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"texas universal service fund" Discussed on KLIF 570 AM

"In 19 hospitalizations. Falling now from record highs. Number of covert 19 patients in Texas continues to fall from record highs as the state nears the end of what has been the deadliest month of the pandemic. State health officials Monday reported fewer than 13,000 people being treated for covert across the state. That marks the seventh consecutive day of declining patient loads. Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said the area was starting to see some metrics go in the right direction as the average number of daily new cases fell. By 800. Kim Lab. Ken's K L I. F NEWS North Texas Cities are reopening covert 19 vaccination mega centers this week is more doses arrived. Republican Congresswoman Beth Van Dine is encouraging residents that help is on the way. What I would like to see in the future is it's as easy to get a vaccine for covert as it is for the flu. I think when you start having as many on vaccines manufactured as possible, you will see that Garland plans to hold another mass vaccination event on Thursday. City of Arlington has reopened the East Sports Arena for shots. Collin County expects to receive more than 10,000 total doses for its four hums, A federal judge says the Richardson man accused of breaching the U. S Capitol this month and threatening to assassinate Congresswoman Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez is a flight risk and a danger to the public. Clayton level reports Garrett Miller has issued a public apology to the congresswoman Sharon Miller says he's ashamed by the comments he made online specifically, the post reading Assassinate AOC. The 34 year old shows, remorse and a public statement that says he was led to believe by former President Trump the election was stolen and believed he had to support him. Miller being held now without bond Senator John Cornyn. He is defending senators Ted Cruz and Josh Holly, following an ethics complaint by a group of Senate Democrats over there objecting to electoral college votes in the presidential election. It's not uncommon. It's actually frequent where senators have different points of view. And I might think the point of view of my opponent is wrong and I'm right. But that doesn't mean it's unethical or improper for them to make the argument during the interview with Fox News is America reports corn and called the Ethics complaint bogus. Some Democrats argue that Cruise and Holly paid played a role in inciting the violent reach of the U. S. Capitol City of Fort Worth. Selected Deputy Neil Nokes as its 27th, chief of police has served on the department for 20 years. He's led community engagement. Efforts of Wants to focus on community inclusion, and I can promise you this overs may not agree every day. But as long as we agree to keep coming back to the table as long as we agree to keep collaborating as long as we work together, I don't see anything the city for worth, we can't accomplish together. He calls himself the happiest man in Fort Worth Right now he's humbled honored. And ready to keep moving the department forward Cat Blondes I, er k l i f news. Millions of rural households in Texas could lose Internet and phone service as a state fund that subsidizes services and low lowly populated areas is hemorrhaging money. Last month, Public Utilities Commission of Texas slashed funds paid from the Texas Universal Service Fund to telecom companies by 60 to 70%. Cording to our important W F A A. As a result, some companies have stopped building out networks for new customers, and the ability to maintain existing lines has been affected. A small tax on voice calls typically bees in the fund. But the increased usage of Internet based calling as depleted it, It is 709. Let's get a business update now from network radio's spent to wriggle on morning, Spencer. Good morning, Amy, the Taos up 56 points that's poised to open just below 31,000. West Texas intermediate crude resuming its rally 53 19 a barrel of 42 cents, Exxon Mobil up a point and a half of a percent, a half in pre market trading. They're announcing their results from the fourth quarter as we speak big economic news this week. Home prices today durable goods orders tomorrow. Economic growth comes on Thursday. I'm Spencer McGowan, president Miguel in group Network radio dot com. Coming up on K L i f Cliff notes and we'll go over the latest done the impending impeachment trial of former President Trump Talk about the new.

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