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PMS 2.0 230 - "The Mayor" Sean Casey, Super Bowl Champion Rex Ryan, Eagles HOFer Donovan McNabb, & NFL Insider Tom Pelissero Join Us For A Feel Good Friday.

The Pat McAfee Show 2.0

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PMS 2.0 230 - "The Mayor" Sean Casey, Super Bowl Champion Rex Ryan, Eagles HOFer Donovan McNabb, & NFL Insider Tom Pelissero Join Us For A Feel Good Friday.

"Hello it is Friday July twenty fourth I'm sitting here currently in the studio recording because we were going to do an MLB watch long for opening night last night, the game obviously ended early because of torrential downpour, but we got some great conversations with Sean Casey's coming on among other people and sitting on a TV screen right across the room for me. Mr. Aj Hawke Aj you never get a chance to be a part of this part of the podcast. People are listening here very beginning show. Do you want to say anything to anybody that has listened to the podcast in heard our bantering for the last couple of months? Now! I don't think I have a whole lot for you. Pat Right now. All right, let's get to the show. Thank you. I am pumped for this joining us now. Super Bowl champion football legend Rex Ryan. Hey. How are you, rex? Great Pacman. How do you do it I'm fantastic I can't wait to chat with you. Let's dive right into it. I see Texas Ranger Jersey on you. Pump for the comeback, yeah absolutely must boy Lance Lynn takes the up opening day for the Rangers. Six foot six to eighty should be played detective. For the Rangers last year Sixteen Wednesay had two hundred and fifty strikeouts. Go get a big boy. The rest of the League is GonNa Pitch like three or four weeks ago. Aid is first time. How do you know this dirt? Have you met this guy? Play Golf with them all the time. A real good buddies with his dad and I've met land several times. He's a great young man and and You know it's funny because last year I mean he literally. got into all this spin. Be Etched up that they do now, but it worked man he. He released the ball about a foot. Further MISA was one of the best pitchers in baseball, so he's thirty two years old. Kinda reinvented himself and. He's the ace that staff right now. Hey Rocks! Everybody thinks you're just some meathead. Dumb football guy, listen to this. Yeah, PAT, hold up! Let me just show you some real. Quick, please. See all that I see. Tell you. Dude I missed my call and. Give me the Yankees the beds, Rangers whoever I'm available. GIG But come on man bench coach I'm all about the bench coach. Yeah I get it. I was bad football. But man now. Okay, let's talk about what you just said there. I love the obviously self deprecating jokes there, but you are a great head coach. I think people forget about that. Because of how incredible your personality is, sometimes charisma and personality camouflage, a lot of hard work and success, it happens with a lot of people, but whenever you were the head coach of the jets I mean at the colts. We were one of the greatest teams I've ever seen I. think the NFL's ever seen in you. Guys gave us problems on numerous occasions in. In that never gets talked about now about how Rex Ryan successful head coach. Now I don't know what happened with Buffalo, but you're in the Patriots Division which we'll talk about soon, but you are a success. What are you ever going to get back into that? You ever have the edge to get back in the head coaching. You Know Pat I'm not sure like I was five hundred with the bills, so I don't know if expectations were higher than that. Maybe they were because we had. No draft picks or anything else off. Excuse. Me Excuse good job there. Hey, I'm. I'm not making any I'm not making any excuses. I mean we didn't have any drafts. I appreciate it. You know you never say never obviously I jump at any opportunity I. Go you know. Get a startup teen in Alaska if they if they paid me enough but Quite honestly I love doing what I'm doing and you know. We have a heck of a time on Mondays. You know doing that show and then Sunday countdown. Show you know with my whole crew went with salmon in Hasselback. Your boy mad in in Bruschi and Randy Moss. We got too many patriots there, but I love those. Yes, you grew up obviously a legendary football family right I. Mean Your Dad one of the greatest legends in the game's history your brother's still coaching. You knew that you were going to be a football coach your entire life. Yeah, I, I really did PAT. I knew I wasn't worth it as a player. Now. It's like. I play, so I might as well coach, but now I love the game and it was something. I grew up around at Man I was. My brother and I would be like. They gave us all the jobs that nobody else wanted like we literally painted all the goal. Posts painted the sleds. Did everything were? You were in the equipment room forever. And this is back when you know, it's probably illegal in. We're probably like ten twelve years old, and they pay like fifty cents an hour. Whatever but either way. We grew up around it and. The, I guess we're like. No, you know the same as anybody else. In in the business you grow up the idolize your father. And we basically joined the Family Business, which was coaching football in and I'm proud to say now I have a son. That's coach with the charges. He's in his four season with the chargers. So really proud of that in by I can't do a whole hell of a lot in this world but I think I was blessed with the ability to coach in obviously. You know under my dad's guidance, and all that gave me a heck by head start. Let's Talk About Your coaching style because whenever you became the head coach of the jets. I don't think everybody knew who you are in. You came in, and it was okay. We got a guy now in the NFL coaching rinks. That is hilarious has charisma has confidence in. It's completely flipped the entire narrative that you'd have to compliment the other team you have to do this. In one of your biggest targets was obviously the greatest dynasty in the history of the NFL the. The Patriots if you had to go back to the way that you of came as a head coach for the jets, would you do anything differently? And was there any rhyme or reason to why it was as you being you, or was there anything deeper than that? In your mind now probably a little deeper than that I think when I went in there I I was waiting for the opportunity, and it's just like it took me all those years to a to become a coordinator. You know they. They hired a receiver coach to be coordinator instead of me. I knew how great I was, but nobody else. But I just waited for my chance, and I knew if I had a chance that I was in I figured I'd only get one shot. You know that, hey. I was going to go out and I was going to be me. And when I went to the jets, all I kept, hearing was the same old same old jets and I made Dang. Sure Look, my dad, you know one of these super bowl. Thanks back. There is my dad Yeah Yeah Super Bowl. You know he was there. For I think eight seasons nine think eight seasons there as a coach. His first year was super bowl three. So you know the jets always were might team growing up and I took a great deal of pride I was fortunate I had a couple of opportunities. To to be a head coach night chose the jets, and it was really a smart decision because the first thing we did. Is We let Brett Farve goal. You never told me that. But. Because we couldn't afford them and so when I went there. It's like we had no quarterback. Matt and I was like shoot. I got to let people know that now we're we're GONNA. Come in there. We're at a punch your lights out. 'cause I knew I had a great corner. That's one thing I do and I watched him on tape I had a tough. Ask Guy named Chris Jenkins albeit he only played like six games for me. Unfortunately, because magic that dude was healthy would have been ugly, but but I knew I had a couple pieces there and I was going to bring in a couple more guys that knew what I wanted to do defensively. I thought we could fix that overnight and saw as I guess what? We're coming in here and we're going to be more physical than you and we're gonNA. Blow your nose and and we don't. We're not gonNA. Apologize for it, so I knew what I have you know I love Howard by says while your ground and pound. Yeah, you be grounded pound to if you never had A. Supposed to win in whole. We're going to do it, but on defense. I thought we fixed it, and we did. We went from twenty third in the League the first in a League that first season, so we did a great job I had a great coaching, ridiculous coaching staff, and you know when you have Bill Callahan is is your offensive line coach Mike Westhoff was there. You that this might be the greatest special teams coach in the history. I, certainly you know maybe I'm biased, but that's how I feel bad, so I had his old, but with he was awesome, and I had a lot of great guys. There Bryan shot member was there. And then I brought it. Mike Patton Dennis Thurman all my boys, and it was like it was on, and so we will shortly word afraid, but don't kid yourself I knew what we're up against. You know and I wanted them to know that we weren't gonNA lose. By. Being intimidated by him that you're going to have to beat us, okay, let's talk about that franchise. That is still going by the way that man that you're referring to is bill. Belichick in the AFC east has ran through foxborough. By the way YOU GUYS AFC championship game couple times. You kinda put a halt to it there for a little bit, but what I'm talking about is somehow some way Bill Belichick who's a rabbit out of his hat. At all times now he's got Cam Newton for one million dollars, and he was unemployed eighty six days, there was thirty one other teams that could have signed him rex nobody did now. Bill Belichick has pissed off Cam Newton. What are your thoughts on how that has played out? Well my thought is pat. This guy really is Cam Newton. If Cam Newton really is the same Cam Newton. Here we go. Again and The by thought initially was this Lee can't be that stupid. There's no way agreed show there. There has to be that I. Mean did these. Doctors talk all that. There's no way as healthy I. mean if he's healthy. It's absolutely ridiculous that no other team Kochi. You know and then. Bella Jackson are smarter guy of all time because he gets the student for a million bucks that it's it's amazing now does not forget though Pat. They've done it to a lot of veterans and a pass I remember I was trying and I get pissed because I tried to bring Ocho Saco at the time. He's a lot better receiver when he was Chad Johnson but. of As. Tim Tibo. They brought all these guys in in what they do. They cut every one of them. So, could this be one way of Hey, we're gonNA. Show you how the teams bigger than the individual? We're GONNA. Cut this guy. I hope that's not the case I. Hope They Give Cam Newton a legitimate chance, and if he's healthy, you'll when that job and he's going to win. It's on a game I agree and I think that the way Cam Newton. Is it just feels like he? He strives off of emotion. You Know Cam Newton is an emotional guy. If you watch them play, and by the way a lot of people in the passive, judge, players and coaches I'm gonNA. I'm I'm revenge guy? I'll put a chip on my shoulder cam. Newton the same way if feels like he's potentially going to be his best wrecks, and that is just insane to think. He is, he's motivated, highly motivated and pissed off. It's not good. Let's pivot though and talk about the NFL but what you're hearing. You've been in the NFL longtime. Your Dad obviously since super bowl three. You've been in the NFL, world I've always had the thought that especially now. If Rob Manfred K your guy over in baseball commissioner, who puts his foot more than any other commissioner in the history of? Of Sports if he's able to figure it out in the NHL is able to figure it out in the NBA. And the MLS, and you talk about this in the NFL. If they somehow can't figure this thing out, they're gonNA look worse than ever. You think the NFL is going to figure this out I. mean this going to have an ad fell season for sure pat. They have to I agree. If all these other sports, and we call them what they are minor league sports. And all about the NFL baby. Your. Basketball players make up. One hundred million dollars piece I, get it, dude, congratulate yourself, but man nobody cares about. Look at it! It's the only only got a cares about baseball. There's guys, but in and I get. There's a lot of guys gearbox basketball, but let's face it. The NFL was up against the NBA the. NBA was in their their championship. You know series. The NFL was in preseason and the preseason out through the day championship, so the NFL is so dang popular that this is the only sport they quite honestly, and it's not because I. Mean I love baseball. I can't loving managers obviously, but quite honestly the NFL has to play if all these other ones can do it, and by the way tip my hat, Dana White because I love watching those fights he. Go. Buy Yourself a damn island. either. Whatever they have to do, and look the the NFL players, and and the coaches, and the owners and everybody else a really. You know they're gonNA. have to make sacrifices the NFL family. You know the the wives, the children they may have to make a lot of sacrifices, but at the same time we need football. Our country needs football in by guys it out there and play it and we're all. We're behind you all the way. We understand the sacrifices. You're making and things in it, but that's here and to me. It's if they don't play the only way. The NFL can lose popularity if they somehow screw this up and if you're the coach of a team and obviously distractions are. Rules number one through ten in a locker room for coach. Keep the distractions out here. That's why you see Tim. tebow knock it signed because everybody knew that the distractions we're GONNA. Come within potentially Colin. Kaepernick didn't gets on for a long time. Because either they were told not send them, or the distractions would come. There is a lot of players that have fell into the distraction department for why they don't get signed because distractions it's. It's already hard enough to win a game in the NFL distractions problem if. You're coaching a team right now. It's only distractions at the moment. You're getting tested every single morning. You've got to change your clothes upon arrival. Only certain amount of people are allowed in a room. There's going to be this. There's going to be that when you go and get. How do you handle that like? What's your message to the Team Day One? Zoom. Paul's going into this thing. Well, I think the great thing is your message ought to be that. He looked. We got this figured out. Pat Like, Oh dude! All the other teams are going to be. We got it figured out. I got it right here. With the guys I'm GonNa let him think I want to sell that. Oh my God. We got the the serial number of the unknown soldier. Do we got it? And that's going to give us an edge. We got up and then fly day seat of your pants and behalf to, but you're good us. Sell it and sell it and sell it because that's what it is like, and we're GONNA. Take Care of you. We're going to let my team think that all. We got all the dancers. The rest of I don't know about the rest of we got the answers for. Rex Pat stocks have much a bunch about how these veteran players are going to love playing no preseason games, but how are the coach? Head? Coach is GonNa feel about no preseason. Games are is going to be like for a rookie head coach going into the season with no preseason games. Yeah I. Mean you know rookie head coaches because they never hired me. WHO gives a crap? You know what you've got all the time you got. It built up. You have time to get your teams prepare guys. We see it in the college football season forever. These were it was a convenient time back in the day when they had all these preseason games that was to get the players in shape now. These kids are working out all the time. You know it's not as it's not gonNA be as bad as you think I. Do have a show that looked. The players obviously don't want preseason games and quite honestly. I don't think the owners really want preseason games. also I'm not so sure that next time that they have that collective bargaining. Are we GONNA go for an eighteen game schedule and no preseason games with Dubai's. For some reason, that's what I. Thanks get ready to happen, so let's go ahead and do it. Look. We I remember I was talking to To gotta hit Darmon rex good buddy right. On your rex hit the red button. Look got it you good. Yeah, I! got. You know me I don't know how to. But, but he told me he's like look man. They had eight or in the strike I believe it was ninety two now year. They played two games two regular season games. They go on strike for two and a half months. Come right back in here we go. So you know it's, it could be done in and I. Think There's going to have you know. Obviously the there's going to be more players per on a roster and thing, so I think it's just GonNa. Be Good, but. You know. Maybe we're GONNA be as sharp initially when the season starts, but they'll work into and i. just think what you have to shell your players. Like. We can't just put a Dan. You know you. You gotta get some work in and look. They're gonNA. Have scrimmages against each other. That's the only way to get it done. If you'll tackle anybody going into that first game, it's embarrassing. Yeah, but I think you're GONNA have scrimmages. Against Yourself. Let's talk about the veteran quarterback, so I think are definitely favored in this situation right because they've organized workouts, they potentially text message call. They've been there done that with not only being a professional, but guiding others around them Tom Brady. GOES DOWN TO THE TAMPA BAY buccaneers. Be Okay, and they have all those weapons, but it's a new offense for Tom. It's new verbiage for everything. Do you think he's going to struggle at all down there? Do you think bang were back? Tom Brady's Tom Brady Tampa Bay buccaneers earn a good spot. Pat, you agree up a great point I. I don't truly I. Don't think it's GonNa be necessarily be as offense anees going to be Tom, Brady's offense. To me, I think they're gonNA. They're gonNA. Have that marriage and I'm sure they already have it. To where it comes Otani all this, guys, we're GONNA. Call it this. Let let's that's that's the critical point, and that's what you do. I remember we did that. Bryant Billy we brought in Steve McNair. We were Kinda struggling Jim. Fossil was offensive coordinator. We were trying to run that offense and then bill couldn't stand it. Any longer fired him. Brought Stephen and I think we set a record for most first downs in a half. Once I've against to Orleans we spank them, but it was. It was like Oh! This works. We get Steve's Steve Meteors off. It works pretty good so to me I. think that's what we're going to see in Tampa Emam man with those receivers. This'll be fun to watch. House bows defense because last year at the beginning of the season. They stunk then by the end they turned around completely. Do you expect more that especially because it's a veteran defensive coordinator? Yeah. I mean I love the fact that Todd Bowles there and todd. Todd actually a real a real coach. Like some of these guys. They come in my who the hell is that? You know it's like what Oh you keep coast one year at a Oh, good luck. We're. Goals. Legit I mean this is a former head coach, outstanding coordinator and I I like to be a. he's a good guy and and. Any gets after so to me. It took a little time and it went. Steve SPAGNUOLA boy. They couldn't stop those lead early in the year, but time came on, and they got better and better as the season went on so. Some of the veteran coordinators. eventually they're going to catch their stride. You know if the young guys were terrible. Start with. They're gonNA. Remain Terrible. That's what we saw. I think and I always get newly man. It's still eleven on eleven football. I don't need to hear that garbage. The fact that you don't know how to attack protections. You don't have to be multiple and coverage. That's your own downfall i. guys like Todd Bowles. People like that they get it and so to me. It's you know I expect that team. You know to really be a threat in that a okay. Obviously, the saints deal with last question. Before we let you go and I can't thank you enough. You're not gonNA have one of the greatest defensive mines, the history of the NFL on not ask about. Do you expect Lamar Jackson and have the same amount of success next year as he had last year now remember the wildcat came to Miami, and it was this new thing. The wildcat was going to take over the NFL and. And then it disappeared completely disappeared then obviously Michael Vick. Is Run of just being Michael Vick. He's a completely different specimen. It's Michael Vick. Lamar Jackson. No feels like he's a guy who has the athleticism and the ability to pass the ball and the Baltimore Ravens Organization has gone all in with him three tight end sets. We have all these blockers. We have ten people blocking one runner. Do you think Lamar Jackson has the same amount of success? He had last year. More, or do you think defensive coordinators and get paid a lot of money? You'RE GONNA be able to figure it out. I. Don't think you have the coordinators that you used to have in so to me. All those offenses I used to love going against them. you know like you? You mentioned him. It's like whatever. Most of the guys you had that experience going against. All of this is option football, and it's the same thing that you stop for one hundred years. At least that's the way you used to be brought up in the game. You know I coached eight years of college football before ever gotten NFL, so you see those offenses. It was interesting. Dean pees talked about he used to be at Navy, and he ran some of that naty defense in a playoff game against Oh Mar, Jackson now. When you really look at it and he did a good job there, but Lamar Jackson accounted for five hundred yards from. Passing so I don't think so. I think Lamar Jackson Answer. Your question I league. Lombardo accidents going to have a heck of a year and you know just understand that the one thing you can't defend. is a quarterback who's athletic like that halfway his yards or from emperor? You know improvising, you know sign runs, and all that I get it, but there's other ones when he takes it. Might you know what I'm GonNa. Make three guys miss. Like he is such a special talent. And I'm glad I don't have to. Keep talking about on ESPN and beautiful fashion and I said that was going to be the last question, but guy designed for a half, a billion dollars Andy as Andy Reid drawing up plays. What how do you stop? The Kansas City chiefs. They have weapons on top of weapons with speed on top of speed in an offensive line that can go man to manifest that feels like an offense that Mike it going here for the next five to ten years of being unstoppable. Yeah, those your ones like if I'm the coordinator that week. I'm faking. I. Get I'm sick. I got. I got. To say so I won't say the. Often but whatever? Coaching that game you know, what Hey, a pet a pet! You got this game. And he'd be happy fifth by. Either but now seriously he is. He's such a talent bass of. He's making a billion dollars. He's under aid. But you're right that the offense itself is a really good offense yet that dude at quarterback Pat, mahomes the most special gifted quarterback I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of them. Come come through. And and then you mentioned like look at the receive got one of the best tight ends in a game Travis Kelsey Sammy Watkins a throw in. By the. Way People throwing like really? They gave up one hundred pitch when I got the Buffalo. It's like you know what they do well. We don't really have a running back. They drafted that kid. From Lsu now it's like Oh. We can't cover him either so to me. It's it is such a great offense to watch it, and it's fun check, but I think the only way you can really stop it is you've got a mix? It all and you got to challenge them. You GotTa Challenge Mentally, you got to challenge the protection. Challenges Offense Align. You GotTa, towns, those receivers to make sight adjustments. You gotTA. Do all those types of things and you can't give free access to them and and I. Think you challenge them one team? That I think will challenge. Them would be Baltimore, but we've seen of get beat a couple of times by Kansas City, but I know they'll challenge them Bella. Checking had success against it because he takes away you know some of the rpo stuff than in things and and and has some guys that can match up so I. You know it's GonNa be tough, though man, they're so many options at this football team has Sanford and San Francisco is doing a great job. And then they'd make the mistake. Of Putting Richard Sherman out there man coverage, get Sammy Watkins and Richards one of the greatest guys of all time. One of the greatest DB's ever. When he's playing on top, and but if you put him in a man, the man situation like the railway visas told him ever see for twenty years ten years now. It's a different game and he just got out run, but that's sometimes you can't help yourself. You know you're trying to mix it. I thought they did a decent job. But at the end of the day they saw the matchup. They wanted an own. They exploited it so to me. It's it's such a such a challenge against that football team Durell Rivas. Greatest corner of all time, but he in Sherman two very different types of corners so hard to judge Yeah I. Mean I love her. German I I do, but it's your if you're talking about a guy, straight man. That go in a slot. Play right left. Do all that type of stuff. There's no. Draw Rivas might have had the greatest year I've ever seen in the history of the game at corner and unless by the way. Don't forget Dion Sanders. He wanted all bad either. glazier killed. He could play I had him when he was thirty seven years old. He still could play, so there's been of great ones, but I think for one season. If you had to say who had a greatest season ever as a corner I'll still take. Rail rebus my first year with the jets. Or my second year where the jet. Well if you ever get back in the head, coach and I'll kick some balls again to I'd love to play for a team that you count. You are hilarious, electric and a wealth of Knowledge Ladies and gentlemen from ESPN. Super Bowl Champ one of those super bowl. Things buying them restaurant. REX appreciate your brother. Leisure Bat we'll see in congrats on learning facetime. That's right. Daddy teach them though yesterday he is alleged. So sorry to interrupt, but I need to tell you about the greatest shorts to ever just. Care everybody knows I got big thighs. Out Dies out? Quad father. All these things. So finding shorts. Easy. Sight easy to find shorts if it, it's not easy to find things that are comfortable in move with me and have the liner inside that access boxer briefs, but is even more comfortable because it's not actually a part of the you get it. It is bird dunks. Bird dogs are gym shorts with a built in Silky, soft inner liner that makes underwear obsolete. Obsolete. 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They're fantastic. I worked out him today. Asleep and a pair tonight. You enjoy the hell out of them. Bird dogs dot com. Promo Code Pat. Get a free pair nunchucks. There's a guy that was watching the show. Aj. That just joined us. Do you know who this legend is. Don't know. The Mayor Sean Casey's. Sean I love it Sean? How you doing? Thank you for joining us on your family vacation right now. Ball is back. You're gonNA feel good. Off Feel Great, you kidding me. I'm glad baseball's back and I'm just. Enjoying watching the game listening, Aj you talk a little bit. Try and break down some baseball stuff so. Love it. Sean so I I grew up in Centerville Ohio, big reds fan growing up my whole life. Everything that you did for the team and everything's done the league and what you're doing now. Pat Didn't know about your whole in between pitches. You're on strapping your your gloves. Your whole situation that you have had no idea. What do you mean like everybody in the world knows about Sean Casey's little routine. What'd you do? Just take twenty minutes in between and you do it a little bit for us. was I used to build Aj's right. I used to like double chicken wing stomach when. To stretch out like this double have exhausted slowest guys base forever scenes on. The right. To. Getting there, do my gloves and getting the boss. Do one of the we receive ever seen in your life I would lift my bag. I had I had thought I had Don Zimmer Don's lyric one day. Come up to me. When I was with the resident, he was with the Yankees. Like case I've been the game fifty four years. I've seen a lot of things in my day. Guys, lifting their front lays I, ain't never seen anybody. Lift up their backlash. Well Todd. Now listed real quick. When I was on deck. Don Zero dugout with the Yankees and he would yell out. Sit next to Joe Torry Hey. Case Dude for Joe. I'd be on deck like zoo. Animal like this I. He. Does that every pitch? Was it. I just need to do it is why I'm on my knees on the show. Are you on your knees? Vacation right now. Yeah I'm in the back room of vacation. Yeah Avalon, New Jersey, dominating the waves guys Kenny power style. Some of the greatest strength. It was a chicken win Casey chicken wing. Why is this stretch to shoulders stretch shoulder, but both rotator. Then, you get the Ham he's. Right Hammy then left Tammy. Gloves. then. You gotta go boom on the batting gloves. And then you've got yeah, then you gotTa let the back yard brought. You could have done it. I feel like I'm Sean. Casey by the way if I was a professional baseball player. If I ever get to play again, I'm having the most ridiculous inbetween pitch routine in the history of the might. When he pitches it just look at it. Walk backwards and just start the. How did you build do that? How did you build to that? You know what it started. When I was in when I was in high school, I started the batting blows my dad. My Dad would body. One pair goes like that. Can we afford fares dying here? I hate. It was so sweaty I. Tighten Titan as they would go. Cut off my circulation, so that's how that started. And then I was so tight my my hands. I had to stretch them all the time, and then when I got into pro ball, my hip was bothered me so I. Start Popping my him. And then I started raking a little bit like double double home run like I got to keep doing this working. It's working I gotta keep. I first inning Giancarlo Cruise, Michael. Stanton took a ball out of the DC area into Baltimore. He stunk for the Yankees is what everybody says, but they're thinking because of the quarantine that there's no fans. There's no real media. He's got a chance to clear his head from the viciousness of New York City and being a Yankee in this could be like great for him. If the first night you hit a ball into fucking orbit when the entire world is watching, that has to be a massive confidence boost going into the sixty eight season. Especially officers to I mean certainly Hong One and hit four sixty in the gap that was. That was that was covered, but don't forget a couple years ago. When Stanton won the MVP, you know I don't know how many homers hit. I think it was in like a ninety game period hit forty seven homers. So this guy has been one of the best players in the game didn't start off great from that first couple of days in New York, but this guy's powerhouse now he said in, but that if that's anything of what's the next two months pretty impressive. John. What I know you're probably you didn't have many slumps during your career. You probably enter your career fourteen thousand hits. It seemed like. Did you ever do anything weird like we always talk about baseball, the superstitious and all the weird stuff that goes on like what did you do to break out of a slump? Oh my gosh. Aj a lot of weird stuff. Doing baseball players weird pros. Just they just like putting on socks same what I remember one time when I was in. I was in Detroit and and I was raking I for some reason I was I was like three hints through two three four. And was like I had this undershirt. I was like I can't wash his shirt. Oh, it and it started get. It started smelling hot garbage like in July. Oh my gosh. So like the the seventh game I wore. We're in Minnesota just a more. No gets to knock. The righty comes the first survey case Mike. Hey what's up morning? He's like he's like. Is that you. What he's like. You smell terrible. I'm like. Oh my go- rose just starting to smell nine. Fifteen. Did you a lot at first base? Out Well I figured alley. Wait reason. I played so many years the biggest because I can play first base. By I. That you'd have to be. You'd have to be a first base Brown. You're center fielder your creative over six months. You can't talk to people. You like the mayor over there. Right 'cause everybody. You can't be mad at anybody. You. kind of everybody sees her. There's no reason to shit. Talk I soon. There's some great relationships that are potentially built over there first base. Oh my Gosh Kim, great relationships I got to know everybody over there, which was great, though my third week in the big leagues was right. Right them in ninety eight was like right in the middle of Aguire race. Right and I was like Oh man and I. was like a Little Kid. You know I'm like I don't know how long I'M GONNA be here for because I came out the gates pretty cold, so my gonNa send down any day, so my I see how conversations I get guys so. One day. We Walk Maguire for for something like Oh. Yeah, Baby! Let me let me go up there. You get quick conversation. It would pick back so I walk out. Were since the I'm like. Hey. What's up Max he's like? Hey, what's up Sean I was like? Next. You Know I. Go to hold on Jack Mackenzie. Hey play behind on my. Conversations with McGuire so my play behind him. Out Three hundred, he comes up again food. We walk him again. Here comes with wired I, and I like to think to myself west. I'm not even looking over the dugout. I'm going right though I. Walk over and I looked up like hey, what's up big MAC? Swim and such a great summer I'm like turning ultra fantas. Guys like this guy so knowing. So anyway I'm talking Maguire. How's your son doing hurt? He's the bat boy stuff whereas I'm talking Maguire. The dugouts like mckeown's like. Hey, play behind him case. Here I'm so locked into Maguire. I don't even know there's a major league game. I'm just talking. So now, the dog. Play behind play on him so then. Maguire says me. Hey, case I think the Doug wants turn around frigate places doughnut so like supply behind you idiot. A short, your did the pitchers ever get mad at you for getting being so chummy with guys after they walk somebody or gave up a hit? Now, they're never got mad at me. one time one time I I was holding on Henry Rodriguez when we first came up so I think they were they were more. They loved me more because Ron below was on a mountain. Remember Big Rumbelow, Ron Blows on. He's a lefty I. Just come up to the big leagues so I don't really know anybody yet. I, don't know their moves Henry. Rodriguez comes in for Montreal and back in the day you remember when when every rubbing homer, Mozzarella, they throw the Oh henry bars onto the feeling like nine, thousand and regarding. Henry Robbery homer, so he comes, he comes the first base Sur getting call. He comes the first thing. I'm like I'm like. Hey Eight Henry, he gets lead I go. Henry is so cooman when you homer and Montreal NATO's Oh henry bars and a few believable, so as I'm holding him on, he turns like Hey, thanks a lot, and as occurs looks at me. Ron Below Kube step off picks over. I guess the ball and I'm like Oh. My God, my bad I was like. You're out. Greg Ron probably thought you. You got a little hustler over their own first base. We got a guy that is deceptive over there. He will distract anybody if we get him the ball. That's amazing. Ronan locked it. He's like keep doing a case as long as we're picking guys off, but I never did I was the only time I ever did. I felt bad about it. I'm never do it again. Who somebody that was a terrible conversation. Anybody like fuck you. Oh, yeah, when I when I. First Biddings Ricky Henderson four four pictures back. So my hey man great i. he looked at me like hey, why don't you shut up? Next. Right and the only other the only place I remember Milton Bradley Bradley. Attitude great attitude anyway. I Not Montreal. He comes the first base and I was like you know open on the screen. They got you know hey. I career Bazeley hit so. Trying to be Nice Guy, I'm like hey. Milton congratulates man. That's really cool. You'll remember that forever. Oh families here, everything like that. He just turns. It looks, says nothing I'm like really s our doing it. Say Anything to me. Clean Up, clean it up. Jolyon adamantly me by the way I would. I would talk to the other punt returners, so whenever normally whenever you're warming up, you point one way to team punts the other way, so the other teams returners because they're catching their own punters, balls are standing normally like right next to you, and I would always every single week I am talking to them them. How good they are! HOW ATHLETIC THEY ARE! You're the best returner. returner. I've ever seen on tape. Hey, if we get the open film are open field. Please don't run me over. Just Juke the shit out of me like I'd be like I'm trying to be them here. You know so if we do get in the open field at least I like. Oh, I don't WanNa. Step on this guy's face like I can tell you what that. So I had a really good I. really good run with everybody. Everybody was like very receptive. Nice. It helped me out with Joshua cribs because Joshua cribs tried to Juke me, and Senator Ron me over. Ramp over I tackled him, he stood up. Hit me on. A Helmet said I should have you off. But Julian Handelman the I don. He was back there I think it was his rookie year. I've never played against before. Next me. I was like. Tell you what your your center? Gravity's impressive? You're obviously faster than anybody thinks you are and I think you're going to be like the best return a fucking game. If you really WanNa, be looks at me. Catches looks back. Catch the ball. One handed gay does like a fake Juke has his helmet strap off, and then just runs away and I was like this fucking off. By the way took on back. He scored a touchdown on me. That game so touchdown. Unbelievable. Moment where I was like this son of a bitch subjects. Rain delays like this. Like what did you guys doing? The locker room just to not lose your mind. Oh I think a lot of guys will play cards now. Guys nowadays seems like guys are on their phones. You know back in the day. We used to play cards and. Guys who get games games a cribbage going hundred all that stuff. What's cribbage? I've not watched Terry Francona. That I think. These Shipley. Shipley. He's from Moon Township. He was a center for the Arizona Cardinals season like twelve year twelve or whatever you are the same people that you are the exact same I. Pittsburgh has a lot of various similar humans you. Yeah, I think it's a certain thing in AJ's from Ohio, so he's not really a rustbelt guy, so he doesn't fully understand Pittsburgh. Thurgau Nice area out there Aj know exactly what it is brought a nice area. Thank you. Yeah, Oh yeah we go just good old riverfront stadium back in the day. Nice place. How long were you on the Red Sean? How long was the rats yeah? Eight Years Eight Years Ninety eight to two thousand and five most of my career with the reds great unbelievable. Plumbly, will city unbelievable time man it's. Great Baseball. Fans great place a lot like Pittsburgh. Riverfront was the same thing as three rivers and. Saw How many showing. How many different managers did you play for just on the reds? Oh, boy, that's a great question. Start Off Jack McCann. Don't forget anybody. To. Bob Over three years. And then went to. Dave Miley Day Bali for like a year. To Jerry Nair for year, chairmanship me out of town spot. You don't like. Jerry shift you back home or get the hell out of CINCY. Yeah this Jerry. I just went to bat for you to front of Trade. All Right Sean. This rain looks like it's not gonNA. Let up! This game seems to be over. Yankees win undefeated. Yawn Giancarlo crews mikey stand hits at Dinger Aaron judge on his way to another four hundred million. Derek call with shave face, look good in Sherzer got pelted there at the end, but had not a bad outing. Hey was it was this over? It was a good I night. Just good to see baseball's couldn't see shares a cold going at it. It's good to see. Stand, go deep you. You know you love to see that good to see. Even go deep off coal, and just good to see baseball back sounds great in baseball back a man ladies and gentlemen, the mayor and legend. From his family's vacation ripping in shredding barrel psyches, tenny powers John Cases. Best. I love. Joining us now is a man who's a six time pro bowler. His numbers retired for the Philadelphia Eagles Eagles Hall of Famer and he wants signed a twelve year hundred fifteen million dollar deal with Andy Reid at the helm, Ladies and Gentlemen Donovan mcnabb. It was it wasn't five hundred and some million, but I'll take a hundred. Hey as you should, that is not a bad deal a welcome to the show. Thank you so much for joining us. Let's talk about that whenever you and your agent and the eagles were talking about potentially that long term deal well, how conversations go I would assume that you were excited for one hundred and fifteen million dollars, just like Patrick mahomes excited here the five hundred million dollar deal. But there's a lot of people that are like Oh. That's a bad deal for the player. It's a bad deal for the player. If I'm senator for one hundred million, I feel like that's a good deal, and I might be wrong in there. Well you know, you gotta remember at a time when which played you know drew bledsoe and I think Brett Farr with the only two at that particular time sign one hundred million dollar deal so I as we were kind of discussing contract you know. The information was sent to me not about the actual It was more of the years in as you can see what Dak Prescott is going through. Through at this time, you don't really want to extend your contract. Because then you'll miss out the boat on really actually getting big big money and so that's why you see press guy going for four years, and at that particular time remember ninety nine. When I was drafted. There are a lot of seven year contracts that were given up to a lot of guys, so I was fortunate enough in. In my fourth year to re up a Redo, my deal, which extended me into that twelve year deal because you know with the money and all it was great, but they wanted to lock you in so that they don't have to worry about me. Getting to the seventh or sixth year, my contract, and all of a sudden at one fifteen goes to a hundred and forty five Because we've. We've made it to so many NFC championships at that particular time, so it was smart business wise for the Philadelphia Eagles but also as far as my agent was concer- He was able to grind out and put out as much money as we could, which led to me obsessively getting through that deal, and then getting another extension so I can't complain by any means of what's going on. By the way that team was dominant to watch over there, in Philadelphia, and we'll talk about that chunky soup money. Chunk. Everybody gotta eat something. That was awesome union mom. Obviously, it's a very memorable commercial and brain in the business behind Donovan mcnabb was an awesome one in the way you played was so cool is well. I mean you're. You're an awesome player and watchman. You Re legitimately were an awesome player to watch What are you do now? Are You still around the game coaching? analysts obviously, what what are you? What is Donovan mcnabb of to nowadays still doing some analytical work with a few networks do few of Collins during the season I just to kind of keep me busy. also quarterback training out here in Phoenix Arizona. So still trying to help the youth stamped in a game and try to prepare them for what life presents him as he continued to get older. I'm also coaching girls AAU basketball so my daughter's involved oldest daughter's in basketball at this. It's actually the high school the Gordon through her. The year I have twins that are eleven that are involved in sports, so dad is playing the daddy role being Kiana reason in speed. Bus driver. Driving into each and every sports of it picking up lunch, and then picking up dinner so. It's exciting time and when you retired I think my plan was already said. I wanted to go into media wanted to be that the best dad support of I got into coaching. I got in the coach in training and then just trying to be a data bunch a bunch of girls girls basketball team. And the same with some of these kids, so it's exciting man. This is what retirement is all about giving back to the world and we aren't. We learned yesterday you live in. Community say hello to all. No, no, no! I can. I. Yellow Jacket right now. Oh, my God let's talk about Andy Reid. Let's talk about yellow jackets. There's guy who after winning now. You guys were so good so good, but there's a lot of good teams back then. NFC Championship is nothing to Sneeze at the AFC championship game twice once my rookie year then another time we lost by fifty. We've got boat race. It's not easy. Everybody's like well. You know it's not easy at all. You got to get lucky to with injuries. There's a lot of luck that plays in that entire thing. That's why the Patriots what they've. They've been able to do for the last twenty years a stupid because of how impossible it is. I think people forget that, but it's buddy Andy Reid! He wins the Super Bowl. He has Patrick Mahomes now for the next twelve years. What do you think life is like for Andy? Reid now? Do you think that not winning? A super bowl sat on him for? Do you think he ever thought about that? Or is he just the type of guy that's like you know what would just keep going. Trust the process. Let's keep it moving. Well, you know what Andy and I still talk. You know frequently, and it sits or I mean no matter how what people say. That big of Oh three or four when when we made, it still bothers me of just a few throws game would have changed my life, and and and you know maybe I would have had a yellow jacket on at this particular point right now, but I I look at it in a sense for Andy, is the process. Nineteen Ninety Nine was his first head coaching job coming from Green Bay. In the way we turn that organization around over a decade, says a lot about not only the players, but it starts with the head coach. You know being players coach, having announcements of mind bringing the right defensive coordinator defensive. Coaches are coaching. Tree is sick when you think about what we had throughout my duration, you had John, John Harbaugh whose head coach. Baltimore Ravens Yeah Sean McDermott. Who was a quality control guy? He's the head coach of the buffalo bills, Ron Rivera who? Who is our lineman coach? Who is head coach to wash arrest and yet Leslie Frazier was once a head coach in Minnesota who's the defensive coordinator now in the NFL? You have I mean the list Yeah Mad Marty Morton, we have Brad childress, who was the head coach at the particular time yet, David Kelly, whose offensive coordinator now who was the receiver coach with us at that particular time I mean the list goes on McNulty whose defense coordinator Whitman City was. So we had a tree of coaches that we're still young at that particular time trying to market themselves have now all flourished to become great great coaches. Great Mentor, so what Andy has done. It isn't just bringing in big names that have already been established. It was starting guys out low so when we continue to develop together all of a sudden you look back on the nineties in general, I mean really I mean I'll say two thousand, the mid two thousand. I mean it was only three great teams at that particular point that were consistent. It was us it was indie and it was New England so however you WANNA. WanNa spill it out from head coaches to quarterbacks. I mean the list goes on, so I'm just excited for Andy. And he gave me the opportunity to speak to the team that Thursday before Super Bowl, and I was just real with him of just how life changes for you just in a matter of seconds. If you win or you lose the Super Bowl game, and you know I remember talking to Damien Williams after the game and he was just basically you know we won. Miss for you. Man Like I know how it hurts you, but I've I've just privileged to say we want is for you. So what was your? I. Didn't know you spoke to them on Thursday. That's a big deal. The people that come speak to the team Super Bowl Week. That is a massive deal. Did you prepare for that? Did you spit from the hip? How long do you talk? Was it at dinner was team meeting I wanNA. Learn a little bit about this. This was. Fine did you have slides up or Hankyoreh? I I'm not getting all you know. Hey, here's what I did back in two thousand. You know what it was just been from. Hip Manages. Be Real because I mean we're. We're all grown adults patching. Don't don't give me the runaround to try to give Gimme. The old I'm GonNa get you hike speed. I was just real I told him how we how we were two thousand, three hundred, we were two, thousand four, and that year, leading to the Super Bowl, and then get into the game, but I just came down and told them listen. Life Sucks when you lose the Super Bowl. You know just being real it's. It's just you know when you leave game for years, nothing about fifteen years for me, and I still remember someplace that I could have made in that game to change it and I told him I said. You know you don't WanNa. Be On that side of it. You want to be on the side of it where you can reflect and smile and enjoy. Look at your rain, Your wife has a ring. Your kids are. Back on that particular game. You know fifteen years. I'm I'm still trying to figure out why I did something. Or why did this happen? because it would have been different in just looking back on it. Man Just how the game went for three and a half quarters to be honest with you. You know I'm thinking Oh man about to own one in my my super bowl speeches. This sucks off then they want it so now I'm coming out victorious as you could be as a speaker and I'll tell you this. You're a harvest, right? My Rookie Year we lost the super bowl to drew brees and his dumb baby up there on the jumbotron. When I walked into that locker room, okay, I was too young I. Didn't know what I didn't know. I had no idea and I was like we got peyton. We still reg. We got all these guys guys. We'll be back next year and we didn't. We didn't lose. We didn't LOSE UNTIL WE CHOSE TO LOSE. Literally one four toes lose, and then they got wearing the lead here and. And I walked in that locker room. I still to this day have never walked into a more depressed place than that, and then I I think Peyton left the country for a couple months like I. It was a massive ordeal, which is very hard to get over the Hump and it's your one hundred percent right in that. Can we talk about the environment? That was the Philadelphia Eagles though. Anytime, you're a dominant team. You're going to have a spotlight on you in there always seemed like an this pre social media and social media drums up drama a lot more than anything else, but your guys. Locker Room was a topic of conversation at all times it literally was it was it was that all overblown? You think, or was it an accurate thing because distractions can be the death of a team, and it feels like you guys are still good, and with the amount of things that are being sentenced like I. Don't think that's the NFL works. It wasn't overblown, and probably it was. It didn't have as much coverage as probably at this particular point in in our where we are in the world, it would have been more coverage because it's. It was just at the Turmoi-. It was just too much of nothing going on. You know you gotta remember. We've both been a part of it especially in a wrench, you guys have when even when we were young I mean. They were guys who didn't like Peyton. Guys who despise Payton there. They were guys who thought Peyton just thought they were just like trash. And so you know it was like forget about. Peyton and I'm going to play for this guy or I'm GonNa do this and locker rooms as we know success, usually breeds eagles, big eagles. Everybody individually wants they're shy, and so that's what you seen. You seen a Lotta guys, not being able to handle the success of making it to the Super Bowl and preparing for what we had to do. Do in order to get back to that particular point, and so they thought it was so easy at that particular point in that year. That are we were just don't have it again next year, and so now you start seeing guys pointing the finger at each other you still seeing guys with websites. You guys get radio shows. You see guys on TV. Talking about me me me, and then what happened, was it just Kinda blew over because the main two pieces of it all where me? So I became that story, but then it was still stopping in the wings that that was going on with other players. Who would try to get their shot? And so you know you gotta understand in this game that we play. My everybody's not built for the spotlight. You know everybody wants to be in the spotlight, but as as the spotlight gets hot, you know they scatter like roaches, and so it's Kinda like wasn't me It's not me and it's like. Wait a minute out. Take a little bit accountability, unless let's continue to move forward. Everybody wants to be a line until it comes time to do. What lines after do I mean that is? That is a quote that is ranked through with the NFL to a lot of guys that want to be in the NFL, but then things to stay in the NFL and be successful in the NFL. They're not about that. They're about flexing the NFL, but have you teo made up since all that I don't know if that is publicly happened. Do you ever talked to him? I do not. And, nor nor is my mind even set to to do then it's legal authority. I mean really I've moved on, and and in this world that we live in. You know it's too much that's going on at this tract. There might focus needs to be on that you know my focus is on my kids that are here. The House will be the best dad that could possibly be my focuses or. Try to change with social justice and police brutality as well as inequality to try to change that speak you know. Try to teach the youth which training of what's going on in the world, so they're prepared and then also at you know at the end of it all manages trying to be healthy and try to live and be here for my kids. Kids yeah, as they continue to grow I. Hope you get a chance to talk sometime. You guys did a lot of great things together, and obviously you do what you gotta do your man, you make your decisions, but I hope someday that comes through fruition. A lot of people will go Donovan as you know. PHILLY's a very very tough place to play in for Carson. Carson wentz clause got back I. Know where where the backup quarterback wins the superbowl. You've had some injury issues stuff like that. And now they draft another quarterback, not that that's a replace him. But what do you think Carson Wentz is dealing with as far as skepticism and stuff like that inside the city of Philadelphia. Well he, he's He's the baby boy over there I. Mean You know they? They love? Carson out there and so I, just think what Carson is just dealing with any other quarterback deals with remember he came off. An MVP sees enough taking a second second year starting. and then the next year about about an injury again on nick, foles steps in Texas. Teams were Super Bowl. He sitting on the sideline nick. Foles has a statue builder in front of the stadium. He comes back the next year. He gets hurt again. So i. mean you know what he's going through in? The fans are like what's up man like we need this now like they've invested a me one hundred million dollars into. He gets hurt last year in the playoffs. Then they draft a quarterback and Jalen hurts for depth, but you know I went through the same thing I mean. They drafted Kevin Cobb. Remember in the second round. while. I was there. You know which I didn't think that I didn't care anything about it but what ended up happening after I finished counting my duration with my contract in got an extension after that is I was traded to the rescue as they put Kevin Cobb as the starter now. It didn't work out well because he had concussions victims. Step in, but that's what. What we go through quarterbacks and so I, think it's not just Philadelphian. People can let it Filatov because of the the reputation that they have. It's all across the league. You know you you can't discount a ride Roger. Horse to a player that that continues to get hurt and think it's going to be okay at some point, you got to support yourself and get deaf. Let's talk about a quarterback situation in the town that you live. Cuyler Murray last year him and Cliff Kingsbury towards the end of the season. We're causing people problems. They were causing people problems, and he's a freak athlete, obviously top five pick in both NFL and the MLB that is just I. couldn't even Fathom Athletic Feel Pretty Damn? Today I'm going to be actually you know what you know what it feels. Good. I have an idea. I'm not his caliber. But you're radio to tell yourself pad. Yeah, I'm a great athlete you know. His level, but I'm still a great athlete. You've got the arms out. You know what I'm saying. Guns it anyway. Yeah there. You Go, wait a bit. Arose shorts. What of sorts you got on the? Let's get back to the question. Back to the conversation here he he got a madman rating of seventy seven. Okay, and obviously the man rating is much more important nowadays than it was back in the day. Because anytime, you're judged from zero to one hundred by somebody you don't know in that could potentially be perceived as how people view talent because some random human. Put your zero to one hundred. He's seventy, seventy-seven overall, but last year him and cliff. Kingsbury started to figure it out towards the end of the year I. Think I. Honestly the NFL is much. Much different college for both of them I assume that both of them had to have something now they bring in nuke. What are your thoughts on the Murray I? Think he has a chance to be super. Special I i. think he has a chance to be very very special well. He's a special individual and he super talented and what he's able to do. You know you have to take into account the kit never lost a high school football game I believe he won four state titles, and he was a five star. Texas a network Look Kingsbury. I believe recruited them Emma Kevin Summit and then clicking berries Lou leaves He goes to that first year as his freshman year doesn't go well, and he transfers but you also have to look into account Baker Mayfield the heisman trophy winner the year before he started. And so everyone we all know when you have one of the one of the most focal point. We WanNa guys that you can focus on in college. Who Wins The heisman that next quarterback? That's a lot of pressure. This kid stepped in have better numbers than Baker Mayfield. And then what he did last year as a rookie, you know and you know everyone goes through their low rookie Kinda like stripes you are. You gotta gotTa Kinda gain the first six games after that he started bawling, and so that just goes to tell you a little bit more about Murray's game where it's not just all about flash. The kid knows how to play the football game at the position, and so you know you talk about his his rating for man I've always had an issue with the ratings man because even when I was on the cover. Higher than like eighty, six or eighty eight, and first of all, here's a guy. Who would you save seventy seven? He was rookie of the year last. He's rookie year. You gave him seventy seven, which you might give some tight ends. I, mean it, it's amazing. Because why can't he be? In the eighty four eighty six category coming off his rookie season, his speed probably should be around ninety two. We see how fast is. His arm, strength and accuracy, probably being about eighty to eighty four I mean this is unbelievable, but again everyone gets upset about their their matting ratings. I don't know what yours was at that particular time. But my speed was very low. Lesson Donovan I the Internet. LOVES THE PILE ON PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES be whenever they care about what people are saying because the old adage is like. Don't read the press clippings. Don't hear what anybody says about you, but that's just not reality. Okay, that is not. It's shoved down your throat. Basically, so you have to see everything like that. So the first couple of years that I was in that Madden game they gave my arm strength by the way which we have all seen now we've all seen. Have like fifteen or something like that then. All Yeah. I was not happy then I. mean I understand you're on the cover. Suspected you but I was at the bottom totem pole, and they were disrespecting me, too. So was from top to bottom Donna. That I was not happy about it, but I I'm you and put me on the cover, and they give you an eighty something all all. Were you worried about the matters? you know what I didn't even think of it? Because remember it, wasn't it wasn't that much of a big deal. I think Eddie George have been before me. and he got hurt i. don't know who else may have graced the cover and what happened in that situation, but when when I got hurt Michael Vague was right after me, and that was the first thing I said to him look man. This curse might be real. Like, like some going on, and then he breaks his. He breaks his ankle in the preseason game against Baltimore. So you know the fund, the hunting of funny thing about it. is the fact that now we look back on it and say what it was, but then you look at some of these guys like Patrick Mahomes on a boat. He gets hurt. Now Lamar Jackson is on this year and I'm like Oh God. That would be a big when he got hurt like everyone's excited about this year, and then if he gets hurt, it's going to be like got man my Lula stock. Especially, if they're giving cover athletes, eighty sixes, or whatever people might turn it down, donald absolutely I can't thank you enough for join us man. This is incredible conversation. Thank you man next time? I have my sleeveless shirt gone. You know I had our day like couple of days ago, so I'm row. which I don't know about those shorts. Though pack well, he got do leg day to. Back? Ladies and gentlemen. Eat Breakfast. Admit you throw up. Ladies and gentlemen. Eagles Hall of Famer. Legends Don mcnabb. Appreciate you. Apologize for interrupting, but I got a question for you. Wouldn't it be great if every clothing store you shop. That had only your size. What styles you like and at the price? You want well. There's a company focused on making that APP. In the world of clothes shopping, there are no consistent sizes. Why should we have to try to guess if a medium is really a medium or constantly have to return close purchase online? Find something that fits perfectly. Stitch fix is a personal styling company that makes getting the clothes. You love effortless. It's a completely different way to shop. That's all about you ever single time to get started. 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Being joined now by a man who might look like he's twelve, but he's working as if he's been in the business for seventy five years NFL network an NFL DOT COM reporter. Could find on. Twitter and Instagram I believe. Ask Tom. Tom? Tom Great to chat with you. You've been crossing it right now. I probably look like I've been crushed. I didn't remember. This was a video interview, so literally got back to the gym three minutes ago. Tom To keep it going I can respect that you're in some time to get the gains in because what you've been doing on the Internet with breaking news I said this on the show the other day all the information that's coming from the NFL side of things when it comes to the proposals and negotiations to get back into play had been coming through Tom Pella sorrow Tom. Are you in Roger Goodell attached at the hip through this entire process? or how are you getting all this incredible information right now? What's fascinating about this is this is the first time that I can remember in terms of any big issue in the NFL where the teams are the last people to know you have going back months. Conversations between the medical officials dot Dal and sills with the NFL doctor Tom Mayor with the NFL Players Association. They've contracted with outside experts. The People at Duke you've all these people involved so football. Football ops, which normally is the driving force behind anything like a schedule change to training, camp or preseason games would be the ones driving communicating with the club's well. They've kind of been having to defer to the medical people, and so there have been a number of times in recent weeks where I've tweeted something and I've had whether it's general. Managers head coaches whatever calling me and say really. That was in the proposal like the one last week. I think was when the NFL took that initial proposal where it was going to be a thirty five percent escrow player salaries this year, which would have added up to one point two eight billion dollars. The player Said No. We're not doing that, so the NFL came back and said Hey, what if we say, you can cut forty million from the salary cap and benefits which you calculate that out the player share that is also one point. Point two eight billion dollars to give back this year. Why tweet that forty million and six general managers? I'm not kidding. That night called me to say there's no. How could we do that I? said I figured they asked you know there. There's a general managers advisory committee the CDC Working Group. There are these groups of GM's and team executives who are supposed to be involved in these decisions, but it's negotiation There are bargaining chips involved in some of these proposals that the League continues to. To make about changing the CAP number in twenty twenty at this late stage. It's not just a concern for the players. It's a concern for for the people whose job it is to find the players and put their team together, because the roster's here on July, twenty third or pretty much set, let's talk about the money thing because it feels like the infectious disease emergency response plans have been okayed by just about everybody, which a lot of the players talked about as one of their main concerns, it's. It's like hey. We're in the middle of pandemic. We want to know what the response is. GonNa be our players going to be able to go on. I are as a football injury. All of that's getting settled, but now we're getting into. What is the real problem in this entire thing? And that's the financials of it. All is being alleged I. Think your account and a lot of other people that the NFL wants it. Make back or take the hit next year where the NFL PA wants. A spread it across the eleven years of the new CBA as a business person. Wouldn't you rather have your losses be spread out over a decade as opposed to in one year. Why is this even a talking point? I feel like everybody who has a brain would be on the NFL PA side of this in unless NFL. Owners is looking to sell his team within the next five years. Why would they not want to do that? Is that a real thing or is this just a bargaining thing to try to get the businesses? Settled as quickly as possible for their return to play. Well. It's definitely real, and and let's start with this so the NFL in the NFL PA since twenty seven of had a revenue sharing agreement, it is unlike the previous systems which were cap credits. This is straight up revenue sharing the players get forty seven or forty eight cents on every dollar, so if you have what right now is projected a four. Dollar revenue shortfall this year. Players are responsible for about one point nine billion of in other words. If they change nothing this year, there's about one point nine billion dollars player costs meaning salary cap as well as benefits that are going to the players that, technically if you did the true up mechanism, meaning where at the end of every year because the cap is say, upon projections of following years revenue, there's ever been a multi billion dollar shortfall, but if If there were and if you did nothing if you did not cut a deal, what would happen is that trump would kick in next February or March and the salary cap would drop about fifty sixty seventy million dollars per club, because if you divide that one point, eight billion dollar revenue loss by thirty two teams, benefits is also part of that salary cap is most of it. The salary cap would plummet. That is not in anybody's interest so in. In terms of why the owners want to get back the money now there's a couple of factors involved one being again. That's fifty sixty seventy million dollars of revenue that is out of your pocket. That would be yours right now in terms of actually running your business if you looked at the packers, revenue numbers and their profit numbers last year, don't be a sizeable chunk of it That would be out of your pocket now and teams don't want. Want to take debt onto their franchises right now they're argument is put some money back in our pockets, one way or another at this stage. If you do nothing the other thing that could happen, let's say the NFL PA doesn't cut a deal. They say you know what we're fine with that entire thing hitting the CAP. In twenty twenty one veterans are still going to get cut now. Why because teams are going to want to pocket cash there are. Are some teams that aren't GonNa care. They're going to say we'RE GONNA play to win here. We're maxed out on our salary cap as it is, we're still going to play. We're still going to keep everybody on the roster. There's other teams go on that veteran who might be making twelve million dollars non-guaranteed. We're moving on from after the season. Anyway, this might be a way for us in terms of our budgeting as well as our cash flow say. Say. What we're. GonNa cut ties now. We're GONNA. Go younger, or we're GONNA. Ask Ten guys on our team. All take a pay cut. Hey, you got ten million dollars non-guaranteed this year. We don't even know playing all the games this year. You might lose the prorated portion of that money will guarantee you one million now if you can take a cut down to five million, and that potentially could take place across the league, so there are multiple stakeholders. Stakeholders obviously in this between the players, the owners the league, nobody wants everything to hit next year, but the discrepancy to your point that is the union wants this to be spread out between twenty, twenty, two and twenty thirty. They WanNa leave status quo in twenty twenty. This is early proposals twenty twenty. One. Peg the same salary capping have this year then spread it out over the next nine years. Owners could collect interest on that money that isn't being. Being paid back sooner, but it's basically a two billion dollar loan to the players that they would pay off over a decade. The NFL wants to get a large chunk of that back right now. Tom Listen! I just listened to you. Talk about a lot of finances and business stuff in fantastic fashion by the way that is not easy to do. You just did very wouldn't know. That gave up on the finance major at Boston College after one said. Communication The fact you got into Boston College tells me you've got a big ass brain I never even considered by the eagles up there, but in congrats on the the stadium being named after you by the way up there at Boston College congratulations. Alumni field the. Everything. You just said right there. Tonic gets me a little bit worried because we see Tom. Brady going back into the training facility. Today we hear about the rollout plans getting back. Players are being told if you don't report, there's GonNa, be consequences because they figured out the emergency response plan, and in dealing with Tova, and who knows how the inside facilities are GonNa to look in comparison to what years past it looked like I assume it's going to be insane, and a lot of the rules contradict each other, but they're trying to do the best they can in the guidelines. From the business side of it, though from what you're hearing. You can say right now. Hundred percent certainty that the season's going to happen no problem at all. Let's go. Let's go ahead and have a full season. Let's get going. Let's get a popping off. You can say that you save the last four months of taught me anything. It's that nothing is certain in this world. From, strictly a Labor perspective, right Short Mercer, the answer article, three of the collective bargaining agreement is a no strike, no lockout clause. You can't lock out the players and tell him you can't come to work. The players can't walk off the job the only recourse from the players. Ads. Only recourse for the players side would be if they go in and team, reps and players are reporting that the protocols are being followed. Teams are cheating on the temperature checks or the testing, or this is on you could you could file expedite grievance for unsafe working conditions and try to get an arbitrator to shut it down until things get fixed from the owners side. The only thing that would be possible would be. Do you just say we don't want anybody on the field? Until the finances are worked out, remember they have not yet agreed to what the camp plant is the NFL PA. PA wants a longer ramp up period. They want three weeks of strength and conditioning before you even move into unpatented TA practices. The NFL's plan is like five days or six days of strength and conditioning plus walk-throughs. Before you move into the field stuff, so there's definitely still some grey area here in terms of exactly how this plays out. The League has long pushed to have an economic deal in place prior to players hitting the field, the Union to this point has not had that same level of urgency in part because it's July twenty third. It's not August twenty third or September thirteenth. And with the way that this entire public health situation is evolving, they may have a better idea about. Can you have fans in the stands? What revenue losses be a month from now or six weeks from? Now than you do right at this? At this point, we currently have fifty three days until season is supposed to start forty eight days from one training campus to start July twenty eighth with that whole thing that you figure. Figure it out. Let's hope they do that especially in the world that we're living in, nobody wants to hear business disputes especially with all the world that we're currently and but hey, that's business baby. Now we have about forty five seconds until the radio ends here first hour. So if we get cut off in the middle of that for the radio, listeners we continue the conversation youtube dot com slash the McAfee show with at Tom. Who is an incredible insider? INNOCENCE IR thing? Let's talk about your inside sources here in Tony Brown Gay Antonio. Brown has been a face their. Face by Tom Czar. In Tony Brown want from being a sixth round draft. Pick to buy a lot of people's accounts best wide receiver in Football K., also best punt return football if he wants to be, that's just the way it goes incredibly talented guy, force his way out of Pittsburgh because of disagreements and relationships and out of Oakland, and then obviously allegations arise. Whenever is. Is What the Patriots after having seven catches and a touchdown he leaves. Say Some things about Robert. Kraft seems hit rock bottom now. He's what we all believe is on the way back a met with Dion. He has a therapist and any put out a report to our last night on instagram about how he just wants the NFL to tell him what is punishment is going. Going to be what is suspense going to be? He said he's been invested has been investigated for eleven months now. This comes two days after a lot of people said he was alluding to retirement again, but it feels like he wants to play, and if all of this is accurate, and what he posted here about how he's giving them all his phones, he's met with the. The therapist. He's done everything once. He just wants to know an answer on how long he'll be suspended if it'll be suspended for everything that's happened. Is this what you're hearing from the NFL side of things? Can we say that what in Tony? O'Brien wrote here is accurate in. Do you see an ending or an outcome in this investigation for the Antonio? broncos happening soon. I'll tell you this. One of the complications is the fact that there is still a civil suit in the state of Florida by a woman who has accused Antonio Brown of sexual harassment, sexual assault He obviously already repairable by the way to deal on the the felony case. Okay, so I think they. It seems as if Antonio Brown once the deal was reached on the felony case then that. That would cause things to ramp up in terms of the NFL be no wrap up its investigations, because one of their core tenets has always been. We're GONNA. Let the court process. Play out before we get involved in other words. If somebody is facing a serious charge, they're gonNA wait till the investigation's done. They're going to wait to. The legal system takes action, and then the NFL will rule that. That doesn't mean they couldn't keep Antonio Brown or somebody else off field through the Commissioner's exempt list in the short term, which has been one of the concerns part of why Tony. Brown didn't get signed last year was if he got signed based on the nature of the allegations, the the personal conduct policy would suggest the league could have just said even though we're not suspending him we're. We're keeping them off the field. So this civil suit that continues to play out in the state of Florida. There was actually a mediation that was scheduled last Friday. Then it got cancelled in other words. He got close to speak resolved than it wasn't and I will just tell you this. From the teams I have spoken to that is the biggest concern is the allegations in that civil suit is? What might come out if that goes to trial, which according to the people I've spoken to the attorneys for the woman continued to prepare as if that is going to go to trial on top of with Antonio Brown. You got two main questions besides again the very serious allegations you have reliability, and once you get to put on social media while in the past three days. He has put I'm retiring. Retiring for at least by my competent third time on twitter, it also made previous statements about that back last August with the raiders retire over the helmet, but last September, last November, and now this past week he said I'm done, and then every time he comes back a couple of days later unretire, and once again last night is putting it on the NFL that Hey, I want the decision now. Well, it's difficult. Difficult in the experiences that a Lotta players have had with the League Ezekiel Elliott, being one recent case where his case dragged on, and his attorneys were getting frustrated. Why are they not ruling? Eventually? They did and he got a a six game suspension with Antonio Brown because you have a civil case involved. It's a little bit more complicated than those are. The allegations that from what I understand has been the. The biggest concern for teams about we sign this guy, and not only do we not know, is he? GonNa unretire tomorrow is GonNa. Take shots on social media you know, is he? Going to with the Patriots sent threatening messages to somebody that all of sudden become public. It's all that, but also if all of a sudden, some really annoyed things to come out at trial. How would that make the team look? Completely understandable thanks for breaking that down for us. I'm intrigued to see how that all plays out obviously terrible allegations if he ends up being. Innocent or that get settled and figured out and everybody feels. Justice was served I'm excited to see if we can get a chance at third fourth chance back in the League to kind of prove himself as the great that he is then obviously ends up the other way hope justice is served Tom. We can't thank you enough for joining us wasn't incredible brain. That's year old had just got out of the Jin who knows everything. Follow Matt Tom. Tom? Shower, next time I promise! I can't even tell by the way you look like your TV ready right now. Honestly I don't have begun out next time. Maybe I'll I'll I'll cut up shirt. Tom Tom YOU WANNA go. Really. I don't want any part of this absolutely right I want no part of this hang. Thank you for joining us man. You're awesome. You got an anytime. Cheers incredible. All right that's the show can't thank you enough for choosing to listen to this show. Obviously, you have a lot of things that can penetrate your ear holes. The fact he let this do it. is very very nice. Few you enjoy the show. Please tell us if not act like it never fucking happened. Okay Aj everything say to the people as they go into an incredible weekend. Maybe motivate them to have the best weekend. They can possibly have what the circumstances that we currently are living. I hope everyone has a great weekend I. Hope digs is happens how he wants to here in a couple weeks. Very nice you also happy birthday to Samantha Loot Eight. My fiance soon to be bride. Best human on earth. I'm very thankful. Take your last name, Pat. That is she gonNa take your last name. You know we have the conversation I think. I don't know. All right. Did your wife. Yes, she did she. I mean she might want to take it back now, but yes, she did. Oh, no take backs. He's on that thing. I just had to go down the courthouse and sign a bunch of things, but my right hand up and say that I wasn't second cousin Sam. Did you ruin your marriage license to do. Yep. They gave us a list of five questions. It was like. Are you a sexual offender? Are you over the age, of Blah, blah? Blah is the person that is standing next to you that you're gonNA marry a closer than your second cousin, and then everything else is who is like nope. NOPE Nope, and we had to raise your right hand and say that every answer we gave was the truth, and it was like we not causing problems were not thank you analyze sexual offender, obviously, and we are both of age and. Yes, this is an interesting situation. Has Anybody Ever said Oh? You know what we are so? We to get out of here, so sorry, we are second cousins. I didn't know this a rule. I don't say no, it is. It's going to happen. We just came down paid eighteen bucks cash only by the way she's eighteen bucks cash only what you would think in covert not way to do it. Yeah, we met it happen. We're GONNA get married can't wait for digs gets to do the same though you're. Covered is brewed. Forget through it together. Have a great weekend. Happy Birthday to Samantha Ludi you're the greatest I love you tomorrow. Cheers have grow weekend. You're the best. Please plays independent music.

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