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"And it's 5 38. Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, here's Ian Crawford. We start it with what became a Maryland problem in addition to our Virginia problem, outer loop of the beltway, and delays after river road trying to get across the legion bridge and into Virginia and through this work zone at Georgetown pike. Now the better news if there is any to be found is that the front of the line is moving once again. So we do see some movement across the legion bridge and into Virginia from Maryland by cold comfort dad as they are four wide trying to get across the legion bridge and very slow at that. Again, if you've got a plan B to get across the Potomac use that instead for the time being as they try to clear this work so near Georgetown pike, single left lane is how you're getting by. Now the traffic is moving once again. Some people opting to use the service road. That has been problematic given the signal and the traffic signal at the top of that ramp as you try to ride the ramps around. On the rest of the Virginia roadways, call actually a lister telling us some of those situations we have at Georgetown pike. Now, we mentioned our last report, traffic traffic has been blocked in both directions on Georgetown pike at Lee mill road and ad hoc road because of the crash. They're telling us that we have some live electric lines down across the roadway so they may have taken down a poll with this crash in any event, traffic is being turned around because there is no way to get around at this point on Georgetown pike route one 93 through Great Falls near Lee mill wrote and ad hoc road on 95 southbound. It's getting close to Richmond. Everyone diverting ad route three O one Chamberlain avenue exit 82 because of the crash just beyond that ramp in Maryland two ten southbound near Palmer wrote a Livingston road the right wing was getting by crash activity is on kennel with avenue in northbound near the Pepsi plant and at last report the northbound lanes were stopped. Hopefully they're going to break that one loose here fairly soon. 50 across the bay bridge, we've got a left lane blocked because of two way preparations. So two lanes east bound two lanes westbound two and from the shore. Take audible along this summer and listen to you bestselling author Theo books, exclusive originals and podcasts. Start with a free 30 day trial at audible dot com, Ian Crawford WTO traffic. Now the storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts. Enjoy today mid to upper 80s lower humidity and lots of sunshine. Now I just want to give you a heads up by the time we head through this week

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