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"thomas bernhardt" Discussed on Backlisted

"And put them in a novel and fix them to the page. I mean, I haven't squirmed with pleasure so much since reading Thomas bernhardt or since we did something happen by Joseph Heller on this podcast, she's often been compared to gene Reese. I can see that point of comparison, her first novel was published when she was very honest 23, won the Betty trash. That was cold water. And there is a criticism of her that she always writes the same book. That again, that's what's good about her. She has of such a specific style and such a way of approaching her material that every time she revisits it every few years, she does something new with it. And all I can this novel, my phantoms hasn't appeared on any prize shortlists, which for me brings the entire British literary establishment into disrepute. It's absurd this novel hasn't featured. I can only assume people used up all their superlatives and their short listings on her last novel first love, which was shortlisted for the Gordon burn and the goldsmiths and the James tape black, won the Jeffrey flavin memorial prize. And that is a great novel, but for me, my phantoms is better. And I'm very aware there's word of mouth around my phantoms this year, long-term supports of her like Catherine Taylor and John self on Twitter, banging the drum for this novel. I loved it so much. I'm not going to read from it. I'm going to give you a bit of the audiobook. This is from the beginning of chapter two, read by Helen Macau pine. If you like this, go and get this book. I can't know what my mother was like at work. It still hard to imagine or guess. She maintained that she hated her job. Everybody.

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