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"tiffany becker" Discussed on Pop Culture Happy Hour

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"tiffany becker" Discussed on Pop Culture Happy Hour

"It was something that they didn't actually really even wrestle with with her care to throughout the earlier parts of the phone. That was like the only thing, you know, was she did she used to be a little more hood. Like, you know, how would is the got her to this point where you know. She is kind of this stuffy at exac where does she goes Tiffany Becker life, make things better? We don't know. We'll never know. I know, and I think that if they had focused on that relationship. It would've been a much. More relatable movie. I think that like a lot of people can identify with class differences within their family. I think a lot of people can identify with remaking who you are making yourself up in a completely different fashion to get a certain place in life and a lot of people can can identify with having a family member who's incarcerated being gone for a while. And then coming back in them sort of like getting back into society on the outside. And then also like their family sort of maybe seeing where they all stand in relation to each other. I think that could have been such a like really relatable relationship to explore dynamic to explore. And I felt like that was kind of missed opportunity. I was interested in the family. And then it just didn't quite get fully played out though. Like, why am I how do you have Whoopi Goldberg tika Sumpter in Tiffany haddish and just not want to sit with them. Yeah. I mean, that's maybe the movie that we all would have loved the most. But you also feel that this movie didn't know what to do with its r rating. Yes. Because it was so yes. First of all gives them a chance to let Tiffany, haddish swear, more swear more. Yeah. Dirtier, but it also. Dropping in this weird awkward sex scene. It was extended. But I went to go see this in a theater, I was I was to bring him before. We started talking to auntie set was out full force. Yeah. And I couldn't hear anything. Night after that seat. So I don't know it wasn't meant for me. But the people who was meant for solid. I think I think that's right. I had the same sense in theater that I was in it wasn't as full. But I had the same sense that there is an audience for that scene to say the least. Well, I am guessing that many of you will wind up seeing. Nobody's Fool or have other thoughts about Tyler Perry. And I would love to hear from you. Come and find us on Facebook at Facebook dot com slash P, C H h or tweet us at PCH that brings us to the end of our show. You can follow Britney loose at the 'em. Loose fell. Eric Eddings at e Eddings, and you can listen to their show the nod, which is by Gimblett media. Thank you so much you guys for being here. This is so much fun. Thank you. Excellent. Excellent. Thank you, Steven. And thanks to all of you guys for listening. We will be back here on Friday. If you have a second, and you're so inclined, please give us a review on apple podcasts. That'll help more folks to find the show, we will see you. All right back here on Friday. More than twenty years. That's how long Olympic gymnastics doctor

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