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Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore evacuated due to possible TB exposure

Sean Hannity

00:48 sec | 4 years ago

Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore evacuated due to possible TB exposure

"Always be thankful to him for this the president went on to say that deputy administrator andrew wheeler will assume the duties as acting administrator on monday let's bring in correspondent sara ganim for some perspective important thing you see here is it continued support from donald trump which is what we've seen through what we are now you know it's fourteen different investigations were talking about when it comes to scott pruitt all dealing with allegations of ethical misconduct a while epa administrator again scott pruitt has resigned officially out as head of the epa i'm michael toscano the rescue team in thailand is reaching a crucial decision time whether or not to risk the lives of the twelve boys and their soccer team coach by taking them out of the flooded cave complex a five or six underwater journey for kids who could not even swim jonathan miller on the timetable situation now is really critical it's nailbiting they have a very small window now to try to extract the boys before this forecast deluge of the monsoon which is likely to start again on saturday we're heavy rains expected to possibly flood the cave complex completely two buildings at johns hopkins medical center in baltimore have been evacuated because of a possible release of tiburcio los correspondent jason carroll tells us several employees were carrying some vials that broke this according to johns hopkins university apparently some medical professionals there who were transporting some of this material and what they're talking about now is the possible keyword being possible release of a small amount of tuberculosis paving isolated i'm michael toscano the news brought to you by in and out burger there's no room for compromise inequality burger that's why in and out they use patties that are never frozen and only the freshest produce they can find because that's what a hamburger's all about with a look.

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