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"the wizard oz" Discussed on Game of Crimes

"Ran that fentanyl lab and they exchanged notes as chemists. But he never produced fentanyl. I have to give him credit. He thought fentanyl was terrible, but he thought LSD and how the synergies were great. So I guess in a context he wanted to turn the world on with LSD, we'd been better off and be on halo Sims than fentanyl, but I don't think either one of them is very good for you. Hey, was that was that fentanyl bus? I think that was outside which I was out a little town called Goddard Kansas, exactly, exactly. Yeah, I know which one you're talking about. Yeah, that was like, nobody really understood back then the importance of that arrest. I don't think. Because that was like, it's not like we talk about now, fentanyl is such a big issue right now. We're talking about it coming over the border. I don't think anybody understood back then. I'm going to have to, yeah, I'm from Kansas, but not the areas where they did, not from amigo and not from Goddard. So I just got to add that with my resume. You're from Kansas. You own the whole state. You got to go with what they got. So as you start working, I mean, you're obviously you're kind of in the catbird seat. I mean, you can see a lot of this stuff coming across. What's starting to happen in this case now. So from the time the guy walks in, by the way, let's kind of book in this. What was this guy's initial reason, the guy that walked into main justice? Why did he decide to, hey, I want to talk? Well, that's it. Picard, I call him the wizard, because he even looked like a wizard. He had long white hair, and this case was actually named operation white rabbit. But I changed it to operation trip to Oz for the book, because the wizard Oz museum was in lamigo Kansas. And it was kind of like taking a trip. LSD. And it was in this decommissioned nuclear missile silo. And anyway, there was this guy, his name was Gordon Todd skinner. And he was also a trust fund kid. His family were very wealthy, and they were next door here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, his mother, Kaplan magrini, was a socialite in Tulsa. And they owned this big spring, they owned this gardener spring company, which produced industrial springs, had the income of 5 to 10 million a year in some years. And anyway, this Gordon Todd skinner,

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