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"terra wings" Discussed on KTOK

"I've with you this evening. If that isn't obvious, Welcome to 2021 way have such a special Oklahoma gold to share with you tonight. It was about the desk Bull and before the Oklahoma standard Was the Oklahoma spirit. John J. Dwyer chose the most inspired. I think Oklahoma gold of all, and I can hardly wait to share with you with it next week. But if you would like to hear many of the podcast so that we have done the interviews over the years and over the weeks then you can go to John J. Dwyer dot com. D W Y R and see photos of our subjects. It's so wonderful. Oklahoma Gold has a golden thread which ties the Despereaux that we're going to do tonight to today, and then it has a golden nugget, which is a takeaway of inspiration to keep us going. What better one than the desperate little tonight Because we're in such a challenging time. And so I hope that you will be back next week at seven o'clock to hear this, And once again, we want to thank Atwood's for Sponsoring this incredible Siri Zits, a weekly remarkable story. Terra Wings theories celebrating Oklahoma's history and the people and events are award winning author historian John J. Dwyer chooses to highlight John J. Dwyer has won the Will. Rogers Medallion. It's a literary contest for literature. He's won it twice. He's written multiple books that you can see at John Jay dwyer dot com. And Ah, he has written a incredible book called The Oklahomans. Part one and very Soon. The Oklahomans part two will be coming out. Part of Oklahoma's part two will be an incredible chapter on 2020. And he has that way of Creating a three dimensional look at history at people at the golden thread and the golden Nuggets in this, Despereaux. Feature that he did for tonight. He ends it with a very moving story about a mother and her Children. And in order to raise their spirits, she Does something wonderful. And they all gather around and sing this him. I'm pressing ways and gaining every day. So bring Burnt black might be.

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