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Sucralose decreases insulin sensitivity in healthy subjects: a randomized controlled trial

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03:17 min | 4 years ago

Sucralose decreases insulin sensitivity in healthy subjects: a randomized controlled trial

"We're on a roll here talking about diabetes. And here's an interesting study back in the day, Dr Atkins. We have to knowledge was a true pioneer in treating diabetes with a low carb diet. He was a student of Banting Banting was a British guy who cured his diabetes and obesity with a very low carb diet that happened in the nineteenth century, and since then they've been studying low carb diets for modifying, overweight, insulin resistance and diabetes. But one of the bones that had to pick. With the late great, Dr Robert Atkins who might who knew personally quite well was that he was permissive of the use of splendor. 'cause he wanted to give his patients to break something. Sweet. Okay. It's synthetic. He wasn't a fan of NutraSweet. It wasn't a fan of saccharin. But the then relatively new sweetener splendor appeared innocuous and didn't seem to create a lot of problems and gave patients a little bit of mouth field of something that was gratifying. A synthetic sugar that could be zero calorie. But here's a concern just raised about sucralose, which is splendid in American journal clinical nutrition. This randomized controlled trial involved healthy subjects, and what they found was that individuals who got a lotta sucralose in this experiment. Showed a significant decrease in insulin sensitivity. So that's called insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is. When the insulin that you make. Is ineffective. It just doesn't work at the cellular level and high levels of insulin tend to suck the fat on prevent weight loss. Encourage weight gain at our pathway to type two diabetes. So the conclusion of the study sucralose may have effects on glucose metabolism and our study compliments findings previously reported and other trials. So there you have it. There is no free ride when it comes to sweeteners at the very least sweeteners will perk. The appetite. For sweet foods, and they may be even the thirty zero calorie. They may be gateway drugs back to sugar, and in the case of sucralose that's early case of NutraSweet NutraSweet seems to disrupt the microbiome in such a way that has metabolic effects and may encourage development of obesity and diabetes. So. Sure. Had he been aware of this. If he were alive today, the Dr Atkins would. Apply correction and renounce splendor as part of his dietary program for treatment of

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