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"three four thirty three percent" Discussed on WHAS 840 AM

"Success of the university of Kentucky athletics program news radio eight forty WHAS back at the Coliseum they have changed Pascal's buzzer beater from a three to a two after they went back and looked at the monitor her foot was on the line and so it is forty one to twenty Kentucky over Samford instead of forty two to twenty the cats finished the first half on a twenty eight to six run that with it it had a run of eleven straight points in ten straight points the cats scored the first nine point to the gave out to Ryan Howard threes in a trade from Sabrina Haynes did Samper responded with a fourteen to four run that saw them make three threes and since then coach Matthew Mitchell bird to time out with his team down fourteen to thirteen Kentucky has been on the warpath since out scoring the Bulldogs twenty eight to six over the second quarter back it was a ninety to six second quarter for the cats Kentucky shot fifty nine percent in the first half they were seventeen of twenty nine and they were six of twelve from long range Sanford after the hot start shooting just twenty eight percent on seven of twenty five they are four of twelve from three four thirty three percent they made to their fourth free throw opportunities Kentucky was just one of four at the line Samper turned it over nine times to Kentucky sports the cats turned that into a fourteen to three advantage of points off turnovers gets out rebounded the bulldog seventy to thirteen points in the paint favor the cats fourteen to four and that's with safer playing almost exclusively so right Howard leads the cats with sixteen points two rebounds and three assists in sixty minutes Abed a pastel with eight point she's four for four with three rebounds and four assists he keeps a Kitty with seven points and rounding out Kentucky's first half scoring Sabrina hate to Blair agreed with.

Pascal Kentucky Sabrina Haynes Samper Bulldogs Abed Blair university of Kentucky Ryan Howard Matthew Mitchell Sanford three four thirty three percen twenty eight percent fifty nine percent sixty minutes six second