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"thirty five volt" Discussed on Hidden Brain

"Stanley milgram grew up in a world. That seem bent on destroying itself when war was raging in europe and asia. And by the time he was eight. The us was swept up in the conflict. Erupted broadcast bring bulletin from the united threat. The white house announced his japanese attack on one date limb in infamy bone and you have congress will have a forethought be ready for action and means the fields of battle were far from stanley's home but as he grew older he couldn't stop thinking about the war and its implications stanley was consumed by some big questions. Why so many people willingly kill jews. In the holocaust was everyone who followed nazi orders inherently evil. Here he is in an educational film. How is it possible. Ask myself that. Ordinary people were courteous and decent. In everyday life can act callously inhumanely without any limitations of conscience. Filled zimbardo remembers his classmate asking those same questions at james monroe high school as a high school student. He was worried that the holocaust could happen again. In america and everybody said stanley that was nazi. Germany that was then not that kind of people and he would say. I'll bet they thought the same thing and the bottom line he says. How do you know how you would act unless you're in the situation. How do you know how you would act unless you're in the situation stanley's theory. Was that the context that people found themselves in shape their behavior this went for nazis but it went for ordinary people to most of us. Never get to find out if we will behave like nazis. Because most of us never find us house in situations where we're asked to behave like nazis by the early nineteen sixties as a psychology professor at yale stanley. Decided to test this idea. Under what conditions would person obey authority. Who commanded actions that went against conscience. These are exactly the questions that i wanted to investigate it. Yale university stanley wanted to put volunteers in a situation where they will be asked to do something that was clearly wrong. Were they do it. Follow instructions obey orders. He came up with a scenario. That was simple. Ingenious and wildly controversial. An experimental wearing a lab coat invited volunteers into a room. The volunteers were told they were part of a study about learning and memory. Some would play the role of teacher while others would play a student. What you're going to hear next is a recreation of the study. Using voice actors. The dialogue is drawn from a nineteen sixty two documentary that describes the experiment. Before we begin we should know that some listeners may find the section upsetting because it involves descriptions of someone inflicting pain on another person also their liberties we've taken in this recreation. I in the real version of this experiment. The student responded to the teachers questions by silently flipping switch. We've given voice to those actions. Second reimagined the internal monologues of some of the people in the experiment. Those inner voices sound different from the things they say allowed and you'll hear them both throughout the scene. So that's a setup for the experiment remember. There was an experimental and two volunteers. One plane the role of teacher and the other playing the role of student. The experimental began by explaining the purpose of the memory test. We want to find out. Just what affect different people have on each other teachers and learners and also what effect punishment will have on learning in this situation. The experimental told the person playing the role of student to sit in a chair. The experimental strapped down the students arms and attached an electro to his wrist. The electrode the student was told was connected to a shock generator. Then the experimental explain. The teacher will read a list of word pairs to you like these blue girl. Nice day fat neck and so forth. You are to try to remember each pair for the next time through. The teacher will read only the first word or the first half of the word pair. The student was asked to remember the second. Half of the word pair. The experimental made sure to ask germany questions now before we go to the next room. No but i think i should say this About two years ago. I was at the veteran's hospital in west haven and while there they detected a heart condition. There's nothing serious. But as long as i'm having these shocks How strong are they. How dangerous are they will know although they may be painful. They're not dangerous next day. Experimental the volunteer playing the role of teacher into another room. He gave him a set of instructions. You will read each of words in this list. Wants to the learner until you've read the entire list director voice toward the microphone as the rooms are only partly soundproof. Now if he gives the correct answer you say correct and go onto the next line. The correct answer here goes indicated in the right margin. I say all right looks easy enough. The experiment got underway. Attention learner. Your teacher is about to begin the test. Try and remember the word pairs ready begin. Blue girl right. So far is I think day fat but when the person in the other room made a mistake fat was it hat no wet. The volunteer playing the role of teacher would tell the learner that he was wrong. As punishment he would administer an electric jolt incorrect. You'll now get a shock of seventy five volts. Oh nervous the experimental in the lab coat. Meanwhile was observing the process. Please continue cool okay. I'm pretty sure it's day wrong. It's head hundred and five volts out. Come on can it right. I don't wanna shock you teacher. Please continue to keep goats grander. How on one hundred and thirty five volts answer. The students strapped to the chair in the other room kept making mistakes each time. The experimental urged the volunteer playing the role of teacher.

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