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"theodor storm" Discussed on WTOP

"Furnace tuna by calling 809 48 Mike Traffic and weather on the eight Steve Dresner in the W T o P. Traffic Center, Kyle. Good evening, We're going to start off in the district on the eastbound side of the freeway approaching the exit for the third Street Tunnel. We have crash activity on the ramp heading down to the tunnel and we are backed up to the 14th Street Bridge. That's all delays stemming from the crash activity, but Extensive back up on the east side of the freeway. Once cross over the bridge, you're gonna hit that toe late west founders No problems coming off the 11th Street bridge all the way down heading south on 3 95 crossing over the 14th Street bridge with no issues D c to 95. The delays in both directions have all been gone away A nice ride. And also we are traveling incident free over on I 2 95. In Maryland crash activity being reported in the Hyatts town area south bound to 70 near 109 on Leah's single lane does get you buying in Laurel, South bound 1 97 year, the BW Parkway, also a single and getting hit by the crash activity. We're seeing minor delays in that area in the German town area. At the intersection of 3 55 Right before you get to Middle Brook Road, The right lane is blocked for crash activity involving an overturned vehicle traffic moving pretty well in Maryland on the capital Beltway over in Virginia in no incidents reported on the Beltway. Still funding minor volume delays South Bend, 95 from Lord and over the Occoquan past 1, 23 and things Now he's up once yourself off Dale City. It opens up nicely all the way down to the Frederick Expert Gary Um Steve Dresner. W t o p traffic NOW to storm Team Foreign Samara Theodor Storm team for weather alert through tonight as a winter weather advisory has been issued for parts of our region, including Northern flock here Northern Louden and Frederick County, Maryland. And we could see a bit of icing tomorrow.

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