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The Famous Dead: The Life and Death of Chris Farley!

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The Famous Dead: The Life and Death of Chris Farley!

"Welcome beyond how did we get to this weird place? Who are these two crazy guys? And what is going on beyond terrestrial or bt for short is a podcast dedicated to the strange dumb aqap the conspiratorial and all things supernatural hosted by Dan. Martin and Leah. Two guys who discovered late night radio shows like coast to coast while working the night shift and stumbled into a world of fantastic tales and local legends. We share these stories and with our dedicated fans. We Lovingly Call Beyond Irs. Every other Tuesday. Join me and Lee as we take a mysterious journey into obscure local tales and spin up some hot takes on the supernatural stories. We all know who works. Inter dimensional big foot yard Jeffrey Dahmer. So employed bomber Waco Texas. Elliot bought a five bedroom. Hayler death and then a state can man Sam's again which Johnson mysterious toys and days when you're feeling all alone grammar stone. Podcast range grew agitated everybody on Good Great Ryan Wonderful. Welcome to the PODCAST. I'm your host Billy Curvy Ak Bill Kirby Aka William Billy Bill Kirby. Bill Enator Aka Sorry bill in nature I mean Kurban ater and we also have the Tomcat Aka. Tom Dumps in. Okay folks the guy in front of you is Tommy. You'll be taking you through my little spiel here. Tommy is a Scorpio. He likes biking and he's never been laid and what about seatbelts fastened. Take the little Adnan. Stick it in the big end and you know what you guys don't know how to use a seatbelt. Ring Your Call Button and Tommy will come back there and and the head of the Tack Hammer Kasuri Retard. Right on the head. Yeah all right the deck tech retarded. All they get mad we got mad. We're drinking on some stock and barrel new is. It's not just the barrel liquor at a while on this bitch but okay and I wonder why I wonder why we haven't had liquor Tom. We also have beers for later. But we'll see a couple of Bir. It's the blue bottle. We're also watching Tommy boy because we are covering Chris Farley David. One of my favorites too. And it's going to be a super super lighter episode until it's not it might get sad the end. I was watching that documentary with him earlier. Today eight Shikata Motion Farley. I got a little emotional sad stuff. But why are we doing this We're always reviewing the famous dead. That is a series that we've already started with Sydney antsy and stuff. We're going to keep going on it like. Tom will jump in there and do some celebrities desk people who related to so why. We're especially doing this wine and why. I've always wanted to do this because you know it was disturbing kind of the way he died in you know he was denied an fucking floor. A hotel thing is like we'll get to that resonates with us more significantly to like we used to white special ladies and like they're just nothing but little guy in big coach so that's why like in the skinny guy so when we're working together at restaurants we're young cats and shit he used to go for. Billy would go for a smoke with all my jacket and you'd be like skinny guy big like you know because I'm a bigger than billy. Obviously he's a little stick bug so it's a little different now. I grew a few feet since his name was Christopher Crosby Farley so he forced on February fifteenth. Oh I thought it was Valentine's Day nineteen sixty four and we'll get to his death later died in nineteen ninety seven. But that's why like also I was like. Oh the good time and do this. His birthday's literally coming up. Yeah so just kind of get idea do this. He was an American actor and comedian earlier is known for his loud. His luxury yacht. Energetic comedy style was a member of Chicago's second city theatre. Second City was like where Bob and Doug Mckenzie we got her name from came from was SETV so second city. And they used to like fucking Rick Moranis and Paul Thomas Doug to fuckers names that would they came from and it's kind of interesting. That's why we took this name. But they were on second city also. A lot of people started there. And it was kind of Improv Improv. Yeah it's a lot of Improv. But well more or less. Just Chris. Farley played Chris Farley did a lot more prevalent so so much as they say right like a lot of the read their skits. They did their skills. But it's all just Kinda skit comedy if you've never seen Saturday night live but skit but he was also a cast member of NBC sketch. Comedy show obviously Saturday night live between nineteen ninety nine in one thousand nine hundred five. He went on to pursue a film career in nineteen ninety. Five nine hundred ninety nine hundred ninety five. He went to pursue a film career starring in such films as Tommy Boy Black Sheep and Beverly Hills Ninja Beverly Hills Ninja on my favorites. There was like the last one he did before he died. I know it's not actually did another one. There's another one in. I've only seen once body. What's not only those his movie. Yeah it was. I don't think he did another one. Did almost heroes. Yeah almost heroes. That's it yeah. After his death in ninety seven his final completed films almost here isn't dirty work released in ninety eight respectively. So he didn't. So what did he do half these movies now? He did it all but they finally cut it and put it into production share. Okay so yeah. It was almost heroes. I WANNA watch before but I wanted to watch owners. I've heard of dirty work. We should watch those for sure though. Honestly but Farley on forcing died of an overdose at the age of thirty three which we'll get to later but farley born on that is so young. I'm fucking nearly four years away from that Billy Strip in. He's getting his wife Beater again. Which is the wife beaters author so nice? He likes to beat. His wives turned to three wives. He hides in his basement. One's name is Clich Mar. What necessity and the other. One is bar video theo. Theo girdled on ginger. Real Safari was born. Agree said but very fifteen ninety sixty four in Madison Wisconsin. Wisconsin boy that serial killer land man while Syracuse from Wisconsin. Jeffrey Dahmer. I think a lot of serial killers anywhere fucking Middle Eastern Boardman grew up in maple bluff his father Thomas John Farley senior actually. Wow that's kinda crazy. His Dad died two years after him. His dying died in one thousand nine hundred zero Shit Room and they obviously I would think this is just my brain but how his dad and him probably met in the afterlife. Somehow some probably how you know what? I mean the fact that he was probably still hanging around dad. You're dead to come on buddy. I'm on. It's so nice. They've got so many oil company so it makes sense for Tommy Boy in office like his family and his mother Mary. Ann Nin Cosby was a homemaker. He had four siblings ITAMI JUNIOR TOM. Junior Kevin. I think happens the comedian John and Barbara. His cousin Jim is an executive vice. President and and President of global markets at Ford Motor Company is definitely directed towards Chris. Farley's life and what he was doing and stuff because he works in isn't really a real company. I thought it was but Callahan that many many times. I don't fucking know the call again in color again. For at least families Romaine Roman Catholic in of Irish and Scottish descent Farley attended Catholic schools in his hometown that was pretty much like the growing. He attended the Catholic schools in Canada. Along with Chris. Wrong road trip. Farley was one of the new stuff Saturday night. Live cast members announced in spring nine hundred ninety s now farley frequently collaborated with fellow cast members. Adam Sandler Chris Rock Tim Meadows Donahue. You are sorry but Robert Does Rob Schneider and David Spade so just Hugh that in Mitch thank you back. Our talls needs sleepy. We go way. Let me sleep. What this. Oh It's a nice that's full-service yeah it's a full service hotel when we blew off that shit so fuck it funny. That makes you laugh. David spade him. We're very fucking good friends. And that's why you know. Billy is the David Spade to my Chris Farley so technically so and the cane he was known as the bad boy they were known as the bad boys. Snl especially Chris. Farley was the bad lots of drugs and famous farley characters. Was Todd O'Connor superfan. That's the bears five pairs countries. Like he's had a fucking heart attack before could second time today. Marc I had had a good stretch there for six months or a could not. I couldn't stop. I couldn't stop saying bears the bears just in any situations Kane. Can you go grab that from me? I'd be like yeah for payers. There's a group of stereotypical CHICAGO CHICAGO CHICAGO CHICAGO CHICAGO. Chicago wins who constantly shouted DUB bears that bears. He's also the Chippendales dancer which one of my soon catches ever famous sketch. You guys can look it up. There's no club to is them dancing. Can you stop with two big? Knock it hats. I gotta get a picture with you. Eighty said phones as fuck off. He's my eighties headphones. The world doesn't deserve CDs headphones. Ship the patterns you which even like I think it was. Mike Myers is like like Chris. Farley was I don't want I don't want to do it like and Mike Myers was like no you can do. Just be funnier. Be Better and he had his presence out there and he shakes over. The room walks into a room. And it's like all eyes on me. Yeah and obviously also is over the top motivational speaker. Who constantly remind other characters that he lived down van down by the river. I am thirty five years old. I am Dougal worst and I live in a van down by the river so he was like that whole character he brought from second city and Shit which I think is pretty funny and he had that characters pocket for a while and then they were like where they're talking about even the documentary that we've watched this is like talking about like you know. He had some. He wanted to try a long time to me. Please use it on. Who is that girl again to Kristen Wig? I think now I wasn't Chris Wig fuck. I can't remember her name on my bad. Remember name either. Sorry you're not memorable but the name of the character was actually drawn from real life friend of during a troubled time who lives in a van near the river. Funny thing is this guy. Actually name was Matt Foley. She is now a priest so I thought he was always a priest. No I don't know why would you be living down? I Y Y you're not living in the church. I guess that sounds like a better place. To live. Offscreen Farley was known for his pranks in the office of Saturday night live Sandler and Farley would make late night prank phone calls from. Snl offices in the Rockefeller Center was Rockefeller Center with Sandler. Speaking in an old woman's voice in Farley farting into the phone and cars from a limousine. That's pretty fucking jokes. Actually not going away. We can all say Saturday. He had like energy about honestly. So exhilarating Chechnya I. This might be bad. I find a lot of like fatter. People have what the fuck was that. My doorbell sound like somebody died. Well this is crazy like we're talking about like how we use. Mooning cars out the window of defecated out of a window. That's so like there's no way would actually go on the road that would smear through the side of the car so fast your asset ahead to be hanging out so far is such a big guy. There's no way of fully fits through the window. No he did ass up out. The top of the window limousine winnow pooing through Sunday downwards. That call again changed every podcast. So it's called when you through someone sunroof again. The name for he also was known to frequently get naked and do various stunts for laughs. Like Mike Myers said on the documentary. How he's like Mike Myers? I don't know why but I always shower it at the studio and every week I forgot but every time I did Chris would come in with his Dick tuck between his legs and like Michael. I love you which I think it's pretty funny on Milady. I'm elite Chris. Rock once claim that he probably saw Farley's private parts more than Farley. Farley's girlfriend did Sandler Toll Conan O'Brien on the tonight show that. Nbc fired him and Farley from the show in nineteen ninety five which is like I guess. Outrageous he got he got fired from SNL. I thought he just moved on now. Get FIRED ADAM. Sandler did well. Maybe they both at the same time. I didn't know he like. Why did Sandler get fired? You know that is is Jewish. Yeah good chance just joking during his time when SNL Farley appears Jewish listeners during the time when asked Noah wyle appeared in comedy films Wayne's world cone heads airheads and Billy Madison Code heads at airheads. Airheads was before Brandon. Frazier fucking. Let himself go. I liked. I liked the bus drivers. And he's like degrees and he's going fucking like how will sanders laughing? They'd like we don't even know why he did. Secure fucking red leg at so funny. His first two major films were co starred with his fellow. Snl SNL colleague and close friend. David Spade Billy Kirby together the made the film's Tommy Boy. I mean tell you why I suck as a salesman. Let's say I go into some guy's office. Let's say he's even remotely interested in buying something. Well then I get all excited. I'm Joe Joe. The idiot circus boy with a pretty new pet. The pet is my possible sale. Oh my pretty little pet. I love you so a stroke. It had it then is in love my little naughty fat your body and I take my naughty. I killed it like man. He's got to be one of my favorite movies of all time. Have you ever comedy movies of all time for a show? It's so ron peer and not like actually like just straight up just a funny dude playing himself which makes it that much. Better one also. We obviously have you know black sheep it in do as well as time boy and they tried to identically as well But it was still a great movie off Shakes Towel. You're eighty nine me and he's like if you've never seen the movie he's like there's a log cabin there's like a bat and he's like they're trying to catch it. But he's like David spacious beating the Shannon Chris Farley underneath the blanket. It's fucking great. I did it did almost identically to tell me in the box office like any time now to date. It's at like thirty seven million a success and that was thirty domestic box office. Earning around thirty two point four. Yeah getting a large cult following on his. Hi Tommy Boys Gone. Up to thirty seven now but I think there's just people buying a car ferry. Yeah got a couple of extra mental. But yeah the two films established Farley as relatable bankable star and he was given the title role for Beverly Hills Ninja which finished in which finished in first place at the box office on. Its opening weekend. What did that did for you Farley? I don't know look that up but probably pretty good fuck drug and alcohol. Abuse Related Problem. Problems in interfered with harleys film. Work at this time is it worse really did thirty one point five so close but taking drugs and alcohol were kind of getting outrageous fearing with him and his film work life it all that. Shit and the production of his final film. Almost heroes was held up several times so far they could enter Rehab. Which makes me want to watch that movie and I do have it like I bought my playstation so I've never seen after I've never seen sooner when I was a kid or something so let's wash like sometime next weekend or something. We'll get together when recording before we watch the the after care about our plans. Tommaso date by daytime by time. You fucking psychopathic girlfriends. Yeah the wall. I will do that because I've only seen clips of it or see him. When I was younger I want to see it. Farley was originally cast as the voice of the title character in the movie Shrek he was supposed to play Shrek. No Way and there is. You can find on Youtube of him doing the voice. Oh my goddess strike like that would have been omb as it was going to hold it for movie men on him to play it. Yeah recording eighty five percent or ninety five percents according to some sources of the character's dialogue but digest for the recording was finished very sad a super sad because he would have done it and then they would put it out and then Mike Myers film his role. Eventually but why you could. Yeah you did it anyway. If he didn't die I guess you could still Detroit filmmakers felt could talking about Shrek right. Yeah Okay Yeah. There were some well. Yeah the filmmakers felt continuing the film with Farley's Farley would be bad taste so he did. He did that much. Almost ninety percent of the pretty much finished his job and then they're like nine. Never mind you're not Shrek anymore. We'll be st died. Oh that's what you mean. Okay so Shrek. Dialogue was re recorded by former S. No castrate Mike Myers. Who I thought fucking wrote. Shrek did eating like Jim. Carey's row and one thousand nine hundred six film. The Cable Guy was really tended for Farley. What I love Cable Cable Guy. No you know what honestly don't know Jim Carey better than I think farley would have. I don't know man Jim Carey's a fucking frankie like that's the case that is purely a stalker scheduling. Conflict conflicts forced him to decline. Which I'm so curious in an alternate universe to see what that would have been like honestly. I am curious. I'm totally curious to see what that would have been like. Yeah because I would have been interesting to see how his take on end up to Jim. Carey end up. Doing Farley stated to Farley was slated to appear in the third ghostbusters film which didn't happen until the women came in our he had a lot of fan at the time it is intended to be a new trio of ghostbusters. Taken on the over of the overpopulation. In Hell. So they're supposed to be like in house comes from the ground. Said that would have a need. I don't know what the future holds. Farley said all I know is I'm good today. Real good at the time hit this time I had this time. He was making six million dollar movie. Almost heroes according SNL writer Fred. Wolf one time in front of two hundred twenty or twenty five people in a very crowded writer's room mixed company women men Farley came in naked. He had his Dick. Tuck between his leg. He began doing Jayme Gum. I don't know who they are from. Sao Salinger the hill. Yeah I knew that. Is You know good bar. Who took a golf club and shoved in about three inches? Up his ASS homeboy. And then pull the golf club out and stirred to lick it. He wants to fuck was. Don't cocaine kids. That's not coke. Man That is Co. That's your brain going well into so we have beers whiskey time you gotta Pop that. Cork loader got some whiskey. Adam Sandler talked about what it was like to be a for dinner with Farley in the nineteen nineties. He said he would say you got that. T. Bone steak. Oh Yeah Okay. You do have and he would name. It's like it's like He. He'd named like six things you're like. Wow He's getting six things and then he would say okay. I'll also have two of those and he would always double down also cocoa Conan. O'brien added Chris. Farley love to eat to a degree I've never seen by any human being in my life. No one day also quoted that as what? I watched him. Eat Two t-bone steaks and eat them like dry rid. We thing in his mouth and just slid off the bone. Yes I will get you ginger. Be So again. We're talking about in documentary. We've watched in two thousand fifteen a documentary. I am Chris. Farley and Sarah Live Co Star. Mike Myers explained why the energetic comedian scared him to death. I'd improvise with Chris and I was scared to death because he had already knocked. Someone's tooth out and gave someone else a scar just for being so craigslist. From his anecdotes. It was so yeah. Yeah it was also revealed in the dock that Farley made at habit to surprise Myers in the shower fully nude as I mentioned funded by so fucking for the jokes. German time I did that. Grandma kicked me. Hope David Spade. Explain how what are the most memorable scenes from Tommy boy came out capable in? Chris was doing that bit to me at work. We shared an office. In Chris's desk was behind me. And he didn't really know how to write or read really kidding but he became bored. You See. He'd be Super Board obviously and he would say Davy turning around and I said this is fat guy in little coat. I'm not turning around. It's not funny more and he would say no I've got I've got a whole new thing. And then he would turn around and he would have him and his he would have David Spade Levi jacket on fat guy. Don't you give up on it? Fat Guy Little Cone and so when we did Tommy Boyd. We were looking for jokes and the scenes to make them better. We sided that was funny to us and may be funny to other people so you put on the fact a coat and the slaying which was not actually funny was not planted all and the Cote actually ripped on. Its own like that wasn't put in. It looks pretty look through Renton and he was actually legitimately fucking doing it. Which is like you actually ripped his fucking code. Well that was a super small coat. Not as big fucking dude. Don't do that guy a little a little that guy and bad guy a little gold. Oh my God how much I love that part in general it just shows Chris Farley's childlike nature in what he was kind of like as a person was he was like just a goofy guy that having finding ball in even though he did like a fuck enough drugs to kill a horse. You GotTa Watch out for your happy friends. Yeah especially you know. Don't you spend nine? He didn't do speedboat airspeed. Bob Bob a few of Farley's friends claim that that funny man. A few friends of Farley claimed that the funny man had been obsessed with licking things Chris Farley everywhere you went was licking everything Adam Sandler said on a late night. Show in two thousand fifteen. He went out for dinner at Wally. Joseph's like twenty of us. We're walking and talking to him as we go. He gets antsy. He's got to give him a minute. And then okay buddy and you just saw him run back one hundred and liquor mailbox and come running back feel like that was a lot of his coke addiction that he just had this energy and shit if you had enough money where he was probably doing it every day. Kinda ship though I mean and then you know I can't. I can't speak from my own experiences. Yes I feel like my. It's different towards me and other people. Yeah Yeah I had my own dealings with drugs and shit like that and it's just like I can get where that came from where you'd fuck. I D- I asked you back when I was working at restaurants and stuff and like you don't even try. It is the thing I did when I was a fucking ninety s kitchen that you don't fucking try because God knows if you're anything like like there's a lot of people with very dicta personalities as they have now I of course shit you quit everything like your fucking confined with or without it. I'm like no I fucking know what I'm right so give them also older now. Though back in the day I was always lucky that I didn't touch really hard shit till my early twenties and then I kind just say fuck. It was a teenager. Our it would've killed me like I was very addictive personality when I was a teenager. Do Crazy stuff that I probably shouldn't have done. It doesn't leave former Saturday night. Live writer also witness Farley. Odd Licking compulsion firsthand. He opened his wallet. It looked everything inside of it. The pictures the money he had. Oh my God I had to lick his own shoelaces tied him up. It was totally nuts. That's Crazy Joe. Weird thing to see. Never look everything now like it's a joke and then it probably became a habit it probably turned into a habit more than anything for the frequently sought help for addictions and drugs and alcohol. The first frequently statement the first of his his over seventeen stints in Rehab began in Nineteen ninety-one fucking Bourne. He just started in ninety one. He's going to rehab and that was after his us that was before. Snl put him into Rehab. No he was in he got. He's earned that's now in one thousand nine hundred ninety pitcher that they're obviously with like they're like what the fuck man you gotta go somewhere. He's a fat Guyanese energy so it's like his college friend. Pat Fan explain for all these battle with addiction. He did everything to excess and when it came to drinking in other stuff he caught in a world he got caught in a world. He couldn't get out because he did have an addictive personality. In it's bad it's dangerous and also because Chris Farley was totally obsessed with John Belushi like another brilliant comedian who struggle with drugs now call in weight management and John. Belushi died in hotel because of a speed ball doing speed balls. Not Heroin and cocaine. Yes it is. It's not a speed balls cocaine and morphine all right. Well I will look into that but I'm pretty sure that's it's heroin and cocaine but I'm pretty sure we'll sodomy all over again. I know he's looking at but I knew something I'm hundred place. I know that John Belushi had cocaine here when INA system when he died. I know that for a fact that that's how he died. Farley asked about whether Oh shit. Wow this is rare. Were both right. Speed ball or powerball is a mixture of cocaine a stimulant with heroin or morphine. And I was like I know I know him with morphine but yeah no. That's how with the morphine version of the damn. That's fucked. I've never. I never thought you'd actually get one of those. I'll give it to you. Got One right. Tom Harley was asked about whether he was trying to be like is here during the interview with the Rolling Stone. Left test. You said I don't know I don't know he said I never met the man. Maybe I tried to be but I don't think so anyway. I'm fatter than him now. Did you know that he died at my age this year at thirty three yeah March Fifth Nineteen? Eighty two the writer. Eric Hedge Guard noted. He looked as though he was saying that when he looked as though he was saying that when the clock finally ticked passes thirty four th birthday than all of his Belushi nonsense would fade away because he would outlive the man and finally he would be out there all on his own. And it's sad that he John Belushi so fucking much that he wanted. Die Fucking Asia. John Belushi died at and also thirty. Three is a very masonic crazy number thirty three degree. Masonry wash it. It's interesting like that. The he worshiped him so much that he ended up killing himself to be like him or was that actually carrying himself. I know I think no no. No no way. He didn't write a suicide now. No he wasn't killing himself that he he think he would have gone and done ten more times but the thing is that it was just enough for him. Gone and done it. Gone and done coke and drugs and a the thing is that this was his last shot and a big heart can only last so long especially that big especially on drugs. Like that's what I love. Adam sandlers breezy. Adam sandlers comment about him. He looked at him. And he's like you can either be fat or a drug addict. He's like you're not allowed to be fucking ridiculous and it's like I think I don't know maybe an alternate universe of Buchan. John Belushi never existed. But Chris Farley daily Christopher John Belushi they toil yet not he idolized. Somebody didn't even representative and he didn't take anything and it's like why did he stands such an odd idle. Usually when you idolize someone that huge like you. Even if you're not doing it on purpose accidentally copy their style and another no yes yes a little love bill bill. The ill bill to explode in the name of that is Jordan Jay. No To be honest that was you when we were looking at Swish. La and you just want me to stop talking ripped Ilyas fucking love of God no for today. We'll be fresh. Stop talking about the God. Damn Gillians is if I really wanted to do. Pretty Good Chris Farley impression. I've watched so much of his ship man like I think I could do it if I really got loud. That's a full head and body. I think but this is crazy. Like so when we get to his death or getting into close now but in the days before his death he was drinking at a bar called crow bar and at a bar called Karma at the cheesecake factory at the hunt club. He's very he's again. I'll go here in the night. Go over go where he did. A Wolf Jackman Wolf Dj Wolfman Jack Impressions. I don't know who Wolfman Jack Is. Why did why do I WANNA say Wolverine? So do I what I was going to the research I was like Wolfman Jack Jack Wolfman Jack Jonah Robert Smith also is an American disc jockey. Oh famous first gravelly voice. He credited his success saying kept the me in the potatoes on the table. For years of Wolf men and Wolf woman and a couple of shots of whisky helps it. Nice raspy sound. Maybe Terry one of the interest. Yeah I knew a disc jockey is Dick Jockeys right. Se Fuck. You won't see disc jockey fucking Jimmy savant so you didn't Jimmy Saddler Cheval. We'll make it into him. But he's the one that got a bunch of kids so the queen could fuck them or not the queen but let people in the royal family. And that's another episode CAGE SEASON. He lets strippers drape themselves over his body. He arrived at the hunt club with his brother John. And it's like John. Talks a lot in the documentary that he's in and about his life and stuff and his addiction since rebels. But like I don't know I would've pushed him away more to be sober like it doesn't seem like his brother feels bad and all the ship. It seems like you. Should you know what you can you? Can you can do it. You're GonNa do you strapped into a chair and you just don't let him eat for fucking a week. People are going to do what? They WANNA. Do you break as restraints? Look at that fucking feverishly blocking my God. The Buck and deers in the car. Chris Rossouw of Maj. Holy Shit. Tom Fuck out the deers like in the car. Losing it he said to a waitress farley did hey pretty lady can you give me an apartment. Jack and coke. Oh he he looked really bad. The waitress said later on Tuesday. He reportedly reportedly paid in an erotic dancer. Named three hundred dollars to come to his pad and give him a lap dance he drank vodka and OJ. The girl danced. He seemed disoriented and unstable and he had been on a bender for days and this is sad. He went all around Chicago at the time and he was on a bender fucking days and that's why I said that. Maybe he wanted to kill himself. Yeah it was almost like a through four days bender when he and Donna. That's not that's not what that means folded closure. I've done those days. No but what would. He does a weekend half. That's fine but I'm saying that he's he's saying that he's went. He like He. He seemed like just WanNa push himself to the edge and see if he was going to die or not because what that is is was for him. You know why that isn't I want it. I'm going to keep doing it and ask anybody that. Saw process doesn't go. I agree I've also done a lot of research on Chris Farley over the years and I know that he was very depressive time at this point and he was he was talking to a very dark shit documentary watch would go from like Super Happy Guy but then after twelve o'clock at night he would switch this dark side where he would joke about funny ship blossom into really dark shit like because he gets way to kill that hooker over there. You know what I could probably bail the cops. Because I'm Chris Botti Shaikh bad. Yeah that's not a quote planet. Hollywood opening in Indianapolis Chris Farley sweating profusely grossly overweight in acting. Completely out of it was hamming it up with the crowd by dosing himself in the bottle of milk at least one friend of something on the table. There's one friend of Farley saw nothing amusing about his sloppy spectacular. Get off me down. He pulled the actor aside and said. Hey you gotta take it easy folly. Flash ONE OF HIS TRADEMARKS NAUGHTY boy. Grins one of those. No one can see Sterno. Billy for couple of seconds and then uttered the ultimate Hollywood cliche. I WanNa live fast and die young. He knew he wanted. He added sometime coming in shed. On December Eighteenth Chris Farley. Got His wish he was found. Dead Initia- Kaga heartbreaking living just binging just before Christmas. Then that's so heartbreaking to your family when I am dead and if passed on to the next world I want you to lower me from these gallows and guess my Harry Potter Smile S and that was kind of his personality like and he's so lovable. I know lovable tummy. I Love Harley. So hurried into this. Farley seemed to equally addicted to drugs to try and clean up his life at the same time. Though he passed two years in the past two years he went in and out of Rehab Seventeen Times. How long's Rehab isn't we have a month should be about that. Yeah so ninety days usually okay. What if it's ninety days? That pretty much equals two years. So let's say thirty days thirty days that's a year and a urine five months out of two years. You were inside Rehab. Thirty days is a month. That's what I just said. Okay so you said in the past two years he was in and out of Rehab Seventeen Times thirty days. That's a year and five months in far these goods attitude year. We're merely the calm before the storm. According to Seeley I don't know who he is and other acquaintances who saw Farley. During his final days the actor became a big win to down spiral on December fourteenth. He was manically hopscotched through Chicago. Bars like I said he went through Chicago a lot. Consuming large quantities of drugs alcohol and fraternizing with a series of party. Girl's talking scary men scary to think of how I like. Eye Shadow guys. This is a showtime be cleaned honestly. It's hard it's hard life so far. We south of debauchery behavior began downtown. Chicago club Carmo when he raised out until two am afterwards. The party moved to Farley's apartment. On Tuesday December Sixteenth Farley blew off plans to get a haircut instead. Got a three hundred per hour. Call girl named ought him as we've said before autumn three hundred dollars per hour is I feel. I feel like I've heard of that. He was making nine away key. You're at some dudes house for fucking two hours six hundred dollars in your fucking pocket. That is new. That's our leads that he spent the she's spend the afternoon with Farley. He claimed I called from his home around eight thirty am she says the comedian. Who WERE SMOKING? Pot and drinking screwdrivers screwdrivers screwdrivers was a screwdriver. Qna Do you know the vodka? Orange juice nailed. It seemed to be more interested in scoring cocaine than her services. I don't think he knew what he wanted. She says he just tell me he was on a rampage. He just kept bouncing from room to room. He spent his last day on December Seventeenth Nineteen ninety-seven primarily with a hooker named Heidi the fucking bitch in. Heidi I fucking hate this. You hide you throw his broke. No she she fucking left for dead. We'll find out safe shit. Seems he was really into hookers. Hardy the hooker. Heidi Hooker was hired for fire. Heidi Heidi so get this full. Fuck whoever Farley's friend was that hired her for two grand. She joined him. She joined Farley at a party in Lincoln in Chicago. Girl Man. Yeah it makes so much money you have your fucking orifices all find really ever. I don't think he was already at eleven. Am and there are plenty of drugs at this party. Later that day Farley accompanied Heidi back to her apartment where they continue SM- smoke crack and snort heroin. Chris claimed he had been up for forty straight without sleep. That can kill you. In general they tried unsuccessfully to have sex but obviously Chris couldn't why you're you're off brain stuff you're horny but you just can't do it. There's nothing like well if you're I don't know sometimes you get yourself into it though galaxy the fuck did Tommy boy do not actually going to show you. Then add eleven. Pm Kristin Heidi returned Chris's apartment in hand caq the Hancock building. She was growing angrily. Because Chris wasn't GonNa pay her but Chris continue to clean this friend and was supposed to pay her. Reportedly tried to have sex again and again and we're unsuccessful so finally at three. Am She left? His apartment. Farley was so inebriated he collapsed about ten feet from the door as Heidi exited. How do you claim she could hear that? He was experienced labored breathing. So she's a piece of shit percents being fucked. He's going to die and he said don't leave me I could. Wow it's amazing to omit something like that here zooming. He had finally passed out. She took a photograph of him lying on the floor and then left. We will post flunkies photo of him. We walk back in so she left. She heard him say that she opened the door. And I took a picture There is a lot of blame on her part for leaving him. And I said this I was at a Work Party before I came to record this and I said that to another bill a guy love and fucking cheating on older guys got long while Cutie. You're cheating on me with an older guy but our fucking he said to him. I was like if it wasn't for fucking her. He could probably still be alive even if she were to call the cops and be like this guy to collapse Chris Farley and the actual collapse and then run out they would have been there in time for special fucking fast he probably would have survived a lot of people blame her for his death in general and as a close friend if. I was Sandler if I was Mike. Myers I might blame her because I was like sure. Blame her but really the very sad. Q This What was going to be no? The Risk Farley was discovered the next afternoon by his own brother John heartbreak so fucking if I walked in and one of my brothers were dead like beds. I honestly I don't. I don't know if I'd live like that. That's the end of my life. Man That's heartbreaking versus body was still lying there just ten feet from the door clad in Pajama bottoms and button-down white t shirt. That was unbuttoned his hand. He was clutching a baseball cap in Rosary. Beads man this fucking. Why do they have those things though he had he? I guarantee base Garin baseball CAP. Probably that he had close to him that he was holding his heart and then clutching that but I have a feeling that he he had consciousness for a couple minutes and then grabbed rosary beads and started praying in his head. And and that's like this is going to get pretty sad. He was he was bleeding from his nose and fluid was coming out. A white frothy foam was coming from his mouth. Sean immediately called nine one. One Chicago. Firefighters received the call just at the two PM. Farley was pronounced dead at the seen by the paramedics he. He was thirty three years old the same age dom Belushi upon his ultimate. Very sad and are we will oppose these pictures to strange. Podcast grew page on facebook and instagram. Strange Brew Canada and Facebook. Strange we can all do a sensitivity thing. Because I'm going to post is pictures of him dead. That's what really disturbed me is looking at him. Lying there blood coming out of his nose and how disturbing it really is to see someone. I loved throughout my childhood looking like that in that he let himself do this to himself. Essentially I wasn't too much of your childhood. So accidental Burr ffynnon cocaine intoxication. Don't even acknowledge. Some reports say that. The search of his apartment failed any illegal narcotics but many prescription drugs were found but others reports. This bottles of booze both emptied half-full were thrown around the apartment as begs of suspicious white powder and they couldn't test that to realize that there's probably coqui like on the fact. They're like well they did. They ended up twenty-six whiskey. We got a beard share but he had bottles of booze around. So he's and then plus doing coke. Coke does help you drink a little longer. Fucking a significant but the fact that he was probably just like you get so you're probably blackout all the time. Not really known what he was doing instead after failed attempts to save Chris. Because he was fucking dead. Anyways Chris's body was immediately taken to the county medical examiner where he was given. An autopsy and tissue samples were sent to the laboratory for the toxicology testing. When the lab results were revealed his death was ruled an accident. Farley died of an opiate and cocaine. Intoxication is death was determined to be an accident. There were other drugs system that were ruled to not be contributed to his death k. Obviously marijuana morphine could be in PROZAC could be no. That's what it was. It was a speedboat morphine. Coast arguing that. We're going to leave you on on some awesome. Yeah we'll even your man. I'm sick of talking about we're drinking. We're getting a motion. I mean I know a lot of you. Want some quotes by Chris Farley. I've a tendency towards the pleasures of the flesh. It's a battle for me as far as weight and things like that but I'm curbing them but I continue do comedy in those two. Don't mix so I try to fight those demons. He was funding demons. His whole life is a his overweight the fact that he had to be funny guy fat fall down four down. I fall down. I is self image of themselves just tainted. Yeah and he saw himself as a piece of Shit Times which is very sad so stop making fun of my weight. Even though. I'm not even close folk you Tom. I'm like fuck. It fit in both legs and Chris Farley pants and also another one isolated. Make it serious. You know. I'm kidding. I used to think I used to think that you could get a level of success. Sess with the laws of the universe didn't imply but they do it still life on life's terms not on a movie stars terms. I still have to work at relationships and I still have to work on my weight in some of my other demons. Nettie trying trying. You tried for so long. We Love You Chris. Farley this wellness for you. Hope you're hearing wake you gotta do to get huts. Break you from it breaking from Franken down. Because that's billy is fun factor. I feel like a lot of new but I'm not sure so I'm just going to say it anyway. Coca Cola originally contained an estimated of nine milligrams of cocaine per serving but has been banned since nineteen ninety three ninety nine milligrams so I wanna know cocaine so like how. When did COCA COLA START EARLY? Eighteen hundreds how fucked today's fizzy pop. To look it up. I want okay. We will look that up but I had a second part I. It's it's weird. I don't I don't know why this exactly is but men nine times out of ten or more addicted to coke them. Women are weird and I'm surprised with that because you know as women doing. I'm doing coke head. Girls there have been but the physical attributes of meeting it is more prominent have more addictive personalities than women. I get that women are women but I'm saying that surprisingly because they girls like that you'd think about like they don't have to get something horrid and coke can help like your sexual and Ambitions Carlin. Never Mind Shit. I lied I thought I thought Coco was around since the early eighteen hundreds. They they were doing it for about ten years with actual coke so they started in eighteen. Ninety Two's called Coke Cola eighteen ninety two and the Vanden. Oh two that's crazy and it was called coke because cocaine a cooler. So you got your call wearing came from fucking sad episode. But also find. I Love Chris Farley. You know Pray to Satan for him. But I think he's in a good place and there is a weird guy. Go spock session where he used some ghost equipment one of the ones that were bred. Certain sounds and I swear to God I should play this clip but you can distinctly crystal rallies or something like that on Youtube where you can distinctly hear his voice say like I'm okay like it's okay and he's coming through like a ghost box that I have but the guy's a better one and he's like he's in this guy's pretty legit and stuff and he's a case. Let's let's re news like goes pucks go. Sparks is the one I have. It's radio frequencies it's like ten and it's like saying that goes through talking yet. It's like a goes through hundred radio radio stations in a second. Okay so it's so fast. It's impossible for another station. Actually come in and have a longer sentence or something like that. Obviously myself and I've literally heard I was like say my name say my name same name same name but any would say Thomasson Newman. It's impossible for it to carry a long no fighting and since you know dead. New I shall have batteries for it but I learned sidewalk twice and the exact same female voice Thomas and then doing myself and then mentioned my stepbrother. Peter When boards and stuff like that and like I was introducing to Ouija boards was. I probably shouldn't have done. We played his buddy's house. We wouldn't work unless my hands on it. So whatever's catching me because it was my Ouija board so I do believe wasn't my mind moving it. I've done myself. Yeah we episode go back listen to it but the fuck Jackson but the fact that has to the fact that I know enough about it but like and then we were playing those spear blocks and then is things are talking when I touched it and then I heard say Thomas and the exact same fucking female voice are heard before and Thomas in like a deep male voice survey all done johnny playing that now. So we love you Chris Farley. Ww DOT strange. Podcast look us up on our website. And what's coming up with? What's coming up next episode? What's coming up after? Oh Billy's got a new song blue balls or so gloomy returning Topa Brad. We do do a song after every episode every one every single except when Tom Outsource Bee's thirteen thirty three every episode of you go back up to like the tenth episode. There's some we didn't ever Attitu- started doing it. But there's a lot of old songs that I've done. Billy's done. Sins of weird. Listen to the lyrics lyrics. His actual talents rates took root strange brew facebook pages to Ram. Listen Chris Farley. I love you sh- just like that to all the fight back at school but I took a night class new Capri to destroy fast and talk trash auto broker having another bucket that you thought was written off all the precaution long enough to become never going down. That Road Kim Abode Joe went through this pain. Grow the range. No I don't think so. Richard Pizza. I'm sick of the rough persistence. You Suck Dick gave you think. I'm not good enough since sue the shit relentless now. None of Franson even fathom this vision instilled with not just stop to Jane Bouncing off the ring. Got Involved with that. I really don't think it'll take more than one point. Thank you could swing at me. Get away clean up the League you throwing at me get away clean up straight as an Arrow sneaking outside trying to take on three four five. What's up step totalwine? We'll see where it goes. Pick apart line-by-line. Any single one of those songs. You broke Andy night time so come on. Step up to partial. Can't shut your mouth to go. The distance the sue this shit lesbian now. None of my friends and even fathom the vision of instilled with not coast fucking W. W. Plan like divine intervention. Something to keep you in the section Steve McKee Button when the Bedford truck and number resettled wind down bedridden oppression faith down on the couch with cocaine addiction and this is something that. I found some to believe that I found myself to be to lookout Nouvelle Berlin. Bellsouth need helps you handle life? No Way Jose ever get go down okay by how to do with the PUCK. Do that you do but your plans to lose. You can't fill your shoes so I guess you're just stock. It closed at blue notes off topic distance pursued this ship relentless but now none of my friends can even fathom this vision and still with not just James on bouncing off. But the ray blue balls.

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