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"three thousand thirty five hundred feet" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"I saw rick tidwell at the laundromat last night and i was heloc checking him out. I just kept staring at him and he played like i wasn't even there. I be like that then all right enough of that. Welcome back to this. Show rectal with you. Coast to coast and around the world on the american forces radio network. It's our pleasure to walk into. This show matias zeroed. And he's here to talk about The movie about him called super frenchie. And it's going to be released in virtual cinemas and video on demand on Friday he is a ski base. Jumper from labelle fronts. Matias i know you were born in normandy. So when did you get down to the mountains. When did you start getting into all that. It was so my parents had a vacation home in the mountains So that's how we you know we'd go there. It was really a family owned we lived in normandy would spend every every holiday in the mountains winter or summer right and so. That's kind of how. I i to the medicine wheel and then later on the france that we were closer to the mountains so go there every weekend. Then they push ahead. You sail their their home because they couldn't afford it anymore but by then got picked up by Academy program through the public school system in the else and i just became a mouth in kid by adoption by birth but as a northern california guy. I would ski at Tahoe i never had money to go to vail or aspen or banff or anything like that but for you at was a sasha. They by what was that like having done is beautiful. Little You know mountain town right in front of all of mobile. You know a lot of people. When they think of more blended highest peak in western europe they they go to chamonix technically a little closer but technically the summit of more as part of the town of javale. And so you. You looking The whole West base of the mountain range. And so it's you can't escape it you know. The town is at three thousand thirty five hundred feet. Roughly about a thousand meters fifteen hundred and then the summit goes all the way to almost sixteen thousand. So you have these towering magnificent mountain where you look. It's just it's just bear reminding you of your place you are right and speaking of mom block or as we call it the matterhorn you ten years ago jumped off it. Could you tell that kind of got everything going right before that. I did the idea. Actually i curse sanction. Yeah yeah. I completed the trilogy ski beach. Something of a metal horn animal and The i wasn't the first one ski base. Jump off with four guys to do it and so it was kind of like falling the footsteps of heroes fiction conti and jt oems and jarring giveaway. Who's a french ebay jumper and Who inspired chain. And then after the eiger. Oh wow i gotta go. I gotta do the the matterhorn. That's the next logical progression matterhorn. It it worked but it was a really close call. I hit a rough ride before jumping into the north face. It's kinda outta control card willing to the north face but it's still able to put my parachute safety inside down the valley and then after this You know it took me about eight years to finally get the the jump from the summit of as well. So you know when you get into that kind of sporty ends up being a studio cook asian and it's It's a never ending journey. Y'all have things on you this right. Because it's their type of thing and let the people who don't know base is an acronym it stands for buildings antenna spans and earth or cliffs and correct me. If i'm wrong you only carry one parachute right. Yeah you don't have a back. He's only one parachute and so you you pack it like a reserve emergency parachute when you jump off a cliff. We're building if something goes wrong with your your parachute. You wouldn't have time to deploy a backup airship anyway so you only have one has to be perfect and then tell us about the wing suit because that looks so much fun but it also looks terrifying. I always wonder. How do you land in the wing suit wing. You jump off and you fly as she you know. It's not too hard. You can't look what you want to go and you just say there and then once you get The minimum altitude. That you go. I mean lower altitude and you. She could be pro your parachutes and then you can then take the flying parachutes but i i do enjoy. You know i might have a couple of hundred jumps with it but Ski base jumping. I think i prefer it It's really more my craft in what i really enjoy doing That guy lifetime links you but ski base jumping has. It's actually a lot more dangerous than we'd seen. Because you have a lot more variables. But i guess both boys you can make that you want him to be a whether you know. How are you gonna put the question. Mark more questions for zero super frenchie. Coming out friday when i look at You know a couple of years ago. Is it lukens from twenty-five thousand feet. He you know he's on oxygen and he's off oxygen and he just basically lands in a net. Is that something. That intrigues you. Or did you think that was insane. I know i know. Luke personally actually have jumped at him. Several times His drug that. You are way i did. And i knew he had it he's He's a very skilled professional and he really put all the pieces of the puzzle together. One step at a time. So i knew that you know he. He didn't just jump out of a plane right. You know right away lane and the nets. He did some some some actress. Guide and opening lower lower tried to target on how to get to net and had all these all these impairment paramaters in ducks in a row. And so he was able to do it flawlessly. And yeah i I was definitely Anxious watching the videos because there's no margin for error right. But i knew he had it under control and and that's the thing you know. It's not not as slammed on its If the journey you have to you have to prepare yourself for years and what you to do things correctly. Otherwise you may not survive. I've had travis pastrana on the show. Of course he is mostly known for his tricks on his Dirt bike but he added thing where he jumped out of a plane with. No shoot and you know big smile on his face doing some twists and turns and then like whatever halfway down somebody handed him a shoot which looks terrifying but for him. He's a thrill seeker. Which you call yourself a thrill seekers that just too simplistic now competing because again. I'm not as a here of drilling junkie. I'm no daredevil. I accept the risk. The risk is variable and my existential quest. Yeah so. I think when i was in high school i saw that bond movie the spy who loved me. And he's in that ski chase and then he goes over the cliff and the union. Jack parachute deploys. That was the first time. I saw anything like that. Same.

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