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"thanh tra money" Discussed on WBAP 820AM

"Around 27 degrees, Currently overcast 31 of DFW Airport, this news brought to you by Reliant air conditioning. House impeachment managers are outlining their case against former President Donald Trump, with previously unreleased security footage from inside the U. S Capitol on January 6 during the deadly riot. The video coincides with audio from other footage and phone calls made inside by frightened staffers. The president's team will present their side after house managers in the impeachment trial with wintry weather in the forecast cruise with text on the North Texas Tollway Authority or pre treating the roads. Michael Ray with the anti Ta says crews have been working around the clock and we'll keep going for as long as needed physically patrolling the roads, making sure that we've got eyes on the roads themselves get a feel for before drivers do And those would be the trucks that would spread the sand instantly. If they find a spot that is slippery, text out and NT ta officials are urging drivers to stay off the roads as much as possible. And if you must drive, keep your distance and drive carefully Amid pandemic closures, one Fort Worth industry seemed to get more business golf courses have seen a surgeon people coming in giving a much needed outdoor release for stir crazy residents were actually pretty fortunate. We stayed open the whole entire time, which most of the specifics I've seen. Is only about 25% of the courses in the country were able to stay open the whole time. Dave Lewis, who oversees golf for Parks and Rec, says they made many changes to courses so it's safe like taking away flags or not offering rentals. But at the same time construction is another way to update the courses, which is perfect timing Cat but desired. WB AP News TEXAS Business Closing numbers on Wall Street, The Dow up 62 points NASDAQ Down 35 the S and P 500 off by one again at the low Tonight 27 with a winter weather it Misery in effect. This news also brought to you by the Thanh Tra Money home selling team from the W B A P News desk. America Bushman Your next update at five o'clock, 24 7 coverage. WB ape calm They always face talking about what matters. Get rid of those pesky Republicans and raise taxes. Enough. You have utopia. We don't have utopia. You talking 20,.

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