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"theodore cardinal mccarrick" Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM

"Three FM news I'm Scott Goldberg alarm bells on Wall Street investors are worried about the trade war with China and something called an inverted yield curve ABC's Jim Ryan explains that's unlikely sign of a coming recession investors gave back Tuesday solid gains after the bond market flashed a troubling signal about the economy the yield on the ten year treasury note his below that of the two year note hinting at the possible approach of a recession late in the morning the Dow Jones industrial average was down nearly six hundred points and right now the Dow is down seven hundred forty three points that is two point eight percent the nasdaq is off two hundred fifty points three point one percent there is a new law taking effect in New York today the gives alleged victims of child sex abuse and opening to file lawsuits Jeffrey abstained the Boy Scouts of the Roman Catholic Church are all facing new lawsuits here in New York after the state temporarily voided the statute of limitations this is a stark and hopeful day the clergy sexual abuse victims of sexual abuse victims attorney Mitchell Garabedian stood outside St Patrick's cathedral with James grind who said Theodore cardinal McCarrick confused him as a child I I've just joyful for the day today the archbishop of New York called this a dark time for the church and a tough time for a victim's survivors and families Erin cutter ski ABC news New York that apps the lawsuit filed by thirty two year old Jennifer a rails against abstains a state as long time associate Alain Maxwell and three others who she says enabled apps dina rails says she was fifteen when she was raped in Hong Kong rose has picked up again after dark assign the actions on the streets the airport reopened today after protesters kept it close for two days in Sweden the American rapper a sap rocky into members of his entourage have been found guilty of assault they were accused of beating in nineteen year old a judge dismissed claims of self defense but the three were allowed to leave Sweden and won't have to go back they're not facing prison time.

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