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"terry claybon" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

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"terry claybon" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

"Suite squeak. Have you met miss a good friend of mine. Just moving on yeah. That's a good point. Man i i work with a guy named trey and his last name was roundtree. So i'm assuming tree came from roundtree but i never asked around three. Oh yeah. Wow isaac on point today. So he's he's in tune. This guy squeak. I work with said. We're talking about Eating pussy and he said I don't eat nothing. It gets up and walks away when i'm done. There's your pearl. There's a black pearl of wisdom. Call those black pearls. New have never heard that black pearl o. Man with urban dictionary or do that like when my trainer super brother Terry claybon said to me that the fight games about putting faces in seeds. And i didn't correct him. I think he meant fannies. The point is s. Black pearl texas t. So just. I love life man. Either good or butchered words of wisdom would be black pearls like could you be a brother you think them i don i i don't have i don't i don't have the vertical or the foot speed of the hair i do i do have i do have the hair you get the height lot of brothers big guys not fond and my dad brothers big galvanize you'd probably say using the phrase saying fine yeah you're outrage but it made me wonder at that point when some of the other brothers agreed with them with squeaks black pearls of wisdom then made me think is this a fake. I don't know i mean different. Cultures have different opinions. I guess don't well who knows. I don't know what the time you were wondering this. I'm still wondering maybe sure thing. All of your black thing you know there was. There was a jew. Yeah that is for sure stereotype. There's a thing on touch point. Oh or they're having a pie eating contest quote unquote and he's playing us like three black guys and they're like the like not going near it. Oh yeah this is the thing. Yeah yeah they don't they. Don't push magic. You don't do love matching no you think to a trick and no. I think a love hate relationship with magic. Which is i from every video. I've ever seen online so much. Greater reaction whatever whatever david yeah where to black magician it. That's what i wanna know abu. The david blaine. He's not black though. That's a good point. He's sorta honorary tape on this john. David blaine did a thing. He did the limitation thing for me in front of me now wants in front of the bathroom at love line. Was it incredible freak you out. It's this it's really cool. But it's this thing where when they have to do something i like. They don't just stand in front of and level tate. They turn around and get like a three quarter. Turn like if you're standing at at twelve th straight up there facing seven forty five or something and then they then they put their hands up. They start focusing and they start doing it. But it's always kinda like why didn't you. Yeah we had a guy we hit once. It wasn't blamed but he was like was blocked. He's out a puerto rican jewish blaine while he said. I'm going to bend this fork using using philip. And i was like all right. Let me get a four. I brought my own a while. Okay you say just by crate and barrel just grabbed described as super dirty stout your hardest four stainless steel for can either look rather you didn't get here heaviest dirtiest strongest status for eighteen or bust. That's right you can see on section section. Yes when you provide the fork it makes me think maybe there's something with the fork and a little less telepathy but day anyway. Hey gary gary grabbing a fork or something but jerry. I wanted to hear a little bit of The net flicks Yeah No offense is what is called. Where'd you shoot at there. We started down in new orleans man. Ooh it was a little scary because they don't have a regular comedy based fans down there And i mean they had people that had never been to like an auditorium had people because i came from a small town people that have come out of nowhere to see this. I mean they had people thought it was like a sporting event they had a woman. They had a woman yelling literally. Yelich cheering the entire time. Like yelling defense. Like as if like had no idea that a throw roundabout about seven minutes like had no idea what this was. So wow that's scary because it was unique. I've done the he do. Stand up in front of your crowd and it's awesome. Yeah and then you go do some corporate thing or somebody talk to you in a some charity event for the old blue hair society. Or whatever and it ain't the same it ain't the same so filming it. Wow it was a mix. I was a little scared. But i thought well if i never get to do this again at least i get to do it like at home and stuff you know and people cheered weird parts like it would be a joke and everybody's like cheering like like a political statement. It had a little bit of a trump rally feel to it at certain moments. It really really did. Well let's Let's i just told. Gary grab grab few seconds seven so we can hear it tough time at a tough year family stuff you know always man. My uncle just got busted for a thuc.

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