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"thomas edison morgan" Discussed on The Bobby Bones Show

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"thomas edison morgan" Discussed on The Bobby Bones Show

"And I believe the only responsible this room amy still gets email forwards she brings in these crazy note and got it now but I can picture like was he a corn farmer a peanut farmer his dad on the deal peanuts sitting Italy Italy you know what is the largest mammal what's no is is what both mammals is the whale bigger than the thin why am I seem I know is blue why do we have five may June the one with the knuckles have thirty one all right lesson yeah January February is a sentence already forgot it eddie come on bone easy trivia who invented the Electric Light Bulb Thomas Edison Morgan number two right angle right angle is equal to how many degrees a right angle is equal to two degrees ninety degrees. Nobody's out we'll have one page to go great wow amy what's the top color and a rainbow no it's not I think it's red I need to answer you have to stop all of the talking loudly read Roy g Biv or I followed the home Neyla Ramos they liked to categorize everything and rainbow form lunchbox what's the smallest continent in the world you already gave them all to you smallest conway only has one country so I'll say Australia wow nobody's missing any they're wild Eddie fourteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue who is the address to what the White House Morgan number two which civil rights activists was famous for refusing to give up her on a bus Raza parks wow we can around a question is it too easy because it finally mastered easy we all have to kiss each other it's going to be one awkward wonderful guest amy how many faces on a dice six and you I play Markle lunchbox y country is the original home the kangaroo ah what allowed it so I guess Australia I've known Australia twice how my goodness you did that to me last time would you try to trick me again check Eddie what country originally invented circa question is a trick question because it's not it's not Italy or is it Italy I mean pizzas for middle it's Italian food or did we do it in America Oh my gosh I'm not going to get fancy with it it's it's Italy Morgan number two who invented the telephone Oh come on you got it you got it when you pick that thing up Jonathan Hello the answer I don't tell Alexander Graham Bell and run make sure okay guys we're now into sudden-death here we go I transferred down on sudden death is right down here we go what Ocean touches Florida I'm in I'm in on the Canada three say at the same time but Ocean Ocean touches Florida one two three okay you all go now we're speed around one one final question for the easy yeah so buzzing whenever you know by saying your name Saint Patrick is the Eddie Ireland Patrick is the patron saint of which country you're GonNa ask what month yeah man thank you everyone that believed in me I knew all along all I do is we're out is not going to do when was the last time you watched your home movies if you're like me host there's a box in your closet of videotapes film reels and photos that don't get watched worse they're degrading hi I'm Nick I'm Adam ten years ago we started legacy box out families convert their aging media to digital here's how it works filled legacy box with your camcorder tapes film reels and photos we've professionally digitize and send them back on DVD his thumb drives or the cloud ready to watch and share legacy box is the world's largest most trusted home movie and photo digitize her over four hundred fifty thousand families of us Agassi box and we've been featured on Good Morning America Rachel Ray and the today show dust off those recorded moments and preserve your family's history so it can be easily passed down for generations it's experienced peace of mind and enjoy reliving the glory days or your legacy box today visit.

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