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"tena thunderstorm" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Reading road between oak and Taft one lane remains open for traffic to Taft and for northbound reading I'm rob Williams News Radio seven hundred wwl w now the ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on News Radio seven hundred wwl. Avak rain torrential times in a flash flood watches out. There's also a chance of severe thunderstorms as well. Lows in the upper sixties now for your Thursday. Mostly cloudy, rain and storms develop again, high in the upper seventies tomorrow night, rain early then mostly cloudy temperatures dropped to the low sixties looking ahead Friday looks mostly dry the weekend. More chances for rain from your severe weather station. Nine first warning chief meteorologist Steve Raleigh News Radio seven hundred wwl w radar showing some shower activity and some heavier rainfall that could Tena thunderstorm or two, we'd into the tri-state mentally into portions of southwest Ohio, at this point. Our current temperature is seventy nine degrees. News is a service of skyline chili a man in Coleraine township has been sentenced to nearly thirteen years in prison after one year old daughter died after swallowing drugs, found inside his home back in January. Anthony Worthington will officially serve twelve years and nine months on charges, including involuntary manslaughter where the pleaded guilty to charges including endangering children tampering with evidence aggravated trafficking, and involuntary manslaughter charge. Police say the Worthington, try to keep them from finding other drugs in the home. The Red Cross has provided an update today saying it has concluded mascara operations following tornadoes that hit the Miami valley, late may seven different shelters were opened by the Red Cross after the storms. They say the final three disclosed Monday evening, and they helped the few remaining shelter residents move onto their next phase of recovery in all six hundred twenty six volunteers and staff from around the country help the Red Cross distribute nearly twelve thousand meals fifteen thousand stacks over thirteen hundred cases of water and nearly nineteen hundred disaster kits to those affected. Cincinnati public schools, we'll begin pushing back students start times, this fall officials say classes at western hills, high school and data high school will start forty five minutes. Later beginning at eight AM and Eanet. Three PM the school board passed a resolution this year to phase in later high school start times over the next three years, taking a look at the final numbers on Wall Street today, the Dow, the Dow rose thirty eight points, NASDAQ game thirty three and the SNP was up, eight Arctic update is at five o'clock. I'm Sean Gallagher NewsRadio seven hundred wwl. Let's get something cleared. You.

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