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"thirty  six thousand feet" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

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"thirty six thousand feet" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

"And we'll go over some trending topics with chris locks. Amata now working on bus goodridge. Man-for-man adam corolla. Here get it on. Got to get on judgment again. I mean they get it on. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for telling the primary love that about two you right mike august. Get it up and write. Hey and chris going to be joining in dawson's got a hot mic over there. I think he's doing the news so we got all that to look for you so we are on the five freeway. We're sitting in traffic. We're in a luxury tour us and we should have the size. Yeah the luxury tour bus bar because we're not school bus fertilizer. No sticks the great bands sticks. Just got off. This bus piloted by nick. Who's one of christie's Old friends from back in the day. Who i guess. Chris called a favor into nick. Just chris mike no but he's going to get one but everything's working out great. We don't him to have a mike. I'm assuming that. Nick is one of the fellows from the gay bus from back in the day. Where chris. Chris crossed the nation along with some like minded fellas. Knew who liked like-minded fellas. And that was a far cry from this bus because this bus is brand new. This is first class. Leather bound onsite. It's joy Imagine what a tour bus. We're let's describe this. We're in the front onto a very nice a leather couches facing each other and recording. A podcast there are looking. It's twelve beds full on like you need to take a nap between omaha. And wherever twelve beds and then full on the loud jerry in the back yeah kitchenette bathroom. It's all first class me rape room if gary was on this bus. There's no doubt he'd rub one out. One of those else at some point has been for a while. But i lived true. I'd lived on one of these buses for about a week. And yeah i rubbed one out in one of them cubbies. Nice kind of the curtains. Close you out. I don't know. I don't designed bus interiors but you know in factories where they have that signed days without an accident. I'd have one for rub in one fourteen days without any band members and even the drummer would make fourteen minutes. I know but i still think i would proudly paste it up there. I tell your honors or reset it whenever you do yeah driver. I'd get one of those greece pans with the weird for racer on the back and every time we hit traffic got just come out and just work on it. It'd be it'd be a funny. It'd be an ongoing You need a tissue box at the tissues flying right. That's how you count the days on five marks on a prison cell. Yeah like it when they do in the movies at the calendar page blowing by but on the boss of the tissues just flying away. well yeah The great mark garriga's who travels quite frequently. Last time i spoke to mark about an hour ago. He was in greece on a boat. So that guys live in. Or i know you never know with mark and i think he's got us all beat because he kinda takes the to and make spam out of them saying you never quite know if he's working. I'm sure he's billing. Is he working on new. So this is the way to crawl through traffic man. I have no idea where we are not idea along the road beers on ice in. Don't care yeah so. Garrett goes had this i infection and he had a procedure. You guys may recall maybe about two years ago and he frequently has to go to new york to show up with the in front of judges and everything else and and all over the country and He had obsolete to private jets but those were grounded because he couldn't fly because of the pressure in the cabin and his eye conditions so he leased out a luxury tour bus and just sorta crisscrossed the country that way the way to go. I said philosophically sounds pretty shitty to have to take a bus to new york from you. Know locking yada california but he said i ended up getting a ton of work done up enjoying it. You know careful what you wish for kind of think he's impossible to serve is a moving target. You could not he hits you. You don't hit him you know. He probably never had any issue with his. I probably added also just say it's two thousand twenty one. Can we get the cabin pressure. worked out. Yeah you know what. I mean because i o pregnant women. You're not supposed to because of the pressure. Whatever compression socks we have yeah thrombosis well. Obviously we've modified the cabin pressure enough to be up at thirty six thousand feet and be breathing. Why not just go the extra eight percent and make it exactly the same as sea level. You know what i'm saying like i. It's kind of weird. It's a weird conceit. So it's like it'd be like being a submarine and going there some water in the sub. But it's not you're not gonna drown but if you're pregnant or you have an option. Yeah you'd think can't and so in listening send me a tweet. But can't we just simulate ground level inside a forty five million dollar private jet or commercial to the moon. That's right so that was the other bosses. I was thinking about Bus stories. I was reminded by cheese assistant. Although which one josh. I think he's i think he's referred to as a butler and josh the butler josh. When you've been doing it for two decades you really still butler now. You're a member of the family. Well he is fire. Josh at this point how do you. How do you call josh in on monday. Go today. today's your last day. No twenty year he was he was katie's wedding again. If you're the one sending out the fights in the emails and orchestrating things you have to get someone has to by proxy invite you. You're in charge of the whole thing. Anyway he was reminding me about. I think it was Doug deluca 's bachelor party in vegas where we took a bus. Not this us a more of a boss's you recall if you played high school sports and we played a game of touch tobacco. The boss mike. You must have been there. I've been there powdery. Rosner touch the back of the bus. What are the what are the rules. Have test the back of the bus. I mean it's implied in the title. But how does the plow game play. You have to get drunk. You have to get bored and then at some point you have to make a move to run across. The length of the boss in physically touched the back of the bus retarded. Everybody right be in a bus. Like those The remember the the football used to carry the ball and with a to the. It's got a little bull in the ring it's got a little carry it through the gauntlet. It's got a little fraternity hazing. It's got it's got a little abu grade to and it's gotta elements of many..

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"thirty six thousand feet" Discussed on After Hours

"It's about the political economic navigation of that wealth and that status by china that will come to dominate our imaginations because how it plays out matters enormously for an enormously important country china. But it's gonna matter for everybody. Yeah and we can consult felix future to figure it out okay. So every week the three of us we all come across the headlines that catcher our eye we find ourselves wanting to talk about them but they don't necessarily merit a deep dive so we're just going to run through a few of the quirkier ones or some of the ones that stood out for over the past week and see what we think about them. Okay so i. It seems that every week there is a new headline usually involving a video as someone behaving really badly typically in an airplane chest having a fit to the point where they have to be tied down by the flight attendant. What is your theory for why we have forgotten how to behave in public. I gotta say i have to kind of diametrically opposed takes. I take is. It's kind of like the thin veneer of civilization. you know like you scratch the surface and like everyone's a brute. Yeah but i think actually what's really going on is like severe anxiety and mental health issues that have been building up over cove it and by the way these trends are real like the data for the faa on incidents on planes is real. They are going through the roof. I think part of it is people forgotten how to be. But i think we should be a little bit more charitable it's a manifestation of deep stress bangs -iety and then you put some people into a tight metal tube that's shuttling through the air at thirty six thousand feet and then people just go longer. I often think about is. Why do we love watching. Yeah exactly we click the moment. We see a headline screams or passenger that screams in an airline but the real puzzle is like why do we sit there mesmerized. When back. Everyone if you've ever raised a toddler i mean this is what a tantrum looks like. This goes back to the conversation. We're having about personal liberties in our country. We feel so entitled her personal liberties..

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"thirty six thousand feet" Discussed on The Action Catalyst

"I think it's fascinating that the private sector is now so deeply involved in pumping trillions of dollars into the space industry because when the private sector gets involved that's when you can really have economies of scale and private individuals allocating billions if not trillions of dollars would help leverage and change the narrative of that. Then we can focus on vertical farming. Because that's what we need to do in order to survive in space and now would deeply impact our lives here so maybe we're not wasting as much water to do the farming and i know i have clients in south africa that are dealing with a massive water shortage and things that have been developed for potential Marshon habitats have been used in south africa. And i think they only use one or two percent of the water that's necessary in in regular farming so the military and the government pays the way the private sector takes over and gives it a bit more scale pumps more money into it and engages the public on maso level to get everyone's interest end and inspiration e. I love that well space. Vip also offers many other experiences in addition to these space experiences from deep sea. Dives too as you were saying the space simulation training exercises so tell us about a few of those. Yeah we like to call those space adjacent experiences in one of the coolest ones That we have is the dive to the mariana trench which is the deepest point in the world's oceans about thirty six thousand feet below. It is a three day experience. Where you fly into guam you get on a sixty meter research vessel and you sail for about twenty two hours to the point and then you get into this incredible titanium unlimited depth Submarine and you die for four hours to the to the bottom of the ocean you spend another three to four hours Almost in darkness. Obviously because it's it's so deepen. The light doesn't penetrate there but each one of those dives and there's only been about twenty one or twenty two people that have done this in the history of time..

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"thirty six thousand feet" Discussed on Cryptic Chronicles

"Things. Don't keep up with science. Here's a quote from ocean service. Dot noaa dot gov. Our planet is pudgier at the equator. Then at the polls by about seventy thousand feet this is due to these centrifuges force created by the earth's constant rotation mountains rising almost thirty thousand feet and ocean trenches diving over thirty six thousand feet compared to sea level for distort the shape of the earth. Sea level itself is even irregularly-shaped slight variations in earth's gravity field caused permanent hills and valleys in the ocean surface of over three hundred feet relative to an elipsoid and quoth earth constantly changes over time and is very much live with the activity and it with activity. That science doesn't quite understand yet. The mathematics proving that earth is a spirit. Is kind of mind boggling. But boring so that. I won't burt in with and i'm sure that flatter thir- believers are kind of reaching it this so just ignore it. Leave whatever you want. It's through the points of the elipsoid that hollow earth comes to play in some cases for example not very long ago world leaders started going to antarctica and of course they have their mainstream cover story but others believe they are not going for the scenery. After all there's nothing to see and it is beyond cold so instead conspiracy theorists claim that the elite found in ancient civilization and a possible entrance to a garth. They also say that. The elite could've found like Frozen over ancient advanced technology from this civilization and these theorists also find credibility that around holes at the polls. There's no flight allowed both commercial or not. There's nothing that's allowed to fly over the pole. Some say that they do. And if you look at the maps and how they triangulate things you can pretty easily proved that their full shit but hollow earth believers viewed the earth as like a reverse. Donut away when people fly into the poll or go into the poll. They actually just keep going as land goes further on within the planet itself ladder. Thurs latch onto this too but instead of the reason the land keeps going on beyond accepted maps. It's because the earth is flat obviously in the hollow earth theory though it just keeps going because we don't fully understand the nature of our world however in other such series the holes at the polls are much much smaller but dad to even further bizarreness. The land beyond the polls is not said to be icy wastelands. Or anything like that. But it's like more of a lush a lush atmosphere with vegetation and a warm climate. And this brings me to the tale of admiral richard e byrd who supposedly flew into the hollow earth itself. His expedition one thousand seven hundred miles beyond the north pole. It was called operation jump intended to establish american training and research facility in the south pole when he left his alaskan base in went beyond he found a land that was free from snow and was lush. it existed inside the polar opening government agencies. Surpressed all news on the subject is what wikipedia says to bob. Bird rear admiral richard. Evelyn byrd junior was an american naval officer and explorer. He was a recipient of the medal of honor. The highest honor for valor given by the united states and it was a pioneering american aviator polar explorer and organizer of polar logistics and quote on top of that. There's a lot of weird stuff concerning this legendary american. According to his diary he was forced to keep silent on his expeditions. That only made the existence of holes in the planet's poles. The nazis had an interest in finding the origins of humanity and had already been to the polls and with their defeat at the end of world. War two there were. There was thought in the military that there might be a nazi based there to discover nausbaum land the last german colony so there were many reasons for the expedition in the book. Hollow earth by dr. Raymond bernard the extent of this operation was more than unbelievable. Byrd's expedition allegedly came across moorland going within the earth and had abundant life therein and within this land was the mythical cartha he even met with the city's leader referred to only as the master. Apparently after the atomic bombs the gardens became interested in the surface world and the masters said he'd sent flying vehicles to investigate aka. Ufo's the master said. They had ways to access the surface world to and these entrances are in many landmarks on the surface such as the great pyramid and whatnot. And if you have any interest in the tibetan book of the dead then this is kind of cool. And if you don't know what i'm talking about definitely read it. The master said the surface world was at the point of no return and that those who have power would rather destroy civilization than give it up or share it. He speaks of a new dark age and the destruction of the surface world but that the gardens will maintain the human surface race and keep selected safe to rekindle their culture at a later date. Now if you read these alleged diary accounts it gets pretty fishy pretty quick to me. It's far too perfect of a narrative and people don't talk or interact in a way. The author describes also the garth legend. Pretty much originates from indian lore and according to the indian spiritual timeline. We are right now in dr gauge. Or actually yeah i'm wrong. We're coming out of dark age but we have been in a dark age for a long time. Don't quote me though i I heard i heard it on podcast. Recently that i was listening.

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The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

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"thirty six thousand feet" Discussed on The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

"So finally the last one here about the lightning strikes. This cannot be true because if it means that there's one crash per year because of lightning the thinking about how many air airplanes are flown. Every day there'd be airplane crashing all the time. It's one on one total crash per year. Now i i think i don't agree with that. I think that would be. It still would be a thing. Clarify not per plane in the world one plane a year crashes due to a lightning strike. I mean i've been. I think every single person that's ever been on an airplane was probably been on the airplane. It's been hit by lightning. It happens all the time i've seen. I saw. Lightning hit an engine on an airplane. And it just nothing happened. Scared the shit out of me but nothing happened. Yeah creature on the wing hang onto. There's something on the wing. So i think that planes get hit often but but nothing happened so i think the first one's gotta be the fiction. Okay nuke straighten him out. Alright jay says it was really good actually on all three of them but everybody had great points. I think i'm going to end up going around the same lines. But i'll work backwards. Well according to the survey talking to pilots. And i want to just get clarification. This is talking to the pilots better in the seats. Correct because a lot of aircraft. Have kerr rest facilities. This is a pilot who was supposed to be flying the plane at the contains. Yes so wild. That i i hate to say that this is the truth because it looks like what my profession is inherently unsafe I'm going to say that this is the truth because this is a fact Because actually part of good cockpit resource management and sapient flight is something we call controlled cockpit. Rest or you're encouraged to sleep or twenty minutes but you're supposed to set an alarm or have the other guy wake up at exactly twenty minutes and this is for. Those are really long insane flights where you will be drunk to the point if you're so sleep deprived that it's unsafe going to actually unsafe or for you to not. Just get a little bit rest. And it's kind of an emergency situation to do that. But it will pay dividends later so there are regulations that allow for people to sleep. It could be used fifty six percent of the time. Sounds like maybe a little bit of abuse. But i'm gonna go ahead knowing pilots at that is physically impossible to open a campus. But it sounds like you're not supposed to have your co-pilot asleep at the that is true but i I don't want to admit. Maybe i was woken up and seeing that for awhile. Nine percent of the time people see that they've seen that happen for Physical impossibility to open a cabin door. J. hit right on yeah. It's like eight thousand feet cabinet. Tude is inside the plane and outside about thirty six thousand feet usually the commercial airlines fly aircraft fly routinely go up to the high forties Imagine the tougher the.

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"thirty six thousand feet" Discussed on The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

"To falling asleep while flying a plane and twenty nine percent report waking up to find their co-pilot also asleep. Somebody admit all right so newt. What for what should be obvious reasons are going to have you go last because evan groaned. I'm going to have him go first. Oh well at least. I know now steve why you stopped me from yes question about. I was reading the future. Lightning strikes comment on average. They cause only about one crash per year of commercial aircraft. Yeah okay. I can believe that. The plane designed to take the lightning hits. They have to. And i know we've spoken about it before on shows maybe many years ago but the only reason i think this one might be the fixes the it would be less than one crash. Maybe one crashing be ten years or something like that. So i think that's a problem next one physically impossible to open a cabin door on a commercial aircraft at typical cruising altitude. That could be how the pressure works. You'd have to have enough strength to overcome that. And you know just a typical person could not do it. Maybe on their own and then the last one about airline pilots fifty-six admit to falling asleep and twenty nine percent report waking up to find their co-pilot also asleep. I'm trying to think of why this would be the fiction that would have to be the numbers themselves. Is it really much much lower than that. You know because again admitting to falling asleep although we're gonna learn about how much as soon about how much the pilots actually need to be awake at certain points versus being able to be able to go to sleep. all right i'm gonna go against the grain in my own head and say i think maybe the cabin door one. Maybe maybe it is possible to open a cabin door at cruising altitude. I'll say that one's fiction. Cara part of me wants to go with evan. Because like you know my rule. I used to always tell my students who teaches if you have a if you're taking a true false exam and the question states always or never. It's usually false right. Usually you see that so to say it's physically impossible for any raviolis by absolutes. I still think it's physically impossible. I don't know. I think the is probably like exorbitant. It's like saying it's physically impossible to open the submarine door like well. Yeah i don't think you can do that. So let's see so for me. It's a question of frequency right like do more pilots admit to falling asleep. Fewer pilots admit to falling asleep. Are lightning strikes more common than that. I think the lightning strike. One is getting to me the most because i feel like we hear about airplane. Crashes often like when an airplane crashes. It's on the news pretty much every time and i've never heard of an airplane crashing because it was struck by lightning. It's almost always on takeoff or landing and it's almost always because of some sort of like failure of like an engine or something like that so to me. this one just doesn't have face validity. Because i can't remember a time in my existence where i was watching the news and i was like holy crap that airplane got struck by lightning and went down. So that's that's the reason. I'm going to say that's the fiction. Okay bob physically impossible to open. The cabin door makes perfect sense. It's gotta be. It's gotta be that way i mean come on you know crazy people on the plane that would do that. I even thought one point pushing the big red button bobbitt's like for you to just makes too much sense falling asleep. Yeah that's got to happen. They're not needed needed needed for takeoff and landing. They're talking talking on the speaker and have someone who's on the call with us right now. Big dip shit. Technically i mean cruise control. I mean yeah fallen asleep. Absolutely i totally by the one. I'm not buying is lighting one. A year is way too much. I've also never heard of it. And i think one a year would would be enough to to make people say i'm not going damn plane because when a year one of them are going down. I've never heard of one. I mean i think you know. They have designs in place to deal with it. They struck all the time. Like like buildings. And i think that They basically almost never so rare that we don't really even we none of us can think of one example one is fiction. Lightening strike is fiction. Okay jay or i'll take them in reverse order so the says. According to the survey so fifty-six percent pilots admit to falling asleep while finding the plane. It's this is vague. Though because turn into a shooting somebody called me. I silence the phone. I accidentally play my thing. Jay man i really hate when you just have these recorded things go off. I'm sorry. I'm sorry man. I happened while we're talking dan thing. So fifty percent fifty. Six percent of pilots admit to falling asleep. They do fall asleep on the plane. They're allowed to but this seems to be that they're saying that they did it when they're not supposed to so you know i guess. I'm sure that they fall asleep. Just like everybody else like when you're on cruise control and things. Are you know. There are times when they could probably have a lot of down time. I'm not one hundred percent. Sure but i just don't think that one is a fiction number two the one about being physically impossible to open the door so air pressure inside of a plane is is what between eight and ten thousand feet and airplanes usually cruise around thirty six thousand feet so there was a massive air pressure. Changed with the air pressure is higher in the cabin than it is outside and you would think that would make the door easier to open. But i guess. I bet you that in the design of the airplane that air pressure change does make it impossible to open the door. I'm sure that the door is impossible to frigging open because it would open a lot more. That's the thing we care. Said you'd never hear people opening doors on airplanes but that's fair but you kinda never hear. Karen never sit hearing. I'll say i think my guess. Is that the door locks when the wheels are up. Where if the wheels are in it like automatically makes it like bob what about cash landing craft water crash landing when they put the landing gear down. I don't agree with that..

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"thirty six thousand feet" Discussed on Art of Failure

"England. Who were like this kind of doesn't work. You know he was. He was blamed. Penn stein changed shorten today. I've said this many times people who actually know what they're talking about and they look at me like what are you talking about. Forget it in other but the anglican church you really believe that the no no it just seems like the so many quakers i know are very. There's a strong affinity between quakers and jews anyway so professional partly jewish sessional failure. That's not jewish is not. How long is this podcast by the war. Our we're going to be here until many failures. It'd be awesome to hear the gromit story. Okay well we'll tell you that so. This was years ago and a dear friend of mine was having his thirty fifth birthday and so we were living in california at the time and all of us were in california and he asked me to go and do this thing. He always wanted to do which was parachute i. I don't know why. I never had the strong inkling to parachute but i didn't and yet it was my friend and i wanted to honor his his birthday with with doing what he wanted to do. So we drove out of l a to the mojave desert where there was one of those several parachuting enterprises. You know where you go and you. I've never done it before. But i want to jump out of a plane. They give you two choices you do it either from six thousand feet or twelve thousand feet but at twelve thousand feet. You have to do it in tandem because the insurance won't cover us for you to jump out on your own and if you did at six thousand feet never get a chance to pull your your ripcord it. They do it for you. So they've covered themselves. No six thousand feet. That sounds off. Let's go to twelve thousand. And i'll do it in tandem. So up he goes up. I and i sit in the hangar. And wait for this guy to have his big moment and he comes back over. The moon actually drove out and picked them up. The guy was like having the time his life it had been everything he dreamed of and he was like in the middle of the desert. And i'm driving out in the back of this pickup to pick them up. And i'm like holy crap. This was like a rate experience. The man's euphoric okay. I'm on board. And we all back to the hangar and we get ready now in the process of going into this. We had hired up the video crew. We got the whole package. Where you end up with vcr vhs tape at the end of this thing and that involved the guy in tandem who took to you and his wife it turns out. Who's the videography who is the small asian woman. You barely get to know her or anybody. Because it's like parachuting factory in this place you've got this amount of time and here we go so this is my turn. And i've been all prepped for this. They gave me my little jumpsuit and a helmet sort of an old fashioned nineteen twenties helmet kind of thing and other canvas and it didn't really fit me. It was like too tight but it was. Okay how long. Could this really go like i was thinking. I don't need to be perfectly costumed. Here it's going to be jumped out of the plane. You're down so we all get back. And he says now you go and do it. And he passed me on the back. I remember. it's gonna be great to. The whole thing was just hyped up and i was way up above my normal default emotional state trying to stay up here to be happy and i noticed that in the video well notice in the mirror that the jumpsuit could either attached at the very top the neck and there was the to grandma snaps around snap and i could do that or i could open them up and it looked kind of kind of better and i didn't realize the reason i chose. This was because they start filming from the get. Go when you're walking out of the camp and she's got this little helmet camera and so she's not actually holding a video and a camera and looking at you strangely looking at you. The whole time like walking sideways and a little chester. Yeah she's keeping it so. I decided i'm gonna look good as i'm getting on this plane and i opened up my my jumpsuit to show a little casual v. There and i've been hungry so i ate the snickers bar while i was waiting. So there's nothing but a snickers bar in there and all this field so we get on the plane and this guy's sorta says here. I'm going to snap myself to you. And i said what sort of scurries up behind me as we start to climb now. They don't climb very. They climbed very systematically they go up to hear this whole story. They climb in a spiral. Because it's all going to be right there and that's very hard because they go to twelve thousand feet in a steep spiral which is is your motion sickness. So we're getting up there and it's fricking loud in his plane. It's like a metal box with open doors and the whole thing is just a buffeting frightening box of nightmare and so were there and he says when we get to ten thousand something. We'll scurry off to the front and hangar feet over the edge. And i'll be behind you clip ti. Okay you ready. And i said i so. We scurry out there and out of nowhere over my right shoulder. His wife dimes out. And i'm looking down and it's frigging high man. I did not understand what twelve thousand feet was gonna look like. They're six thousands easy six. Your six thousand off the garage but twelve thousand is like you're in a plane at thirty six thousand feet. It's way up there. And i look out there and with the visceral feeling of the of the wind and everything that much more so this is intense. He's going and he's screaming in my ear. Now they had told you when you jump out the plane and give me a little less you flail your arms out to the side. You just flail amount. And that's going to stabilize you. And i said okay so i know i'm supposed to dive out. Did you want to do a jump out or do you want to flip out because this is going to be on your film. I said we're flipping out so we're going to do a somersault out. Come out and then go into the flailed arms. Perfect so bom we go out. We fall out of the plane. Become flail my arm. And i immediately feel a pulled muscle in my neck like out was that and the other thing. I start to feel right away because i'm really trying to do this. Right is the grandma. That's on the on the suit. Start to flail into my neck flesh flaps it right in there. And it's like supersonic as if somebody's driving metal spikes into might just on either side of my throat. it really hurts but with my arms out. Wide can't fix the grandma's so i keep trying to get into close enough and he's screaming. We keep your arms out as we go into it with it's like you're tumbling and the point is like a big mess and as we came down you know she's flying by high speed taking pictures of me from everywhere squirting out here that my aortic coming out of my neck and we finally come into land and make wrong move on my straps and and we collapsed and we tumble on the ground. Guy is best. And i learned that i will never skydive again even as an adventure guy on tv. I would not do it again. Don and that guy had been married now for thirty two years that guy who was deeply in love. Now you put your glasses back on you. You're gonna read something out. I was gonna wind it up. Oh well sure. We can wind it up in a couple of minutes. you know. it's interesting. I i didn't have the guy told you didn't have the guy to help me with this. Tried to set it up myself. So we're gonna find out sooner rather than later what we got here Yeah so all right so good so failure. Don wiedeman well. I've told a lot of failure stories. Let me just let myself off the hook here. I had a really great life. I'm only i think halfway through it so the lessons i have learned from these failures have been truly. The god closes a window office door. Who's door and opens. That's a fundamental dynamic of my life. Because i don't look back on any of these funny stories. I think of them as funny stories. Essentially as any kind of difficult painful territory because each one of these things steered me in another direction back to the story. So if you can't strategize you can't see the whole then. Focus on once in front of you which is essentially what i learned to do. Yeah and that led to a career in tv hosting a factual information whereupon i work in collaboration with a lot of people who are smarter than i am who can put together whole stories and shows i love it. I love collaborate in there. Being cog wheels that have coming up with the whole. I'm the same way it works really. Well no my son sees things from thirty thousand feet thing. I don't right and i.

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"thirty six thousand feet" Discussed on Weather Geeks

"This this is a history maker. This was a game changer. This is a needle mover in science. She's been on all the top influential. I believe you're on a time magazine's influential list and probably many others. That i don't know about but i just want people you. There have been a few deservedly so and certainly someone that we all as we're coming up. Look forward to but one of the things you just. As i was listening to you to struck me and i don't know if i realize this about you is though you sort of broke some of your first records and made history in space The record of going deep into the ocean. Mariana trench really kind of circles. Back to sort of where you were initially headed your career to some degree. If i'm at asomani yeah it was a really really wonderful and you utterly unexpected book. And i had i had back in. Nineteen ninety-six had a chance to do a dive in different submersible called alvin onto the long volcanic mountains that they circle all of the globe winding through sort of the backbones of the ocean. If you will. I had a chance to go explore some of that terrain in the pacific but the mary honest trenches. It's legendary. i'm good friends with the gentleman who piloted the first ever submersible skaff down to the challenger deep in nineteen sixty don walls. So i've heard lots of stories. I met and talked to jim cameron. Who was the third person down there and port all over his submarine and hurt the whole backstory. How he designed it. So i've kind of kept track with both the deep sea geological studies and these really edge edge of the ocean expeditions to try to get to the super deepest point. But it's you know it. It's not really certainly for victor visco boo who i dove with a the point was not just as an adventure. Get to this deepest point. Like a ha. I got there. You didn't really what they want to do. What had fascinated him was the fact that the all the regions of the ocean that are deeper than six thousand meters deeper than twenty thousand feet. You say wait. Come on how much the ocean is that. It's a bunch of skinny little slivers. If you look at it on a map skinny little blue slivers like the trench along the aleutians or the trench along. Costa south america. It's i don't forget the number exactly but on the order. Four percent of the surface area of the ocean. Or how could that matter. Well those little blue slivers are so deep that they are forty four zero percent of the volume of the ocean four percent of the largest livable habitat on this planet. And they're very few robotic vehicles that can go to those depths at the time. Victor started conceiving of this there was no vehicle Take humans to that depth so he did not set out just to build a golly. Gee whiz immersive merciful to go and not something in the record books. He built a surface ship. Dick he bought a surface ship and equipped it so that it could map the pathy tree the topography of those deep deep areas wildly. Better than before. When he started out in many of these regions you knew the death you had on. Your chart was probably plus and minus one hundred and fifty feet with the detail. Mapping that is done. Most of that is is down two plus or minus about twenty feet. So let's know where they are. Let's know their shape which can tell you things about their geology. And then let's have a human crewed craft and robotic scientific landers that can go into the deep anytime we want the first bath. Spa beth. The dove there got broken enough. Everyone survived could never guy that egan. Jim cameron sub got broken enough. It could never dive again. Victor in twenty nine twenty and twenty twenty one has commonly done three dives week to marianas trench up. This you if you translate to the space frontier say look. Today's space capability at what would similarly radical change in capability in outer space. It would be like saying right now today on this day. Starting tomorrow we will have weekly flights to the moon. that's how radical step forward it allow. Wow no of none i. i sense that. We'll talk with kathy sullivan here on whether it's podcasts. You know it's interesting. You spent part of your career. After nasa says the head of noah which is the agency for whether climate and oceans in this country. And you've seen the planet from the vantage point of space and you're sort of drifting around or spacewalking and you've seen the deepest depths of our oceans. Give us your perspective. Having experienced both of those on why tackling climate change is so important a couple takeaways. Really stick with me one. That came through very vividly from both the space perspective. You're seeing a thousand miles. Roughly in any direction and deep sea. That's actually critical to the weather. And the climate aspects of what we experience as well. And that is we have to really understand. There is absolutely no place and no living organism on this planet that is not richly interconnected with every other place in every other living organism. they're just as island columbus ohio. There might be plenty of people around here that say i'm an inland state and do with the ocean dead wrong Every other breath you take as provided by the ocean. The fact that you're the the climate year-over-year is is whatever moderate level. It is here in ohio. That's buffered that's tempered by the ocean. Probably a fair amount of your protein even here columbus ohio comes from the ocean and i mean more interconnections than we yet know and conversely at the very bottom of the mariana trench thirty five thousand eight hundred and some odd feet deep two hundred miles from the tiniest little flyspeck of land you will find micro-plastics and you will find physical tangible debris like soda cans and plastic shreds of plastic bags so even thirty six thousand feet down even a place that reminded me of a moonscape with sparse. Little settling odes. Small invertebrates no fish no octopus. But just a little guys living near scavenging away even there. We are connected to them measurably with the plastics and so forth. They are also connected to steps. That's a subtler. Set of connections that we understand maybe a tiny bit of but partly because of the limited access to those depths that humankind has ever had been there and been able to watch learn and measure enough to know all the ways in which these hailstones connected us and what the mechanisms are. But i guarantee you there. Yeah you know. I want to shift gears here because as i think about your career you mentioned sort of not just the barriers that you're breaking in terms of altitude or depth but just barriers as a woman in stem. And you know. I know as an african american in in stem. They're still challenges. I mean i. I'm still very accustomed to walk into rooms. Where you're not known one probably have been for some time. You couldn't have come out of school or school saying i'm going to break these records That these are things that you sort of did and i. i guess where i'm going with. This question is.

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"thirty six thousand feet" Discussed on The Ortho Show

"So this one was really cool. I got to admit you know we. We spent so much time on the technical side of things an operations in this and the other but we bring in mary. O'connor who's a really provocative thought leader innovative orthopedic surgeon. She's really thinking about worth peterson. The completely different light. She's thinking about at the thirty six thousand foot level all of the things that affect that patient. That shows up in your office. That's got type two diabetes with moderate obesity that shows up with osteoarthritis of your knee. Most of us like yeah. We're just going to do a total knee. She's like no think about all of the things that brought that patient to the room. What can we do to help prevent. That really changed the way which we think about. Orthopedics is not just an end game but really about more the continuum of care. I really liked this episode. I think is really very unique. There's lessons for everyone. I.

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"thirty six thousand feet" Discussed on Hysteria 51

"Twenty two ninety two on feb twenty one for any additional questions on this. We encourage you to reach out to the fbi. Talk about passing the fucking buck right there. You know also by the way talk about talk about ending many questions right if you if you have any other questions we welcome you to reach out to the fbi. The interesting thing is what they said. Was this past over their heads as they cruised at about thirty six thousand feet and that's important Which will get right back to. I want to play the audio shortage. Fourteen seconds ears transfer transmission targets up. Here we have something. Go right over the top of that. I hate to say this look like a law. Electrical object it almost like a cruise missile piper. Think moving really fast right over the and then since this has happened the faa has released a statement on that and it's a short one two. The faa said pilot reported seeing an object over new mexico shortly after noon local time on sunday. Feb twenty one twenty twenty one f. A air traffic controllers did not seen the object in the area on their radar scopes so not much there as far as what they're saying but the the juicy part is the comments at least coming from american airlines seem like it could be under investigation by the fbi. That's kind of the the interesting thing and the fbi has stated that they are quote aware of the american airlines pilots Report but stopped short of committing to or confirming that they are going to do an investigation or that one is underway So here's a response from fbi. Spokesperson frank conner. The fbi is where the reported incident. Our policy is to either confirm nor deny investigations. The fbi works continuously with our federal state local and tribal partners to share intelligence and protect the public. Anyone aware of suspicious or criminal activity should contact their local law enforcement agency or the fbi. Does that include suspicious or criminal activity by aliens out of all sorts willing to bet..

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"thirty six thousand feet" Discussed on The Ortho Show

"Show podcast where we bring you the best of the best in the orthopedic. I am really excited about today's episode. This is a big thinker. I think. Heather we're going to have to call this one. The thirty six thousand foot Episode because we have a dear friend of mine dr zab kane who is a healthcare leader dr scientists. He's a constant. Underachiever is a full professor at both the university of california irvine as well as at yale university on the east coast. He's the founder and president of the american college. Peri operative medicine and i'm gonna go out on a limb here. I'm going to say that. I think he is one of the most influential. Non orthopedic surgeons in the orthopedic service line world. Hello my friends have pleasure. I have your umbrella. How low scott. It's a pleasure to be on. I am so sorry. I have so much snow. You haven in. Hey join us in. The west coast is why people like tom brady. Tom brady put it out there. He's like a never going back doing it again. I'm never going to deal with this now. We have a foot of snow outside right. Now it's that's what it is sunny california for you. It's all good all good but we have taxes so everybody don't think they're all they're all leaving in droves from cal. You may have to succeed or something. I don't know but oh it's a pleasure to have you on my friend. I you know. I'm really looking forward to this episode. We have we spent a lotta time sometimes in the technical side of orthopedics and we talk about operations and some of the things that we're doing in the operating room. But i think the the the stuff that you're doing is really really remarkable in really changes the way in which we practice medicine and So i think i want to start talking about. What is my favorite course of the year. Which is your course of course which is interdisciplinary conference on orthopedic value base care. Also as everybody knows as the lovie bbc It's usually unfortunately in california but nowadays a were doing all this type of stuff virtual but the reason it's one of my favorite courses is most of the time when you think of course you think of a didactic coursework going to learn getting cme credits. You're trying to advance your your technical career but for you in the course that you've put together it's an incredible networking experience of doctors and and c. suites and administrators and insurance people. And it's just a lot of big brains coming together. So how did. How did you come up with this idea. Because i really really adore this conference out scott and may i say that when you are dare you own amazing speaker. So i'm sure the audience knows that all right So when i was a chief medical officer under the operations at uc tales. One of the things. I notice most is that people. Just don't talk to each other. Everybody does don't think in everybody's relying on sales and when you are in operating rooms people say well. We want teamwork. That's great.

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Garbage found at the bottom of the Mariana Trench during deepest dive ever

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Garbage found at the bottom of the Mariana Trench during deepest dive ever

"And a man who just completed the deepest solo dive in human history says he found garbage at the deepest point. On earth. Retired naval officer Victor Vesco of Texas using a submarine to head to the bottom of the Mariana trench in the Pacific Ocean. He made it down to a depth of thirty thirty six thousand feet, and he says he found a lot of new crustaceans new species. But also a lot of trash

Victor Vesco Mariana Trench Pacific Ocean Officer Texas Thirty Thirty Six Thousand Fee