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LA Rams beat Minnesota Vikings 38-31

America Tonight with Kate Delaney

01:44 min | 4 years ago

LA Rams beat Minnesota Vikings 38-31

"In the man cave. One of the things that's being talked about is. What happened in the the Rams showdown against the Minnesota Vikings? And what in the world is going on? This is a hint as to what happened one of the world is going on with the Minta soda Vikings. They are not what they were billed to be. And I used to cover Mike Zimmer who's the coach of the Vikings really like him when he was a coordinator with the Dallas Cowboys and boy the Vikings go out they pay a fortune for Kirk cousins. And it's it's not working out quite the way they were hoping and part of the reason is because they ran into a hot ran ram team and Jared Goff here. Listen to this connection for golf. What? Goth throws over the middle. Touchdown. What ties franchise record? Touchdown pass of the cave haram style lead thirty seven twenty eight thirty seven twenty eight thanks to the Westwood One radio network for that it was the Rams over the Vikings thirty eight thirty one and the end Jared Goff who was the young quarterback for the Rams twenty six of thirty three four hundred sixty five yards and five TD's Todd Gurley. Seventeen carries eighty three yards. So the Rams are perfect. Therefore, no three no at home in front of the home

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