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"thelonious florida" Discussed on Inside The Exorcist

"Hi, everybody. I'm Mark Ramsey creator of inside psycho and inside the exorcist and wanna give you an update. First of all, I'm putting the finishing touches on the script for the next season of inside this week. Next week it'll be done. I think you're gonna like it. It's scheduled to debut in June. We're very excited. Second. I wanna let you know about new shows you might like, but don't yet know about you probably like true crime, right? Who doesn't? Well, how about this story to intrepid reporters from the Florida Sun-Sentinel uncover new details about too gruesome murders. The killers are still on the loose, but maybe not for long it's called Thelonious Florida. The first story begins in nineteen Ninety-four. A nightclub owner goes home with two women little. Did he imagine that his fancy new home surveillance system would capture the last twenty two minutes of his life, three murders that night and today nobody stands convicted. The second crime. In two thousand seven. It was a Christmas afternoon. A mother and daughter are found executed in the back of their SUV. The killer has struck before and he may strike again, listen and discover the amazing new evidence that these reporters uncovered for this show. Here's a little preview of the first episode of felonious Florida. Be sure to listen in subscribe to felonious Florida on apple podcasts, wherever you're listening to this or find a Lincoln, the episode notes and rest assured a new season of inside featuring another classic movie and the remarkable story surrounding it that's coming. It's Sunday morning June twenty six nineteen ninety four just after dawn in a quiet suburb in south Florida, a forty something well, dressed, man, which shaggy hair stands over a table in a tile floor, dining room. He's laughing and flirting with two young women. They're sharing a bottle of wine demand floats around the house, puts on music checks out his hairs. He passes by mirrored wall in the living room. He comes up behind one of the women as she sitting in a chair and tips her way back playfully then puts her upright and gives her a long hug. He dons a hat and tips to the other woman with a smile, then places it on her head. This little party looks like it could go on for awhile. Then an intruder bursts through an unlocked sliding glass door. He has a machine gun without hesitating. He lives in over his head and slams the butt end of it into the man's face, knocking him to the ground and accomplice comes through the same door carrying something that looks like a long stick. They turn their attention to the women. And the scene turns brutally violent. What they don't know is that every step they take every blow every bullet fired is being caught on tape. From the sun sentinel and south Florida dot com. In association with wondering, this is baloney explorer, the podcasts that lead you into the dark side of the sunshine state. I'm Lisa Arthur, and this is the story of the Casey's Nickelodeon murders. Episode, one, the executions. Palm Beach county, Florida, a deputy sheriff on his regular patrol spots, thick black smoke billowing over the Everglades. He drives toward Billy a remote sugar teeny town in the far west of the county. Wildfires are coming out here and it hasn't rained in days, but as he approaches the location of the smoke, it's not a wildfire deputy fines. It's a burning car. A luxury black Mercedes S L convertible on the side of the road fully engulfed in flames. There's nobody inside. Seven hours earlier and seventy miles to the south, too young women are looking to cap off a night out. There's a popular after hours, nightclub near Hollywood, Florida called Casey's Nickelodeon and their late night, regulars Marie, Rogers and Sharon Anderson pull into the parking lot of Casey's around three thirty Sunday morning. They always arrive after the two AM last call at other bars in the area. As usual. Casey's is crowded and marine. Sharon, make their way to the bar. That's where they wanted to Butch Casey. The flashy manager and former owner of the club he's real name is Casimir should Karski junior. He just prefers Butch and he looks like somebody named Butch the forty eight year old is something of a local celebrity in the south Florida bar scene. And he fancies the role which is known as the party king and a ladies man a womanizer. Some would say he is larger than life and women love him. His roguish good books, a dazzling smile, shaggy hair. He favors aviator sunglasses and silk scarves, and he can actually pull them off. He wore a chunky silver chain around his neck and diamond encrusted pendant of the Casey's Nickelodeon logo on one wrist was a cardiac watch on the other a bracelet with Butch spelled out in diamond studded letters.

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