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"thomas league" Discussed on Podcast RadioViajera

"This embassy memories nuttal centers. See the marceca and es locally medical centers in elementary is lucky studied. Halloween peres story relative into nephews. Wanna see hamilton and timothy address. Newswoman looser quinta. They spit us. Want is hold. Another few studies on my rather lenient torelli lasorda. Terrell sister sarah how minnows is located at yan guinness. Lebron is supernova Baroness the last game winning. floodway no girly do that. There's a siempre i still like. Antioch do not ill massa. Yes in stellan ristorante massa. In it'll kill moon the motos cambuslang fantastic moon the people's or the till the other model it element horror momento para la de la barre. Last sunday companion the speed to gave iran in pena or simply mean dip radical that. Mr santos strouss biddle glow. The other wound dosa. Maybe lemon tuna bruneta gilgal ramos idea. They even said delivered a minister fiesta. If he can gave leila not the halloween. Oh they laugh. You studied a little son does simpson that are most with trust protests carinthia. He has through thing very soon or get it a theater killers. They must dudas no thing and when a whole another doumbia known the similarities. Deliver thinnest did till the maintenance units over a moment. To get the nilsson debauche thurman honest raimondo on gay gay kamal. Karen davis one defendant. Almost through no say dan glam komo minister. Okay savvy most gather not children units to another november neuroma san conrado kounellis fiestas innocent dido. Daniel livernois india but nokia. He lived in. Yeah komo's kundu some rickles nursing contra moscone columnist rainier komo of seven nastro by with you know what that it does not book the dalmatian and they have less persona say for thanks to win those kid on western. Either in rangoon difficulties will allow keno. Does the via mustard. Thomas league is heavy. Stink competancy musculus realize yes. Sample is nato's the us or they will kill laterna. More super understood is there. A laugh is tv and zero cape within contra in worcester abramovic analysis released patronises. Indeed that allow marshmallow. You is thomas orlando. they'll bill my win or komo. The mimbo the marseille they'll halloween murky in glenville agenda analyst. Bill merwin itogi coney staffy staple than will again in mundo. Komo alvarado guessing. Winter orlando but other reports Don curiouser we were procedures and others but sober my window look islamise more l. Halloween marocchi geeky available for my zipper. Gwen tarik when i get ready. Theon agenda fish. That i'll get komano person and cloudy. And that the initial waco he came over there. Bill halloway mirugi get your personal meant the score not ever gains can get looking for them. We'll send gandara my win with. Look for lincoln. Wilma win is really faster than elementary. There's going to get the real at the skate. America on the radio and this bill but i sent this on the case that most theon cape year this right they still are not they lost the bush alah well partic- bundy's and dividend look finished basic amend these compilers the over the data compilers they medal..

marceca torelli lasorda yan guinness supernova Baroness stellan ristorante massa Mr santos strouss dudas dan glam komo san conrado Daniel livernois rainier komo Terrell massa carinthia Antioch Thomas league pena Lebron Karen davis timothy
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"When they she got on the field is said that improved on that side of things. I just think he's night. We told you about few weeks guys. It's time for the ravens announced to do it and bumping. We came along when thousand when it comes to baltimore. As did they wait going to be good in the regular season it in the blouses when it gets interesting for them i think that better than the browns song said about not mention the steelers at all gets them. I'll get them all right okay. We'll get to them in a bit. I'm not even mentioned the bengals. Even though i think jill burrows back his knee yet The bengals funny because the bank was the ones that i want to watch every eight years. I like i know massey college football fan but my favorite ever college football team that have watched was that. Lsu team with chase embargo had was jala over here for some reason every single week. That team was on tv are lsu and does his my favorite ever teams. I'm looking for seeing bar. How he responds to his injury. How small chase gets on his conversations about him in the moment so yeah. The bank was going to be like a team that i'm going on on the side so watch during those six. When the tesol bland. Yeah okay. let's get into the nfc site nfc west. We've got the cardinals. Rum's forty nine or seahawks. Now i to me this one. This one's a bit difficult. One is tough division man. It's the best decision and vocal and been has been really on and off the last ten years side. I have gone back to the colin kaepernick nights. He's been like a really the vision on the seahawks waistband. Good point on that good than about the good. The bad the Pretty consistent is as a they the number one. Pick a fees overruled. They're pretty consistent. Senate is a franchise and the rams of being good for a number of years now and this is a tough one to pick down two teams and the two teams will go down to the forty niners and the rams the forty nine his i. I love what i do. I love call shanahan. I think yes. He's had his mishaps in super bowl was but in general as a very very very very good coverage and their offensive seven to watch the way they run the football they now off the team and now they go. Jimmy g. who's healthy. I think april lost about six games and then tried it onto coming and then they might have running these two quarterback options hogan about the possibilities around this without offense and they're gonna be really fun to watch every time fences outside. I'm gonna go with them but only just because our raid the staff at addition Allies website as as the top division. Koike i wouldn't put money on it by the division. Talk about seinfeld. I would put money on those teams put. Money on the phone on his own. Iran's or the seahawks. I it's it's strange with nine is suppose with any teams but they The injuries they had last year was that was. That was the amount of it. Wasn't it and you know. Hopefully they actually get back to winning ways that they did before 'cause watching them like you said i mean the their offense is made even the defense as well i mean You know both the bowl very solid team and you'll be interesting to see. How do the she especially with everybody. Back so interrupt you die. Or one of the finest exhibitions of ever seen and was the dan. The chase won the super bowl. The the void on us absolutely destroyed the packers with the run. Game was some of the most entertaining. Football club is satan in our member together. That guy dreading what they were gonna do to us. Luckily it didn't didn't happen that way but that particular game made me a fan of entire entire offense not just loved watching work. Yeah i think from that division. And i'd like to see the of books from top i know i know. I like the sea hawks of the most boring franchise go in this. Oh really like russell. Wilson's my boring mine in the world. I just thinking no. I'm just thinking rivalry wise. It'd be great to have them nice. It would be. It'd be great to have them in the in the playoffs did it anyway. It'll be in the playoffs. Because they're a good side but they have not been relevant now properly relevant not about seven years they are a good side that congo of the are basically like the packers. They're good team. They're always going to be there at airbus but the doug make the suppo that just they know not what they were and i'm just bored of teams on the ravens the steelers teams and just hung around the playoffs year in year. Out berry rarely done anything. Just i'm bored. I'm bored of the seattle. Seahawks are really are that i made plans to. West of a playoff is because they're not good enough to win the super bowl side like this thomas thomas brutal today all right the nfc east dallas cowboys giants eagles and washington washington washington. Because i like the trenches besides ireland and Fitzpatrick is enough to get it down a lot of courage yet rubbish division over swallow them rubbish delivery package yes. I'm going through the that. The washington football team. Did i say right. Thomas league regarded just washington statements. Have you'd be much in the hawks cowboys i worship. First two episodes number yet. Sim- i'm glad you said dogs getting easy just as this is not the best hard knocks zam. We've had Again this is what we're going back to before. A boring team.

Seahawks jill burrows massey college bengals lsu football rams Jimmy g ravens colin kaepernick steelers super bowl nfc browns baltimore niners shanahan cardinals packers hogan
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"Cbs news dot com. Go and look for this picture. It's sad but it's if i have to explain. You won't understand kind of reminds me that i couldn't. Yeah because you're kind of like. Oh yeah they need to bring in heavy equipment but again. It's just seeing the visual of this huge cargo soap and this bulldozer. You know thomas league. I just but it. You know what it reminds me of here. We go. We were on vacation in kabul. Same lucas and we decided okay. We're gonna rent some jetskis. Go out and have some fun and there's a big cruise ship. I dunno. I guess there was no room at the pierre for the cruise ship. So it was just kind of you know biden. It's time out in. I mean we weren't very far out from shore but you know a jet ski can get out there. But it wasn't that far out from the peer there was a crew sip there. And he's riding around on his jet ski and all of a sudden i look over. And he's at the bow of the cruise ship and he's kind of going tink tink think with his jetski on the bow of the cruise ship. And that's what this picture reminds me. No he didn't do any damage. I'll come on now. Celebrity and princess come on now play could move it. Yeah he was just trying to move it similar to what we're seeing here in the suez to somebody tells you something you get a picture in your head. Yeah i had a picture in my head and then you show me what it really looks like. I could never have imagined. Now you mean. It looks like a toy piece of equipment. It does when you remember. This ship is what three thousand feet long two hundred feet wide. It has twenty thousand containers on it. Stand it on end. We'd be taller than the empire state building. Yeah twice the height of the washington monument. You can see it from space you probably can see us from space true that maps capturing some very odd images but yeah so the question is the impact that it's also going to have while arguably that it's already having the fact that this ship is well stopping passage of other ships when it comes to the global supply chain particularly impacting commodities. Like a glass and wood. We're seeing oil prices already. Starting to show the impact toilet paper stock. No you're jinxing..

two hundred feet kabul twenty thousand containers three thousand feet washington twice Cbs news dot com thomas league lucas
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"Navy brochure reynolds was a student of mine love cheryl. I've known her since she was a first year optometry students and she showed that leadership by the way in her first year. I remember that you do so much more than i know. It's become a bit of say. But i'm not going to step often we can. We will and i salute you guys were bringing to the forefront in any time you want me to do anything to come forward tell our story talked about what we're doing be side by side with man. I am willing to do that anytime any blitz man. I greatly appreciate that. And i greatly appreciate his hanging out with me You know industry. You're listening We need money that howard priscilla stated. I mean this is something that is needed to to to make changes. No doubt about it so You know all these big partners out there. Let's step it up though some money at this. Let's have the backing this make it make it take place i mean. Let's think about think about jobs campaign you know like look at all the money that went into that. Why not put that money into the industry to make it more diverse right the students. Let's let's make something like that happening. If you need someone to help orchestrate that talk to me. Talk to dr adam ramsey. Talk to dr howard. Priscilla doctor s his johnson Dr jennifer lyon. We all care about just creating a more diverse platform and landscaping optometry. We are willing to sit down and make it happen. We have the connections. We have the drive. You have the passion. All you gotta do is pick up the phone call. Can adler is not fence. Even prior to all this. I try to sit on is any of the vents as i could. And we have our friends at those s. What i'll do because you challenge me on it's not gonna throw went atkins new. Let's agree with let's own natta. Let's talk to some people. Were willing not everybody but there are some who would. There is no different actors on this. Let's listen to that. Were clear that. I think see conform. You wanna clear that we want to hear dallas had the open dialogue. The only way. We're going to make products so i encourage you to not only bring people like me the believe in what you're talking about and there's a lot of those but let's talk to those aren't believing as much less understand where they're coming from. Help them understand where we're coming from. I think that could be a huge positive industry and very few people do that. I think this would be a wonderful a show of of solid earnings within our group. We're all want to see. None of the people have called me some really nasty things. None of that one anything but to see thomas league rain and succeed and grow and develop they all want that given. We all want the same thing. Let's together and figure out the hallam yet. They're a man my brother pastor. Dr howard resell over there. Preacher t odyssey. Snow will thank you so much for hanging out with me. And your favorite optometrist. Dr glover in dr howard chris sale we look forward to hanging out with you on the next episode. You guys have a great one. Stay healthy stay positive stay..

reynolds dr howard Dr jennifer lyon howard priscilla dr adam ramsey Dr glover hallam dallas
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"You know imagination or something only comes from a religious background, but you know it it. It makes sense to me. As you put it that there's some pre priming that can happen. In People's minds coming from those sorts of back that make him feel probably fairly comfortable in this type of form and I know the hasn't always been happy with although he's never denied the existence of spirits. It's never sometimes not being happy with. The dark side because it's suppose holdings and. Horror Stories that there are some pretty unpleasant into these out there. No Stories Oh. Yeah. Yeah, and I this is something I'm really interested to talk about the those darker realities darker slash unseen parts of human existence or or just the universe in various ways that go stories also weird fiction and horror fiction of of different types. Are Happy to acknowledge that exists and this one thing I've always loved about the form of this type of thing weird fiction horror fiction, ghost stories that. The kinda stare unflinchingly into some of the more unpleasant realities about the universe may be other types of forms don't care to to look at but is kind of refreshing you know in not that they necessarily provide a bunch of answers but but. That's one of the several major things that is interested me in this form that I find powerful an intriguing about it. The I was just reading yesterday I think in entities Thomas. League to you know who and I hadn't actually realized how DOC is will beauties. Age. Complete other analyst with Brian AC's nothing good in a soda that love crafty idea the. Humanity is a big mistake in rating she just lovie extinguished for. Well, I tend to be bit more positive about things Yummy to I'm I'm of with you on the I understand that viewpoint end it is kind of what I what I think of love crafts stances. Well, it's like you know mankind is at best to kind of an accident in at worst a bad mistake that just only causes problems wherever it goes. Which of course, is partly true in a way to me at least. But but yeah, there's some kind of room for some hope in meaning beyond just that to me and I and I even feel some of some of that or take some of it away at least from a lot of horror fiction weird fiction which most people find strange to say, but actually do well I mean you know within Jona there. So many different kinds that you know the goal in this latter right on stuff and then the weird fiction in the Gothic. So there's so many kind of sub genres of assays quite a lot. I was watching him get Solti you know about that. I've enjoyed and a won't point they. They don't like the film because of the ending. I ending the woman potentially sews himself cliff heroin and the the movie producer says people don't like. and. Thinking about story people, it seems to me with local stories people want. The story to have a moral vision you know not not big hitting on the head with it, but you know to reaffirm the sense of right and wrong again because the will sometimes feels pretty outta control. So through stories may be you. This is what you do for a living. So you told about stories about stories to reaffirm the fact that you know. So things should happen in certain ways in writing rump. You mentioned about rhetoric before on of just kind of been reading on on getting A. Book about rhetoric and that is the craft of putting the stories together I've started copying out. People's work reading right Bradberry Demo-. Yeah and then just copying it out and just. Looking at the House Stone directory in so yet did you taste up? Yes. I do I mean in talking about copywriters work so so many things going on in my head based on what you said but. I I love IT I. A lot of. Really. Writers have done the same exact thing though I. Remember One person would take hemingway before she would sit down to do her daily riding with copy two pages of hemingway just to get just to like see and feel how it is done by a master. and. But in terms of rhetoric it, it intersects with storytelling in a big way in a actually teach a special themed version of competition rhetoric to this called Heroes Villains and storytelling. Of about how? Narrative categories for thinking can be if they're so automatic which feel like you're touching on a little bit we and in some ways. That's very helpful. Very good. We see you know a right and a wrong, and this is one of the things about ghost stories specifically that I was gonNA mentioned that I that I love that there is it feels like when you're reading a good go story, you're kind of in contact with the basic primal moral sensibilities of all people from all times you know in all places where you know. Justice gained for people oppressed or wronged, and things like that or at least a sense that that should happen. But you know the poetic justice that often often happens to the the oppressor of the bad person I just read a novel by Hawthorne the, the House of the seven gables were. Also yes. Yes. Exactly. and. That's exactly the kind of thing going but to backtrack about rhetoric so. the kind of thesis of that course of mine is that you know stories have such power to influence people but also to shape meaning in a way right to help us put things into a certain. Grid that we can understand our lives as well. So it's easy. It's very easy an instinctive to think of ourselves as the heroes and the other as the villain and that can be problematic. Right? In obvious ways and so it. So I try to just really familiarize my students with the all you know the nature of stories and how automatic. How it? I think we. Pretty unconsciously categorize everything almost everything at least in narrative terms that's on the side that and this is on that side and a this is the you know what I'm saying. Singer. So so being conscious and aware of of our own tendencies to do that. But also how other people using rhetoric and public or or in on the page that we're reading are also doing that being able to Kinda. Critically think about all the narratives were hearing and maybe even telling can be really helpful and beneficial to all of us. There is there's an interesting segue at don't do your story. So insane to me that the story snaking ethic was a bit of a well is a little bit of a slice of life it appeared. I've thought while the some of these things the Gandalf guy in the park and the bookshop. ACM's.

hemingway ACM House Stone heroin lovie analyst Thomas Brian AC producer
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"What do you get up to and you can't sleep? I read books a get into my phone. I questioned myself. I have a new home while Kia fictional character crush. What's okay no problem between fiction and nonfiction? I was the difference. You since the loss the lies. Who's your crash from? The lies made of me anyone who has to be him. Yeah yes worst thing you have ever been caught doing instead. He picked up. Why you're really come back as you'll get to teach your pitch to say one thing. What would it be would up word? I'm yes or no to mainstay. Yes this great humanity to an alien and we are. We are an organized. Kale's I'M A to simplify. My mind was get was. What color should the ocean be? Wow it was blue blue. What are you most grateful for right now for the current drug? They're busy with and things are coming in abundance. Nanday they're working in a land with the universe and God is like Augusta. You could kill one illness. What would it be an illness? is depression and illness. You Sir yeah okay if you were in a witness protection program what would your name be. And where would you be out? Be Thomas Thomas League. Would you be out be the belly of A DISA- Baba issues. Okay I been. You've been caught doing clear your guys. Okay okay begging. The day with enchanting is homeboys you know they developing a new area in La Khudobin. Yeah and then we stole cats and then we tried to get water and then we open the gifts in this house which was still under development and then we got chased. Our at random chased is in. Then I kinda fascinated by the most important question of the day John Wayne whine. Thank you the best way to start the season. What'S UP YO? You are in the Queen's poachers and we are children with torsten clear. Ripka shot of wine to start the morning. I I guess I continue you choose. Yeah you don't really. Yeah yeah opening white there we go and the last snap. Unfortunately I'd ask Tustin. Yes introduce yourself with the poems. There is no difference between night and day in Palestine. The Sun and the moon out of Palestine's view the earth and the atmosphere oldest collide in Palestine space and time out of mind in Palestine. Heaven is trying to find its footing in Palestine while hell his drenched. It's hot all over Palestine. The people they eat bullets and explosions for breakfast. And drink it all down with each other's blood through eyesight. Fresh air is a foreign thing to the lungs for the only know how to Inhale Death. An army tanks though kneeling. They know his bombs. Dropping from the sky warplanes camouflaged as clouds land. Mines sprouting out from the surface like weeds and the clowns are holding spirits. Hostage in the address lists. This place is the perfect definition of the valley of dry bones. Children used toned-down homes as pillows at night and they sleep with one eye open for the rapid rattling of rifles alibis. Gaza stripped to the call for the world wants to get rich permits rich black sue and the only way to survive. They is sadly to die. Fighting is the daily braided. They have no choice but to stomach. It family members only recognize each other by being part with mothers leg pods here and armed pilots over there. The father's head pods there and parts of this fingers over there. The sisters hips partways. There and there in the is partly some way over there the brothers heartbeats in pods there and his guts are apart every way here. This poem is it. Yeah no I can assure you shortly so people will have to hear it when they get the chance to full in-depth full in-depth to cut into to win. It's like one minute forty seconds if I'm not mistaken. Roughly something. What's up guys this season. Two hundred twenty two guys in your spending with a dangerous dangerous man Yell Pa either as wanting for me but why has now spoke of Palestinians like a very serious thing? That's going on okay. Rate and like. I don't think the media does could coverage return what your opinion is of what's happening in Pakistan right now? I think they're just covering. What is benefiting the news right now? Which is the surface of an oral. You know what we are used to like. They're painting a picture for us to get into the situation. Where it's always bombs killings. Always doing this things armies invading the place and whatnot. You don't know indepth story about it where they are countries monotony me waiting for their own personal use because they know these rich oil and they know if they get hold of the head they know that they have the world in the of their hands. So that's why that is not even highlighted. Because when I was writing this poem I was talking to my mother in because she knows a lot about opinion. You know 'cause you told me like no the main reason because because of the oil you know and like this these countries they're trying to camouflage and try to Pray with all these bombings. The army going. And so it's it's a. It's a yeah. Cover up this okay. This is a huge compensation in the space of a poet. Taking someone else's story and making own remain to go. We need to go there. 'cause there's this thing of okay cool. Some people feel poorer the voice of people and retail. What's happening right now? We tell the truth of what's happening in our hands and other people feel like if you're not a woman if you're a man to not speak as a woman. What is your take on speaking someone else's story telling someone else's story it depends Muscian. You shouldn't but indepence as a poet You must understand as much as your work is sensitive. You must take the next person into consideration as is And it depends how you write it because these certain people who write in order to get recognition other people's work through other people's as soon as you get on I mean but if you come with an intention to raise awareness that's another thing as well My personnel mad about this situation. I say guys you have to skies and it was grass anyway issues at a specific piece Asia. When you add on a new name people do. What do the people who had issues.

Palestine Augusta John Wayne Tustin Thomas Thomas League depression Kale La Khudobin Ripka Pakistan Asia Muscian Gaza torsten army
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"Singer. Actually cold kristina train of she goes blue note she choose out touring with herbie hancock on fiddling singing so she's a very talented musician <hes> but she did an album with blue note and then she could <unk> our album. He's got signed with was mercury records at the time in england and so i got to to do that <hes> thing i was really cool that project <hes> she got like playlist got to you know she pretty well in your it didn't fully kickoff which was a real shame but anyway we did a lot of the really big media chris <hes> in in in england and <hes> one of the things we did was this series that they had at abbey road on channel four wannabe t._v. stations where they had you know an artist's coming to a road and then they film bitten recorded recorded and then it was on t._v. Whatever and that was my first time. I've been to <hes> since then but that was my first time at bureau. That was a that at again. One of those things things were like yup abbey road's beatles blocking most my most recent one blabbering on here yeah but i am no by all means but my route. I just appreciate you know is the kind of things that i mean. I try to appreciate those moments now more than ever because you know it's like i feel like sometimes life is as a musician is like you know five percents amazing freaking moments that you will cherish forever and then like ninety five percent grind you know it's like lychee or travel you know fifty percent travel which also can be kind of like to grind while while i travel but like but at the most recent good one <hes> the moment that i had was in last year in october. I did some shows on my own in my own name and playing like you playing solo also played with them. Some other guitarist actually played ablett guy called. Mike dole's oh yeah. He's awesome finger. Snow your like one of the top like figure solitude. We've you've really hit it off and we actually we ended up collaborating on a <hes> on some songs that night our a few nights actually <hes> and we've also just recorded in the studio. We've just recorded a song together that will come out soon cool l. as well but this was in colombia along bia at like this guitar festival in columbia and and we had i had some great moments him but also had some moments where i was on my own just doing my music in front of like it was like the two best nights were like those an out doors geic where i got this idea to make make loop out of the ending of one of my songs and then just 'cause i just seen all these finger style guys interacting with the audience and being like the one of the other guys was thomas league. If you know that guy is one of the oji like finger style foods from the nineties but let 'em he was pretty amazing like dealing with the crowd and whatnot so i was like i like going to step up and do something here like these guys so it's like an open air thing like a lot of people but people up for it and it's just me and a guitar loop so like what can i do so i started doing this..

herbie hancock kristina train england Mike dole ablett colombia thomas league columbia ninety five percent fifty percent