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Episode 232: Cincinnati Chili (Entry 223.2K0440)

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Episode 232: Cincinnati Chili (Entry 223.2K0440)

"Nothing we are Jennings and John Rodrick. We speak to you from our present which we can only assume as your distant past the turbulent time that was the early twenty first century during the great cataclysm that will surely befall our civilization. We began this monumental reference of strange obscure human knowledge. These recordings represent our attempt to compile and preserve wonders esoterica. That would otherwise be lost. So whether you're listening from an advanced civilization or just reinvented the technology to decrypt our transmissions. This is our legacy to you. This is our time capsule this is the you have accessed intrigue two to three to K zero four four zero certificate number two four five nine eight Cincinnati Chili. Jeff Have you had Cincinnati Chili. I have had Chili and I've had spaghetti. I've never had them together really. I've sat at the table. You know that little Chilly place that somehow still thereby the Ballard bridge that little for sure. Do you go there all the time you've been there. That looks like he did in one thousand nine hundred twelve. That's it's wonderful. I have eaten something else there while somebody else that place in Cincinnati I think and I have eaten there while my friend had Cincinnati Chili and I think that was the first time I knew of Cincinnati Chili and I was kind of appalled. So what you're the place you're describing is a place called Mike Chili Parlor. And it is. It's right by the Ballard Bridge and it is like a very interesting to those of you. Who Live in Bulgaria or tearing off Waco it is it is it does have the yield the appearance and they do a form of Cincinnati Chili. Although I wouldn't I wouldn't describe it as like the perfection of the form. It's its own thing do they claim that it's Cincinnati. That's what it says on the menu. I think right on their little chalkboard I mean they need to say that. Because there's a lot of confusion when you start talking about Chile particularly now but in fact in a way always because Chile has a already issues with defining chilly. Right within doesn't doesn't have much within people that care about Chile. They are already arguing over whether or not you should put a single grain of of pepper in it if you can still call it chili if you if it has if it has anything other than is that a real thing which spices it has absolutely people care about Chili. A Lot. And I don't know I don't know if I understand it is it because of the maybe the spiciness of the dish has led to this kind of competitive cook off angle where it becomes kind of a masculine thing who can make the fiery Chilli. Six alarm seven alarm. Look out ladies aid alarm? It's Dan in Chile. Is Chile is an American a northern Mexico Texas southwest kind of invention. It's not A. It's not a thing that that is as old as time. It started to develop around the the mid nineteenth century. Originally Chile was a thing that you were that they would cook in pots as kind of meat and spice Concoction and then they would condense it right take the water out of it until it until it became a block like a like. You would head out on the trail that was about to say. So it's like it's like trail food yeah with a with a block of Chili Starter. And then you would take this block and add water. Cook it in your steel hot on invented. Campbell's condensed soup. Yeah it was a it was kind of food that you could like basically freeze dried camp food in the mid nineteenth century. But it doesn't really like the olmecs didn't eat chilis what you're saying. It doesn't have a lot of apparent. Mesoamerican antecedent no and the original chilly as described did not have beans in it it. I mean beans were a or a popular food in the southwest. But the Chili itself was this sort of combined dried beef chipped beef combined with Chili seasoning and and and didn't even have tomato in it. I you know being so tomato. Yeah it was just like when you find out that pizza just used to be flat bread with olive oil on it and so when when people started and the desire to to have a the impulse to have chilly be kind of specialty dish. That you worked hard on was also. It's it's contemporaneous with barbecue. Also being kind of regional specialty. That has the Saint Louis Barbecue. People will argue that they're barbecue puts the Carolina Barbecue to shame and so forth. I think the boundary wars are in effect of these being safe culinary fields for men At a time when it would have been to feminizing for men to have BROWNIE RECIPE CAKES. But the still the impulse to make delicious food is obviously not gendered are messed up culture of the time and maybe now so many should try delicious. King. I'd love to try your delicious cakes. Is that a euphemism. Never eat anything I offer you. You're always like oh no that's fine as though as though my food is like somehow. I don't know full of you just whistle Safeway cakes. I was eating some like trail. Mix upstairs and you were like. You can't eat that. Don't eat that but the thing about Chili and barbecue. Is there specific qualities that make it seemingly safe in a masculine world? The spiciness both of them for example are very hardy. Meat Heavy Foods. Barbecue has kind of the outdoor opened fire thing which which I guess makes it seem plausibly. Masculine show has a different kind of heat. It's got the spicy this and then just because there's men involved that turns into this pissing contest over. Can you mustard in the sauce? Can you have beans and the Chili like you notice? Women don't fighting not fighting about whether or not chocolate chip. Cookies should have walnuts. The women in my family do good sir. In fact Chile was originally a thing that was that was developed by Mexican women and Tejano Women Interesting. So it was. It was when it first arrived on the scene like the Chili was popularized in the city of San Antonio and there and the the women that were famous for making it in their Chilly joints as they were called. We're known as the Chili Queens of San Antonio she'll be joint so there is a restaurant you would go just to have Chili. You're sweaty. You're off the trail. That's right chilly. Joints Well No. I think this is by the late nineteenth century when it had started to become a a cuisine rather than I mean you know working class cuisine but but not a cowboy fees are diners now and it was really the the Columbia Exposition in Chicago that brought Chile to the wider world. It's always that damn world fairly is what the world would be like if Chicago had been like. No pass like L. A. Trying to get rid of the Olympics. We don't have a world's fair seems like a lot of trouble to have a big white city. It's always it's always you can. I mean how many things in the omnibus have. We traced back to the exposition every single omnibus entry. You look at any of this copping. That's world's world's fair chastity belts world's fair George Bush's crack dealer world world's fair so so the world went to the Chicago world's fair in one thousand nine hundred and there was a you know a Texas pavilion and They were serving Chilean. It really struck a resonant chord with people as we sign that the what would the Doritos entry you know like South? Western food was delicious and nobody knew it was a there was a weird mark imbalance. There is an arbitrage opportunity. Like it's kind of like when Thai food hadn't caught on yet. There's this amazing food and nobody knows nobody's heard of it and you hear it is and it's really easy to make and it it wasn't it was right at that same time. Eighteen ninety four that the first packaged Chili powder was introduced. Prior to that. You know you obviously people were making chili powder around the world by grinding chilies. But it was the first time someone had taken chili powder and and and made an industrial product out of it so immediately afterwards after the world's fair suddenly you could acquire chili powder and use it as season. People were so elsewhere in America and even Europe people were not putting chili powder in their eggs or their soups or whatever. Well you know Paprika there were the pets pre come on. Chile was used as a spice in Asia. I mean Chili's have been a have been a food seasoning. People knew about Chile as a pepper right and you and you could dry it and grind it. It just wasn't a thing you buy a store. It was a. It was a preparation right that year. That you would make as part of making your regional cuisine. But it wasn't a thing where you would buy a package of an experiment with it. Like what if we put? Chili in in lemonade. What if we put Chili? What if we sprinkled it on ourselves before we made love? This is what happens today. Like Chili's on desserts like all these fancy restaurants. Do you think that it's odd? That Chile is named for the pepper. Right right like I think Chile as a growing up on mid century candidate. I think of it as a meeting. Bean dish that was always my dad's to dish when he had to cook. Dad's like my mom. My Mom's she's not not unlike your mom she's a busy be hard worker. Always got something going on. She would have party when we were little. She would have a part time job at a embroidery store at the northgate mall or she worked the King Tut exhibition when it came to seventy eight or whenever. That was a proctor yes she was a out in the amateur Dosen of some kind and whenever my mom was on my dad didn't have that many options. It was either going to be fried egg sandwiches or can't show and of course we love that because Friday sandwiches and Arcane chillier delicious right and so the idea like I always think that Chile has to have beans. But I'm not crazy about the beans right so I was happy about the discovery later in life there these purists who don't want beans in there chilly the Texas Style Chili. But it's weird that these trail people would not have been there chilly. It's a common part of that cuisine. Right it's it's less perishable than the meat or anything else you're putting in there. They would have had beans with the meal. Just didn't put it in dump it in the Chili and I think they're not wrong. I think doesn't do that. Show any favors well. And so this period right the the late nineteenth century early twentieth century so much was happening in in America. This at this time it was a time of great it's always a time of great people on Omnibus but this in particular was a time of a lot of immigration to the United States. People coming from all over but also a sense of kind of integrating the south into the southwest in particular into American culture like Texas had always been a far away place in now. Texas was becoming becoming more than just a like a wild outpost but but Texas Food Texas stuff was was in vogue. I wonder if some cash aid from its unique history as a formerly independent country Cadillac. One Hawaii joined the Union. And then we're all like who pineapple tell us more well and the period between the rise of the railroads and the motorcar which would allow you to from Ohio drive down to Texas and check it out and come home by the by by early. Nineteen Ten's Texas Chili Parlors. Were starting to open up around. The country. Like hamburger stands and people were a chilly was kind of a thing that not not quite exotic but but it was a new a new style. It's cheap and it's Philip. Heep working and it actually has flavor right which used to be kind of expensive people's food you know. Poor people ate potatoes. And and what right. That's about it more potatoes cabbage potatoes and potatoes. And and now. Here's like an inexpensive food. That really packs a wallop. That's right and was the type of thing that you could pullover. There'd be a roadside stand in a lot of ways like our own aforementioned Mike's Chili Parlor which opened in Seattle in nineteen thirty nine. How it was thirty restaurants still open in Seattle. And that was in Ballard which was a seafaring working class part of town. You could go over and get a bowl of Chili. It didn't require a lot of fuss and Muss. It was a thing that went well with beer. Right that's true also. It's yeah you think about that driving a lot of the Asian food trends now and it's really what's good drinking food. What is good with beer? But during this same period it was a time of a lot of immigration from the Mediterranean into United States Italy and and environs were sending a ton new immigrants in the United States but one of the chapters of that Mediterranean Immigration Story is related to the Balkan. Wars that happened. There were a couple of wars in the Balkan Peninsula that happened immediately before World War One arguably one of the major causes of World War. One during which time all of the Balkans had been part of the Ottoman Empire for many hundreds of years and during this this early part of the twentieth century. It was a time of Balkan national identity we've talked about this before on the omnibus in the Mirror. She No cherries episode that the The Slavs of the Balkan Peninsula were. You think they're all slobs will not all slobs. I mean the Romanians art but slavs with the southern Slav complaining role of slobs degrading the slobs emigrate down to Washington from Alaska. That's got here But they were they were rebelling against the Turks and pushing them out and there were a couple of their couple of wars happened in quick succession but it was a time of a lot of of turmoil and upheaval in violence in the in the Balkans in Greece in particular and so a lot of people immigrated to the United States through Ellis Island during that period from that part of the Mediterranean eastern Mediterranean and They arrived in America and there was a sort of diaspora of of of Greeks and Macedonians. That that went to places in the in what we have agreed is the Midwest Detroit Ohio Chicago a lot a lot of that population stated in New York and they maintained a kind of what would you call it. An identity within these regions. They were Orthodox Christians so at at this point in time I mean this was an era where there was a lot of prejudice against Catholics. Did they somehow avoid that? You could you kind of see American. Protestants turning on any eastern Orthodox believers as easily as the papists. I think there was a lot of Orthodox Catholic rivalry because they were they were the Orthodox Greeks would move into neighborhoods that had formerly been Catholic or Jewish. You know they weren't troubling the the high part of town where the episcopalians lived they were they. Were making it up. I guess if you WANNA get the most bang for your prejudice buck you go after the pope not the patriarch of Constantinople. That's right that's right like really. How many how many Greeks are you trying to annoy? Well in Greece has a certain hold on the American imagination because the founders were so enamored with ancient Greece. Now that's interesting so you always can kind of if you're looking for if you're looking for a reason not to be prejudiced against Greeks you can constantly also or you can always find a way to connect them to their ancient culture. The Greek certainly do they. They will tell you everything they invented love to do it but so so here. We have this This population of of recent immigrants from Greece and and and Macedonia and Bulgaria and Albania Who are arriving in New York. And and then sort of populating the midwest they're looking for ways to To make a living in the United States drama and that often happens with the with new immigrant populations in food right. They find they. They are good cooks at home. They find a way to introduce some of their cuisine to the Americas. What's interesting to me? Is that my impression of Greek restaurants. Then is now is that they were not like. Hey America how come have some stuffed grape leaves like they started making Burgers and Pasta. This is a plot point and she looked at Chiba Chiba. This exactly like there's a Greek diner by my house that has pizza but also has burgers and it has euros and it has This is a plot point in the great brain books. Oh are you familiar with these books books about the Tom Sawyer type swindler character in TURN OF THE CENTURY UTAH? I guess I'm at a loss to recall anything from them. There is a Greek is a supporting character whose dad is a Greek restaurant tour. Who moves to this little frontier town and opens a Hash House of some kind and I assume this is part of this wave of Greek restaurant immigrant restaurateur immigration and. There's he's got a son named Basil and the kids. Make Fun of him because there's a new immigrant kid in town to beat up on and our heroes kind of take him under their wings and he becomes part of the gang and we learn that people from other cultures are okay but it's absolutely set around the premise of a Greek restaurant or moving to this tiny town in Utah in eighteen ninety eight or whatever and opening a little a little joint right a little diner of some kind well. This was the also the the period as we've we've sort of touched on of the joints and one of the joints that was popular at this time. Was the hot dog. Stand the hamburger stand right. These were a kind of novel ideas. You could go out and get a burger or a hot dog in a in a little hut quick food you can hold not have to sit and wait for a waitress and it was a tricky time because there wasn't a lot of food quality assurance and so there was quite a bit of. I think rightful suspicion. About what going in your hot dog or what was going in your hamburger and the and the successful businesses of the time. All found a way to reassure their customers that their hamburgers were only. The finest grade of snubbed snouts herbs. Yeah out since notes the Helton snow they were two of the the houses at hogwarts. Like the guy that four that founded steak 'n shake he actually would go out and grind the meat in the restaurant to demonstrate to his clientele that he was using stake to make his hamburger rather than people were so sure and it was cats and entrails. And Nathan's famous hot dogs. That's the there started on. Coney island was a one of their promotions. Was that they they. They had people dressed as doctors surgeons. That would be. They're eating hot dogs. The doctor with the idea that like if a doctor would eat it you know it has to be good is paid by the wearing white coats. What would be the modern equivalent of that? What would you dress somebody up in the worst hipster garb like cops right? We we believe if a cop cops eat at a diner. You know I guess what you should do is have an air an airport. Eatery where the edible address people up as pilots. Because every time I see piloting an airport. I'm like that's gotta be the good those guys no but so all of these things kind of combined collided in a in a historical moment where this great influx of Greeks brought their own culinary tendencies to To a time in American history where the hamburger stand the hot dog stand and the Chili Parlor. Were all also colliding. And in this moment the idea of coney dog a coney island hot dog which is a hot dogs and a specific chilly on it. A hotdog coney island invented the Chili Dog. Well no this is. This is what makes it fairly complex. The Coney Coney Dog. I'm making a chart is a hot dog on a Bun. Esteemed hot dog. That has chilly on it and onions and cheese. That's the the sort of canonical coney. But the coney island dog arose other places before Coney Island and it was called a coney in those places in Fort Wayne Indiana in nineteen fourteen. A shop opened called the famous. Coney Island Weiner Stand. That was that sold hot dogs. Chili dogs and it was tied to the idea of coney. What is that idea? What are we conveying? Coney island really such a an amazing. Today you would never use an amusement park as a signifier of good or even convenient or food. Also Coney island is for future links. That don't know is a sort of. It's not even really an island. It's a little bit of an infamous inside neighborhood in southern southern Brooklyn and it's named after the original Dutch name was curbing not not coning for King but The the Dutch word for Rabbit Kunis a rabbits and so the So when the English took over they just kept the name Rabbit island a and it became a seaside resort. During this period a boardwalk lots of amusements. It was also an area that had a large immigrant population. Does it convey kind of like leisure like a fun vacation food? Like salt. Water Taffy or cotton candy is out. What a Chili dog would have been to these people? So is it sophistication to the big city that you don't get it for when I think it's more the former than the latter there in On the boardwalk there there was a restaurant called Felton's German garden and Feldman's had You know hot dogs and sausages. Which which again were a kind of immigrant food right central European kind of food hot dogs and they had A. They had an employee an immigrant. Employee by the name of Nathan Hamburger. Is he the founder of? Nathan's he eventually left. Felton's and opened his own hotdog stand. Nathan's that had to work as a hand. Pirker when he first came here he has a hand worker and he opened. Nathan's in Nineteen Sixteen. This is now two years after the Fort Wayne Coney Island Vena stand so. There was something in the air. Nathan's became very popular. He he nathan sold hot dogs for five cents which was about half the going rate for hot dogs at the time. And Nathan's popularized the the hot dog stand idea. Nationwide kind of was a sensation and people were people became aware of hot dogs. It's an early version of the of the fast food. Boom the the forties and fifties of the automobile era. Right like we've we've come up with an efficient way to give you a cheaper product with less frill. It's just a hotdog hand to you right and it was. It was a combination of like it's immigrant food. It's called the Frankfurter I mean a hamburger. These are these are kind of foreign sounding names and that they literally say what Central European country their. Their characteristic beaner is from Vienna hamburgers from Hamburg frankfurters from Franklin. And this was this gave it a little bit of a a An appeal also a lot of these early restaurant. Tours are Jewish immigrant of people. That are kind of again trying to convert their the the the few skills that they kind of can put to work in their new country. Like they can't you can't just come and immediately become whatever you were in the old country you have to. You have to adjust and even in Fort Wayne Indiana. The people buying nickel lunch probably are a largely immigrant population. Who who liked that? Remember that kind of food right even before famous. Coney Island Fort Wayne Famous Coney Island Weiner stand a restaurant in Green Bay. Wisconsin opened in one thousand. Nine hundred thirteen started by a man named John is it was called the it was called Chili. John's and was chilly. John was a place where this sort of Sh- Cincinnati Chili story starts to get moving and and again the just like the coney dog the the Greek affiliation of Chili seems to have happened multiple places at once. Does it just get appropriated by the Greeks or do they change something about Chile? They changed something fundamental about it. And within Greek cuisine there are a lot of ground beef or ground meat dishes Scher and those dishes are served are seasoned with a with a completely separate set of seasonings from southwestern chilly. There's a Greek Spaghetti and Spaghetti is another dish. That kind of gets appropriated and used by anybody that can think of a thing to throw on it. The only thing that spaghetti the only thing that doesn't get thrown on Spaghetti Baked potato. But everything everything else you can imagine. Spaghetti can hand. It's just a base and the sauce that's popular in Greek. Spaghetti is something called Salsa Kema which is a ground meat sauce but seasoned with cinnamon and cumin and Nutmeg and all spice and clove and bay leaves all these these seasonings that I mean some of those get incorporated into south human in south Western for Chile would dominate. All of that. You don't you don't dump nutmeg into your no and you don't you don't really put Cinnamon or clove in it. Either but it is. All that is present in Greek food and so as these Greek cooks. Were trying to find new foods to to to sell to their American audiences. They started to use these seasonings that they are familiar with and introduced into them. A Little Chili powder this new. This new seasoning that had arrived only recently I wonder if it helps conceal bad cooking like oh well just like any kind of red curry. You can put any amount of of partially spoiled meat in there and and The Chili will cover it over but the Chili adding the Chili seasoning and in particular kind of adopting the term chilly for what they were making and it was a it was a little bit of a maybe a cultural an attempt to make what they were making recognizable to their audience. They saw Chili Parlors. This is a popular dish. They looked at their traditional meat sauce and saw it as a sort of chilly. It looks like chilly. It looks like that. Simpson's joke about calling philophical crunch patties and calling euros or calling pitas. Puckett bread so that you don't scare off an audience with your weird new Mediterranean foods right pocket bread or for calling calling euros. Gyros exactly right. I mean so many of these things are are just a somehow the the morphing and melding happens somewhat spontaneously and in a way logically right. What are you GONNA call that? If you're trying to sell it to people you don't want to call it Mazuika or a salsa Kema like you're Roman Catholic next door. Neighbors aren't going to run down to eight year traditional dish. But it's important you can at some point you can switch back to but you've got to call it cucumber yogurt for like fifty years right and in this case this seasoned meat ground meat with with nutmeg cinnamon in it over. Spaghetti and over. Hot Docs Y right. Either or both the started this. This sort of quote unquote chilly. Started as a hot dog. Topping started as a coney island hot dog it was. It's separate. It wasn't called a Chili dog yet. Do you like Chili Dogs. I Love Dogs. I'm a little skept. I mean I like I just use gilding. The Lily hotdog already is meet. You don't need to put a meat sauce on it. Well I don't dislike it well Sir but if I could choose between the Chili dog and just a dog with regular toppings. I don't know if I would take the dog. I will re dogs here at home but also makes the Bundestag ear. It does. How do you feel about Chili Burger? Know what about a chilly size? Which is a chilly size. Chilly size is a is a kind of Chili Burger. That is served. It's like to Patty's with Chile over the top of it not necessarily with a bun. It's just like hamburger and Chili. There's a version of this with two fried eggs on top of two hamburgers covered with Chili. And it's S. Y. Apostrophe S. S. is e e size. It's just the way it served. It's just the size of Chili. If you go to. Randy's down by Boeing field order a Chili Burger. The waitress the seventy five year old waitress will say you mean a chilly size. It's not the place that used to be Danny so yellow hexagon signed. But it says Randy's now etiquette actually used to be a sambo's wow yeah we could do an omnibus on that too anyway. No one can quite trace the exact origin of this hybrid dish because it seems to have risen somewhat simultaneously in multiple places but the Cincinnati. Being one of them the sort of a conic or the generally accepted origin of Cincinnati. Chili starts with two brothers. Tom and John Cure gave. I think is how I'm going to pronounce it. Is that a Greek name K. K. I. R. A. D. J. E. F. F. to immigrant brothers. Who opened a little hamburger stand That was right next door to a burlesque place called the empress empress and so they called them. They called their place the The empress and they started serving this Greek style chili sauce on top of Spaghetti on top of spaghetti all covered with cheese. They lost their poor meatball. End The way that they know me the way that they The the originals. The original dish was spaghetti with Chile. And then if you wanted cheese on it you ordered a separate way and and this became the this became the standard. They described the different ways. You could order this dish as ways. So W Y W watts. Is this the Getty Spaghetti to weigh? is a getty with Chili Spaghetti. Three ways with cheese Chili and cheese. The four way is with Chili onions and cheese. I guess I guess there are two four ways. There's four way onion four-way bean of this but it gets even more confusing because Spaghetti five-way which is the big way is spaghetti chilli beans onions and cheese. And these are not ingredients in the toppings. Onions are so does your third way. Democrat is that just a regular Democrat with cheese on the regular Democrat with cheese. Gotcha Risconsin Democrat. So you would. You would get a plate of Spaghetti. It would have chili on it and then a huge of cheese and onions and beans on top. It's grated Cheddar. Is that what? It is created grated Cheddar and flake. Fine graded jeter vic great and this became a this became a super popular restaurant popular menu item. The empress was one of those restaurants that kind of like Kind of like felt German Garden. People that worked at the empress often went on to start their own restaurants. A former employee of Of empress named Nicholas limber. Nita's opened his own restaurant the skyline restaurant which he opened that in nineteen forty nine that went on to become. I think in a lot of ways the major purveyor of Cincinnati Style Chili. There's a another famous restaurant out of Cincinnati called Camp Washington Chili. They opened in nineteen forty. This is all sort of around this this mid twentieth century war time popularization of these regional cuisines because people are going off to war where they fight with one. Polish guy one Jewish Fella. One Italian Guy One Irish guy and all swapped up and the Cincinnati style. Chili was immediately offensive to people from other parts of the country that expected raised on the the Chili Parlors raised on Texas style. Chili as you were raised on chilly with no beans to imagine chilly on Spaghetti. First of all like dumping a can of Hormel Chili on a plate of Spaghetti doesn't really sound that appetizing to a lot of people. Don't you don't need to add when you're eating. You're not like I wish this had carbs. I guess Rice's okay. Chilean chilly next. Arise Shurmur but like particularly beans on Spaghetti. Yeah exactly IT'S A. It's a little bit of a clashing carb situation. You've also got the fact that you don't want because of how you have to eat spaghetti. Because of the length the noodles you don't want other solid pellet size items makes them hard to get it all on one four? What's happening to the beans while you're trying to get the Spaghetti on your Cincinnati Spaghetti people in Cincinnati and the region Cincinnati's spaghetti with a knife and fork like they don't they don't twirl the spaghetti they cut it off like look a by. It's horrifying so Cincinnati style. Spaghetti was controversial and kind of remains controversial among people that have never tried it because it does not taste like spaghetti its own distinct regional cuisine. And it's it's mostly because of the spice blend right the spice blend and the fact that a lot of times. I mean the way that you make it is you you. It's it's really made more like a soup. You throw the ground beef into a pot of water and spice and you boil it for a long time. And it has a thin consistency. It's not a junkie sauce. It's a it's kind of a roo that's interesting because often thin thin foods chunkier with ads. About how hard it is. You gotta eat with a fork but you never see the other direction right. You never take like a hearty food and you're like what if this was a watery? It's really it's more of a sauce. Less of a less of a you would never eat. Cincinnati Style Chili out of a bowl. It's not a thing that you would order on its own. It's a it's a topping and there are so many different varieties of it. In in Detroit and Michigan. It's made out of ground beef heart. I mean that's the that's the be tasted very different than ground. But yeah and you're like it tastes like ornament well and imagine putting a bunch of cumin in all spice on it. Also very chewy. I don't know we'll so they grind it really thin. They grind it not to powder but they grind it so that it's it's fine mints. And then they boil it in water. And then that's that characterizes that style of it it became the defining regional food of that Southern Ohio Kentucky area and I I had in Newport Kentucky right across the river from Cincinnati and it was a meal that appealed to me at at at first sight because I love Chili. I Love Spaghetti. I love any kind of ground meat covered with cheese. You're like Oh boy I said Oh boy and I went into skyline. Chili was the first place I had it and ordered a chilly five-way and took a big excited bite of it and was shocked because it tastes like cloves shocked and appalled. What the heck is this crazy stuff? And if you had told me it was Greek spaghetti I would`ve. I wouldn't have blushed right. If you had said it. Season with Mizzou through cheese it would've I would've approached as an exotic food but thinking of it as Cincinnati Style Chili. I imagine as ready for southwestern foods that's right that it was going to taste like Chili and it took me a couple of of attempts at it to develop a taste for it and once I did and realize that. This was a cinnamon flavored dish. It was it was a a Greek dish. Not a not a Texas one. I became a real Aficionado of Cincinnati style. Chili and I seek it out. Wherever I can't in fact there are a couple of people here in Seattle Cincinnati Transplants. That occasionally we'll have a Cincinnati Chili style like home party where everybody comes and and eats this this strange cuisine you get invited to these Cincinnati. Get together I do because you know I'm A. I'm a multi multi. I'm multicultural your multi hyphen it. I am the Cincinnati Style Chili then actually kinda returned to the old country. The one of the Popular Cincinnati restaurants was called the Gold Star restaurant which was started by the dowd brothers from Jordan. Who brought a kind of Jordanian Middle Eastern? Take to the to the seasoning. Which you know. It's not that far off sure. And they They've been very successful in the region. You know they were endorsed by Pete. Rose and you know that anything. Endorse by Pete. Rose has got to be good but they actually now have taken their chain and franchise did in Egypt and Iraq and Saudi Arabia like they've taken Goldstar Cincinnati style Chilean and in reintroduced. It I guess to the Middle East. That's funny they they would That would catch on there. Even though it's some American bastardisation of their their cuisine food right. I mean it's a I think if you go if you go to a lot of places and ordered American style hamburger and then as you start to eat it you realize this is not anything like an American style hamburger. I mean really impression. I've had that experience in Asia several times and I'm not like Oh boy. They've really done a great twist on the American Hamburger. No you can get a hamburger in the United Kingdom. That doesn't taste anything like a hamburger but so so this food and unlike the unlike the cheese steak wars of Philadelphia it seems like the the Cincinnati Chili Wars. Have you know have stayed have stayed largely peaceful? Let's say I empress Chili did not end up being the major player although they were kind of the originator skyline still there. Thunder skyline stole their thunder. There are over one hundred and thirty four skyline Chili restaurants now but they still haven't really spread outside of the I guess there in Florida and Bahrain. They're not you. Don't find a skyline Chili here in Seattle. Cincinnati Chili is not caught on. I think in the way that say philly cheese steak had and might be something inherent in the coincidence that made that food So beloved in that part of the country may not have the inherent outsider appeal that say other regional foods like steak. Yeah Mike's Chili Parlor. Here in Seattle is a place that holds a special affection for those few of us that that want to find the find. The thing that's never been cleaned but really Mike's remains more or less a local bar that happens to serve Chile rather than much of a destination. And they're they're the spicing of their chili isn't like super forward. It's it it still a food that you would not You would not eat that Chile on its own right. You don't come in and by like a gallon of that Chile to take home and I wonder if part of it is the lack of Cincinnati as a cultural signifier like reading philly cheese steak you can think about the history of Philadelphia. You're thinking about Ben Franklin and Rocky Balboa I mean Cincinnati is a city that would elect Jerry Springer. Maher right so maybe we should be a little suspicious of them. There's another there's another chilly. Dog Place Down by Boeing Field called Matt's famous Chili Dogs. The show is now just a hotdog recommendation and Matt is also great but Matt's also uses this kind of ground chili sauce. That's not a It's not a thing that you would ever like eat with a spoon. It's it's a topping rather than a food. I'm okay chillier topping. It's a bit much. It's a bit much for me to have a big heaping bowl of Chili. I'm okay with thinking of it as a as a saucer or Garnish I think the Of the finest example of this dissemination of of Chili covered spaghetti into the world is a thing called Filipino spaghetti which is Spaghetti but topped with Banana Ketchup. Which is catch-up made of Banana? I assume it's made a bananas but it looks like they put red food coloring in it so it looks like sauce. It looks like ketchup sauce. They should just embrace it. It's just yellow but it's like banana and and And Brown sugar and it served with Spaghetti and then topped with sliced hot docs so it's Cincinnati Chili taken. The full sounds like this is straight up home alone. Food at the straight up. Your parents are in Europe. You're Kevin mcallister going through the cupboards. And you've got bananas and hot dogs and Spaghetti and that Concludes Cincinnati Chili Entry. Two to three dots two KS zero four four zero certificate number two four five nine eight in the omnibus now future. Ling's I have no idea how long Cincinnati Chili we'll survive. A cultural force. Hopefully not lasts social media. Hopeful- hopefully social media soon dies a painful death but until does John and I are so dedicated to the ideals of this project that we can be found at omnibus project on your favorite platforms. We were respectively at Ken. Jennings John Roderick on twitter and in John's case. Instagram on facebook we were supporters of the future. Ling's a fan group which I'm sure is now full of angry. Cincinnati INS CINCINNATI INS CINCINNATI CINCINNATI CINCINNATI TIGHT CINCINNATI CINCINNATI. I'm sure it's not Cincinnati and There's a similar also called future links you can send us email. If you insist that the omnibus project gmail.com please send A physical items although not bowls of Chili at the end of this project. Po box five seven four four Seattle Washington nine eight one five five if you have the means and are looking for something to donation that will make you feel good. You can contribute to the ongoing financial health and stability of the omnibus by a making a pledge and becoming a what are we say a member a member. There are member benefits available to you. The future Ling's are given. I mean you choose what kind of future Ling you WanNa be on our patriots site. There there are many options. You don't just get to be a top ranking cephalopod. No you have to buy you have to buy it. And there are various perks and benefits available to the different types of future things. But if that's something you haven't done but you have a generous impulse right now. Please investigate it. Patriots Dot com slash omnibus project future links from our vantage point in your distant past when foods were still differentiated flavor instead of just colored pellets packets of paste. Yeah Cincinnati style. Chili will just be just be another another lever on the pump Chili. Cincinnati is some kind of a glowing nuclear pit at the point at that Point Cincinnati. Joey just goes in the dark. A we have no idea how long this this sort of Chamara of civilization survives we hope and pray that the catastrophe we never come but if the worst comes soon this recording like all recordings may have been our final word. Providence allows we hope to be back with you soon for another entry the up.

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