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"temple healthcare workers" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"I have that back. Shut down five line because, you know, obviously they're gonna have to use trucking and shipping. Yeah. Are you still the transport you? I work in the industry and You know, way have Tonto. You know when whenever we're going underneath these pipelines that are working around him, You know, there's very strict rules as far as you know, protecting the pipelines and you know there's You know, there's always been that kind of that talk, like like pipelines were dangerous, but shoot there more well maintained and trucks I see on the highway. I agree with that big time, you know, And the other thing is, you know, it's I guess it's part of this green new deal in the push towards lithium batteries right for cars and things like that. Have you seen what it takes to mind for lithium? I mean, it's uh, it's an environmental mess. Well. Also, a Zafar is transporting. Oil via a tanker all tanker ship it takes a lot of that takes a lot of fuel. Lot of fuel that does that puts on a lot of fears. You just Google lithium mines and look at some of the pictures of what it takes to toe mind for lithium out there. Jim and Ron Ron. Good morning. Hey, Good morning. Guys. Always love your show back. You know, with this push to the green new deal on getting rid of fossil fuels. I'm a small airplane operator on day actually just do it as a hobby and retired now from my other job. And think of all the millions of people that go to air shows every year just to gaze at the marvel of flight. In the sky and matter fact our group did a formation flight honoring the temple Healthcare Workers back. You're going April and we had 30 aircraft and people are just Plotting, and, you know, excited. They're motivated. They're happy. And these airplanes so fun on solar that they can't produce power, You know, So I'm really concerned. We're gonna see Really beautiful thing just vanish from our landscape because of crazy Democrats in Congress and President Yeah, Jim, I'm up against the clock, man. I hear what you're saying. 51283605 90 tied and don show.

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