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"terry bosio" Discussed on Backstage Pass Radio

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"terry bosio" Discussed on Backstage Pass Radio

"Now i understood what i was doing with it and that was a big key for me and then everything my plan would take off from that because now all of a sudden i understood. I could go a lot farther already doing so. Yeah education yup greatest drummer of all time through your eyes. oh The key thing being my is probably the greatest drummer all ties. Buddy rich young And nobody had better technique than him. You know it's like it's like going to a restaurant and you see ten things on the menu. They all taste great but the different they taste different shirt. I always saw no purpose in aspiring to be a drummer that was in the middle. I i always look these guys at the top. That i know i was never gonna reach and that kept me at least moving forward. So simon phillips is probably one of my favorite drummers and this guy's played on five hundred thousand records. He's played with everybody in anybody. You probably know. Toto But before that he did all the pounds and records and you play who and he just did every pop record that came out of the seventy s and eighty s. he was on one of my big influences. Terry bosio played with frank zappa and just huge And then he played with u. k. And then missing persons and he's just a mantra drama and two totally different drummer. Yeah but for me the the drummer that just inspired me the most was a mitch. Mitchell jimi hendrix. And just just would do some things. There's some little bits and pieces on some of the records. That i can point to that. Just just blows my mind. How it did it you know. He was great guy. I want to thank you for taking the time to chat with me for joining the show. i wish you all the best with zebra. The the studio thing you have going on. I asked the listeners. To like sharing. Subscribe to the podcast. Also make sure that you like and follow guy and zebra on social media..

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