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"Plane get brock's do take your never never before seen baseball skills and get the fuck out here a ride goes on to texas signs for two fifty two and the mets go on to miss four hundred and fifty six career home one runs for him well done that's really well done fast forward for years and the contract is not making sense for the party the rangers have some good too much money into a rod the rest the team stinks last place team basically every single year a ride he's the twenty five million dollar year man he's the highest paid loser in the league and what happens along come the boston red sox a strike the deal it's manny and less there for a ride both teams are on board the agreements in place but the deal includes eight pay cut for a ride to the to the thirty million bucks major league baseball players association they can have that get had that big of a pay cut they counter with a deal that would reduces contract only by thirteen million and boston says no greatest blockbuster of all time veto it off the table so now consider the butterfly fact here it that deal goes through to the red sox going to break the curse i don't know anyway so way in texas leicester never blossoms in boston would the cooler have stop boston from their pseudo dynasty we have made them even better what ups or not it's odd though to consider that the red sox kind of dodged a bullet by not acquiring the most talented shortstop of all time it's in a weird way the greatest trade that never was for them so now here's the weirdest part of the a ride boston and then eventually yankee saga and that's the timeline the trade falls that are it's a now the rangers a factoring completely in damage control vote is obviously a made it clear they all want to part ways and it all fell apart tomic's john hart and buck showalter go ahead and they made.

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