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‘You Have To Be Able To Throw The Ball’: Vikings’ Adam Thielen Frustrated After Loss To Bears

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03:54 min | 2 years ago

‘You Have To Be Able To Throw The Ball’: Vikings’ Adam Thielen Frustrated After Loss To Bears

"Finally in the News Adam the'll and has thoughts on the Vikings kings offense after Minnesota no showed on offense against the mighty bears defense Thalen expressed some frustration ration- I'm not sure if it was with the offense of philosophy or the guy who's supposed to be throwing the ball. Let's listen it well. I think I think that's probably what's frustrating. Straight thing is is we knew that was going to happen at some point. At some point you're not run the ball for one hundred eighty even with the best running back and that's when you have to be able to throw the ball you have to be able to make place have to be able to hit the ball at the you have to do that because otherwise it's too easy for changes not Evan and Russia quarterback so we have to be we have to be able to run the ball and pass misleading cannot be won a national. It's just too easy founder. It's odd to see Minnesota struggling at at this level on ovens West. You may remember shortly before the season started. I was very high in their offense thought they could really maybe it'd be a top OP five top three number one but it's all gone totally to hell and the one thing that has really jumped out to me. That's his surprised me is that the one you could always count on kirk cousins offense was he was going to put up numbers and they were his team will move the football that is what's disappeared here and that's been to me the most surprising thing that you add Alvin Cook into the mix and we talked about it on Sunday. The offensive line obviously has issues but that they would be this inept. I just did not see this coming at all. It's fascinating to me. Cousins is a rhythm passer and he hasn't been in rhythm really since last October and I think if you read between the lines with Adam feeling he at least he may be other players at the vikings have some issues with kirk cousins right now and maybe he's not maybe it's that he's not pulling the trigger when the passes are there any cousins defense. It's not often that the past is are there because his offense of line the mixture of that offensive line that system kirk cousins isn't working yet. It's not a good thing when dealing in that same interview was kind of asked what's different this year with you guys you. You know not getting as much separation and the most telling thing is he immediately said that's not what I see. I mean he's he's saying he's opened and yeah cousins has been under under pressure. There's a good article in the athletic yesterday about it hasn't been extreme and watching that game there were many plays where he did have time and there are deep throws you would think to to give a shot to dig deal and they did try a couple of hit one and he's instead of checking the ball down and I think that's the frustration Gratien in when you have Mike Zimmer on Monday saying the same thing. You've got to pull the trigger when you're when you're talking about your quarterback that way it's I don't know there's bubbled over frustration and there probably probably is in effect that you can't really measure scientifically on most quarterbacks outside of the most mentally tough that if you've been damaged and battered and hurt for a season plus behind a line you lose some trust for them. We've seen younger quarterbacks even earlier this year after a game or two of that not act the way you'd expect them to Aaron Rodgers do it in the last couple couple years you develop bad habits and absolutely there's this one play where they do the boot action and cousins rolls out to his right and he had there's no one within twenty yards of him at that time and he immediately like fires fastball over the middle to his running back. I think it was. Cj Ham who was one yard pass the line of scrimmage and he did it like right away and that's the type of play where you just it drives you crazy. I think if you're never CJ HAMAS open though you've got to get the ball to him get it to them in space and watch the magic. That's that's the philosophy. The football coaches the world over believe. That's what's happening in the

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