur so twitter topics was very likely to sleet very unlikely. So each end of the spectrum so far let's move onto super follow so super follows that people pay creators on twitter for special content bonus tweets access to community groups subscription to a newsletter. Perhaps a badge showing your support. This was relatively recently announced super follows. Jasmine how likely unlikely is this to be a hit for twitter. I'm gonna give this a likely. I think there is a potential market for it. I don't know how widespread it is that. I do think it's there any other way kind of an interesting step forward towards the creator economy for twitter which is something that it really hasn't explore very much in the past and i mean that makes sense because it's not usually considered an influence or platform like instagram but it is hold to journalists celebrities politicians other well known people and brands and i could see some users paved access to exclusive content from them and on top of that it will make creators happy to have this new monetization option. And that's actually something exploring in my next report which is coming out in may okay. What's the report houses. The exploration of the most playstation piece fit in so the report is that influence monetization. All they new options that have popped up recently from the social platforms. And i'll be talking about how that might or might not impact friend partnerships with influences and creators for kids coming out when roughly about okay perfect. So yeah we've not heard anything about prices yet for this. how we. How much does any of this stuff cost. And so okay. I'm very interested to know. Like maybe people wanna batch. If it's ten dollars maybe not maybe people who want access to bonus tweets but maybe you know maybe a month or whatever then maybe so. I'm also wondering what the charge is going to be based on the different user. Is it based on. How many people you have following us it just based on your your celebrity. Is it just based on the market wherever you want to set the things that they said they're offering special consent didn't seem that appealing to me. At least i'm not heavy for much. Bonus tweets community green us lesser a badge. People want that maybe but neil patel who spoke to his head of products. Which is the oscar that i shared with you which you devoured in like five minutes which how that's possible. I wanna know where you are educated reading because that was incredibly fast but he spicy. Yeah christmas head of product cave on baked poor on the veges decode. Podcast we read the transcript for it. He said the super bowl will let your biggest fans subscribe to you. Get access to exclusive content. Which could be tweaked can beat. The ems also said it could be subscribe only spaces which is interesting which spaces in the second spaces is twins. Version of clubhouse could be subscriber. Only news story mentioned it could also be subscribed only fleets says one of the things in there as well and i. maybe maybe. there's something there spaces. I think could be interesting. If there was an exclusive room that you could join. If you subscribe to this person's twitter feed and access to that person they different conversations in that room spaces. Let's talk about that now. Twitter clubhouse competitive clubhouse being a live audio social media app twitter the quick history of what they've been doing audio the last couple months. They'd launched a beta version of spaces in december. They social podcasting outbreak. You're in january and they started testing audio. dm's in march. They've been busy in the last couple of months. Jasmine spaces switches clubhouse competitor. How likely unlikely as is to be a hit for twitter and on. This marquess widened. Give you the option kong. Give someone the ability to land in the middle now hanging on the fence. I will try. I mean i'll talk too fast and then we'll safe so audience definitely audience definitely the the big new thing in social media right now but i guess the reason that i'm torn is that i'm not so sure that it's going to be a long lasting trends. I mean clubhouse has made social audio extra intriguing because of its exclusivity. But what's going to happen when the novelty wears off is some of the around gonna die down but what i will say if audio does stick around those social media i think spaces has a good chance of being tall player. It launched early it be clubhouse to the android punish and already has twitter's engaged user base to play off of so. Can i say an inbetween like unlikely. You know that's the middle so okay so let me give you a few other things you kind of some of these already. We were talking about this on the weekly listen last friday show and our marketing briefing. Newsletter had names or main advantages of twitter over clubhouse and they'd said speed they rolled out the ordinary features. Very quick spaces is hoping to be rolled out to all users by april popular celebrities journalists already being on switzer having massive followings ready to from scratch and number three was discovered t twitter users could see a tweet from their favorite celebrity see they are hosting space and joined the convo the audio combat immediately also the size clubhouses growing but clubhouses thirty times smaller than twitter in terms of worldwide use account so speed popular celebrities discover ability in size. Does that sway you one way or another. I'm not getting off the feds there. I'm sorry i'm in the middle the middle. Sometimes you just have to be that. I'm playing on this slash unlike Let's move on to page subscription newsletters. Then switch a bought review in january. Which is a newsletter product similar to sub. Stack your thoughts on page subscription newsletters. You've already used offense count. I was just gonna say. I was going to use my fence card again on this one but i actually did come up with an answer so okay cool and i'm gonna go with likely because first of all i can see. Why twitter's betting on it because if you really think about this trend towards newsletters it's really a revival of the concept of the blog and twitter in essence is kind of a micro blog. So i feel like it's users would be interested in longer form content from the people that they follow who a lot of times are writers or our journalists or so forth so this just sort of feels like it could be at match to me. But even if i'm wrong which is possible. It'll still let twitter experiment with subscription revenues. Which is something. That's been toying with for a while. And that is something that i definitely think. We'll see more of this year in one schaefer. Other okay interesting yeah. Speaking of subscription revenues bloomberg was reporting twitter considering a premium version of tweet deck attaches subscription fee. Too is well said tweet x. twitter's free interface for letting folks managed to twitter accounts scheduled tweets postings the future things like that so yeah questions on how that's going to get up. Data's refreshed visual design. But also maybe they're going to start charging perhaps maybe for premium features so yes. Subscriptions could be on the hair. Speaking of which okay so likely for pay subscription newsletters that brings us onto this final item for twitter. And this is purely speculative but very interesting. So you want to. We wanted to bring it to the table. So this one is the only of jack. Dorsey combining twitter with square. He runs both companies and the economist is suggested this and they say that within the last year twitter stalk her double over sixty bucks squares has quadrupled so i have a two hundred so about merging the two to create a we chat like super app to create a supermarket style platform of digital services so they say twists it gives them the global name recognition gives them the entertainment and engagement gives them a direct messaging service and also big brands to advertise on the platform square with about thirty six million uses office cash payments financial services customer base of small medium sized businesses and the scale tapping. I'm banked that could extend to billions of the world's poor and there's a an individual At john street capital so they say is mysterious student. Financial pundit who. The economists site says they've called for twitter square to merge since two thousand nine nineteen saying imagine a monthly subscription service that encapsulates music streaming since squared sport jay z's tidal sharon crypto currency trading personal finance tools. Us let his podcasts and twitter all without ads saying that if twitter moved into ecommerce payments omelette square would also be useful and especially for their new super is offering payments platform could be useful and title could offer something similar t- musicians by square as well presenting the name twit coin which will be the new company. Perhaps jasmine your thoughts. On mr dorsey combining twitter and square to create a super company. Klein is brilliant. I really enjoyed that The way doesn't mean it's not mark's original which is good. It's the the economist at them. It's a long shot. I'm gonna go with unlikely on this one. I you know talking about this. Sort of we chat esque super. It's a good idea. I just don't know that you know people in the us or in the western world outside of china really are ready for this kind of a super were used to having all of our digital services separate and then there's also kind of the issue of trust are you going to trust social media platforms with your payment information on your combining sort of financial service with a social and then i think there are probably also faced regulatory hurdles. Do something like that. So yeah maybe possibly. I'm gonna go with unlikely. Yes they something where you think well could be very interesting so you know. So maybe that makes sense but in terms of like being likely to happen the oscar was also saying so far. It's just been bolt on takeovers. If they want to generate scale they need to do something this transformative and he's just hard to imagine a company doing anything that's going to be that transformative. It's typically iterative that's pretended is so anyway. Yep so jasmine's gone unlikely. That one okay. Let me just recap baffour. You folks twitter topics it's very likely twitter's fleets. Which is the stories type thing is very unlikely. Super follows is the thing where you pay for extra content. That is likely spaces is likely slash unlikely. It's a maybe and the The clubhouse type service and paid subscription use that as likely and combining twitter with square unlikely. So that's what jasmine who. It's all of those different initiatives. That wraps up the first half of the show so now for the half time reports where we summarize the key takeaways from story in thirty seconds before in other news on second half of the show so jasmine normally. I'd phrases key takeaways which you can give me. But i'm thinking of it more as like which of these you expect to be kind of fundamental for twitter. And other way we're thinking of that would be what will look like by the end of the year or by the end of next year. We'll their main emphasis. Be on news. That is will it be on spaces. Are they going to double down on topics watts. Twitter gonna look like in a year's time maybe two years time if he is not far enough you now i think out of all of these things based on what we've seen so far they're really going to focus on is their audio offerings. I think they're betting really big so it's hard to say what twitter's in a localized but i think we're gonna see. Increased investments going forward is within audience. Okay interesting twists head of consumer products. We've talked about before mr baked. Poor saying that they all focusing on these. Three areas not initiatives but areas health conversations and interesting health. How do we protect the health of the public conversations. How do we incentivize people and create tools and capabilities to inspire people to start participating conversations on twitter that could very well be audio an interests. How do we connect people to people in content that they're interested in time for for the lead story's time now for underneath westward from sponsor new star happening in marketing these days. But let's be honest. A lot of it is hype. You can join alison. Deeds and devon de blasio. The hosts of no hype about truth science in the future of marketing as they cut through the noise. And get to what you really need to know. Please share subscribe and enjoy the rise at no hype dot new star. That's ano- hey twi p any u. s. t. a. r. a. Back today in other news facebook. Cpm's are back pre pandemic levels. We talk tiktok shop. And what one study says about covid nineteen tv coverage one alison shift of at exchanger rights that facebook cpm's a backup pre pandemic levels and the still growing she notes spying facebook ads. This time last year was a bargain but now the cost of facebook ads is up overall by thirty percent versus a year ago. Citing ditch to agent agency. I rocket facebook at pricing is being on the up since may after falling by as much as fifty percents when the pandemic really hit q. Two of last year jen stojan. Svp of account services are rocket things. Facebook cpm's will keep growing throughout twenty twenty one reverting back to two thousand nine hundred. Growth rates are rocket pegs the cost of facebook. Cpm's eight bucks similar to pre pandemic rates but the agency suggests cpm's might eleven levin dulles by late summer jasmine thoughts around facebook's cpm rebound. Well it's good news right in the sense that immunes that there's more demand there's more competition the adb recovery happening. But you know it also means that. It's gonna be a very expensive holiday season. Advertisers as indeed the case jerry jones director of paid social rain. The growth agency thinks that high prices. New york's indicate and you and increasing competition in the marketplace is jasmine just said likely from browns pivoting to e commerce post covid nineteen was quote storyteller. Michael waters of modern retail wrote in february. That tiktok was testing out a market marketplace social media consultant matt navarra noticed that the company had published tiktok published a page coretec talk shop seller university explaining how brands and third party sellers could set up their own. Stores take payments interact with customers within the tiktok app. Mr waters notes that this all comes on the heels of the financial times reporting that quote tiktok is working on a series of e commerce features including a product catalog option for brands a livestream shopping program an affiliate marketing system that lets individuals tiktokers earn commissions on sales. They facilitate close quote jasmine. How seriously are you taking tiktok shopping efforts at this point seriously i think all of the social platforms right now are really expanding their shopping capabilities twitter which we talked about as well included in that. So yeah. I think this is something that we really should be paying attention to. They've been dabbling dabbing an ecommerce they offer the integration with shopper fi have done since october and december shop bowl livestream with walmart's folks could buy walmart apparel on the app and also by this policy talks chinese counterpart. Jean has their thing. They've had Inap- store since two thousand eighteen. They're available to individual people smaller in large companies as well selling to yen vendors pay upfront amounts and then they have to give a cut of five cut of their sales over to to the company story. Three david leonhardt of the new york times writes that the us media is offering different picture of covid nineteen from science journals or the international media. According to bruce sacked out for the economics professor is who he is at dartmouth college. Yeah this is what he's saying lost. He noticed that the covid nineteen tv coverage he was watching on. Cnn and pbs almost always seemed negative of the data or what the scientists who saying so working with two other researches. They built a database of covid coverage from every major networks. Cnn fox news politico the new york times hundreds of other sources in the us internationally. They analyzed it with a social science technique that classifies languages positive neutral and negative may found coverage by us publications with a national audience. A us publications with a national audience has been much more negative. Eighty seven percents of the coverage was negative versus scientific journals major international publications and even regional. Us media fifty to sixty percent of the coverage being negative when they examine which stories where the most read or the most shared on facebook. They tend be mostly negative stories. Jasmine this was a oscar. The you'd flanked and you wanna talk about what you make of this piece. So i have a million different things i could say about this. I think you know the one thing that really sort of struck me here as we've been talking so much over the past couple of years about the idea fake news. The proliferation of misinformation and disinformation. But a lot of that conversation has missed this idea that you can tell i completely factual story and it can be perceived in so many different ways depending on you know the tone that you take with it. What fox you choose to include in it and how you tell it basically and i think that's what this is really really really getting at and i think that's a really important study for people to see as well. Yes an excellent point my takeaway was that yeah. Us media is negative on most things. I mean that's another one and then also yeah. The level of negativity depends heavily on the event and the outlet for example. If you're watching a left-leaning media then they're going to be talking about the right thing administration in a negative light and vice versa and yes is basically always negative if you looking at through that but yeah to your point. It can be factually accurate. But if you're taking out of context taking soundbites or even if you know you're pressing down certain tones or even just what you choose to report on what you choose not to replace. It can play a huge role and then the other thing that was interesting with that international. Us comparison now that i've been here in finland for sort of the second half of the pandemic so far. There is definitely a major difference in how that's reported in a lot of that has to do in my opinion. The fact that here you have sort of government funded news in the us. You want eyeballs. Because you want at dollars and it's you have to make it more entertaining and bring people to watch your new show. So yes like. I said a million things to say about this. But i'll stop at this point. Is the attention economy over here in the us. I couldn't agree with you when i was back in the uk. The holidays. same thing we have a public funded The british broadcasting company. And yeah. it's it's definitely a different type of reporting all right. That's the time for unfortunately. Just thank you so much for taking the time. Thank you thanks to everyone listening Nicole we'll see you tomorrow for the behind them. As ad platform he mocked puck. House made possible by newstalk. She'll be speaking with philip jackson of ad. Form about testing with alternate identifiers.

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WERBEBANDE #3  Verfallsdatum von Inhouse-Agenturen

Die Werbebande

52:10 min | 1 year ago

WERBEBANDE #3 Verfallsdatum von Inhouse-Agenturen

"Threatens and zaps at tech footsie on social media. Johnny mid influence of will be so v unmatched again clear. Tiba the media body of snuck height. Does these ababba. Abundant on guns pumps. Hot wouldn't talk nine annoying for abba is i'm start post. Wankhede yarder off here tonight. Homework reason onto foist around. On awja income mancha a positive climbing look miss ninety interview of name he gene savage on talk it could be tanker make. It's good farc. Mcnew pinhas immunity Consultee cooper been cantey. Eunice zanu 'esprit out or has to us doctor. Top tiktok blogger number one in germany with ten million followers. Zinta taco blogger society Mitch kind of us. And they didn't put in haida can involve the videos tiktok the about good tiktok natanz platform reloaded we video melody. Mills of mont even rain defender million fund and follow amazon com these of instagram issue toward i get often annoying platform. We the millionaire. 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But i didn't do keystone s february two hundred if inside politics in fitch cared. I missed the latin div Cancer even oscar of the name down the amount of his feel good evening votes in and so on for nine app. Trump's tiktok sean. When why shopped. So kind of a. That's what for me vitalising. The and china hong Says we're able to defy. His immediate is few uncoordinated side moskowitz. Lungs are my as. Is this okay in user license. Agreements dot sustained vassal limited dot in funding from other martha moslem votes. His notes on fought. And i asked him. You know it's a tiger almost one and number two weekly unfound. We're gordon it. In the us up better to shootin high violin. Villena reason platform love andy. Zona fall up. Lincoln's i don for us is. Visually muscle does content Put voter on damage. We monitor lizard votes vitamins of all months in in oppressor on by magazine. Vitamins of hoarders in the machinery. In voters from biz ops odom gifford is quasi ugc content. 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Daddy zach owner. Owns kitty. a gammy. it's on we couldn't off mid placard nine for funk to neon on media loyalty is zone. Were a quasi kickback. Get fish slinger. In oil unsuited is at home. The media loiter the integration natuna. Joe biden sent campaigns denver. Zoo in foul relate to grain creston kind to invest in on our in case even zong. Ed best to bring on. Its own garage. Vitamin it's come to slim down by the tyne. How egan four crashed on the sock. Hey a bitter comf- as gators own -squitoes to iron amenities taga stone gutter efficacy enter verbal to shine braman has in china for whom gain banished hunt hunt as a cloud. The bonus had came. Debone is man came from year. It'll be on. This is off avid gingell yet. On the i skipped colson nets back skipped And beater skipped issac mile on the mid level. Quasi tactic Sport kathmandu minority-owned about home community alert. Mid annandale fronts on its own up. Hang on clear to nora. Media sorted seek now zion for i am via via finish desma american dav as whereabout without marketeers minds zeke netizens orden on a course fan from customized agencies rush benign course offenders brunette on think to them guitar of some to so gala has been on a media controller. But i'm ended his targets when alice gunsight. The is our for her own. If santa when damn constantly innovating douche as been an against citation answered as advertiser for folks done has to move to shut innovates you think outside the box ready best. Ed blinked in knits when the media and also on the best media plots or the innovative media. Lets you won't bring the organised clear diverg donkey interstate. Thousand mathematicians could knit as aggregate as essence marketing chef from asia has haiku clough well on a blocked. Indeed puget seem sent. I'm bitter near to pursue couldn't communicate zone nikitin walnut indian craft become a global problems. 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In insurance slop deem is our angers are fault of be is for. There's nothing to assist own van. Clear media getting a steinem finger off and on saying on imada. Undershoots design the ski. Ti advertiser about clear on media aren't often zach. And she's employed a fun fun fun. Foyer naturally is a leading senate mahmoud of gaba hired a report who who ain't brand harm by biden potok goodness design stuff about phil abbott abbott and commitment but scientists out tootsie meager field hats. Few club as shepherd soon as to it. What's your own yachts thousands. I was five thousand feet english as a aktuell middle of iowa establish missile as a disease of your name in nine nine hundred up to expose diesel spike horse up title when emma mathis who in nine hundred nine under to fish mates on. I'm communica comunicacion. Fishing media on chaos yawns torn. It's not to feed hang on my mac office. Cats yonne im- amana to vida din. Dd insights for media banou from the village. Not on can also underscores laviolette media some tiles. Qatif woodsy flies to go much mark. There isn't is amenities targets. I'm fucking what i wish. Dennis promos and for mid under our noncha- kingman clogging humidity lead to allies spanish. Up team rider decoding the up even decoding quarrying madaba. Quick management you loaded gun is sunny and their form of kim or viggo vermont. Us must be. These are some funds and tight. It's really super league tour. The a media finish did tour de media can tour pretty mason. Somebody did the creative into it. It's got vcd reminds to by my Entity for cats on social issues on an independent media osteoarthritis here in green room monday. Care expertise the expertise that lead to despotism you behold in kansas concept. Skip turnage done is done. This is my erekat into regan's it's okay could get a society definite matic's object. I just keeps staff these because lead ganesh game zeidan behind. Up china attitude the media on khartoum about two year them advertiser unflagging vest than argon. To stop put sent there before in van. Either qatif onto an initiator media finding a new elite aggie to us secrets media mart them out and follow. As all fussing schism the media took on iso nemat Design consultation exact flatfish liters. What i've done for me is lead coordinator in stunts delighted. Foggy pt industry and can Clean nematodes to align hash tags or answer gonna be yes denniston. Shut us off me. Lost mimic meister. What comes next semester executive. Elon the him me. Making visits mugging uber from to malade. Is this your time in meco madeka metric for donkey down an all but in your mind got is their love. This is love island. Meagan cooking near four minutes. I am love island by michigan influence. Slow violent village influence kovac. But i'm also good choices night as he cooked at the mchugh hooked. Been trying a calm. Finishing point does tivo nor premium. Sean fauchon when does says auto needs to go away sponsored initiatives and podcast. Let's keep under the no matter. Yeah ninety day our side of additional vini got wouldn't reach the hustle and he fits of laggard club. It'd been in my former guided or any vice. Does your hugo helpless. The knees four gets you of of The podcast the cup. Phoenix child cacao.

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EP 149 - SEEING MONEY ON THE TABLE: Being Logged Out By IG, Crimes, Consequences & Censorship, Buying a Mercedes Sprinter RV, Seahawks K.O. & more

Behind The Baller Podcast with Ben Baller

41:09 min | 8 months ago

EP 149 - SEEING MONEY ON THE TABLE: Being Logged Out By IG, Crimes, Consequences & Censorship, Buying a Mercedes Sprinter RV, Seahawks K.O. & more

"Good y'all you tuned into another brand new soda behind the ball a podcast. I am your host. Ben baller not then humble yoga's man. This is the weekend wrap up. of course i'm your boy. The korean john cusak and Of course this is also a dust brothers production. That's why it always sounds so fucking crystal clear guys anyways looking. Welcome to december forty second. Two thousand twenty yeah. This ain't no two thousand twenty one charge this. That's how i really feel. I really feel like motherfucking december. Forty second two thousand twenty. But i told you guys to brace yourselves for this year is going to be shit show and it's just getting started. You know as soon as that all man gets an office on the twentieth is going to be some shit. And i just knew it would be but let me start off by saying yes. I got banned from instagram. That should had nothing to do with the seahawks game. I have no idea it pains me. Sometimes when i think about how stupid somebody is when i think about like someone sitting at a red light in a light turns green and they wait like five six seconds. Maybe fucking three seconds. It's green bitch goal k. What what the like. I mean i assume because i had three donald trump posts related posts get deleted in a row. Okay obviously i posted on our last episode on thursday. I posted a national guard. Or whatever the fuck. It is just going to work on fucking. Trump's port is not antifa k. trump supporters and. She got taken down three and then finally on friday posted a couple of stories. Something and i tried to like you know upload my time line like tragic. I'm mike mentions and everything to my. Dm's it just was all fucked up. So you know what. I every time i. Instagram fucks up. I go to twitter to see what's going on and no one was saying shit about to instagram. Being down in within glue my son my sons on the phone. And i'm looking to see if his wife is working all right cool. What the fuck is my count. Ensure sure enough. I'm like fuck this. Let me go my pet. go the ipad. And i'm logged out and i'm like right trying to log in. It says yo use a name not found whatever. It said something about contact instagram. Like how to contact you. Now mind you. I do have a few plugs there. I know nobody says this. But fuck you. it's my show. I was one of the first people to get verified. Right plug shots boy chase left. I forgot where chase went to somebody else at facebook. The handles my shit. So i'll find out as of this recording this podcast. It is monday. I dunno i honestly i think it's the trump shit writing and i'm not really trip like how am i gonna complain right. People would. I would think it'd be more upset about that. But just whole weekend's been fucking crazy but it had nothing to do with the fucking seahawks game all right. I got a fifty thousand dollar paid ad post for this week. Okay if you think. I'm about to miss that shit on my own shit like no. I have this show to promote that drops. Monday and every thursday. So as of right now i don't have my countback so thank god i do. Have the at ben. Baller pod page so you know we could vote it there. I got my twitter k. But i love to promote the podcast. Because i love this show but anybody who knows me who paid attention and there are a lot of people who pay attention. There's actually got some weird as stocker from the past. Pilots is the show. Total fucking loser. Williams says fucking name. He'll just no. I'm talking about him. Period like bro. You're block like robot. would you go on whatever it is and it's so funny like you. You're paying attention to be still up for what brian has seen you in five years. Fuck is wrong with you. Know you're like and you don't think i'm doing which is crazy which is fine you know. Please believe i'm doing excellent. You know and. I don't like to say that in that way. I mean i'm probably doing even better than i think i'm doing. But anyways for those you who paid attention to my social and whatever i have never gone twenty four hours without not posting a story not ever stories on astra twenty dollars so i've always had at least one. Usually i had two stories. Whatever i've never let a twenty four hour time period go since they introduced stories on instagram. Why didn't let posts a fucking story. Okay so for what for the game. Look we'll get into that later. I was mad as fuck right. But i got shit like you know like. I'm hoping how idea stalking his dude yesterday was like. Oh yeah for some of this shit like that with you know political shit or whatever It's it's a four to six weeks. I'm not like you know if i got to start a new page. In trip whatever you know a figure that out. But i got jewelry. That i'm making right now. Kid cutting i've got a huge collaborative i huge piece of two thousand. Twenty one hundred murakami so. I got to push those things. You know what. I'm saying. Like i want to get that out there because it is a platform that i did. I do know. But yes. At least i still got my twitter. I got my clubhouse right. And you know who. Don't have those things yup and we'll talk about dick fuck and a little bit but thank god that i have my twitter because twitter is where the real dirtbags are at. I saw not about to let an nfl game. Stop a bag or stop the shit that i do at the same time. I'm not gonna let social media that blocking stopped me from getting a bag. Because i'm gonna get it regardless of else get promoted. Do you know what i mean. Murakami got millions of followers cut. He's got as far. I'm not tripping. I guys oh man what a weekend can and let me reassure you again i. This weekend has been fucking crazy and sucked but it was also great. I'm blessed but that would never ever make me delete my page. I don't even know how to fucking delete my page okay. That's no cap. But i got my private page which is still popping. I could see everything. I need to see on there and i don't know man that kinda cool you know. Look man i kinda wish. I jumped on on the podcast and did emergency podcast on friday because that was when trump got officially banned from twitter and then soon to follow instagram and facebook finally gave him the final. Fuck you holy. They did that before. Sorry twitch tiktok shop fi this motherfucker. Trump was banned from shop. Affi- she can't get more those fucking Make america keep america. Great make america great with fuck. It is or went with outlook magazine. America great again. You'll you can't get none of that shot. No that merch. None of that. Nice fucking racist clan shit. None of that shit the pga okay. The professional golf association's action. Now it they're going to remove trump's golf courses from the pga tour right dickstein even got banned from porn. Hub i shout to my girl are here to the whole pornhub team. My guy you got banned from porn hub. Okay so for some of you. Mother fuckers we here and look again. Don't say right because you you talking to somebody who's republican right okay. Let's talk censorship okay. The webster's dictionary states. Censorship means that changing or the suppression or prohibition of speech or writing that is deemed subversive of the common good. It occurs in all manifestations of authority to some degree but in modern times it has been of special importance in its relation to government and rule of the law. I don't wanna read that again. Okay so listen up. Dump fucks lot of guys out here. Pretty smart actually people on social media. They went to college everything else. Don't let it fuck you up with opinion. Anything else cock sucker number forty five. He incited riots. He promoted this shit. People got killed law officers. Who i don't give too much a fuck about human lives were lost okay. how do you compare beal protests. And even when they burn down businesses to people actually dying police officers getting attacked and the police officers are in on it. And not getting fucked with fucking far-right trump on the fuckers. Trying to kill senators. Inside the holiest part of our government. Okay i'm just curious. How do you compare that. How could you compare that tanning thing that that Bill has done okay. What disgust me. The most and i lot of shit really like you know told job was kind of like i figured it fuck. It is what it is. And i talked about in the last episode but what came about this weekend is footage of trump and his whole entire family watching the shit. Go down inside the white house in their bunker and watching the capital. Be attacked k where mike pence who i don't fuck with. But he had to go get his kids get fucking. don't they. do a fucking neil the bulletproof blanket over his ass and got him out of there and everything they're laughing. You see fucking ivanka. Whatever you see fucking the dolls junior laughing smiling. You see dancing kim. You were dancing k. I know your boyfriend is the ex president's son because as of this podcast this motherfucker might be impeached. They might invoke the twenty fifth amendment and pull out and we'll get into that a little bit. But yes i understand that dickstein. Junior is your boyfriend. And i know that you're my boy's sister but what the fuck. What kind of real sinister cock sucker shit is that. I'm just saying okay now. Everyone i talked to on thursday or after the attack on the capital january sixth. It's funny all mashes. Antifa fokin and tv came in there and fucked up. What the fuck is antifa. Bro them was an antiga. Okay the fuck you guys talking about. These mother fuckers have gotten busted. Now okay the fbi has fucking knocked all these cockpit doors the dumb fuck hick who was sitting in fucking nancy. Pelosi's fucking chair the fucking dumb fuck with the horns the viking outfit. They got his stupid as to. Ceo some fucking company. He got fucking fired. Motherfuckers fucked up left and right okay. Tsa and fbi have put a no fly zone for anybody that was participating in the thing with the focus is censorship that no shut the fuck up the fuck. Did you ever see. Anybody does protesting for fucking towards. Floyd's being murdered george flipping murdered by police officers and them being outraged to motherfuckers going and killing cops at our fucking nation's capital at the capitol building. Okay so yes. If you attended that shit you are fucking piece of shit period if you support donald trump you are fucking piece of shit period. There are motherfuckers who republicans all over the fucking place on a nigger. He had fucking a lot to say. He's republican people supporting this cock sucker. They're done people look at media personalities. Newscasters a lot of celebrities. There dis associating themselves with explain. They're actually going through a big like a rehab. Were they got a fucking shit because they wanna fuck associate their name with that person they might have cosign it even that fucking kaley fucking mckanie bullshit dumb ass bitch. She was saying shit about trump. that's becomes his press secretary. Look at that bitch ain't gonna be able to get a job in certain places. People are on the fuck. Because you can't do fuck shit. You can't commit crimes that expect to not get consequences. You have to face the fucking music you will face consequences and that cock sucker will somehow or the other right now. Yeah they're hitting all this shit. And i heard from reading political and stuff. They're saying that when he found out he was fucking done with fucking twitter and they blocked on social media he went fucking shit it was livid his whole fucking social media bro. You tried that or people at parlor nobody buddy gives a fuck. I promise you nobody gives a shit about parlor all the doing this funding call people edwards. Also the shit bro. That shit's done the. Ceo of parlor jess said yesterday. Now that we've been blocked at world we probably can't survive to fucking bad right. You've got people complaining left around resources media going to under all the news press pages going associated press. Oh yeah you're gonna report on the oldest bullshit and Yeah you guys are so far left. Ap was the first fucking new site to report that fucking trump at one to two thousand sixteen election. What the fuck are you talking about. You play stupid games. You get stupid prizes okay. Those dumb fox that attacked capital. That went inside the fucking house. A fucking congress. They're looking at twenty years k. If you guys believed in kobe maybe guys wear masks. You wouldn't have got fucking cut but most you guys got the fucking. Fbi had one hundred twenty thousand fucking stitches. Submissions and shit. And you know what they put these people on no fly zones so people are tripping because they're going on fucking delta united wherever and they're trying to fly somewhere whether it work whatever whatever the fuck going and guess what. They can't fly anymore. Like this is focused on constitutional Note dumb fuck again. You're supporting a liar. Somebody who said he won by a landslide at the end of the day. In what seventy two seventy five million people still voted for this cock sucker which is scary as fuck doing by landslide and another thing too is he went to courts. All the major courts went to the fucking supreme court lost every single case by his peers. Okay ain't no conspiracy your home homeys had to just do the right thing by your dog. Give it up. That said a no landslide motherfucker. You lost okay. By the way kovic is still killing motherfuckers. We had one of our deadliest fucking weeks ever and most of it was here in la and you got these dumb ass. Mother fuckers in florida. Oh man you see florida's open again. Y'all ain't testing anywhere near the amount of people. Okay you got that. Do join shadows on my show. Far dude man locked also work. Let me tell you this. Listen dumb fuck how the fuck would lockdowns work when no. We'll lockdowns happening. Yeah there's mandates the no eating at data that shit don't mean nothing nobody in. La's following those fucking orders except maybe mean you know handful of people who really don't want and really stays the fuck away from people and is really wearing and ninety five mask. Not o'clock mask okay. No people out outside all over the fucking place right those fucking mandates. Don't mean shit. It's like being married without taking somebody's last name and having no fucking paperwork and no legal repercussions to adultery of dealing with animal alimony and fucking taxes under the same fucking last. Like what the fuck you talked about. What do you mean took a drive to mobile yesterday. Another thing too. I would posted it on my fucking instagram story. I liked to show the cars. Whatever i took the car out. Took the fuck gaetana story. Eight out to grace jones out minute with a few friends. Everyone with very serious about the two of them Me and another kids Toward the guys on the has more deuce from china so he knows what time is. We had a nice socially distance. Drive malibu from beverly hills. We were chilling. Go there malibu's fucking packed. And they try to close out the parking lot where the country is and the starbucks. And everything. and guess. What they're trying to distill. Literally a thousand people in malibu so we pull into the fucking whole foods parking lot. I'm not yo state of fuck away from me I'm not really doing fist. Pounds nothing right but look nobody is fucking. Pay attention to this shit in la k. I don't give fuck what rules unless they start arresting motherfuckers but go for two trillion a communist country. Shut the fuck up man. It's simple it's not about you about other people saving lives. Stop being unconscious to this shit. Maybe off instagram is a good thing. Meaning like my main page beyond small patriots. I falls from people. But it's really calm us in there and have a thousand lakes within an hour of pictures at our old. There's every time. I refresh whatever there's people coming to like adding me. People fucking mentioning. I don't know it's a good thing though you know and it's beyond my control so for a little while you know i don't know i do hope i get my page back but we'll see right. I mean i hope. I hope i get it back real soon hoping today. But it's been kind of cool and you know and I'm still on the phone. Do my thing is i. Read this tweet from tom. Green last night. He said look man. He wants to get off the ground and twitter. Delete his instagram and twitter page. He says is too much complaining. Too much screaming about the state of affairs and you know the election. Sit no shit you marlboro. do shit fam you. You've been on the show what you're cool dude and you helped me a lot with my new. Rv and stuff. I love you bro. And i agree to a certain point but fam- you are canadian here canadian citizen but you live here in hollywood k. Wrote you can move back to canada famine. I know you wouldn't know you love you. Live here pro. You've lived here for twenty one years. Okay or even more than that and i get it. You've made a lot of money. You made a lot of money here and we can discuss about this. We can argue about whatever and you are a fucking awesome dude k. I'm not saying you're tone deaf just saying that we as american citizens. We can't avoid these type of things. I like straight up and anybody else. S fucking complaining about the shit and ain't from here meaning a miracle born and raised. But you know have flourished off of of what we can give. I don't know what the fuck pibor song grateful for anyways. Yo we're gonna take a little break. My voice is getting a little dry. I'm sorry my mouth is getting a little dry miles. How you doing sir. Yeah little music. My favorite and take a little break. We'll be right back so i did. The most washed up thing that every done guy officially did the most washed up. Dad thing and You know my kids are even car. She she's speaking full sentences faster than london arrive or do they really are coherent. What's going on. They're paying attention. I'm seeing them. We're interacting they're starting to get a little crazy and i'm not joking like London is highly stressed out. And so nick and schools really tough and There's something i wish. I did last year k. Because i really want my kids tremor these times definitely london's remember the rest of his life at this point at eight remember everything like i asked memories up to about five or six like eight. I remember those times you know and so i copped a classy mercedes sprinter. Rv right a recreational van and it's lit k. We are taking the yang on the road. All right and possibly later on down the line be. Tb is about going motherfucking tour right and the dp passi is deep. 'cause we got some focuses. They're the best in the game when it comes to podcasting so you know. Our family is deep. Shot michael rob port to the young shooter. Shout josh hart Fuck i'm so sorry guys fucking the guy damn attorney's name and the other two but dvd. They're the best producers in the game. When it comes to podcasting we might fuck around and take the behind the show on tour in the mother fucking Got an got to cope with the name for my rv. But it's fucking dope. I love it to death right. Kids kindergarten fucking crazy going nuts and we needed this cabin fever and all this shit that's going on is driving them crazy but later down the line if i had this. Rv last year we would have been gone for most of the fucking year. Okay so now. That we got can't wait arizona the fucking horseshoe bend grand canyon semi yellowstone texas. Go up coast in santa barbara. Stay a couple nights on the beach. Fucking gawked pebble beach. Go to monterey fucking Go up to san francisco. Go visit fam- go checkout shit and because it is a sprinter chassis and it's only twenty four. We'll technically twenty five feet. I can park his bitch on the street. I can go to seven go to fuck conseco go wherever and this motherfucker sleeps five k. Could sleep six. Maybe you know because the kids and shit but it's got three beds. Y'all this shit is so lit. I can't even tell you. I got wildfire and this bitch got satellite. Tv got tv dining table dynamite. A two burner oven could cook eggs pancakes wherever we're going to do that. You know if i want order puck and post batesville motherfucking to that place and yet boom there it. Is you know I'm gonna be doing a lot of shooting their sleeping cut the bathroom. Don't gotta worry about miles. Right of colitis has got a toilet. And i've mastered this blackwater situation with the sewage in the rv. It's got fucking can adjust the heat on it. It's got fucking thirty nine gallons of fucking freshwater tank. I got thirty nine a waste. I got sixty eight gallons of propane. This motherfucker runs on. I've got a full fridge. Closet your got a little safe in their. This shit's got skylights. it's got an awning. it's literally got everything is literally luxury living. I'm not trying to rough it at all. That's not why. I worked so motherfucking hard all my entire life but shout out to my boy cats at giant. Rv in downey california down is a trip was keep things with down even talk about another episode. But there's apt at tom green. Put me on called the dirt and it just pulls up all the camping sites everything else and them My boy john mayer. She had another app called free rome. Where actually that dirt up does it too. But you can look for off the grid sites meaning off the great means. There are no hookups. There's no electricity hookup. There's no sewage cup. there's no dumping. there's nothing just in the middle of the fucking desert somewhere where you can go and stop private property. Stop private land and like i can't wait joshua tree wherever the fuck may be and go off the grid like if you go to tom. Green screen page. You'll see like off the grid in the middle of nowhere. And i can live like that in this fucking. Rv for at least two weeks but we will go that long but who knows right. It's got everything. I need for real. This shit is a hotel on wheels. And i'm so fucking excited. One of the best things is when i'm with my fam- you know we're going to take a trip this weekend and not to worry about nothing on that rushing anywhere. I don't have to rush to get home with nothing. Got everything we need in this fucking. Rv and why. Because wherever. i'm at i'm home. You dig like you feel me like if i'm in san francisco. I'm home because we got three beds. We got fucking food. We got water. We got everything we need to pull up somewhere. Go on the beach plan the beach. Boom whatever go down what fucking hang on a lake go outside and desert and you know play whatever. Run on some fucking more controls later when i get some. Maybe dirt bikes. Atv's we get a boat or something look chillan and we're all we need. you know. we got wifi. We got whatever we got power chilin. I'm home if i'm in fucking portland oregon. I'm home wherever man pulled over boom right. I think eventually on at least try to drive the chicago. But i'm actually looking forward to getting off the grid in despite the purchase. I've made in a long time. So i'm just really happy. Shit man look here. We go seahawks fan and the best part about it is. This is how. I really feel because while the game was going on. If you follow me on twitter like why are you still quite shut the fuck up dumb fuck. I don't want to put a bunch of fucking text all my stories. And let's push like i go on twitter where most people do have to say like. I said one hundred thousand times. You see a chick who got three four million followers on instagram. And why does she only have fucking thirty thousand because no one gives a fuck unless she got something really to say same goals rather people would ever and it's like i like bounce shit out but i went on twitter now saying but i had to say off. Jump off rip. We played like shit and three of the games that we lost this year. This is the fourth the gains that we lost. Only one game there was no we could do about it. And how funny thing is. I was against the rams that was against a totally different rams team okay. Every their game we played like shit. They didn't lock up the old new play that they didn't outplay us. We outplayed us. We beat ourselves. We played like shit if anything. I almost did a fucking emergency podcasts. On saturday right we played like shit. No play calling. I don't even know what the fuck at this point is it. Pete is fucking schottenheimer. It was fucking horrible. We had no place. We didn't do shit. We just sucked at this point. I'm not saying he's carson wentz and i'm not saying he's cam newton but we're fault russell's definitely fallen down on what the fuck focus. He's not locked in those first six games. He was locked in your. We need to get a back up. I mean or trade for some big dogs. You know what i'm saying. Pick or something. I can't believe i'm saying that. And you know what's funny is i give. Russia's love never had a russell wilson jersey where boom and you know. I get it. He's very pc and everything. Great run for mayor to all that shit after during the season. Stop man what the fuck is going on what you feel like. I'm really dumbfounded amid a lot of total loss of words. I just don't get it like not only with what's crazy is. That team sucked any like that one pick was the game. I was everything that pick right. There was the pick six was. I was just like man bro. Like you know. And i talk my shit regardless we lost last year years before it ever and i found i delete my page then which i don't know how to do it then i don't do it now anyways Jamal adams played with two broken shoulders. It seems like right. So he's gonna have to fucking Have surgeon offseason but he did say he wants to come back and signed with the. That's a good sign. Because i feel like we're gonna lose some people but we had a really good squad this year right. The only thing we didn't have that was good. Was fucking russell wilson. How crazy is that first six games. He's a reason. Why a big reason. Why are winning last fucking we just. We don't need them like he's just i mean my god man. I don't know what the fuck is up by. Like jared goff said he they're interviewing gothic. Interviewed got this motherfucker. Didn't do shit like he won by by default k. And the fucking finance and the fucking banker tomorrow took his ass out and hope he's all right because then motherfucker but he was gonna play golf. Had to fucking come in right and he said he paid attention to win. Jamal smoked a cigar after we beat them in that game two weeks ago bros. Shut the fuck up you guys are about to get washed bad. In fact i'm about to bit fifty thousand dollars. Whatever the spread is fourteen. I'm bet you look the packers. My lock locks. Packers gonna cover this weekend if i don't give fuck if it's fucking twenty seven points they're gonna fucking killed these rams so beat up motherfucking cooper kupp like what the fuck are they gonna do there a bad. We played awful. The worst i've ever seen in almost a decade. Okay and this coming up season. We'll be how ten years with the seahawks saying this is the worst. It was so fucking bad and they extended his contract for another five years. This one hurt. I don't fucking know what to say. Kay this shit hurt way more than last year when we could have won are fucking division against the niners k. At home in the last minute at the goal line for revenge to k. In for those you listen and you obviously know this. I have an enormous a huge niners fan base because of my ties to the area. Okay so if anything. This game was way more right because the fake as elliot team anyways much loved all my twelve's right can't wait to go to the fucking games next year definitely gonna hit arizona at arizona. Shot my boy spanky. He's going to be taking me around. Can me some other fucking some tamales. And all that shit fucking go crazy. England deal fucking arizona. Definitely going to dc shot. My boy. paul was dog and we got some other games that are going on and like they said look by that time later in the year. They're probably like at forty percent of whatever our charter seat season ticket holder. So i'm going to be one of the fucking these games right on my fuck around java fucking. Rv up there n tailgate net bitch right now for the nfl games. I'd actually would love to see the ravens. Somebody lamar man. I like doing ozzie. And everything. But i would love to see the ravens played against packers. Nc the ravens. Win scum on the marta. Fuck and get a fucking rain fucked packers but I don't believe the saints. Just don't don't give fuck. No vegas davis calling that. And it's hard for me not to speak on some of the things that i seen whatever but i'm not going to but anyways look let me see how the chiefs play against the winners of the raves bills game because i don't believe the browns right they kicked the fucking steelers believe that said that before right but is very impressive. That they've gone this far without o b j. I will say that. I got a game that that know. Cleveland browns man and tough. You know they had a real real tough. You know last shit over a decade. They've been shitty so again The chiefs of favorite think. The bills are my low kind of low key. Underdog favorite but i would like to see the rave. I don't know man. Let's see it's going to be kind of crazy now. Speak an nfl. Picks that seahawks pick was more of a little fucking fan. Boy shit threw out there. Because i look. I don't get fucked. We lose the bet. Let's win the game right but we lost both solves extra tight about that but when it comes to picks last week i had six picks right i went four and two so you boy did good. I am barely on the mother. Fucking on tennessee lawsuit is what it is anyways. By the way we will have some fresh as picks for this week. We're going to get into the playoffs and everything by the way stay. Tuned deduct brothers on fire right now miles and join had been picking insane amounts parlays. It's really crazy. I'm not saying they should some shit on being dead as serious. They are fucking crushing with their picks. And i said that mybookie wasn't going to renew us but they did 'cause we're doing well so you know where to keep that going got you have see. We got basketball. Got fucking boxing coming up. Got that mayweather. Fucking logan paul shit coming up so i don't know man so definitely. Stay tuned You boys battery back. Bullshit Speaking of bullshit wikileaks leaked. He's leaked it was like someone sent me to like hurry up before the deliberating boom and i was like bro. This shit looks fake. alex doctored. They had this ship where it said steve jobs had hiv. And i was kind of like oh shit triples like dance a big fucking deal. It didn't even any fucking incident. No smoke and again no run So when it finally just put it to dead was like yeah. Listen steve jobs. Is you know. I fall asleep. Disrespectful talk about students you know. He's he's dead and on top of that he didn't have hiv which is crazy. I think someone. I don't know if it was. They broke hippo. Whatever but anyways. One thing i'll talk about before we get out of here is the term in the action leaving money on the table. I have heard that so much last year in twenty twenty. I fucking hate that term. I especially these days. I hate that term. Okay contrary to popular belief. I am greedy. Obviously we're not gonna about donating everything sick of talking about that. But i'm not greedy k. One it comes to making money. And how i make my money especially in more recent years it's automatic with mine i k- i'll make money. Automatically sirs mom's okay. I see money on the table every day several times day. I leave it most of the time. 'cause i feel like if i can't get it again then it wasn't meant to be i that's just for me though. Just letting you guys know pusey. Hey manolete money on the table man you know. Do these a companion cards this you know. Watch this why did you do a moment. I think i'm good. I'm busiest fuck okay. That's just from me right. That's the creed is standard. But for some that might be their only chance to get that bread so fucking gopher broke you know. I'm not on a platform. Like some dictatorship telling people leading you. Mother fuckers into the fuck and flames the hell and every you know what trump does. Whatever like i try to give you guys the best advice. I can't right but again. I'm just saying when i hear people say ell man don't leave money on. The table was like roman. I'll try to say some other people and you know what rest in peace willie baloch has my boy. Dj homicides dad he says some so fucking crazy was like before he died. He said hey man. Save some for yourself because funds will take everything and i get it. I'm just at a certain point where i'm blessed and and i have a good amount but again i'm no one trick pony other people. They got to take that i get. I'm doing me the way i want to do it. At this point. I i got action. I got momentum for real for real right now anyways. That was just my little thing right now. Because i was thinking about that fucking hate that term anyways. Don't forget you guys. Tops has announcement. They're going to make this weekend speaking of this weekend we are going off the grid loki. Is decided not to take my podcast equipment with me to our first trip in. The rv promised my wife. I wouldn't so remember there's people who take breaks you. There people will take a month or season one season. Two fuck rod season like fucking ten by now right for if we're on those terms and good for them cool. Look i take this shit serious but we job every monday and thursday and i think of you know we have one hundred forty nine episodes i might have made. He missed four episodes of something. But i promised my wife we're going to have this family time documented. Really just focus and lock in on family time on we're gonna spend maybe four days. There are between three to five days in the rv. See what happens and test that bitch out so that means there will be no podcast next monday. Okay no podcast on martin. Luther king's birthday. It's a holiday for all of us. You know what i'm saying. I love you guys for real. Censorship is a real thing k. Censorship had nothing to do with what went down with dickstein k. He's got a fucking go for the better. Good and the fucking human race k. And that ain't even enough. He needs to be behind bars. And i think it's going to happen. Okay that's it for today's show. This thursday's episode will be episode one hundred and fifty another milestone in bt history I gotta figure out who's gonna be my guest I got something on my sleeve. A couple of things right now but Whoever it is it's going to be honorable ways hundred fifty episodes. I'm so blessed. Thank you so much to everyone who listens. show please subscribe. i appreciate you guys rock with me. Major love two miles in jordan aka. The dust brothers loved my lake. Lake loved my bro- legal cartel speaking of lakey inspired though. Ll that is it for the show. You already know what you gotta do. Take out of here. My g five channel piece.

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Tech That Died in 2020...

Lew Later

53:10 min | 9 months ago

Tech That Died in 2020...

"So the year in two thousand twenty. It's arap night night. Twenty twenty kind crazy to say that. Actually 'cause it's the year that's gone on forever and ever. Obviously a lot has happened in the world in so many ways it has been. Maybe the strangest here my life. I don't know it's possible. It's early in recent memory. Yes probably ever for most people. We can have our personal experiences which can vary from year to year but as far as a shared experience global shared experience. This one takes the cake a lot of emotions. Here's the thing though. Well when you go really low gives you a lot of space to climb. Yes it gives you. There's there's there's more than there's ever been potentially potential good however since we are saying good night twenty twenty. It's important to remember the tech that died in twenty twenty so we have an article here from the world. This is by ian paul. He has highlighted some of the tac. Which will no longer be with us heading into two thousand twenty one and you're gonna have some fond memories as we go through this list here. Are you ready fun. Number one is farmville. Farmville is going away because flash is going away and i don't know if you remember this game this was how about sixty two million people signed up to play the game talking about a tremendous success story that went from sixty two million two zero in in a short period of time. Relatively speaking incredible how trendy. These types of things can be. This was always on type of game that plugged into facebook. That would notify you at all times. I don't know you crops needed to be watered. Didn't i don't even know how this game got his big as it did. People got addicted. It was the various mechanisms in the blandishments. Dog game brought people to facebook. So facebook data mining said all right and i think zinger had some crazy evaluation at the time game in which you would grow virtual crops and livestock with the freedom to design your your very own farm as you wanted anyway. It's it's it's over. The company announced that as of december thirty first twenty twenty farmville would drift into the sunset along with rest of the flash based world. Here's another r.i.p for twenty twenty. Google play music now. I don't know if you ever use google play music. I did for a period of time. They use included some other subscription. Google did across various services. I don't know about the name they had to play store. Google play music it kind of made sense but they have recently made this really strong push into youtube music bringing everything under that heading and there was i guess no need. It was redundant having this google. Play music once. They brought everything over Once he brought everything over to youtube there was no need for exist. And it took a little while for some of those for all the features to show up there now and so it's It's the end for this particular app. I don't know how. I feel about it totally. I'm the youtube music thing. Well for one it does something. That's irritating me recently. What's a i manage more than one youtube account. And if i am on the desktop and i got a web browser version of youtube music open and i'm just sifting through the youtube music as you would be doing if i switch my youtube accounts on a separate window. It will pause my youtube music and say you have logged into another account blah blah blah. But i switch accounts in any given day fifty times so this is terrible if i was playing a song on youtube directly in a browser window just playing my show penn okay. Yeah i might be playing some show peh playing this morning then it will remain playing no matter many times. I switch between accounts. So i know they can do it and i know. This is a terrible feature google youtube. Listen to those stopped. I never want music to stop. When i'm working and shifting between accounts. I know it's a specific thing for me and over your complaining and nothing's getting maybe something's gonna change. I can't be the only one complain about this. Maybe i am next. Nintendo three d. s. You probably seen one of these in your life very popular hugely popular but believe it or not. It came out all the way back in twenty eleven. Nintendo has kersey. Keep making these things for nine years and but wildly popular and they you know they kept on making it attractive by adjusting the packages that it would come in and the price point and everything else relative to the other products It was innovative at the time. It was right around the three d. hype train for tv's which never went anywhere and obviously for gaming it really didn't go anywhere either. But i remember when i first took a look at. I was like that actually worked without glasses. Yes actually three d and it was the dual screen experiment. Nintendo has never been afraid to experiment with formats far as games game consoles games. Things like this. The switch is another example of it. The we was we crazy thing when it came out into the three d. s. was the same it sold seventy six million units but it's Yeah it's done for now. They're gonna stop selling it. So that's another loss as far as twenty twenty concerned at least in the case contender. You have lots of new stuff to choose from another one if you scroll down a little further interesting to me chrome apps. I don't know if you ever experienced a chrome app to next one down there you go. This is like when an application doesn't a web based application doesn't have an application for your operating system. They only have the web version actually would be the way. we're using. That new app twists something like that where shout twist expect that. They don't have a desktop application. It's just a web browser based application and so it will be this this rapper around the website to make it act more like a native app right. Yep and i don't know what i don't know why they're getting rid of it. I think while. I mean you have your. They're quote. they're significant. Progress has been made in the modern web and its ability to deliver first class user experiences. Yeah of course. The modern web is great. But i think it's more along the lines of they want you in chrome in real chrome as much as possible if that means keeping your applications inside the browser your emails that already there and your messaging app and whatever else. Why do they wanna give you this. Desktop style to tweet deck. I think uses something like that if i recall correctly. It's just the web interface re wrapped. So maybe that'll be lost in the shuffle but anyway it's not. This has nothing to do with extensions by the way. No that's what i was thinking. I although just based on previous experience with software development a little bit wollo very loud. Give us the backstory. Well no just the pudding anything in like. Rappers is Guys natalie it could be pretty intensive like resource intensive nasty kind of buggy as well so. Yeah it's not the way intended to be used so any. I don't think anyone's gonna cry over that. I'm sure somebody will. Actually somebody will be like. I used function all time. Mixer remember mic sir barely. Yeah mixers getting shut down for real. It was weird because it got. I mean they had this huge launch and then it never took off and then microsoft was like i don't know should we be in this game at all and then they sold it right. Did they not. They sold her to facebook. I recall and then within a partner were facebook gaming. Just integrate into facebook gaming in the mixer named is off right appears to be the way that they've done dot but yeah i mean we got a guy playing called duty zone right now. Facebook gaming redirects the most makes her dot com redirects. So yeah so. I mean it was kind of a cool story when it happened. People were trying to track some of those contracts and things that were going on with the was ninja. Get paid his money. What about trout. And of course those guys they went back to twitch after all said i didn't appear to be all that restricted on what they could do the other one flash player in and of itself which we kind of talked about initially with the farmville game so flash is over and it feels like it's been dying for a while we've talked about it being over multiple times and the last one. I want to cover your amazon echo. Look this is a product that i never even knew existed. This was a product alexa powered. Eco look camera was a selfie camera that would offer fashion advice based on what you were wearing. Oh that's very specific. Very specific. And i can't believe i never heard about it because it's well yeah. It is so specific and different. The fashion advice was a mash up of machine learning and fashion specialists. That would judge your look based on color shape fit and of course shoes crazy Anyways it was two hundred bucks. It appears that it did not catch on. And that's another r.i.p twenty twenty so there's some tech that's no longer going to be with us moving into two thousand twenty one but we have so much upside we're not gonna we're not gonna be too upset about it. No it's only up from here. Twenty twenty one. Today's sponsor audible. You know will have been an audible user for a very long time. I like to listen to history books. I liked to listen to books on zen actually zalm. Yeah that's right. 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Especially the size of apple wants the story hit. I was like oh apple. Should squashes right away. This is a bad look. You're going strong. Arming little pair company. They don't even do anything. Similar at all. Prepare is a spin off of the super healthy kids service. It offers healthy recipes and digital grocery list through a mobile app to keep the kids healthy. She just 'cause to like come on. I know and they have a good name member. I liked the name prepares. They have a lot going for him but apple originally said hey. We don't like that trademark like your pear shaped logo and we don't like your minimalistic fruit design with a right angled leaf. That's the quote right. There see the leaf also made them angry. Although i mean you can look at this for yourself is bit ridiculous. it's pair obviously. How many ways can you outline a pair if you want to call yourself prepare. I don't know but here's the good news. It looks like they're going to sort it out and the parties are actively engage in negotiations for the settlement of this matter apple inc requests that preceding be suspended for thirty days to allow the parties to continue their settlement effort. So they're gonna settle somehow by the looks of it. Of course the lawsuit guess it kicks back in if the settlement is not reached in that thirty day period and i don't know what the settlement could be. If you're i guess maybe some cash. I guess that's how it works. Maybe apple could say all right. I understand you don't want change your logo. You gotta fun little brand over there. What if we give you x. Number of dollars then. would you change your logo. Like maybe that could be something that they could settle on or yeah. I don't know i don't actually know what the agreement would have to look like because if you're prepare you don't want to hang onto your logo. It's tough to change the logo completely. It's your how people are aware of your brand. You know. yeah. I don't know what they would demand and i don't know what apple would demand but anyways they're working it out. It's bad for everybody if they can't get it sorted out. He's just not a good look for apples. Poor though company over here tesla's reputation is looking good in china and this was a big question. Mark people wondered okay. You think you're gonna drop a gigafactory everywhere you go. You're going to hop on a plane shopping. A place snap your fingers gigafactory car. Is that what you're getting. Do mr elon. Musk so people. Were bit skeptical that like. Could you replicate what you've done elsewhere and it turns out that jd. Power in china. China china division. They do just like everywhere else. They do the initial quality survey. And the way this works actually is that you wanna get alo- alo- score not a high score. You know some games. You wanna get a low score. Name a game. You'll get a low score not high score score I'll seeking tetris. But that is a score like you gotta get a high score. I was thinking low. Because you don't want any bricks golf. Well you wanna get a low scoring gulf okay. Yeah don't play go. So is that the obvious does that was thinking like a digital game tetris. Always it's always hi. It's it's actually not that many games that you want to get a little scored go on now. What's that stuff it is. Yeah it's a tough. It's a tough one. It's not that many games which is why golf is strange. You want to take a few shots. As possible and a great score is a negative score. Like you're going to be in the minus. Yeah so anyway. That's uncommon in sports and games that are low score is good well anyway in. Jd power survey a low scores. Good it means fewer initial problems quality problems with a particular product and they do all kinds of products or cars mostly. I don't know if they do other products but anyways tesla came in second just behind. Its rival neo. One thirteen points compared to one nine for neo tesla says that it's manufacturing processes managed based on the highest standards and in a consistent manner and just to put this in perspective. People had expectations that this might not be the case with a new plant. And things like this. You know you've heard some to quality issues even domestically with the model y recently and so it was kind of a toss up but it feels like they got model three thing figured out whether it's in the shanghai plan or if it's over here it seems like they sort of got it figured out tesla model threes well received by chinese consumers as its design and performance beat their expectations in many aspects said jeff general manager of auto product practice power china in terms of driving experience in digital connectivity. Conventional car brands. Now have a lot to learn from smart. Ev makers like tesla the quality survey could actually help tesla as well to continue to dominate in the chinese market which is not easy to do as an american brand. There's not that many that are doing it. Apple comes to mind although their revenue has been declining in china It's tough. There's so much competition in china for vs it's out of control but people like tesla and they're delivering a product that is meeting people's initial quality standards. And now that people know that it's only gonna make it more appealing in that particular market. Wonder how much it is for a model three in china. You know what we can. We can find it. Why don't we get right to the bottom of that. Okay model three price in china. I would assume well it would be competitive to hear considering the fact that the plant is right there Thirty six thousand. There you go. Yeah yeah thirty. Six thousand eight hundred to start. And i guess. The gigafactory in shanghai does make the difference absolutely. Yeah there's no import nothing it's right there. It's ready to go. You have the local labor and the government. The local government loves it. I don't know how much they love it. But you know what i'm saying. They prefer it for obvious reasons employment and such so those If you had concerns if you're in that market or if you're an investor it turns out that the quality of the shanghai model threes is comparable to where everywhere else they're being made Global app spending meighan is gracious reached. Four hundred and seventy four hundred and seven million on christmas over one hundred billion. Hang on a second over one hundred billion collectively this year in consumer spending on google. Play an app store so a lot of dough and on christmas. Four hundred seven million growing thirty five percent over the previous year thirty five percent from twenty nineteen. People are fired up. Yeah you can see the graph here. The distribution of game purchases versus non game games dominating. Obviously we have two hundred ninety five point six million coming via games on christmas and one hundred and twelve million from everything else. Adding to an absolutely staggering year for digital spending ten cents honor of kings was the category leader with approximately ten point. Seven million in consumer spending up two hundred five percent and once again. That's on christmas. The category that generated the most revenue outside of games on both apple's app store angles platform was entertainment. So that throws in your you know your disney plus and your net flicks and things like this because those payments are processed through the app store as well right I've been using the disney. Plus i told you that. Yeah yeah. They're billing every month. Sal goes mandalorian. Yeah that's how it goes. Tiktok was the top apps in an app in terms of consumer spending that was not a mobile game generating four point seven million dollars. Globally on christmas ads spending spending. Can i shop in tiktok shop in. I don't know they partner with shop five shop. So i shop in tiktok and they get a piece take targets a piece. We really use that to you. I think either you or i would have to use. Take talk to know exactly. What's going on anyways. Apple's app store captured the bulk of the spending on a two platforms. It got almost seventy percent of the total spending and well that leaves about thirty three percent. No not thirty. Three percent thirty two percent anyway leftover for the google playstore. Of course this doesn't map accordingly to the installed base of both of these platforms. But it's been known for a while that as far as app spending concern happen. A lot of it happens on ios. Mr willy do tiktok purchases. Maybe that's what it is. Some games though amazon greece by podcast startup wondering. Did you know podcasts or big deal. Yeah i've heard. I've heard things ghani offers yet and the inbox for lou later amazon amazon spotify. No actually nobody. They don't wanna hear that. See the audience here knows that sell out you can find it. You can find new later anywhere. Yeah you can find will everywhere everywhere man. I think we put it everywhere. It's pretty much everywhere right. Apple podcasts. Google podcasts spotify. Podcasts stitcher youtube that say you. I guess the big names. I don't know for or not. We should at the. Yeah we probably should anyway amazon. Podcast but yeah. I like the idea of being everywhere being accessible but obviously there there's some money thrown around and it's been mostly reported on spotify side. Yeah you giggling over there. I watch this podcast for five hundred million new your most of his spotify side. A purchased the rogan podcast. They purchased the gimblett podcast company and a purchased the wringer bringer. Yeah sports podcasts. A series of podcast. But we haven't heard as much from amazon but it appears they wanna play the game and so they purchased this podcast startup wondering how they i don't know if you listen to any of these type of podcast but they specialize in the true crime type storytelling with the editing. And the sound effects. It's almost more kind of entertainment. I don't know how you would dramatic it's less conversational but anyway. That's who they specialize in. And i guess amazon wants a piece of that now. We obviously talked earlier in the show. Amazon has the audible product. They do books and audio books. And so that kind of fits The price of the deal has not been disclosed however wall street journal reported that the talks had valued wondering more than three hundred million while so. That's not nothing as a few dollars. And i'm sure they sat there and he said themselves all right will become part of amazon. No big deal so if you're one of these listeners of any of these podcasts whether it's mean they got a podcast on wonder called dr death. Doesn't that just pique. Your interest will lead. Oh yeah season two. Let's go to cool their seasons in there. Yeah you had seasons in there so people are really thinking about the podcast medium and doing different things with it then. And i find that interesting. It's a whole category. Yeah they got. They got a lot of podcasts. Going now amazon. Now you're gonna find amazon. It'll likely be exclusive. And that's what happens with these deals and that's when a customer sometimes like you know i gotta have all these different platforms now and I can see some of the frustration on that. And you and i were talking about. Rogan's podcast earlier today. We saying oh man. It's it's a weird habit breaker to like. Have to open an app that i'm currently not opening like spotify. I'm using youtube music. So i'm not already in was already in spotify when such a big deal. But i just go to the podcast app or Google podcasts or podcasts. Or whatever podcast app you use and rogue is not there anymore. He's kind of shock to the system. He's been there for so long benefits and drawbacks. You know benefits and drawbacks. Lg wants to use a transparent oleg display for invisible bedroom. Tv's in the bedroom will do you know why why you would want an invisible. Tv in the bedroom. Go ahead so you can look out in to Out into the massive wilderness. you live. i mean isn't that the case for everyone. Everyone lives in a massive william this really. Oh yeah wow that's impressive. I didn't know that well. That's the that's why. I think in my imaginary world being on the spot today. We'll now you've been on the hot seat you know. How do you rate your hot seat performance. As far as the shows concern probably a one. Yeah just one of those days. I guess they wanna have it at the end at the foot of your bed any can. It can be motorized and go up down. Okay not in use. I don't really know why. It has to be transparent. But i suppose tend to be places that you're right they have windows they may have of you They may be tight for space. In which case a big like a large tv can look like a black hole or something sitting there when it's turned off transparent at least is a little more A little was i guess. Oh on how it how it looks here. It's a bit terrifying to like you. If it's turned off but not extra like but still sitting there you might bump into it. Yeah like a glass coffee table that you constantly bang into. I don't know it. It looks to me like some sort of a frame around it. But anyway they're in trying to envision they have this technology and they want it to be in the world. Obviously they want people to buy it. And so they're trying to envision these use case scenarios where you might put it other than just. Oh that's cool that it can actually be better in certain circumstances so the one that they were the first one there. Propositioning is in the bedroom. The other one is the image here in the restaurant. Now hear me out on this one. This is how they're pitching this idea. You're at the restaurant. You're having a sushi and it's a touchscreen and you to pick what you want on his big transparent display however you can still see through the display to see the chef. That's working on a food that's cool. That's cool use case you like that one better. Yeah then my random. Everyone gets a mountain view bedroom upgraded. Everyone will just like what is he doing right now in a very optimistic mindset. Yeah but yeah. This is a good use case okay well. I'm glad you're right with one in the restaurant. Have you seen this. Guy's video with the grappling gun. He built i don't know it's not batmans grappling gun but it's batman has one of those a lot of guys have these things superhero type tools and this guy was funny. He's he uploads his video on december eleventh but then a lot of tech websites and stuff pick it up. It shows up in my today so it's starting to pick up some steam pickups views as it would i guess as it should. It looks like some hard work in there and a kind of a dangerous item to make. Especially when you're well you're hanging your own body weight from this thing that you just constructed better hope that it is fairly robust. It's a bit risky now. What he doesn't is video well. First off got some enormous battery cells on their believe. He's using power cord for the core portion. Which is fairly strong fairly. He has co two cartridges for the launcher and apparently the pair cord is five fifty pounds so yeah that should be fine for him. Eighteen hundred mil. Our lithium polymer batteries. Twelve s it's a beast. The thing looks like a beast. It obviously does not look anywhere near as finished as something batman might use. Go go and test it and he travels to a facility or rock climbing facility and a trampoline facility and yet actually uses a rope for safety if you go a little bit before this portion. You'll see this gives you your first demonstration so this is for safety. If the thing fails he's still attached to a rope at the rock climbing facility. But you can see is powerful man him right up there. We're going to go. And then in the next day he goes to the trampoline portion of the facility or different facility and he actually hooks it up to the ceiling two to one of the structural supports on the ceiling. That's pretty cool and check this out. He's like spiderman or batman. I don't know who he is. Look at him go and then towards the end of the video he actually tries it on a tree and yeah the thing works. It's hard to trust it. Obviously but it's cool in the sense to take a concept and turn it into a working. Was that a left handed handshake right there. You don't see them while often left handed handshake because he has the grapple hook on the right hand but they were super casual about the left hand handshake. Like it was no big deal very comfortable. Would you call the other guy out. If he was trying to shake your hand with a left handed handshake. I will be very caught off guard. However then i would be novel. It might be a novel experience. Like whoa get the brain functioning in a different way tossing the left hand out there anyway. So he did it. Go check it out for yourself. Some of these. It turns out some of these superhero gadgets. Maybe are not as unbelievable as you may have originally thought and you try this on a low. I need a low height. Okay yeah. I look even call. Infers liked it and he's constantly building this type of thing he says. Looks like a brilliant dude that grapple hook looking amazing good luck. Jt and that's his thing is what he does calling i. So it's the whole community of these type of gadgets will show a the channel it's called. Oh my god show at the channel built. Irl built ira l. Good luck my friend. It looks like you're just getting started. Shout built iro. Japan's got new solution for space. Junk problems did you know that. Of course they do japan that they're thinking about the space junk. You ever thought about space junk here. I don't it's up there and it stays up there. Nasa estimated more than a decade ago that ninety five percent of man made objects in orbit there junk. Junk up there and yeah. There's not a lot up there that we actually want to be up. There need to be up to lake as far as satellite materials stuff like that. It's mostly junk. Leftover various launches an old metal things. And it's actually not great. People are a little bit concerned that at some point. If it keeps accumulating could create problems for future space travel. You'd have these like limited windows. You guys sneak out and and It's like a an and then some of the brie. Yeah and some stuff actually eventually could can enter the atmosphere and drop down and there's a couple of examples in his particular article of a piece of a. Let me get this. Right is a piece of a piece of a some sort of space vehicle here. It is a chinese rocket corps rain down in pieces over west africa. If you re entry had been minutes earlier it could have slammed into new york city so anyway. These japanese researchers are sent are sitting there thinking up this idea of a wooden satellite instead. Satellites made of wood holy moley. Who would've thought and the the reason for this idea is that upon re entry into earth's atmosphere it would burn up on like these metallic objects so this organic material could have this kind of cool attribute that it burns up. What do you think well is the future of mankind wooden satellites. Yeah bring back to what degree well the company that's proposing it as a four hundred year old woodworking company in japan. Well how cool is that. Yeah imagine a four hundred year old company. I bet they know a lot about would well said well said i believe you covered it all right there. You just got to plant more trees. If that's the case you know sustainability according to the european space agency out of one hundred twenty eight million pieces of debris in orbit about thirty four thousand objects are larger than ten centimeters. So most of his little metal shavings bullet sized things but they travel super quick or when larger objects collide they produce many many smaller ones and they can travel more than twenty thousand miles per hour. You know what. I would do to your flesh at twenty thousand miles per hour. Imagine yeah be you being troubled. Oh yeah do you know will what the most dangerous alcohol drink is the worst alcoholic drink for your body. You're in the hot see. Let me put you back in the hotseat rotator. Because you've been doing so well. So far. I feel like this is it. This is redemption. You're gonna you're gonna surprise everyone right now and you'll nail this. What is the worst alcoholic. Drink for your body I heard it's absent. But i know that it can be topped if it's created Something else i guess. It's moonshine moonshine. Wow you're going heavy with it. Is it well this website. This talk on am i right. This website is a little bit more. I don't know. Pg is a little more targeting the general public than the absinthe-drinkers or the okay. You know the moonshine drinkers the world. It's talking about popular drinks at a bar. Yes but i just mean like more well known drinks and it takes into consideration not just alcohol contact content caloric content as well because some of these drinks can be have a ton of sugar and stuff like this. Just generally bad for you okay. So at the top of the list. They have Pinochle oh have you ever had a pinochle before. Yeah great they're delicious. Yeah and they're delicious because they have six hundred and fifty calories okay. that's why six hundred and fifty calories. At course they use the reference point in here of big mac which is five hundred seventy six. A big mac is five. Seventy six a pinochle. Lada is six fifty nine. I remember young lou traveling to mexico or whatever whatever it would be and just sitting at the poolside bar drinking those things. Yeah multiple and you look at the ca- caloric intake and you're like me. Plus you got the alcohol on top of it. So they're just saying to mixed drinks of the ones to be a little careful with because you may not first of all you may not recognize the caloric content if you have a bunch of them and second of all a really hides the alcohol content as well. Yeah and so. If you're i mean if you take a shot of or shot of rum or something on its own you know what you had when you hide it with the pinochle lot and whatever else that's from then you could actually be consuming a lot more alcohol too. So that's all they were really going for here. But it's not really a surprise mother items that they add to the dangerous list margaritas and long island iced teas. Basically the delicious. Very tightly type drinks that have a lot of syrup or soda. It's that combination will of tons of sugar and tons of alcohol or it's absent or what about those Amato drinks like cheeseburgers chicken wings and hot dogs on top of the those crazy. what are they. they're bloody marys. Lederberg users i caesars. A canadian thing are the yeah as a canadian to on a bloody mary. Well that's very unhealthy. If the well yeah but no. The way it's normally meant to meant to be consumed is just tomato juice and vodka. So there's nothing wrong with that. While i'm not saying there's nothing wrong. You understand like from a caloric perspective. The tomato juice is going to beat out. Whatever the pinnacle of has going on. But yes that is a different story. We'll show you a picture of right now of a bloody mary with some cheeseburgers on it and a chicken wing. And i don't know why is that a thing who wants that to happen. It's a full meal but why why not. Just have it on a plate next to it kinda strange that that takes off as as a popular owner bagel. Isn't it. I think so. Yeah i think that's a breakfast one because a lot of people like to have the bloody mary at breakfast is like a hangover thing to keep it rolling so i think he. Yeah what is that a whole chicken in there. It looks like a whole chicken. Yeah that's wild but it actually rolls into our next and last story of twenty twenty ten strange animals that washed ashore in two thousand twenty. This is kind of cool. We had a giant ocean creature. Giant squid with is that were one foot wide that things enormous. We had a seven armed octopus. Where is the eighth arm. They say although what they found out is actually just a male octopus and the eighth arm is hidden at times because that's Sexually functioning arm I don't know if you knew that it's hidden Here we have a an image of a mass die off. Thousands of dead sea creatures including octopus is fishing. Starfish washed ashore in the remote russian peninsula of kamchatka which can kamchatka. I always remember from playing risk. I believe that's gonna territories. Oh ja in the in the board game risk. Anyway you can see is. There's a the looks like they got poisoned. i guess whatever these creatures are although don't even look like creatures in that image bubbles. I guess they're jellyfish or something anyway Apparently they originally thought it was some sort of mass poisoning event from a manmade source and then they realized it was actually just some nasty algae that had created the scenario check out the next one man finds giant spider dragging his pet goldfish out of pond. Did you know that spiders could roll like that. No i mean that poor fish. It's a big spider. I guess if you think of the size of a goldfish you probably wouldn't want to encounter that spider but Yeah what's it going to do with the fish. Does it eat the fish. I guess that would take a while. I mean the fish is bigger than bigger than the spider how 'bout a sea turtle agreeing turtle caught in a net off. The coast of argentina with an upset tummy pooped out loads of human trash including nylon bags in hard plastics. he he didn't know that's what it was seemed. It was a jellyfish sea grass or worm or something like that. Veterinarians gave the turtle medication to help poop. The turtle recovered. Isn't that nice. No he's not happy at all man who's been eating nylon bags he's like you guys screwed me up. Come on poor guy. The next one is my favorite shark versus swordfish. And this is a shark that they found washed ashore with a stab wound from a swordfish is what is it what is it called their sword. A sword fishes sword. It looks like in his diagrams. Called rostro fragment your will your off the rails today. What are you like what's causing this is it. The fragment what what's going on here. I mean which term do you like. They're just phase like the cartoon chart does not look happy. Either no well. That shark is dead so nothing to be happy about. I guess anyway they try to figure out how this might happen. This is a small shark and They didn't it would be unlikely for a conflict. Happened between these two species so they were wondering if it was some sort of a dispute over food or if it was a targeted attack or if it was a complete accident this encounter took place. Either way. Hit the shark pretty clean and Looks to have wiped it out and willie do is really enjoying that one. Yeah those are all the cool ones. As far as i'm concerned you can get the ones at the bottom so some interesting animals washing ashore in two thousand twenty. That's hitman that's twenty twenty. It's a wrap a. What can i say shadow to everybody. Who has been a part of the community. Here has been a part of lou later for the past year and i guess even before that. How long have we been doing this. We've been doing this for a bit now though. Yeah we've been doing this for a bit now. Two hundred episodes twenty twenty. It's been a weird year. We spent some of it together. If you've been a part of this and Yeah i think when things are weird. It's it's actually when you need to have things to distract you from it or Entertain or Even just to hang out whatever. It is whatever it is whichever way it is that you utilize this content. We sincerely appreciate it. And as i said earlier in the podcast one thing about being in the situation that twenty twenty has put us is that it leaves a tremendous amount of room to go up and so we can. We can sit here and stare up at all. The potential that twenty twenty one presents us with.

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Episode 894: Never complain, never explain

The Charles Moscowitz Podcast

52:15 min | 5 months ago

Episode 894: Never complain, never explain

"Well the they try to cover the stuff up. The less effective is yup. And by the way i am going live on ticked on youtube. So let's be careful about certain topics or use euphemisms business euphemisms and what a jj vaccine. I should say criticize the vaccine. Exactly even the ones that the government took off market yet. Even let's be well. This is be very careful on them. All right it's one of those issues that is it's not allowed. Okay all right here we are. Michael short is here charles moskowitz. Thanks for joining me. Everyone actually do the program. Monday through friday twelve to one. Pm special editions. Like this one. Which i'm doing every wednesday at two pm Michael hawaii ya just find it by the way those you watching this. The don't think it's pm. Just set your clocks to eight okay So the We can discuss the the virus and the The the remedy which is a vaccine with very with very great care because Yup you can criticize it. It's not unlimited youtubers. Tiktok some funny business here I it's kind of not allowed to let me. Just say for the record that i am having my second dose on friday we'll go after and You know it's it's kind of a personal choice. It's something that i've weighed in measured many factors and And i'm going forward with it even though nervous. Obviously about it as anyone should be and is but You know i mean people in my family have done it. Everyone seems fine You know. I think that i'm old enough and i have a strong enough immune system at you know. Probably by risk is less. I also take a lot of vitamins. And i go. I'm in better shape than i've been in years and You know. I mean it. Just hope the best means to bite. The bullet actually look better. When i met you in the nineteen hundred so i don't know what the hell you sir. Well yeah i mean. I am more more health conscious. You know i exercise. I better diet you know. Try to do things like you know. This might seem like a simple thing. But i actually spend a good deal of time breathing very carefully every yeah i mean as it sounds simple. I i saw this Short story of this guy who back in the nineteen century early nineteenth century. He had been given a diagnosis of of only having a a short time to live in very poor health and so he decided that he would spend the rest of his life going out into the wilderness and hooking up with native americans and kind of going indian. Which by the way is something i think. A lot of people did back then and he did and he ended up befriending them and they taught him methods to get healthier and the basic mesh message that they gave him was to spend a good deal of time everyday. Breathing up one nostril dummy other then reverse up and down the other end to breathe deeply into all of your extremities feelings into your toes. And it's the tips of your fingers and make sure that you are fully oxygenated. And so he started to practice as he ended up living another forty years. He became very wealthy. And it's kind of also something that's fairly well known among the eastern cultures and you know it seems simple but i think there's a lot to that you know to just take the time to fully oxygenated every day you know it's it's free and you know it's like it's tone zero risk. There are things that are available to us. You know i I maybe years ago. I don't know if i mentioned this. But i had acid reflux. I was really you know trying to figure out what to do since i was doing. Talk radio and so. I went to the hospital here and got a prescription and took the prescription. Probably for maybe the better part of four or five months and it kinda worked. You know sort of help. But i didn't totally feel great. And i knew there was something not right and so finally i got around to reading the fine print and doing a little research and i discovered that there's some really nasty side effects to the squeaky. Yeah it does something to your bones. I mean it's really serious things. And so i came across this guy. Joe barton who office health products. And he's very good and he you know he basically says that there are things you can buy at your grocery store regular food that actually cures different ailments and he issues a monthly report. You know really good guy. He actually fought for him and he said that he got into it because his father and suffered from serious acid reflux and he discovered that the simple remedy was to have an apple. And that if you really had a yeah and if you really had serious problems apple cider vinegar tickling brags apple cider. Go and we end. Or you know. unprocessed raw honey in tea. And so i started doing that and it worked. You know i mean it's not a hundred percent but it costs me nothing to buy a bag of apples. I would probably get that anyway. And if i'm feeling somewhat as as siddiq out cut up an apple and have an apple and so i mean i guess i'm bringing this up to point out that you know when it comes to managing your health. I'm not against conventional medicine. I'm not against vaccines. I'm not against You know the usual you know. Certainly not against surgery if you need it but there are alternatives zero normal commonsense things. You can do. And i'm not talking about some crackpot gustaf. either. I mean i'm not saying to put on a turban that you know chant maharashta. I'm talking just really normal basic after his anymore with that by the way. I'm talking about normal conventional things that you can get. At the grocery store and orange. For example very well may have a beneficial agent to reduce your likelihood of getting cancer and other citrus fruits not taking a vitamin c. pill but actually having fruit grapefruit in particular supposed to be very good now. I'm not here. Duke attest to this in not a doctor. But i'm simply mentioning. Get because you know somebody. Who was the wives stuido their own life. You want to consider all possibilities and you wanted to develop some certain healthy habits you know. In the time of virus. I go out every day. And i have a pretty long walk. So that darlington. I get cardiovascular but i also get direct sunlight in my face and invite you know i usually but my shirt a little. I try to expose myself to the sun because if you do that every day for about a half an hour. You're going to absorb the sunlight that that kills viruses and i think any vitamin d. Especially if you're up in my part of the country and boston because up here has a little bit of a a deficiency of vitamin d and. i've heard it's speculated. The one of the reasons. Why african americans are more vulnerable to the virus is because the due to the increased melanin in the skin. They need extra time to get son. Because you know when the darker your skin tone the more time you need you know it. It protects you from sun. You know there's something about that so stay out of maybe another ten minutes you know and get a little extra sun but either way the natural rays of the son of the best thing to do to kill viruses. So what's your mind today. Well very careful about what we talk about to speak. Very careful in certain areas where we have to one of the vaccines has been suspended by the cdc. That's right and i think that's been in the paper if the bar thing we can talk but even then i mean the boston globe talks about it. That doesn't mean we can talk about. That's right that's right so let's be careful. Yes i mean. I think that there have been reportedly six cases of blood clots and has been one death. That is not me saying that. That's the boston globe okay. You can't get more liberal establishment than the globe. The globe was an embarrassment but it comes even more liberal outlets than that memorialize. This and i say that there's a couple reasons for. Let's be careful here. Yes let's not retreading treading on very thin ice. Even though mike you're a chemist you've been a writer of health you health reporter going back a decade you've written over thousand articles and you've got essentials. We still have to be. We have to tread very carefully. Well we are ready for carefully because now the question that comes up is why now and why this one and i mean i mean. I don't know if we have an answer to that but well speculative and should be shared. I mean i don't know. I will be within youtube guidelines and pretty you know something. I think that maybe we should direct people to an article that they can read about this. I don't know if i feel comfortable. I just don't want to you know be purged by whoever these these custodio agents who urging people right now so. I don't want to give that on a handed to them. You know what i mean. Well speaking of stop no yeah. There's a very promoted story on multiple media about apparently some guy in the uk Who was in a hotel and got into some issue with the front desk hotel for not wanting to wear masks so he went back to his room and then was pursued by the local gendarme and they actually video then break down his door so and a hotel yes but if they do well i mean he was arrested for this. I believe so. You know this was So that's you know that's your now. I mean this is what's going on. I mean i don't know if you've seen this. We talked about this. I think last week goes viral. Video of this this Men priest who kicked out the police in canada. Let's get out gestapo. Get out you know you not psychopaths. You're not gonna come into my by service and you know there are some videos out there more on tiktok than an youtube showing people. You know suddenly announcing i this is. This couple went into grocery store in this started. I think it was in florida. They demanded that people put on the mask. And they're like look. If you don't feel comfortable here you can leave. We're not doing it and the like. Oh yes you are in the whole store chain out out so you know the and unaware it is in video actually may have been on youtube of a health inspector coming in and by popular acclaim of the patrons of this restaurant or bakery. Whatever was was unclear them out. So that's what people are doing. They're in a bar you know and all of a sudden they're like hey you don't like it out. This is our our deal here and everybody's suddenly started to chime in you know. Look i'm not here to either endorse or not. Endorse the wearing of the mask You know. I wear it when i go into a store. You know because in massachusetts you have to and i probably would anyways. Because i don't i actually do think that i don't wanna get Droplets on me. I don't know who's there. I actually kind of him. Yeah i've always. I've never liked crowds anyways. I think they're actually some good things that are coming out of this. I don't think we need to be handshaking so much and backslapping stranger especially but anybody those customers that probably will change. You know we can. You can acknowledge somebody with with a little bit of a bow you know. There's probably a reason. Why those accustoms in asian countries you know. Because they're he probably does is connected with the spread of viruses and germs. So i don't actually have a problem with that. But i i'm not comfortable with mandates of course and You know i mean. I think it's it's somewhat ludicrous. When people wearing it when they're outside and alone or in a car. I mean this is. Don't forget. i live in boston so we have some real looney looney versa. I mean they put an end. The double masks you know. I mean that's you know i mean it's it's it's Overly fearful and what they were these mass if in a combat zone of it's still insist would i don't know that's been driven out tara longtime ago the you know you you do see people just so fearful and timid and you know and and and you don't even if you take a look at the cdc guidelines. They don't say to do that. I mean they say they've now changed to save three feet. Not when you're like walking down the street someone on the other side of the street who doesn't have a mask and adding an apoplexy people really. It's like it's beyond reason so sure i carry them. Ask when i'm outside. I haven't near me so if i see somebody coming and they're uncomfortable i'll put out hold it up. You know something. I mean these people are wearing these. Gator minute's already rob a stagecoach the way this is done something i would imagine for bank robbery. Hasn't it put the mask. I mean they don't know who you are. I don't recognize anyone you know you. Can't you have to after know someone very well. They can't cover up too much of their is Or you really won't be able to tell now the barth the i watch less to hold so you don't have to. How do you do this. Because it's i then no of thinking. And i know what they're doing it gives me an insight into what the you know. The illuminated establishment is saying on a given day And they had someone on an expert and they i. She couldn't even keep a straight face saying that. The mask is low reducing allergies and exposure to pollen. And that they getting these reports saying that this year allergic cases have gone way down. I don't believe that for a moment neither do i. But that tells me is that they're setting it up so the people the masking ain't gonna go away anytime soon. I mean i know. Maybe i'm getting a little conspiratorial here. I put on a tin hat. But when i watched stuff unless to hold i take that to smoke signals from the establishment. What it is that. They're pushing now whether it be atrocity propaganda about the virus itself or whether it be this i think you're introducing this as something that's going to become normal that end in a way and again i want to be careful here. It could possibly be acquainted with the practices of a certain eastern religion. Maybe i should say middle eastern religion particularly the women who will do practices like this with the fun covering of the face. Now i'm not mentioning the name of early would have the quote unquote unintended consequence of limiting human action. I really believe is part of it. for whatever nefarious reason and the other thing too is that the teachers unions are kind of playing their an pretty openly. Apparently they'll never want to go back to work. I mean why should they might eight anyway and well. They're probably doing. It ought besides the india logical aspect of that. They're doing what unions do in whatever they do. They want concessions they want benefits. They bunny they want power. You know they'll come back you know. It's like the teach like the police union. Boston would not allow for some very good basic things make sense unless they got money unless they gotta raise unless they got another you know whatever they looking for so i mean. That's what union students collective bargaining. I'm not you know i. It's extreme when when a union becomes so powerful and the teachers unions are that i mean they almost have a monopoly nationally. The national education association the one in new york. This two big ones that they can make these absolutely absurd demands. Our ready y. Garden is blaming the jews. Yes i saw that. what's that about. What do you mean. She's blaming the jews. Well clearly that Began applying for everything. But what is even more stupid when you said you. Would you decide well. that's the worst kind anyway. What is the deal. I guess the idea. Is that all these horrible jews. A what their kids to go back to school. And they're all elitists really. Yes like non juiston what the kids go back to school for surveillance i but the hell you will. The jews have always been the people of the book. I mean it's really a logical. I mean everybody wants their kid to go back to school. I mean when i pick on the jubes. Oh my that's everybody else does. So what the hell the the logic of that. Though i mean is i mean. It's not it's not like they're saying that the jews are in being bankers is nutty conspiracy theory. But it's worse. It's one that doesn't even have a semblance of anything. You can hang your hat on. I mean that's just crazy you know she's throwing raw meat out to whoever's whoever whoever's wiedeman and maybe i dunno some members of congress look whatever ethnic group but might be interested medic. I won't mention what might be. Whatever ideology might be symmetric but we won't mention them either. Today's we can't really mentioned much now can we. We have to speak in indirection a away. We've been forced to speak the language of the left whereas into tongues here. Yeah indirection double words double meanings layers of of of sofas story. you know. it's what french. Scholar elaine benetton referred to it as the language of totalitarianism. You know you listen to the way i mean. A classic example of this would be obama right. He would give this brilliant speech where he would say nothing that you could actually identify. It was all this kind of flowery. Euphemistic here it and you're thinking. Oh he's so smart great and then. I'm stupid because i can't do this. But the fact is he says very very little and the and he says a lot of things that do mean something to certain people and they know what he's talking about they is getting at. We could yeah and so so now. Because of the censorship we've been reduced to using similar language. And i mean the. The conservative approach is the opposite. I mean the perfect example of the opposite is is donald trump. You can get more direct. Was simple will clear more honest than him. Not that he doesn't tell the why lie here and there but the point is that you know we. He doesn't mince words. he's his blunt. His grueling doesn't speak with a phony british accent. You know that goes back in and you know this. Is this side this elitist tongue years. So we're now reduced to some of that unfortunately and maybe we'll have to develop our own system of code words and signals so that we can all communicate publicly without being completely purged. Yeah well there's code word thing that reminds me in story of the many many years ago. The sky was sentenced to a term in lebanon and his cellmate. Yell thirty one and everybody starts laughing and then he says how about fifty three nevertheless even harder so the the the new rookie says will. What is this all about. Well you know we tell jokes in prison. We got the point that just you know had numbers that. Refer to the jokes that everybody remembers it. Why don't you try so the the new guy says twenty nine. Nobody laughs many. He tries all right all right. What about sixty four again and rookie turns to the other yourself. Said what did i do wrong. You said you know. I can't help you. So people tell jokes better ups yes so we could have codes for the arguments that dare not speak in words. So yeah. I mean that's what it comes down to and You know i. I basically i. Oh the other story. That's come out and again. This is sixty minutes. This isn't some right wing fringe. This isn't polar you know. This isn't gab. They had a scientist sky halpern. I don't know if you saw this. Who worse the pentagon who is saying that we're experimenting with implants and chips. It can determine perpetually whether or not someone is exposed to viruses now this is what conservatives have been saying for a long time. People like me you know. The ten had that the implants chip. Well you know again for you youtube fascists out there this is not be this is sixty minutes. You can check it for yourself. Last sunday it was a segment by which they actually interviewed this guy who was in the pentagon at a lab with this experiment and he showed the I think it was scott pelley. He's showed him the actual thing the mechanism that they will a plan to implant in people and apparently have already been doing so with animals so this is a real story. This is a real. The other thing was when malik jones suggested over your ago that something like a vaccine passport ladies is by everybody and low behold. Well there's the community. I think in california. That's right now. Have to pilot program that i mean. So yeah the this and yet it just as a little side thought and i'll toss us out there without too much elaboration but if pushing the idea of people having a vaccine passport why people have voter. Id well actually. That question has been raised a and but never answered right. I think the the answer. The official answer is racism. I say than black people won't have to have a A of a passport for cova. Then why would it be racist to ask a black person to have an. Id for voting art for covid. Because i say so. I mean i just wanted to. What the lodge i mean. The whole thing audience is the farce. I mean now speaking of which and again. Let's be careful here. Louis lou careful than me. No one's more. Yes i do a tick tock video every day. You're careful and i'm careful in effect right now i'm streaming and tiktok and i've actually built up pretty good audience. I've got almost ten thousand followers and it's interesting. You know what. I do a lot of shame i could sit down. Durham i walk. Turn on the livestream and all of a sudden is about fifty people week. I communicate. I could talk into questions you know through text and one yesterday. That was taken down because of hate speech. Not that i haven though that you're popular because you're not willing to be censored but yet still take off right and i'm feeling it'd be a lot more popular if i wasn't being shadow van ditz. There's there's no question about have like a million followers reason you have. These followers is people are expecting at least in the short term to to see something. That's a little more interesting content. Even though they know it's probably going to be taken. You know but this particular one i mean. I've i've done some controversial tiktok say pretty much whatever i want and i'm usually not taken off although there's been a few that have but this better known. So maybe they're watching suddenly. It's like it's on their radar but this one was very strange because i was talking about the two instances that we know about at a leading to Black lives matter and other leftist groups looting black neighborhoods and burning black businesses and ledley alleged and throw. Well they are. I mean and threatening to do so. If they don't get their way on the george floyd trial will another going to have the trial of this Other yeah but. But the. But what i all i said was this. I said look. And i'll try to say this in a way. I don't wanna get taken down onto in tiktok shop. You think you're going to let let me know we'll raise. We should have a button or something. I've noticed that by the way speaking of which just to get a little diverted here. I've noticed that on on youtube now when anybody uses the f word to describe the last election yes. This is a little buzz. They don't say it. It's like it's almost i mean i don't have i'm not. I'm not sophisticated enough. I'll be honest to edit my videos into slice. I don't do that. I just go but people do and the like a little a little blank with our 'cause that's forbidden but anyway back to what's going on. I said i said look in. In these two cases the people involved were resisting arrest or they weren't even willing to get out of the car and that we hear a lot of tar from people about and i've seen a lot of people interviewed on this. It's kind of a mean that if you're black in the united states or your personal color you instruct your children particularly of male children at a certain age you give them what they call the talk right. This is the way things are you have to be. There was a tv show in the woods yet. Is all those of the guy. I know the one you mean. You have to be killed because because the cops might be racist and you could get in trouble and people over and you know driving while black and i understand that and i said that in the video i guess closed if you're a white gear and it gives a talk to a cop and nothing will happen to you at all while the point is if you're a white kid and you live in one of these left predominantly wealthy suburban lily white neighborhoods. You probably don't have to worry about spending. you ought lack. Yeah you might have an issue. You have to carry yourself a certain way. I think that's true. But what i suggested was that if they're going to have that talk they might consider mentioning to their young son and even daughter that if you are pulled over don't resist an arrest because if you do you're going to risk your life more so than if you don't yes it's scary. Yes it and if the by the way of the copy is racist and pulling you over because like you because you're black that's all the more reason not to resist arrest because you're going to be the bigger risk if if you do and that's all i said nothing more and nothing less now. I think that somebody didn't like that. And i ended up getting that video taken. Somebody didn't like it. You're you're hitting the hot button but the other thing that's never discuss never is is. This isn't anything new Those the rampart scandal. La when i still lived there is back in the nineties and long story short. What had happened. Was there a bunch of people and police bob. That's a station that got promoted just flat out was affirmative action in the nod race thing. There are people who phalloides they were promoted to high rank within that particular station and surprise surprise there was all kinds of problems all kinds of problems and what they were doing is eliminating standards in the qissa minneapolis. The show and character had a terrible record should have been kicked out before. And by the way as well sidebar. I think it was district attorney. Amy klobuchar who gave him a pass. Well the old show. Yeah but but you're right about that now. This woman supposedly a twenty six year veteran out with this cock and bull story about. She mistook a gun before Which is ludicrous. If you look at the video if she did do that as she was severely mentally impaired were something and the subject. That's going to be raised driveway She resigned. i think was probably asked. Is there was an affirmative action. Hire them the joke. i mean. i'm sorry if they wanted a woman is on it and she's you know they're senior with twenty six years of experience. I've known a lot of cops and they mo- because they're older or the retired and they belong. What's happened to these departments that it there's a lack of quality and if you bring in crummier personnel you're gonna get crummy results and that's fat. No i think that's interesting. Yeah nobody talks about. Affirmative action for airline islets yet. Oh actually you're wrong. They are talking while the right. It just came up. But i don't think that's going to do. I mean there have been because if you study unfortunately aviation accidents. It turns out that there is a disturbing number that are caused by generally second officers happens to just for any good and happen to take over flying when the the captain uses the head or whatever. It is Oh my god and he. Yeah i mean people don't want to face stuff like this because russell's to hold hands in komiya but in some instances meritocracy of course we always wanna meritocracy if it's a real one not one filled with hacks yummy especially in the area with skill. Now there's also a story coming out of boston. And i want to be very careful here very kim. We're not going to mention the name of the institution that i'm talking about. Let's just say that it is a significant medical institution. It is one of the biggest one of those payments in the country. Actually and i'll just let me just for the record say is not necessarily awesome. Okay okay no. It's not that's my hostile. And they're great a significant place according to washington examiner and according to jeff kunar who has taught me about this and jeff is the morning afternoon host at wr tayo which is a significant radio station boston. Fifty thousand watt station. This is not some rinky dink outfit. It's always been a big stick. Oh yeah and. He's he's huge. He's got an enormous following and he's very good capital. His goods team of researchers. This particular institution has decided to take the advice of to harvard professors who shall remain nameless. Oh i knew that story. Yeah and who are one of the significant contributors to this really really racist in cockamamie in a race theory. Stop racer critical race. So he went would governors santa says banned in the florida school system. But it's worming its way everywhere right now and this particular institution has embraced this agenda as a pilot program by which they are going to give preferential medical treatment to people based upon their biological orientation. Yeah i remember reading that. I know the name of the oslo we talking about and in other words. It's it's by the way it's reputation used to be stellar but it has done a few things in the past few years that really shattered that. That's another snack day. It isn't and could give a personal anecdote about something they did. But we're not talking about that. Okay but here. I have you mentioned once it. Yeah i had seen this a couple of forums which i am on where this was raised and i said well i'm not really surprised. Okay because there's nothing more useless than an academic envy nothing now. Going to have any steve day. Since book is whipping up the charts right now the bargain. It's a great expose about you. Everyone in washington's reading is and it's number on the it was it went number one on the amazon. Listen to decide to shadow them. It's still there though it's great and good. I'm going to try to get on the show. I don't think he's gonna come on vitas and be to. he's doing he's doing gangbusters. Well there's a. There's a very important constant in most field of endeavor that feels endeavor which is called actually practicing the trade. Whatever it is. I mean would you call it a plumber whose only been an academic plump in other words. He's never actually. In other fields installed anything right anti eu spout. She is a prime example. He never saw a patient After residency which ended nine hundred sixty eight right and the trouble with these people is that they don't recognize their limitations at all in fact it's just the opposite. It's almost because they have no practical experience. That makes them better than you. And i can tell you that my son who's involved in various aspects of medicine including addiction medicine and he's also the medical director of arizona. Punk service will encounter people who have all kinds of brilliant ideas of what to do who never split a moment in a few wife is a teacher seasons all time with administrators and people that think they know better so this is not a new phenomenon but in the case to harvard guys. It was an opportunity for them to bloviating based on some irrelevant theory about how this affects hundred treat patients which is nonsense and they were condemned. Nonsense i mean. This is if they're going to put people at the front of the line who are of a certain biological birth as opposed to someone else may not be what happens if you you had a heart attack. What happens if you need to be urgent care. Well here's what you put in the back of the line because somebody else you have to write rear background and somebody else will be put. I well the answer to that. Of course is see how this bank you because that's exactly what this is this is. This is a crackpot race theory. I'm going to be blood you know. Look i don't care. Maybe i'm going to be pulled from youtube. But there's this reminds me of the kind of racial. You know scott that was going on in national socialist europe. Let's be euphemistic here You know during the nineteen thirties. We may recall that our country went to war. Stop this in the nineteen forties. This is where you have. The state was significant institutions in particular society. Decide the people who have one particular biological orientation are preferred over another and ghetto. Do i think that you know. There's been racism. I i don't think it really has been with hospitals eye hospitals. Admit everybody if they if they need. Urgent care maybe the even if there has the answer is not to prioritize certain over the other the essence of the problem. You're you're you're exactly right if there were a case where some poor black guy was denied. Treatment ah back in nineteen fifty four. I'm not really sure how it helps him. That you're going to deny of white guy treatment. right You take away the race with whatever happened to martin. Luther king's vision of of not being judged by the color of your skin but by the content of your character and this particular institutions known to be very very liberal. I mean i've as saying that for the past. You know twenty thirty forty years. They've been racist in their medical treatment. I didn't know that it's it's popular for them to to say that. In other words if you may have seen in the simpsons hank azzaria for many years of voiced this character the of indian east indian background man. A store and of course. That's a cliche even though it is true. That might you from india. Do on seven eleven. Well now he's apologizing wasn't a terrible that he did this first of all. You're an actor. That was the part that you play. It was terrible at all he wants to he wants to get another job problem and it'd be blackballed unless he does and you know it's easy for me because i have a big time too much to me. You know to to say. I'll stand up so bad crop. I'm gonna say no. I'm going to reject that. I'm not apologizing anything but he's in hollywood. You know he wants to as an agent who might drop them. He wants to get parts know television but consider a student is of course in right with parts. It's complete tareyton here so in other words if you're an actor that back in nineteen sixty. One played a racist southern sheriffs in a movie. You have to apologize for that. If you wanna get future work you can't see reruns to What was an sitcom the Any no no no the one where the they had the confederate flag on the roof of the car. O dukes has some has a big play that now. Yeah because no one in the south that confederate flags on their car. Right may just back that that image exists. You can't have been that's ban because and by the way they have tried to bring back slavery i mean. It's ridiculous but arriving it's in you know what we're talking about. Stop that that is part of this Really this informal tyranny. The cultural tyranny culture crump. If you will well google really proud. I mean sure. And the idea that this kind of waste theory would be implemented in a in a major institutions. The thank your. If if you're a useless academic. Indy and they are useless. You have plenty of time to bloviate about stuff like this. God forbid you deal with chronic disease or something. Actually practicing helped somebody. They're not in that business they have. It has a whole school of medical public public service. You know the which has just voted to this people get degrees in it. They're not even doctors they don't need to be doctrines in just administers of healthcare municipal. What obama says. All bugs is people who know nothing about actual healthcare. I mean it's maybe this is up in a way a trend. I recall during the The mortgage meltdown in nineteen thousand. Nine two thousand. I remember someone saying that. A lot of this was because you had all of these. New young finance graduates heads agrees and finance degrees in economics but really had never worked for anybody grew newly graduated from college. And they all were given these high paying jobs on wall street. Where they sit around looking at a computer screen all day and they'd be flipping numbers here and they'd be doing stats there and they'd be putting people's pension funds here people's retirement there and they really didn't understand in the real world what these things were. They had never actually gone out to a company and kick the tires and taking a look at what was going on. What are they producing. Who who's running the show. Their meeting the owners meeting the manages taking a look at the culture plays taking a look at the future of the place. They knew nothing about that. All they knew was a bunch of numbers on their computer screen and it was because of that the the there was a collapse because they didn't know what they would do even karl marx. Of course never say factoring. Oh yeah hated it. He couldn't balance his checkbook. I mean i think that angles even in dutchess angles and others invited him and he just absolutely refused. Well i mean. I suppose you have not seen a really hyperbolic example. I don't think that adolf hitler was joseph. Stalin ever stepped foot in concentration or gulag. The now this shielded themselves from that. I mean that was other people to worry about. They didn't want to know you know what i mean. It's sort of like you know it's like the rap. The left hand doesn't know what the region's hand is doing It'd be. I know a big. I'm using an extreme example in that case but the other thing was that famous king leopold's war story that we can talk about next time. I mean by the way treated the congo yet. Maybe i think he's responsible like a million deaths in push. The punchline in story is that he never actually set foot in congo. Didn't know anything about it at all. And they just a source of pride for most newspeople that that the the apparently if you have a completely academic mindset the less practical experience you have the better because now it's pure Well isn't that doesn't that kind of explain. Much of our academic elite today in colleges. Of course this isn't this. The people that are running our you know social sciences after apology. Since y'all that will meet the joke used to being the sixties That that was about the time and i was an undergrad. Where the the Sociology professor in anthropology professors started changing from wearing suits to wearing the work shirts. And the the the. I actually noted to classmate much to his horror that i said. Isn't it funny. That the florida these guys get from physical labor. The more they dressed like these people what an observation that's what we just did. Total affectation and That's always it's always what it was and might have went when al gore was running for president is is advised and said you need to wear more earth tones. You could look like everyone else. You could look like a real person you know yes me wolf was giving advice. Yeah there you go. She's pretty good now though she's right. Yeah y- yeah trying to get her. Wanna be she'll come on. We re you never know yet. Will she really came out hard against actually passports. Oh yeah yup i look. It's easy for me to sit here and say that. I don't think that's going to happen but given everything that's happened. This past year between the response to the pandemic between the improprieties around the election. You know. I wouldn't put anything past anyone. Well may you live in interesting times. Basically so and by the way to the gods of youtube. I hope we didn't offend anybody. We do. We tried our best to not. Even though we don't know the exact words that go into the algorithm we generally have a sense through the through the purging of other people and me. What are the subjects that are now forbidden in this free. Society groucho marx. Show in reverse sitting the secret word win any money you get removed from the show. So yeah well. That's we're all like in the groucho marx. Show so anyway mike. What what do you have coming up in terms of your call. What coming up. I sell a few ideas on. I'm throwing around. I mean the We've talked about issues with vaccines and how the so-called radio related which we will discuss right Other than to say that. It's not what you think okay. We'll live that yet. Where can people waited house news them. And what about your your website and then you on there. Well i mean charles moskowitz dot com. I have. I mean every time. I do youtube which shows up. They're automatically I've got my books link bear. I've got my archives. There you if you click on about charles moskowitz who get links to thirty thirty over thirty now different venues carry this program either a video or video or both and talk about the things up so to hack comedians. Thank you br. Asking charles moskowitz dot com. Check it out onto old. I mean it's it's picking up steam getting a lot of visitors and thinking about trying to do interesting things with to make it more interactive into people. Can i want people to have an experienced them so there. It is anyway mike. Listen i wanna thank you as always joining while toys. Great to be part of this and we will leave you with this famous. Henry ford quote. If you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you've always got another great ford quote. I think this is some junior was. Don't complain and don't explain all right take care all right. We'll see it then star.

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