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"tibor schapelle" Discussed on The Bad Crypto Podcast

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"tibor schapelle" Discussed on The Bad Crypto Podcast

"Frenchy finds jokes is here for you right now and so we go to the interference. Oh, so long time it's like, are you feeling frenchy French today? I'm not really. You don't want some French fries? You know, I had some French fries yesterday for the meal, but I will have some, I would like to have some fresh toast for the breakfast. How about we have a French man here on the shore? I don't really want a French man, no, thank you. Well, too bad because we have one here with us. Just the same. Doctor tibor schapelle is an associate Professor of law at VU Amsterdam university and he is all about blockchain antitrust law has actually written a manuscript and a book on the subject matter. We're going to make blockchain and antitrust, easy to understand. Well, I'm not going to make it easy. He's going to make it easy to understand. Welcome to bed clipped all. Yes, thank you very much. I'm not sure if I should talk with a I mean I do have a French accent, but maybe I could, you know, exaggerate that. You should talk with your best. All right, I'll try my best. Yeah, dude, if you give us a California accent, bro that would be awesome. Yeah. You're like, you're a longtime listener. First time caller, yeah? Yes. And that's why I'm excited and scared a little bit. I'm not scary, Travis is scary. I don't know that anybody has ever been on this show. I've been scared. Well, yeah. See, that's the French man. What is scared in French? No, no reason to be afraid. We're harmless, and we're glad you're here. Thanks for coming on because you're going to help educate us because as you know, we are the blockchain blockheads and we're always learning. Why don't you give us just a little bit more fill in the background of it so people can understand who you are or what you've done where you've been and what kind of music you most prefer. Oh, yes. It's hard not to start with the music. So my background is that I'm French. I live in France for a very long time. Then I studied in New York a bit and then decided to do a PhD because why not?.

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