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"thatcher dem" Discussed on Sekeres & Price Show

"And check out their gorgeous patio overlooking the course and the city an astonishing day at northlands. We should point out all even to the two former hosts of the gulf show on ten forty talk about brin harry and his course-record sixty four today. Including what was he twenty nine on the back side as he always say score on the back and then somebody had a double eagle on the hill. Five number four. Yeah apparently holed out with three hundred from two hundred and fifty yards and this is a three tiered green with all sorts of movement. So i'd be really interested to know how alwynne jeff and i were talking about it. They have to put a camera up there. They do because if you know that green in that hump in the middle i'm wondering if it went up. The hump and trickle backed out and and fell into the cop. I've told gary this before. They need to especially with the downhill par threes. They need cameras on all the holes and you want to be able to document whole mr paterson your response to anything in the welcome in a perfect world that it made perfect sense that you would want your stars done cost certainty as word. We hear so much about going into an off season. Like this one for the vancouver connects with the first signal was when they committed to thatcher dem co back at the trade deadline and got the five year five five by five. You're dealing with them. Cohen of course found some money for tanner pearson to after telling us for months that they didn't have money for the head coach. And so that was the first sign. Things were a little bit out of whack in terms of the order. In which the domino's we're going to fall. I think the team would love the dickinson deal to start with two as well as you mentioned. I also think the team would like to get a three year deal done if they could with this player. But if you're doing that you're buying two ufa seasons and that's gonna cost you. And the reason. I say that i think they'd like to do three is two hours from. Now it's hor vantage miller and it's hoaglund coming off his entry level deal. I know that you want to stack a whole lot more into that summer. So i i hear that. And i agree with outline of thinking to a degree and the other thing i'll say is so the plan work as it did but at least they were agile. Enough to mitigate it and they don't have a cap space issue with pederson and hughes least.

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