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"ten five one dollars" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"As we try to transfer. send funeral festival yes. where will. the help begin the ninety third anniversary of what will be down ten straight. so. magnificent in the aftermath of the St general festival at the ill cord T. less restaurant that hosted us. their own jetset Juliet was normally here with me from twelve to three Monday through Fridays had immediately sat down with her husband Johnny boy the heavy metal rock star who is in attendance full blown Italian American from valley stream and they was so enamored with the offer that was being made by the embattled Italian government that in order to raise lira in your role or beginning to sell villages houses and locations especially down the the boot in southern Italy which had been vacated generally by an aging population that is not been replaced other than by illegal aliens that Italy is obviously not at all interested in having and so they are selling they are selling homes say a selling villages they are selling the rights to property dirt cheap in fact in one instance says selling an old villa for one dollar fifty cents American dollars if you want to be you a few hundred lire few Ural and chanted Juliet and her husband Johnny boy know that there is a five o'clock deadline so they over at the Italian embassy as we speak trying to dot the I's cross the T. and make a deal of their lifetime because they love Italy so much as you know it said talk often about her love for going to Venezia and going up and down in the gondolas in the canals and she just loves the life of me tell you so god bless them today I'm hoping they can find a location in which they can have a second home of their own. joy is your result of that with the Italian embassy calling her early this morning they are now at the embassy trying to secure that deal of a lifetime and I give my blessing suggests a Juliet and Jackie boy to do so because then maybe should be doing some of the blood test for me tell you and we can conveniently cut the cord so all of a sudden she had said Juliet is talking from Italy somewhere down the the boot maybe need body got liability see Chile no poll Napoli don and then suddenly she's talking to herself the way I often do when I'm in the park with the pigeons and feeding them progress a web crumbs as a result of that Richie Valdez in the house he is the phone screening he has he handles all the calls from hillbillies across the nation to the mark Levin shows sixty nine Monday through Fridays and as you know his claim to fame to everybody across America he was the first of many Republican candidates who have stepped up and said I want to knock out of the box a see in her congressional district in twenty twenty and you were the first to call all out crazy right yes Sir all out crazy so are you ready to recapture what was the flavor of the centenary festival yesterday let's go we are high atop Madison Square Garden these great facilities provided for us in order to do this broadcast to all of you thank you and Jay died dot com and let me take you back if I can there was that moment in which we were in the midst of our broadcasts and although I had done my prayers and as you know I'm in a MP Catholic catches on Wednesday problems on Sunday then you don't see me for a month of Sundays I had gone to the church of the most precious blood that is on the corner of Canal Street in mulberry street which is either the end of the start of the annual send him their role parade it's also which houses the statue of San genero which tomorrow will be lifted up by the bulls and will be walk. to the streets for the official start and it'll be anticipated that got homes like you that's right Reggie and other like Christian and prime I'm glued there when you see the statue of St general passing by and you see the apron that's attached to the statue with the ribbons then you will reach into your pocket because this is the test of manhood this is the testimony are you going to pay a hundred dollars a Benjamin a European fifty dollars twenty dollars ten five one dollars not gonna look too good the whole world of Italian Supreme Court jeans values will be watching it at central passing you tomorrow at about three o'clock in the afternoon would you reach the. that this be pinning money put CUNY American currency on that statue hoping for good luck again sales you all out crazy so yeah I'm gonna take my money I'm gonna head back down to the festival and get a bunch of zap police is nobody got me that please and I ask these guys specifically yesterday bring the vaccines that please was it we weren't there to feed event. we were there to feed our sponsors I understand our advertisers the owners and operators of L. cord TEL which do not have zip please on the menu yes. yes Sir. one of Kerr's that's twenty one machine already desserts see he's worked all weekend you he's a will require each used to hanging out of coaching Fredo joints and having Mongul or muffin goal. exactly and so you know really uses so you'll go up to the vendors you'll get this app we should give the sausage and peppers and you think all this is great Italian American cuisine you couldn't be more hopelessly room is like one Marco Polo traveled all the way to the east at the time of con when Khan was in control of the Far East and he brought back all these culinary delights that the Italians culturally adopted and call their own like right we always right what were the only sold quite to you thanks for a day yeah but also like when you go to your famous your favorite Chinese fast food restaurant in Ridgefield park where you live. dumplings exactly what do you think came first the dumpling or the right of your. I don't know we don't really take it to the dump Marco Polo brought it all back to spaghetti old the other Italian delights but there was a moment yesterday a lot of you were not privy to this when the rains opened up in the sky and even though I had said my prayers at the church of the most a precious blood. and I was looking at a core group which is what you wear around your neck to ward off the evil spirits it's like a Red Hot Chili Peppers and I had drawn so you know the movie was do that to a local bar yeah yeah I see it you'll see that you see the us about just a little black bead and I've seen that growing up so they have a form of the court ruled the Italian one it's not it's not necessarily Italian reunited so the idea was to ward off the my little kia with your and my Lil yes the evil eye exactly she well on the same page here and then at about one fifty this small green guy comes up. any tries to stop all broadcast. green tries to actually interfere and stop the broadcasts. it's raining. and all of a sudden the navy she shall be Christian who is a real picture afraid of his own shadow stands up to the small green character is Jewish guy we mean you wanna hear you screaming yelling you got to close it down you'll have apartment he's trying to shut it down and then it was one month glued she was holding up the umbrella so that the rain would not get on the equipment because let's face it right Brian the equipment cannot be replaced but jetset Juliet and I can be replaced yes I just read about the equipment and staying on air you guys were you know just second thought in my mind so describe this small green character who basically runs the festival down there yeah so basically you guys are in mid segment I'm monitoring the the studio coming back to the station so we all were on air we sound great like you always do and this guy is in my years saying shut it down shut it down this can't be news those speakers wager Perm like I like I I can't do that now I can't like why you might use him doing something here I'm so proud of you though because normally I tell our entire audience that I hate millennials in hipsters I despise them low them like Christian the navy she she will be issue one and Brian my glued to lives in that double wide body trailer and the south shore of months of pizza A. K. A. Massapequa I couldn't have been prouder of you because I couldn't get up and drop the guy I would drop the guy because I was doing the broadcast and jet said Juliet was really focused because the rain was coming down hard at that point it was really falling on her and to her credit she's protecting the equipment and then Herschel the head engineer he's like scoring a bounce so that we won't get knocked off the air you find it all small green and he put his tail between his legs and just like in the godfather movie you can put a bullet between his eyes which you should of but he had to walk down the block mumbling to himself I don't know if he was dominating. the local shul enough said to the gentiles who can come out we did a great job guys and it could see that's the last time you ever get a compliment from me I'm gonna have Brian sent me the recording right now it was amazing and then the battle then ensued because we had on this young woman. she's a shift from pensioners should tell a was just at the eighteenth Avenue Italian festival not really up to prime time I said but this is the grand Daddy and you'll cooking here at L. court Teo specialized poss the products he was saying with sauce and I let it continue to talk and then I told Hey you really being pretentious is macaroni and great and I think you're wrong Curtis is it by any consensus. what it what the hell is that mean member of this is America speaking with us is not lot may go this is America where we call it by eighty this is not Kakul this is not a great deal how do you want to speak about him but now Stephen surepos who used to live up to their room L. court peel lead character in the sopranos now on blue bloods Bobby back a lot that's right he will be the grand marshal tomorrow at two o'clock when the official activities kickoff because now the press was in full effect and he weighed in on this as to whether it is macaroni and gravy which I say pasta and sauce I mean I always call the charge my grandmother always call the sauce and I you know I see if anything you know gravy may be on Sundays when you have the meatballs into sauce is on the broad shoulder the ribs but. Getty sauce to me pasta sauce you know do you believe this so ladies and gentlemen either straight me out we need to straighten Steve sure about you need to straighten rose sell out from Bensonhurst the master chef that she is we need to straighten out our own Richie Valdez who was a proud bold record thinks that it's a by getting consensus. and sauce I know is one eight hundred eight four ray W. A. B..

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