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"Is a podcast from the bugle. The dawn dawn's over a new dawn. Imagine listening if you will, the reflection of a sun in a river is shattered as a group of animals crosses together around a large rock that soars above the savanna, a lion stands alone on the promontory, a herd of kuduz, watches the lion shuffling aside as the tip of a staff. Bob's between them. The animals part to make way for the bearer of the walking stick an old monkey who climbs The Rock, presumably this takes some time, but we cut him reaching the top of The Rock because the viewing audience has a smaller projected attention span than a zebra. A liner sits just back from The Rock promontory with the golden bond or between her paws. She looks quite good for someone who's just given birth, manifesting her person the unrealistic pressures we place on new mothers. The big lie in approaches and the two.

The Rock promontory Bob
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"With charity for all and malice toward none. Few years ago. I started a business off the side with my Brother and it was really kind of a personal passion thing because we both had really bad experiences with trying to sell our house. You a how do you even interview a real estate agent. I don't know what makes them great. I don't know why. I was doing work with a five hundred best real estate agents in the country according to the wall street journal and i learned from them and i know there there are things that you look for so what we did is we started a con a company that could be a referral service for those kinds of agents the best of the best the ones who know how to get the most dollar for your house or the cheapest price for the house. You're moving into find those agents at real estate agents. I trust dot com free to you realistic agents..

the wall street journal
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"Really liking your radio voice. I've done this for a while. But i also got a nifty new microphone which was sounds good raising funding. But i have known you for quite some time. We go way back in fact To this day. I still credit you as the person who unlocked the key for me to learn how to write books because you told me one thing that literally changed my life and i never forgot it I have taught that to students. And you know i. I literally took one-sentence you gave me and turned it into six figures so Needless to say a fan of yours have been of your work You have a new book out which we will talk about but as you know i very rarely start any interviewed by talking about your work. sorta start by saying what is one of the most important things that you learn from one or both of your parents that influenced and shaped who you've become an what you've ended up doing with your life. I would say that. My dad taught me that when the going gets tough the tough get going. He was in world war two in the pacific theater. My dad was quite a bit older. When i was born and that both has been something that has gotten me through some really difficult tines to dig down deep and go and keep going and keep trying. He was a very much a self made man. He was born into pretty great Poverty and got out of the war and got home from The pacific an spent many many years building a supermarket little supermarket. Empire in the sixties fifties sixties. And so i would say that toughness is something. I really learned from that. I can also say that. That has led me at times to Grinding myself into rubble. It wasn't always. I didn't always take it wisely. And i think from my mom. I really learned to be a good hostess to not something i do when i teach.

pacific theater The pacific
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"This is what i think some of the was saying and yet this is also a message. I got as an individual coming from my background. I i'm doing a very bad job explaining this. But i think being objective and doing research and yet also balancing that with being very honest about who you are and what your background is is essential and. I wish that we could see more of that in reviews. Well it's basically like you're just offering contact with who you are. That is interacting with this. Because if a queer black woman were to walk into that exhibition day are going to relate to it in different ways than a heterosexual man sure. Yeah absolutely and again like this is when it circles back to this idea of critical thinking rather than criticism in terms of like thumbs up or something down because that colored my perspective and my way that i was critically engaging with exhibition and it was. I could talk for a long time about this exhibition. It was it's it's really important. And it was very important. Exhibitions for me to write about. But but yet. If i if i wrote the exhibition and i didn't admit like who i am and where i'm coming from and why i'm affected in this way versus that way especially for this exhibition it would just be completely dishonest. So so yeah. I don't know does that make new. You're squinting doesn't make sense thinking. I'm not dishonest. Is the right word for that. It still would be honest it just it would just like the context of like. Oh the prisoners writing. This is coming to it from this background. This history this whatever so because a lot of the writers lay ami i've read i've read a lot of different art criticism over the years and i'm always like who the fuck is this person writing this thing like you know like i've read far too many super intellectual criticisms where they're like again quoting like. Oh this is reminiscent of this obscure person from the netherlands in the thirteen..

the netherlands
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"That does clarify some things but it raises about a million more questions for me as a lot on now. So i'm glad to hear you say that it's not really a currency or it's not just a currency or it's not primarily a currency because that's been one of my issues with bitcoin from the very beginning as i thought. I don't really think this is going to behave like a currency. I don't think people are investing in it as though it is a currency. I think they're looking at it. More as a speculative asset they see it as a thing that they want to put their money into it because they think the number is going to go up and then they're going to have more money so then the question becomes. Is this just the tool at bubble in the netherlands. Is this just a bunch of people who were pouring their money into something because the number keeps going up but if there's no real value underneath it and if there's no sort of long standing human interaction with this thing that can give you confidence that it's going to have value. Is it just gonna collapse one day. Well you know. I gotta say this. Eventually it will collapse one day. I mean i don't think it'll be the world currency for the rest of human civilization You know there will be a new technology that comes around one day but in the short term over the next fifty to sixty years. I would say there's very little chance of that. The fifty five out of the top one hundred banks in the world more than half have exposure heavy exposure to crypto it. We're seeing more added by the day. Fidelity recently. just jumped into crypto in a big way. They've already been doing crypto custodianship for awhile it. You're seeing more and more banks and.

the netherlands Fidelity
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The Model Health Show

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"Another australian study measured the levels of brain chemicals flowing directly. Out of the brain and uncover the people had higher serotonin levels on bright sunny days then again on cloudy ones but that affect remained no matter how cold or hat. The weather was so wasn't about the temperature. It was about the light other autopsy. Studies found that people who died of non psychiatric causes in the summer. When days are longer tended to have higher levels of serotonin than people who died in the winter when sunlight is scarce as just weird art again who thinks to look at this stuff to see and it's just it really evolves from people asking questions because that's what science really is this was all about is having audacity to ask questions you know to put forth the hypothesis and then test gwyn examined the data and again we find out that folks who passed away. During the winter months tend to have lower levels of serotonin than folks who pass away during the longer days of the summer months. So we know that sunlight has a direct impact on our body serotonin production and performance. So what do we do. How do we leverage this. Where's the most benefit. Well the first thing that we need to look at is setting the pace or helping to optimize our bodies. Production of these kind of quote daylight related hormones and neurotransmitters and the production of the evening. One's it what appears to be that getting some early morning sunlight so early morning sun exposure and this can be again just sunlight coming into your home. Ideally if we can get some sunlight outdoors on our skin it really the early part of the day between when the sunrises maybe within that first hour or two to get some sun exposure for at least maybe fifteen minutes helps to set the pace of the production and performance of all of our neurotransmitters and hormones. I so that early morning sun exposure really does set the pace with optimizing these circadian clocks. Again these are clock genes located within just about every cell within our bodies and it's regulated by our light exposure. What time of day it is. It's also regulated by our feeding cycles in many other things but light is a major major influence on this production. So it's helping to kind of reset. Things put it on pace for healthy ebb and flow of our production. So if we can get that early morning sun exposure is the primary thing. If we're looking at optimizing serotonin in typically artificial light is also well noted to disrupt our circadian timing system. So why is this an issue. Today will research published in the journal. Innovations at clinical neuroscience revealed that exposure to sunlight during the earlier part of the day can significantly reduce cortisol levels at the end of the day compared to being exposed to dim light or artificial light during the day. So again that sun exposure helps to increase serotonin but also and this is the cool part. It helps to reduce cortisol in the evening which helps to induce.

gwyn the journal
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You Are The Media

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"Can we integrate the offline and online experience creating an event that simaltaneously delivered for an in person and online audience presents. A huge opportunity. But it doesn't come about her awesome plenty of logistics that need meticulous working out a hybrid online and offline motto. I up events to bigger. I'm more diverse audiences. The one she may have got used to one online was the only way in a return to those in-person one. she's missed out the loan months. The pandemic restrictions. It's a new space of many. If you get it right it opens up enough. A whole world of possibilities. Those who move their events online and twenty twenty started off slowly included and find them momentum in time looking at integration by online and offline size as we move forward could help audiences and organizes it alike. Create more impact. That's a good to pass. They can help us find out places in this hybrid space for anyone who was built something online in the past year. Beat podcast writing or video or to live at any form of event from a webinar to virtual conference. The times we find ourselves in now are full of potential. Harvard delivery is an area is ripe for innovation as you can bring people together in one live space no matter where they are or how they prefer to experience an event. If you put your mind to it you can let your imagination run. Wild and is currently empty field audiences a slightly different from how they were pre covid. For instance. there are several differences in how learning happens from personal experience. This although subtle is significant

The times
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"There are a lot of examples of philosophers doing their cogitate saying they're reflecting while walking and yeah in many cases maybe they were very much in their head. Maybe their subconscious mind. That's you know looking out for traffic or looking out for the curb. They don't wanna fall beside wash when they reach an intersection or something But as i mentioned the book i'm interested in is how walking can help us. Let go of that. Self conscious reflection that normal sense of thanking pondering more rational thought and i'm intrigued and once said to my students recently we were looking at The zan on the trail book. And i said one thing. If i were to rework this book i might. We've more into. It is how walking the act of walking in. It's a bit there in the meditations on the trail book that rhythm of walking step step step step or the rhythm of breathing. We're there in meditation breathing or thinking about certain traditions shamanic drumming how the beat of the drum repeated over and over that rhythm does affect human consciousness is one thing i'm interested in. Is how the rhythm of walking in sync with the rhythm of breathing without drumming how that affects human consciousness. Maybe in some cases helping us let go of thinking or if we are pondering a problem like the philosopher kant and the body moving as well. It was just sitting there thinking in your chair. Maybe what that does at some subconscious level is helping. I don't know The brain make certain synapses and the person is pondering a math problem or a philosophical problem. It made put the thinking process in a slightly different mode. Or who knows maybe connected to some sort of deeper sub-conscious or maybe even unconscious level and that allowing for certain cognitive breakthroughs as you ponder a math or philosophical problem. Or if what you're doing is walking in rhythm to let go of thinking. That resume facilitate a dropping down into Other states of awareness other states of consciousness whether we want to call it..

one thing The zan on the trail
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The Stuttering John Podcast

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"It's the only good thing is that they have with Evangelical voters and the polls are so terrible. So they need something that he can make use of everywhere. He goes for the last two weeks because they can't buy any ads. You know, they won't even and they and they can't put any ads on using this shit even if they had money because none of the networks will put it up because it's unverified and horrifying it's just garbage so long. This is It's a you can tell it's a shit October surprise, you know, it's like what it's like when you see a movie come out and there's tons of reviews on the poster that are great single with astonishing, you know, and you find out later it said astonishing piece of shit piece of shit. I guess you read my movie reviews, but that's honestly that's I mean, that's what they're doing. But it's like it's you know, but but the story overall, I mean it gets more hilarious the more they interview the dude behind it. The New York Post is shit the bed with it. They're trying to do this to compete with the tax stuff..

The New York Post
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"So yeah just kind of in the sense of can you really like carry a conversation in that case? Yeah, definitely. Okay. So Spanish. German, yes re and Mandarin. Well like very basic though. I mean, I remember when I was in China, I I tried to learn as much as possible. But the quality of teaching there isn't quite the same as what we're used to so it was harder to pick up and I didn't even try like writing it because even that takes them years to learn how to do but walk Could haggle if I wanted to because it's very popular there. I could give the taxi driver directions and I could answer the phone and say basic things like please leave the package down stairs or and stuff like that and I got quite good Amber's that's nice. You can get by, you know, if you're especially traveling there on like a trip. Hm. Yeah and then wage inside the Arabia. I tried learning Arabic but that was really hard like and most of the things were in English anyway and everyone seemed to be able to speak a sufficient amount of it. So it wasn't really necessary. But there was originally my plan that I learned how to say basic things..

Amber the Arabia China
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The Iron Fist and the Velvet Glove

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"I agree another it's been something I've been thinking about recently, but I think we should devote an episode or at least part of an episode sometime in the near future to what exactly does right-wing mean. How long Left-wing mean your own favorite magazine The Spectator talks about left and right wing. Did I yes? So indeed today's well, they talk about the crazy left all the time. Oh, I see what you mean. Yes, they do. Now, I would I would label to spectator sort of conservative publication rather than a right-wing but they dragged the left. Of course they do and they call it the left. Yes, they do and cuz they don't identify as left. They identify as conservatives are asking what is left. And what's right and is there such a thing my office and your favorite magazine says there is such a thing know what I'm saying is my my argument is that what a lot of people who identify as left c s right wing is anything that's not them and what I'm saying is the world isn't divided into left and right there are a lot of shades of I don't fit into these. Neatly Left Right categories. I see myself as well. I mean come from the left well, but he's the thing you can talk about not right-wing very ject a lot of the page. I'm pretty left-wing bulshit, but we can talk about what is traditionally left-wing and what is traditionally right wing and we can say that but what he would follow a traditional left-wing on this issue. Yeah blah blah blah, but when it comes to freedom of speech and identity politics, we abandon the left and we we take what would be considered a right-wing position on that right-wing usage. This is my argument freedom of speech is a left-wing thing. It has been an avid for a left of a band and that and have given it right. Yes. Now they haven't given it to the right..

The Spectator
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The Better Life Better Work Show

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"Write your business stuff has been really yummy. And so and as I looked back on my was like my 2011 vision and my to feel list and so often my to-do list ends up speaking it cuts in line Cuts in mind for my studio list. And so I am getting back to life feel list and I am trusting that the The To Do List will happen that I will create I will do is I need to do I will delegate Some will just be miraculously done for me. I hope you got some inspiration today. Thanks for listening. I think I may turn this into a podcast off because that's what feels good. I think that's the other thing too. Right? Like I've been done this podcasting journey and I make up that I'm supposed to be doing it another way instead of recording lives and what feels really good is too, and have a conversation where there's some connection where there's some connection and when I have some response back from you instead of just talking into my giant microphone. Brilliantly babbled and maybe that's the new name of the podcast. I feel like my podcast name has to change its better life better work. And it I I I just want better life. I want a loss unfiltered. I don't know what I want. I I want something Wild and Free. I had my few years that were wonderful. They have served me of this neutral palette the song troll pallet and I am done with neutrality neutrality for a season help get me stable help get me stable financially it helped get me stable with my family life and I am done with the energy of 444 and I am moving back into Wild and Free. I don't know what this incarnation of wild and free will look like it probably won't be painting off but what the new version of wild and free and she remembered like I was thinking that's the book. I want to write. I don't want to I can write share your heart show your work books already written. I just need.

The To
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Inside the Spa Business | Spa

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"I'm a big fan of learning by doing and that's gonNA mean trial and error, but I genuinely believe in most cases that is the best way to learn. But. Not Always case in point today when I was at the hospital and what they needed to do was find a vein and get along going. But of course, what happened as you'll see from this picture? They didn't have a lot of success. We had three filed teams. Now, the annoying part about that was that from the very first moment that the nurse put the Tony Carry on and tried to search for the vein, you start hearing noises like I think this is it may not not sure. So when you hear those kind of noises and those kind of woods in a medical setting is not really what you want to hear doesn't instill you with a lot of confidence. She knew that wasn't going to be an easy vein find. She could have asked for help but she didn't she tried and. She filed and even after she tried the second in the second attempt she put she connected the the IV line and ended up spraying sailing. Love. That's how bad the connection was. But still she persisted in the end she asked for help now head, she asked to help the first time round. We probably would have got this thing down without any pain. Without any issues as a result of the failed attempts we ended up having to aboard and we're going to have to reschedule and do it again another day. So I think it's important that you need to consider the consequences of failure. If you're going to adapt a a trial and error approach a learn by doing approach and if the consequences are worth. It then maybe bitter of asking I. Now, in the end to me the consequences, I've got to reschedule another day of my time not a massive consequence on the the clinic end on the hospital and it certainly for me it's a pretty big inconvenience and that old could have been avoided, and of course now, I'm going to have much less confidence going in. So I think from the service providers point of view you have to really think about the consequences, but also from the service receive a point of view. Maybe odd go to ask for help I too because I know the my hard to find happens every time. So maybe what I should have done is going and insisted on finding the best the best possible vein find to do the job or even potentially call the doctor to pull out the ultrasound to tap into the right bank. Even knows a thing but that's they tried to do today in the end. It still didn't work. That's how bad the day was. But the lesson is I think above all else learning by doing his great trial and error is great most of the Times but please consider the consequences to you and your customers because the inconvenience to your customers and your guests and the lack of confidence and trust that you will get if you file. Is maybe not worth you learning better by trial and error maybe just maybe it's better to ask I or any that is, for today I do thank you for your time and I will be back again tomorrow. Senior..

the Times
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The Bower Show Podcast

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"I gave the event rating eight, three point four out of five. What say you Doctor Try Oh I. was going to go three point three. So we're we're in the same ballpark released my match. The night was a ladder match for the Vacant Annex North American Championship have you. Got We need are disagreeing on some more stuff because I had the same thing I mean that match was it was. The MAG if you match for entertainment value, shock value is up there just because we weren't expecting that. But yet at the end of the day, you know that ladder mattress. Fantastic. All, right. Let's take it over to me summer slam recap interview here before we get into it I guess we should get this out of the way because we talked about it at length on last week. Shell. So now we've seen Thunderdome on Friday on Sunday and on Monday I love it I think it looks fantastic. What did you think of the look and feel of the fun dome Dr Try Off.

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The Leo Affects:

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"I met Robert and I just he's got a really great background perspective on different things and I just like, what do you think of these tracks then are these just kind of like the last tracks and look at it these worthwhile and investing and he's like, I think he got something here. I mean, he's like, you know what's different about these there's a story here and he's like, there's uh isn't like one song or a single like most people would move towards but there's a body of work and off. Really inspired me because I'd always heard before, you know, I got a lot of comments in different things that my music was always reminded people of movie soundtracks and I really need I really related to that. I always felt like a cinematic approach more as opposed to a pop structure. Although I could get some of those elements but that was like my natural thing. So I was like, let's do this. So I just walk around that time. I didn't let him know but I had started experimenting with the visual aspects of the stories aspects of of the tracks and so it really I remember walking around different parts of Miami different beaches and I would just go at night and I would listen to these tracks and I just was like, what is what is this song title to this track? What is the emotions of this song title and it started from there and then I went into creating, you know, the story of the tracks just the description of them dead. And that really set the foundational bed for the for the visuals, you know, and then the visuals had a direction and it came together really amazing because I had no idea how from start to finish it would tell its own story because they were all done individually. I didn't even plan to put them together. I thought it was just I'm just going to make some videos for some tracks. Maybe, you know, maybe that's how long had a combined but then it it turned into this DJ Mix and you know the tale of the crying wolf. I I don't remember some of the initial comment like the actual verbatim words that we that we decided and used collaborated on but it just it's really been this this exploration of emotions change and the journeys of life in the sense of you know, just waking up to the obstacles and challenges and and you know, there's roles in our life. Sometimes there's you know things that off. I can try plus maybe it's habits. Maybe it's other people and just you know, how how can we break through that? You know, how can how can can I overcome the obstacles and music was my outlet for that and and telling a story and I really looked at it as like, you know what there's gotta be some kind of story or something that people can connect with because this isn't about me anymore. I'm going to be making music for the rest of my life. Like how can I connect with other people and with the music and thing that really, you know in the past I think they're really inspired me was in the past a lot of the music like The Beatles and some of the classics they told stories where you could listen to it and hear differently every time and a lot of the pop music today. It's like even song writers teach them know you want to know exactly what this song is about like there's no guesswork. Here's the hook in here twenty million times. So every time I hear that song, it's not really going to be different. It's going to be the same..

Robert Miami The Beatles
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The Spunky and Snarky Show

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"The win symbolic. To me. Kim The mafs she's Just a fool lean. Needs Act. Yeah imagine that. We weren't singing along, but you can imagine you can imagine. Yeah. Third. Song. On the list is three dog night's easy to be hard..

Kim The
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The Passion People Podcast

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"Everything substrate now I know you feel awful. What's going on? It's GONNA be alright. It's just trying to figure out how to get comfortable with with where I am and often times times when I feel like there's a lack of confidence in the situation. It's because there's something that I just haven't teased apart enough. Don't judge don't judge your inside by looking comparing comparing yourself to other people's outsides. Just know that it's normal second of all whatever it is that you're scared of that's something into pay attention to and just trying to tease apart wire you afraid and fear is a super normal emotion. It's the thing that comes from our Lizard Brain. Hello and welcome to the passion people podcast but also very wonderful new era two thousand twenty. Thank you for all the support that you've given the patient people cast over the last year and I look forward to your continued support this year as we launch another brand new podcast and take the bashing people podcast to the next level. It's two thousand twenty and this is season two episode Wendy the bashing people podcast thus chronicles stories of people who follow their passion and make it manifest intangible ways so you can.

Wendy the