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"ten thousand barn" Discussed on The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed!

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"ten thousand barn" Discussed on The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed!

"Shane Helms. And the hardy boys coming at me, and I said a load. Tool and none of them. Wade. None onset. Hello. And as soon as I saw that. I went straight to Lauren Itis, and is the brother here's the deal. And I told him the whole story. I say here's what happened. Here's what's going on. Well, he got all twelve guys together made us all the polish is shake hands who this stage. He's trying to have a job right now. He's got twelve guys. He's got to get over to you know, WWF. So we all show cans and did the whole thing and everything together. So we go out and have the match and from there, you know, we just really thought that, you know, everything was going to be okay. And then, you know, once the match happened with everything Jim Rawls after the match happened. You know, it was a bad match. We kind of stumbled over each other. We didn't have a good match me in Booker had ten thousand barn burners. We actually had a kind of a bad match and that night Believe believe. it or not WWF to the brain. They said, you know, what it's our fault. Pat, judge the main events, and we thought he was talk to you guys, and Johnny Moore nine is has you guys. So we thought he was tall to you. Nobody talked to you guys y'all do the best you could don't worry about it. Let it go. The next week was Atlanta, Georgia. So on Friday Jim Rawls God in me or on the phone. And Jim Ross says, hey, buddy is won't you know, if you take the weekend off, which was a gust and Birmingham, and then Atlanta that dome and he said take the weekend all that your head here. We got big plans for yet Phillips Reno Monday in Atlanta. So I was like thank you so much. Jim. I really appreciate it will the story got out and edge. Stuck like glue that my mother had called. To give me out of those shows. Now, why in the would I cancel two shows after already working with stitches in my head when I got two drives when I'm trying to fit into the WWF two weeks being there. I'm kissing ads. I'm walking on eggshells shaking hands. I'm kissing babies. I'm trying to get into WWF and do it. Right. And so somehow or another though the mother story to this day sticks like glue. And so we go out and do the whole deal I show up to the building. And they fire me, and I didn't even know there. Either raise my hand when they give me in the room. I raised my hand. And Jan Benz. Goes you don't gotta raise your hand more. I said we'll I feel like I do I'll go sounds like your farm me. And and Vince goes, oh, we're not firing you and said. We're we're releasing you. And I and I raised my hand again. And he goes more already says, you ain't got raise your hand. I've said, but was the difference in firing and raising and releasing and he said and the son of a bitch had an answer. He said, well, if we fire you we gotta redo your contract he said and every release you we can bring you back in three months and no problems and you just start back up with. And so at that stage, I knew they were polish shit. God bless them. But also new to start smiling shaking hands and just leave. And I did. So I are shaking hands kissing babies and realize it was just best to, you know, get out of there. And I've got my car ball and crime, and I called up my parents. They were in the stands. And I said, you know, it's town. It's it's tough you guys to come on home. And they were like, what do you mean? I go I'm on it's over. I'm not known anymore. Yeah. I'm not in the building. They're so young come onto. So you maintaining in the gym RAV set you up did your mother ever those phone calls -solutely, not mother never made those phone calls. And even I went the route like anybody else would I went the rat. Okay. Let's go the route that my mom slipped up and made the phone calls. Now, let's go this route. Why would you do the invasion of Booker t and book bag will into coma Washington? When the next week, you're in Philips arena. Why wouldn't you just wait a week and put book bag we'll versus Booker t at the Philips arena in Ted Turner's backyard?.

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