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Preview of Dan's New Podcast: Sports Wars

The Solid Verbal: Living College Football

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Preview of Dan's New Podcast: Sports Wars

"Hey for ballers, it's me, Dan, your second favorite host. I'm at peace with that quick. And hopefully, fun and informative announcement. I'm now hosting and producing new podcast. It's called sports wars. And I'm doing it for wondering a terrific podcast network. That's produced a ton of great shows. I'm sure you've heard of it sports wars. It's what it sounds like it should be. It's multi episode arcs about rivalries, but not just rehashing of like Red Sox Yankees or Duke, North Carolina. Nothing that giant and mainstream. The first arc is Brett Farr for Aaron Rodgers. And yes, they're NFL people. But we do go back to the college days for each and talk about how Brett farve was trying to keep Aaron Rodgers on the bench in it's the the old grizzled vet against the young up and coming hotshot type quarterback. We also go into non football stories like Michael Jordan verse is Ahah Thomas. Rafa doll verse. Roger. For all you tennis dorks out there. And we'll get into some details. You either didn't know or you forgot happened or you just will enjoy bathing in once again, again, it's hosted by may and even though tie isn't behind the dials of this project, the episodes to sound terrific trust me with all sorts of high level production by some super talented producers who've worked both in the sports podcasts world and the TV world at places like ESPN and FOX. So what follows is a short preview clip that will give you a taste. But I really would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. If you'd subscribe at wondering dot FM slash solid. That's W O N D E R, Y dot FM slash solid. It's a slow time in the college football world. This is a new podcast that will do your ears Justice with the storytelling and production value. Trust me. I would not put it out. I would not attach any sort of tie Dan name to it. If it didn't. So thank you for considering and forgiving the show a shot. I really do think I think you'll enjoy a good amount. Thanks again. It's the morning of June. Second two thousand five and the Green Bay Packers cafeteria teammates who haven't seen each other all spring are cracking jokes and telling stories about their off-season vacations. It's like the first day of school only the kids are three hundred pound men and school is Lambeau Field. The Packers longtime home the returning Packers won their division but lost in the playoffs. Last season for this team. Winning the division has become second nature. The main reason they're icon at quarterback Brett farve. He's been the leader of this team for thirteen seasons. Starting two hundred twenty five straight games let that sink in for a second as the NFL's clear, ironman, he's played through injury and illness each year, he's also thirty five at least two years older than all. But one other guy on the squad and closer in age to some of the coaches than some of. Teammates. This is all to say farve is untouchable in Green Bay. Today. Brett farve, sits alone at the far end of the cafeteria reading the local paper at this back to school day. He's more like the principal than a student. Some grace. Stubble covers his strong jaw loose fitting blend of cammo and cargo shorts makeup his wardrobe. He's well, he's weathered. He's definitely not giving off a stop by for some small talk kind of vibe. But a few of the other veterans stopped by to talk about farms off season fishing, and then they shuffle off. So nobody really notices when the rookie Aaron Rodgers walks into the cafeteria if Rogers has any butterflies, the dark-haired Twenty-one year old isn't showing it. He feels confident for a reason he's a big deal rookie quarterback from California a couple months ago. The Packers took him in the first round of the NFL draft a big deal because you don't waste a first round pick on a guy. You don't expect to play. As a kid Rogers loved watching farve, even when that meant seeing his hometown forty Niners lose to Green Bay. Like they did in the nineteen Ninety-seven NFC championship game. Rogers has never seen farve in person. He hasn't even heard from him since the draft, which is a little surprising. The rookie wasn't expecting to instantly become the legends best friend, but he figured a quick. Hey kit. Welcome to the big time sort of call might have come this spring. Nope Rogers, once again, the new guy walks the length of the room towards far to make the overdue introduction for a moment. He pauses tries to figure out the quote right way to play come on. This is Brett freaking farve. It feels surreal to meet a living legend who does what you do. This is Eddie Murphy meeting, Richard Pryor, Eminem meeting, Dr dre. He's been a fan for years. And now he's supposed to be a teammate. It's awesome. But also weird. So yeah, the rookie QB's a little nervous. But there's no way he's gonna show. It can't be a punk on day one. He's gotta be himself show. He's not intimidated show. He's already one of the guys. So Rogers makes eye contact and says in a booming jovial tone. Good morning grandpa. Yeah. So the moment the words leave his mouth Rogers noses attempt at humor doesn't go over. Well. And so does everyone else around even farve is at a loss for words. He's not sure if he shouldn't laugh it off for just knock him out grandpa in his sleep. He could outdo this kid from Berkeley and grandpa hell, he's forgotten more football games than this kid is even played grandpa. Sorry Brett farve who had been slowly flipping his way through the local paper just a minute ago. Could suddenly feel that old competitive fire burning again? That was just a preview of sports wars to hear the rest of the story subscribed to sports wars on apple podcasts or every you're listening right now.

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