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"thirty seven videos" Discussed on What Difference Does It Make

"I do like isn't i love this song. It's magic magical. I mean it's so poppy so amazing. Just this was the cars moved onto. They had a different producer for for this album. This was the album heartbeat city originally. It was roy. Thomas baker rock producer. Did some great stuff but they moved to robert mutt lang of def leppard and shania twain and knows how to write. Pop hits or produce. Those saw that you know this this war this great sound and the cars took huge advantage of that. There were like four. They had from heartbeat city. Of course there was As you might think when up to number seven hello again was number twenty. And they're big hits drive. Hit number three. Get out and do you remember the video for the song. Yeah i saw the video where there. He's like jesus since in there. And there's all these freaks that look like they're straight out of the eighty s just trying to touch. They're all dressed up in. I don't know some are costumes. But it's all you could look at this video and just look at these extras and think. Oh my god. This is again super eighties so good and it should be you know where it was. Shot the video. The echoes a party scene but funding eleven but his genome reshot was shot. It was shot at the hill estate for hotel. The hilton estate families. Home the family's home. Oh the actual hilton so so like a baby. Paris hilton was there in. It's fair and eighty four born yet. She may have been She is not in it. So yeah was it. Conrad conrad hilton. That was the dad. Yeah and do you know who directed this video. I'll me put can poke to broke. And we know tim pope from well. We know tim pope because he directed less videos in the eighties but mostly because he directed thirty seven videos for the cure. Yes which is a significant. I mentioned robert lang robert mutt lang. Who's associated really with def leppard. He almost didn't produce hysteria because he had a commitment to the car. So he told def leppard they couldn't work on hysteria. But due to delays in the album's recording laying was eventually able to produce it and they lived happily ever after lucky for everyone including us. If you like the elvis. Gary which i do. Yes that's crazy the thing like. Oh my god. That's that might not. It might have been a completely different story for developer. Also i should say because i think in the last pop culture episode you kind of pooh poohing on one thousand nine hundred four. There was the the critic robert chris. Cow i'm sure you're familiar with them. Eight no that The glossy approached. The cars invented has made this the best year for pure pop and damn near twenty years. And it's only fair that they should return so confidently to form so robert crisco agrees in nineteen eighty-four is the greatest year ever for music. L. is speaking specifically about pop music and not necessary. The alternative genre alternative was good to go to that. Don't give me started that we already get into. Yeah so the cars. Magic was magical yet. So let's see the magic. Is this on. The k rock list of this song is not on the list. I am sorry..

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