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"thomas holiday roach" Discussed on Men In Blazers

"And they decided we go here by shutting our opponents as our first and second prerogative we are going to do that now for forty five minutes eight gold luth since you were going to say we believe you cannot hurt us for forty five minutes and how approach came back to haul them ks. What were you going to say. I just think it's i think it's interesting to hear what gareth southgate says post gain about the halftime adjustment because easily certainly adjusted to get on the bull much more showed a lot more patients on the bull movable a little bit quicker england i think just looked hurried harried on the bull again and again and again and there were moments where they could have controlled. The tempo will and they didn't gareth southgate said before the game that in any final you know teams Teams have to keep the same level that same levels. You know gareth. Southgate understands the tactical levels of the same. They look at it. And so there's a process completed the amount of running the amount of they press all those kind of things and england's level dropped in the second half and i would say that was some of the worst football they played in this entitling him in that great. I'm keisha started to just create panic. All everybody's for i will say what to say. What a what. A fine save bridge. We lost in this in rehavia the game and immense ain't getting download just immense. I was a bouncer. Tweet the queen's the smelter statue of picky to stunned in parliament square. When italy struck off a corner flicked on by iraqi. They wife and chaos. I mean it was chaos. I don't exactly know what happened. I haven't watched enough replace But i know. England missed the first header. And i think i missed the second johnstone's was in a you. Know m match with the whoever he was mocking. Think maybe banacci and henderson. I mean Pickford got to the bull. Put it against the post it off. The inside of the post rights have ghanouchi. I mean not my favorite italian player for a multitude of reasons mainly to do with your friend noisy chicane and any back in the net picky skew. The bull of the show but straight back up the to g ram their home whipped hilariousness standing on the holdings in front of the italian fan base. Who seora mazzy hero. That he was as did the. I am the resurrection pose a massive goal for a man who had smothered cane all game long and the hard thing with football especially the international level when you see momentum. It's hard to turn it back on again. And southgate sorta stem the toilet flinging soccer fa chipia but the italians. it tastes the blood. They kept coming. Just do a ten way would may rich where delight football dig but only quickly. It only wanted to do. It's laundry and then he left again showed us. It was going to get a pint of milk and never return david. I thought he made a brilliant point a couple of minutes ago. When you said that it's lead behaved like a club side you know. They are so through the age groups through the levels. They are so attuned to playing with each other and they sing then team unless up. Take anything away from the state down amazing this tournament but they still don't quite know how to play with each other they still don't quite know you know what every single phase of the game how to you know find the best of each other and understand each other's movement an italy would just superior to them in doing that. An england. just. They descend on syncopated for the first time since scotland game in this tournament. Oh may say initially lose key. Kelly who phillips a lot dr kind of injury that only go would hail but it was worse than any lintel without him his direct incisive threat. Italy which is lesser and the game became really like a knife. I in the mud just a law of both sides diving. Flopping wen-kin around england were really. Hold it up towards the end outplayed massively to such an extent. I think some of the english sons g put their shirts back. Have thinking that you're talking about the second awful injury or definitely came only next to tell him the said they were towards the end of that second. Half i think bay's we're actually drunk. Drunken instead of prepared to be flung in the air and and the game really felt star rows forays for easter nowhere. Exbury football very little football was played. After you know seventy seventy minute mark in the game there was very little football bridal action extra time huge states for england huge state if they if they weren't that their fans would destroy the country and if they lost their fans would destroy the country and the only thing we need for sure is a national hero would rise in whatever was left of this. Gay minute come up the hour degree leash high impact. I would say felt a little bit but the truth is the team around. There was so unbelievably naked by the time game on it just it just felt like a mental physical and three england the battle against history and the ghost of the corner this national team for decades chains. They didn't understand. he felt. Southgate had sancho and russia there to to make history with a gamble filling the on against things tire to tell me and legs but gareth not gambler. He doesn't know. Went to hold and went to fold and i mean he was never gonna put them on muslim. Well england. I think school too early and then substituted too late. The really substitution happened too late. definitely rashly and sancho came on way too late so almost at first action in the game is the penalty shootout although. I'm not sure that england would win if they did ten pounds shootouts against the italians in donna room. I don't think that win win. One of them. I think that was the best result they could possibly get in a penalty shootout against. It's leak but it was a yet. He was very cautious and he's been cautious all tournament. Now that's england britain to get to the final but ultimately in the final so often happens in. It's so thomas holiday roach so much the roots of this tragedy. I think that's what did them in in the end. Penalties narrative. Wom- england nil. I you he. I kind of you know first of all before we get into the mosey. Can you describe to an american audience. Psychologically as an englishman because you the only one of us is war penalties to the english national psyche. Well before we get to that. Let's say as. I tweeted before that happened penalties in no way to end the football game italy with the better team i think honestly out of all the does had a team of judges say who was the better team italy with the better team. That's awarded to them on points. I would have had no problem with it. I think penalties all just agony. And they end up creating scapegoats and certainly in terms of the scapegoats that are going to be created from this on an england side. I just loathe it. That none of these three young boys deserve to be scapegoats in any way whatsoever and i think we can say all know. They won't be but you know what they probably will be. That will hang on them. It'll hang around the necks and they will probably hold it themselves for the rest of that. Chris and i think it's just i think it's just terrible. This is a team game. Islam an individual sport. We've said about all the way this partic- particularly to england particularly to england. There is a depict penalty. Unkind a deeply unkind history. It's like it's like. Ben simmons and free throws at the national level. It's two americans..

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