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"thirty two thirty four degrees fahrenheit" Discussed on Rocky Mountain National Podcast

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"thirty two thirty four degrees fahrenheit" Discussed on Rocky Mountain National Podcast

"Um you know that growing season here is kind of short compared to what most people are used to in their gardens and about our lawyers it well it depends it depends if you're in a really sunny windswept area where you're snowfree for a longer period of time you know you might have a really posh growing season of like ninety days ninety eight yeah yeah we're talking mike of you know living life uh and then other plant communities other areas in the tundra where there is really late lying snow may only have a thirty five or forty day growing season so you don't have a lotta time to do business plant so you kind of have to have some you know tricks up your sleeve in order to start growing at lower temperatures and but your flowers out into the world a little earlier than than a lot of lower elevation plant so it's it's pretty interesting yeah what are some of the tricks we'll certainly on being able to photo synthesized much lower temperatures then your counterparts down low so a lot alpine plants will start growing when temperatures are still you know thirty two thirty four degrees fahrenheit just above freezing really um and then it just growing um quickly and putting a lot of energy into flowering right away because it's actually more energyintensive them exceeds so you wanna have a longer period of the summer um where you're putting that energy and to making seeds for the next generation so a lot of plants appear flower pretty early um and then they have you know hair and that's added that at the hague minerals and waxy coatings and just all kinds of it different adaptations depending on which plant you're talking about and um.

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