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"thousand dalmatia" Discussed on Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast

Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast

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"thousand dalmatia" Discussed on Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast

"This woman they madge in the two of them are just like hilarious together but yet she played madge ditches in law. That's what yeah. That's what i knew her from. I was like oh. My god is madge so that that that cracks me up every time i watch because that's what i know her from tone. So what did you think of them as katrina katrina goes just you know it's fun to see a you know a leader of of some sort. That's a woman that's always exciting. And the fact that you know. She's a like when perry gets chat captured. And she's like you know. I'll find you a couple of husbands and husbands is implausible. And she's like. Oh yeah such women as we must be shared. Yeah she's like she's always she's perfectly willing to You know share period around the tribe. Yeah and doesn't have any qualms about it like a perfectly normal for the their particular tribe and But yes she's just she's a funny. The character could have been played way more serious. I mean she has serious. I mean you know when the when glitz endeavor show up and their you know wanting to destroy this but she does go a little over. The top acting y. Yeah yeah but it's it's it's done in a way that it's just very entertaining and it's a shame that she kind of goes out the way she does which you got the action yes. She got electrocuted by draft. Throw out all right. Jesse how you any thoughts about sabbath glitz dipper or yeah. Boorda was dead first off i I did not. I thought we had seen this carriage before because in a time. He wanted me fashion. We've seen his Future you never know where the tortoise is gonna end up so so so. And so i believe at the time i had mentioned. He's very hairy. muttish You know and that was very much this again. That's a great comparison. I would throw. I would add fork from star. Trek beefs guest nine. He's very much like work i think. Yeah and a little bit with the interaction with him and his partner Just attach of jasper and horace in the cartoon thousand one dalmatians restaurants. Oh i'm sure rachel appreciate i know she. She's big on disney damaged podcasts. I totally make that. Could it out that you said yes. Oh my gosh much of that is in. You know like You know. He thinks he's smarter than he is in. His companion is like well. Maybe aren't that smart. I thought they were fun. Kind of this this duo that made it pretty because often i can go. Okay win. we get these story lines together but watching them go back and forth was pretty fun to watch and i did find gesturing towards the you know in the one thousand Dalmatia so you like grits endeavors banter as well as i did. I like them a lot. Yes okay that's good. Yeah you know. As much as i little disappointed by this script by robert holmes be considering his other work on doctor who you know. I try to keep in perspective while he was ill. But but i did kind of like the exchanges between glitz endeavor. I we're handled pretty well In tony selby especially really sells those those.

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