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"templeton rye whiskey" Discussed on Trailer Junkies Podcast

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"templeton rye whiskey" Discussed on Trailer Junkies Podcast

"Maybe they just have a lot more grain. I don't know but whatever they did. It's extremely i. I like what you said there's spice to it. Yeah and here's an interesting descriptors on the bottle. They they have I thought it only had one type of hop in it says in the boyle. Shuna cop an in the whirlpool amarillo and simcoe whirlpool. I'm assuming that's their dry hop. I'm not sure but let's the dry. Probably dry hopped in the dry puts them more on the nose. Yeah that simcoe. I love to see the simcoe amarillo. So my favorite next to the. Yeah i see here and they even tell you what the what the mashes caramel right pale. Carmel and craft three months with the three means so on. That's like the way they roast the grain and it says templeton rye whiskey barrels. Yeah it's probably a a higher roast when you have three versus two or something. That's very nice. Yeah it's amazing man. Gary appreciate it. Kindly all right. Let's jump into The show and and let's get. Yeah well if if you're weak minds kinda quick if you're week been heavy so you know a couple notes couple notes. Yeah couple of tasting notes from the week. I probably the big news this week. I got the little free library done. I saw that that was so cute with the boys out there reading their books next to the library. Yeah yeah so. We have our charter number and everything. We're not on the map yet. I guess they take a couple of days to to vet you out to make sure it's like a real deal or something. I don't know but legit legit but yeah so we have the thing out there. I put a little a little They call it like a rope clasp or something or a I forget but it's like a metal hook essentially and i put that onto the latch. It right yeah so can wrap their dog's leash and they can browse hands free. If they wanna look at it i put a guestbook in there with a little note saying thanks for visiting you know. Leave a note or suggestion. Whatever you think. There's hand sanitizer. There's masks in in like a baggy. There's dog poop bags. I put up for bike stickers. In there there's books of all ages my neighbor across the street. I had it in. I had it all set up. And i walk up to the house to start to go get books. I walked back down boom. There's a book in there. I'm like where the heck is already got a book in there From from other people my neighbor pulled up. He saw it he. Winning got a book guys. Ninety years old he walked in got out came out. Put the book in goes back home. I was gone literally. Like twenty five seconds. This guy is like swooped in man. This guy is so fast like a ninety year old. Likes run like superman. But he puts it bill clinton's my life. That's the book he puts in. I'm like okay. You know whatever. It's kind of a little older but that's all right. That's what he what he had. It's what he wants to you. Know spread in the world. That's fine yeah. So then it's all ages you know. There's there's adult books. Kid books i actually saw. I saw that book. And i was like oh. Jimmy is getting a little political with his No that was that was our first donation. Actually not even one of mine. I don't own that book. i've never read it. I told him i. So maybe i'll read it to. Yeah so there's that. I don't know there's like i think i put up to sinclair's the jungle in the red badge of courage and i don't know there's a number of books in there but i also did The paint scheme is the same as our house..

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