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"terrence stansbury" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"What do you think of Browns game? And how much better do you think you can get? Because I he Me his. He's one of the real up and coming young players in the league. The I agree Larry's place. You know both sides of the ball. You know it, Z Plane at an all Star level and I die die Greek up. He's been there most consistent and best player. And it's been steady progress for him his keys. He came in really out. Those are rookie was really good, and he just keeps on getting better. Was funny with the Celtics that year. You know, unless you with Kyrie. They got two great start. He sat out and those other guys emerged. And then Carrie never stood back in. But those guys kept improving on some art Tatum, Jalen Brown. You know, maybe placed, um, carry with Kemba Walker. So they've got them kind of nice team, and I think they, you know Brad Stevens obviously coming from the college ranks, he's been able to incorporate a lot of the fundamental Um, you know, I wouldn't say college with fundamental skills of a good team and kind of make it a little more fast paced, Um, they've seen the good They do a good job of moving the ball. You know, trying to spread the spread the ball around for you? Well with potato in jail in brown, there is a beautiful perimeter players are on the league. And you know this to a child that I think that 10 and eight you know, you'd think they'd be a little better, but I think, Taylor Mr Bunch of games with the protocols and things like that. You know, Campbell was banged up, but he hasn't really gotten back out the full strength yet. Women when they're locked in, and they're clicking on all cylinders. I think they're you know, to me on the East Coast, 14, Milwaukee, Brooklyn, Philly and Boston. Depending on you know, the health and all these other things that are going to go into who find themselves. That's you know, it's the four best teams back there. So it's come here. Good, good test for the worst of all. I hope you guys don't mind. I wanted Tonto. Ask Chris about John Chaney, a great temple coach. You passed away last week. Did you ever did you ever run across that matchup zone? Do you ever have to play against that? Absolutely. He was the first one really good friends with coach Carnesecca. So on we played them any for my junior year. But this way I recently you know I was. I went back to ST John's and coach, and it was ah. A little Greek restaurant I was going to on the way home. Alone. Behold, you know, obviously name is Gus. Of course. He's a great guy from the O. But you know he was a manager, a temple, and he stayed there for like. Three years after his graduating was really close with coach Changed, We would jump on the phone every once in a while when I was in rehab anyway, so I called just to daylight. So the news and I just didn't I'm sorry to hear about that. I said to my condolences to his family, and I should just tell him I never forgot that we play. So thank you for we think the first round Of the infidelity tournament. And they were good team that Terrence Stansbury there was solid and we're up. We're up. I think we're up. We're up one. I get to the line at the end of the game. It's the one I wanted, and I think for the I was shooting really well from the season. I was having a decent game, so it wasn't even like that. It's like out. It's not be down. There's no three point line. Somebody knocked these two down. I'm out. And I missed it. I missed the free throw and stands very throws a shot from half court like our season's All of my do Like what? Like, Damn, I'm telling gust about this. You know, He's a younger kid. He has no idea what I'm talking about. Later on that night, he sends me, I guess on the temple. Website. Someone posted that box score. So you're seeing him aren't generally too much shit with Mark Mark. They go through the door. I said, Yeah, I guess I got apologize. I missed that free throw. You know, I'm a bomb. And now I know I've got to take full accountability by lost that game. Sorry about that. But, yes, John Chaney was one of those guys. You know, Coach concept was closely and I had a tremendous impact on his players. No well beyond the basketball court. I'm sure Iolaus was tight with him. You know, the whole silly connection? Yeah, just just a good old guy, man. So condolences impresses family. You know, we all wanted to see what would have happened if you two got to Calipari during that press conference, Chris Stood. That was insane. It would have been attempted murder their lives. You don't doubt my mind. If you would have got to him. He would have. You would have made good on that on That threat tried to be good. Hey, that was another that no, no, no, That was not a testosterone presentation That was righteous fury and anger. He was, Yeah, he wouldn't play and no, it wasn't like it wasn't like the NBA. Chris pretend about the envy and how guys when they swear up their bases squaring up, hoping Somebody'll come grab him from behind. They don't actually have to stand there for more time than they need to stand there, because no one wants to throw a punch in the embassy cause too much money. No one's as tough as they think they are in the embassy, and they don't want to prove it in front of a national audience or our television camera. Have you noticed? And we grew up in a different era to where guys actually were like I tell these guys all the time, but like I was afraid of anybody percent. But I wouldn't have been real happy to square up against Oakland. That would not have been my first choice. Maybe my millions choice but there was some serious dudes back Then, In the end, BA Rod mentioned Buck Williams is this Maybe the strongest guy I ever played against Terry Cummings on Anthony Mason. I mean, there there was some dudes that were legitimately kind of Coo coo and you didn't really you didn't really want to cross a digit No. Then then, And now, as far as Mr Rocca today, that's a good point. You know? I used to work up the next month, Charles. I mean, I've known for a long, long time is a great guy. But he had that switch man, and he did have an off. Switch it on switch. All right, right. No. You know what it was. It was a dimmer switch. So he was always on. It was just the intensity was you know dick did you turn to switch? Did you turn it up? Well, now you're getting slapped because you owe him money. You know, like when you when something happens in the game, like it might compare the fire, but Charles, You just compel it. Fires always burning like, you know. Chevron into class war, she said. Charles Guy's number years ago, Chris, We're I was in Vegas doing the shows from there, and I was sitting in a bar watching the Dodgers and the Cardinals was a playoff game. Remember looking and hey, just happened to pull up a chair, and I So we talked for a little bit. I mean, he's a super cool guy. We're tired. Of course, you know, we went off on the next and all that stuff, So that was kind of funny, But, yeah, he was just that dude because I had to battle against him. What? And you know he would get in there through the elbows. So I gotta throw the elbows. You gotta be a box him off and try to keep up the glass. Every once in a while one of the elbows once stray and it might hit him on the spot that you didn't want to hit him. He didn't mean to hit him, but he'd give me that look and you almost wanted to say Sorry, Mr Oakley. You okay? Yeah, I did that. That won't happen again. I didn't mean for it to happen. He's a great guy who's real, And you definitely want him on your side. All right. There it is. Harlan. Molly, That's the rewind coming up. Next we'll get you some final thoughts, including why One of the main competitors for the 40 Niners. Fits its city, maybe better than any other NFL team. I'll explain Next on.

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