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"terry knife" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"The sports front, San Jose. At a Boston five to four six twenty eight left in the third quarter. The third period rather, the Beezer ahead almost all the game in now, the sharks have caught up with him still six minutes left, but San Jose ahead five to four we'll keep you updated on that as well. I guess it's Terry Downes executive director for homeland security at Middlesex community college. Of course, we're talking about them. What happened Aurora Illinois this week? And I did the big setup before the break, Terry. What do we do what can reasonably done with perhaps a little tweaking here or there because whether people are in favor of it or not what should become a patently obvious, particularly talk about our next subject is nothing major is going to be done. So this is what we're going to have to learn to live with. So as such what do we do to perhaps keep this sort of thing from happening with the proverbial tweaks, I think things can happen here that would not be dramatic. But that could lead to substantial. Improvements. First of all the the system that's been in a ineffective in Illinois for some time where you can get what in Massachusetts would be called a firearm. Identification out there. They call it the hip. Oh. That should be tightened up a little bit by one additional procedural requirement which is that they have to do a fingerprint. Check if you do a fingerprint. Check you submit the fingerprints to the FBI laboratory down in Quantico Virginia, they run it through their system. And generally they can pretty quickly identify whether or not somebody has a a record of a felony anywhere in the country that would be reported back to the requesting state in this case of annoy, and they would have known right up front deny in the legal rights to legal authority to buy and possess a weapon. Now, we all know that that does not mean somebody might not quote on on the illegal market by something on the black market. But you do what you can with the tools that you have available to you at the time. This is a simple steps that could be taken administratively. It's not much of. Additional burden. It adds a, you know, a couple of weeks extra time, maybe the to get the information back from the FBI, but that's pretty reasonable in the circumstances. And that one step would significantly increase the likelihood of uncovering somebody who had a felony record. And and that's putting him on notice that we know you've had the felony record would not going to allow you to have a weapon lawfully, and the locals would know local police would know this person apply was turned down. You know? Maybe we should keep an eye on Terry's a reasonable to expect that some people may go nuts over the idea of being fingerprinted to get a gun. Oh, yeah. That could be an issue. I know, but you know, I I had a great to criminal law professor in law school who used to tell us that you can't worry too much about the people who have. Unusual views on the left or the right. You've got the would try to. To and work with the great mass of people who are in the middle or pretty reasonable about things. I if he gets worried about the people on the fringes what they feel about things nothing of note is ever gonna happen. So you hit the mainstream. You look to hit the gas. You've gotta hit the mainstream and stay with that. And and sometimes it's great to to be a system that that recognizes the rights of minorities, sometimes even minorities. A small as a single person. But sometimes that's single personnel that very small group of people who are objecting. Unreasonable and they're blocking progress for everybody. We're going to go to the phone lines. Again, you want to be part of the conversation. Six one seven two five four ten thirty or eight eight eight nine two nine ten thirty. We've got Ralph in Maine on the line Ralph. How are you tonight? Good morning. Thank you. Hey, what part of being you calling from? From right above Augusta. Maine the capital Belgrade. Yup. You have a camp up this way. I am my family is gonna place in in in in Kennebunkport. And I know you guys don't even you guys. Don't even consider that part of me. And I understand that route that's still that's northern Massachusetts. But I I've been up to Augusta. Yeah. But I have to Augusta and and their friends up in the in the Bangor area and traveled around there too. So good to have you along for the ride tonight. What's going on? Thank you. Well, the second amendment the right side. Is always complaining that the government is going to take. The government is going to take the guns away. Vice president Biden said that everybody should have a shotgun in their house. So why do they keep saying this as they have about the government taking the guns? They're not going to take the guns. And and Rush Limbaugh and back in Hannity. They keep hopping on that government wants your gun. Somebody has to come out. I'm both sides and say that's not going to happen. I think that ties into Ralph with what Terry it said is old professor as you kind of had kind of like have to look at the mainstream. And and what the majority of people are considering in this point, I realized a long time ago because sadly Terry knife had so many discussions the Vegas shooting parkland shooting it just goes on and on and I've come to realize if something as completely over the top as the the Las Vegas shootings or an hour at the first anniversary the shootings, if those sorts of things did not create a massive change, in the way, people view gun possession gun laws and like in this country. Then it just ain't gonna happen. So I I've kind of like realized whether it's left or right or upper down. I just realized what we're going to have to just accept for better for worse is apparently what we have right now is what we're gonna get. And we're gonna to. How do we tweak things at least to make a things a little less dangerous for us? Or is this the way the majority of people are willing to live here in the twenty first century because as I've talked about with Terri and ask Terry look this up, and and Terry I'm going to have you comment on these two because you could do far better job in this. And I do, you know, the the the evidence out there's absolutely it's empirical. This isn't something that happens around the world, the the enormity and regularity of these mass shootings is confined to the United States. In an extraordinary degree. You have to add up the totals of several other several other nations like the second third fourth and fifth other nations in mass shootings to come close to what the totals are America. So we're we're. And I think we'll have to understand do we do massive change. If it hasn't happened, yet Ralph I don't know if it's going to happen. Well, do they accept? I think Fox News. It contributes to the hatred of the democrat Republican thing we never had that before Fox News, who's always Republicans and Democrats used to get along. Then all of a sudden you got. Fake news for pin- opinion. They're all opinions. They get by with that. And I think you're right. It's funny. Whether people again are on the left or on the right what everyone seems to agree on is the system as it exists right now is Broken Hill. But in the town, maybe step by step. How do we fix that? You raise some good points that other people have raised Ralph. And let's see is something going to happen. Finally outrageous enough to maybe make people look at things a little differently, and if not can we at least tweak things because I you know, I I read an article recently that was a British newspaper where you can go in America to be safe from a mass shooting, and basically it was a blank page. How powerful is that. Because if you think of in the last couple of years, it's been bars it's been clubs. It's been concerts. It's been churches. It's been schools. It's been restaurants. And and it's pretty telling sometimes the way people outside look at things inside. So Terry before I let Ralph go I didn't Tacoma. And then I didn't about how unique America is in these things. Unfortunately, we are an outlier in this regard. We per capita the good far more guns owned privately than any other country in the world. The second amendment has been an important part of the constitution since it was a it is not going anywhere. Private ownership of guns is not going away. And the suggestions the content suggestions from some sources that it's going to which just silly. They just don't make sense. It's not going to happen. And and what we need is some more people from like some of the people from Maine, historically, like Margaret chase Smith who was a Republican, but who could work across the aisle, and who was a courageous person and get a lot done. We had a few more people like that in congress and in the legislatures. We'd be a whole lot better off than we are at the moment here L, thank you for the call. And thank you for listening. Keep listening and a call again. Okay. Take care now. We'll see you. Thank you. Six one seven two five four ten thirty is the number six one seven two five four ten thirty or eight eight eight nine two nine ten thirty. That's toll-free number want to be part of the conversation. We're going to take a quick break. And then right back to our chat with Terry Downes. We gotta talk. What did we.

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