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"Are. We are crank are pumped. We are ready to go to start with this. Because I posted this article a couple of days ago. This woman up in New York in Brooklyn. She had accused this nine year old little boy of groping her. She was at the counter. And she accused us nine year old boy of groping her at a deli last week. Jeremiah Harvey is mom, so Meco Delile told attendees and a neighborhood meeting. The episode was more than just a misunderstanding. And here, here's here's the astounding thing. The first all the kids nine. He's nine. Now apologized because looking at the video he didn't touch her, but he walked past in a crowded Delhi and his backpack brushed her rear end. She she's I'm calling the police on you young man on you, not on the mother not anything else. She was going to make his life a living. Hell. So the black child white woman. The the mother says I do not forgive this woman. She needs help. You know, frankly, if I were in the mom's position, I would have a little difficulty of forgiving this woman to. You can hear the kid the initial video you can hear the kid crying as this woman is pointing at him saying, I've called the police on you. I charge you with sexual harassment. Oh, the metoo movement is alive and well up in Brooklyn, folks. This is real crisis for the Bloomberg left. Of course, who do you believe? The metoo woman. Or the black child. Video shows Jeremiah has younger sister crying on the sidewalk as MS client called the authorities and the mom Delile stood nearby. This. This woman is now apologized. She said, well, it really wasn't me. The mother escalated the situation, although you look at the video, and there's nothing that the mother did to escalate the situation. This is simply a metoo. Mommy. Although I have no idea she's married. This is you know. Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams. Labeled as a modern day Emmett till moment. Yeah. It's a little extreme. But until we've talked about a couple of times on this show lynched in Mississippi nineteen fifty five after a white woman accused him of whistling at her in a grocery store. And now, you have this woman all full of Romy to self saying I have been groped you must believe me. I know hashtag. Me too me too. The generation that what's now called the hashtag was always the pound sign. So I always read that pound me too. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what's going on. Really? That's what you're saying. You want to what? So there you go. There's no apologized for this. Whoops, g so sorry. And she can carry her shame around with her. She got me she became known as a quarter Stein. Caroline cornerstone. Caroline. I don't know if that's her first name or not. But it's as a certain amount of I think, it's onomatopoeia is that right? When words kind of sound like the bond together. It's just astounding to me whatever happened to saying oh gosh. Your nine year old brushed against me. Unless she has a particularly exalted opinion of her took us, which may be the case. It could be that her her feeling is people pay a lot of money to touch her took us in this nine year old got into free grope, either pony up feller and call the cops on you. I can't be inside her mind. Norwood a heavy need doing. So it's just interesting to note. That this is a collision of two of the protector groups inside the political left, and she may they stink of it. And now there are those in Brooklyn of across the country, of course, because this thing went viral literally the video of him walking by her with his backpack brushing against her. But. While sheep accused him of groping her nine-year-old. Right. So who do you believe now those on the political left or having real difficulty with this? Because they don't know what to do you have to hear her truth, even if her truth conflicts with the evidence. At the same time. You have to protect minority groups inside the democrat big tent. So it's clear this is white racism, but wait a minute. She's not a conservative. She's one of these metoo people's. So they've had difficulties trying to sort this one out. Oh, shucks. I'm so sorry. You did not. So there you have it and at the same time other real actual assaults arguing on across country, and they're going on with a fair degree of regularity. That's slowly escalating I posted a couple of pieces on this. Here are the eight most recent. And then I have ninth. California congressional candidate Rudy Peters. Republican. He's challenging democrat Eric swallow. Well, escaped a stabbing attempt in September. Here's a Tekere Farzad. Zely shouted disparaging remarks about Republicans before attempting to stab him with switchblade. Or a male democrat operative. This is fairly recent assault. A female Trump's staffer. He chased after they staffer for interior secretary. Ryan, zinc. Same male democrat operative assault, a female GOP campaign manager. This is the same American bridge operative Wilfred stark arrested this past week for chasing. And assaulting gubernatorial nominee, Adam lack salts campaign manager charged with battery for the attack which left E woman, Bruce as well as terrified. Vandals threw a brick through the window of the Nebraska GOP office. The Republican staffers onto a spray painted message beneath the broken window abolish ice. You have an individual chased by property destroying anarchists. The individual is Minnesota state Representative Sarah Anderson, she was attacked this past Sunday after calling out a man who is kicking over campaign yard signs. I said you can't do this. He said, yes, I can. I'm an anarchist. I can do whatever I want. I said, no, you can't that's not your property. She said the man then chased her into the street and told her to go kill herself. Another Minnesota Republican state Representative Shane Mechlin said he received a concussion October twelve when he was assaulted by a man he believes was politically motivated. Well, I never met this guy. The words yelled at me before he attacked lead me to believe his actions were politically motivated, you said they police are investigating. Windows New York GOP office having shuttered as well. Left graffiti warnings the perpetrators behind a graffiti and warrant are attack is merely the beginning. Now, this this is all in addition to an onslaught of harassment death threats other politicians have received during the past twelve months. Hello, Steve Scalise. You seem to kick. This whole thing off you have Republican senators docks by House Democrats staffer so that their home addresses and phone numbers were given out. So that those are the record left to go after them at home. Of course, you had Ted Cruz a harassed and chase out of restaurants Kirstin Nielsen and her staff same deal. Sarah, Huckabee Sanders, refused service in a restaurant. Lindsey Graham, Mike Lee, Orrin Hatch their addresses all posted shortly after each spoke at the hearing. Florida and charged with threatening to shoot members of congress. Who voted on the Cavaliers issue? And now this and we try to get this audio for you. But to be really honest. The guy. Can't get half a sentence out without dropping the f bomb twice. It was phenomenal. We would have had to do a massive editing job. And I'm not quite sure what it made any sense. You know, as you you effing this f f f f f ING etcetera etcetera. So this New York City guy member of antifa thought, it'd be fun to verbally assault. A woman who is sporting a NYPD hat and an American flag T shirt. This happened in Portland, of course. He hurled several insults. Adder suggested. Her husband was abusive, and that's a mild way of saying it. She then turned at him and said my husband died in September eleventh terror attack. He said good, you're a snarky little effing idiot. And she said my husband died on nine eleven good for him. The man said good the NYPD are sodomizing immigrants with your bully sticks. So your husband should probably rot in his grave. This exchange a pulled from a video done by Brandon Farley. He's been filming the violent behavior at tea for for the past couple of years. Even more shocking. Of course, was no one around the woman at least as far as we consume the venue. Nobody stepped in to defend her from this eight. Nobody. That's because it's. New York, New York. There you go. And it's a little unclear if this happened in New York City, or in Portland either way, the idea that people simply standard side, let this guy verbally harass. This widow of a guy who died on nine eleven. And apparently this so irritated the guy. What he wanted her to do was to turn around and try to hit him. So he can then justify expose cook. Number Jesus hitting Jesus. It's just really. Really? So there you have it the violence from the blizzard lift continues to escalate. It is. What it is. And the keep saying, of course, it's coming from both sides. No, it's not. It is not coming from both sides. It is coming from the anarchists. And the left-wing Nazis who now seem to run the democrat party. Again, I hearken back to this call we had earlier this week guy called up and said, I'm a democrat. I'm a capitalist yada, yada, yada. Do you think I'm a good American? I thought was like saying when did you stop beating your wife? I'm supposed to give him some kind of an answer that that hangs me up in some fashion. My response was I actually think if you're a capitalist joined the wrong political party. I also think for those of you on the political left that if you believe in the rule of law, if you believe in presumed innocent until proven guilty cornerstones of the US Justice system, and you say, but I'm a proud democrat. You're in the wrong political party because that is not what today's democrat party who believes in. Today's democrat party believes you have to hear hear her truth. You have to say, basically, the Republicans. They don't really have rights. You're supposed to dismiss the idea that anybody on the GOP has the right to do anything. They don't. Stupidly yolks. You know, those right wing extremists guys who believe in due process, innocent proven guilty. And here's one of the interesting things about this. There are new polls that show that the cavenaugh here two very very interesting things. We'll see this actually plays out less than three weeks from right now. One is the GOP base has become intensely energized. Because of this. And an awful lot of people who were kind of interested in going out to vote on the political right are now intensely interested in going out to vote, but the other affected seemed to have had is that women now by a significant majority. According to recent polling, I think it's the FOX boulevard call correctly. Indicate that they they like the Democrats better. I suppose they've bought into the con. Truly, I suppose they bought into the idea that well, Kevin are really is a rapist and others. Horrible Republicans have put a rapist on the US supreme court. It's the big lie. You tell a big lie often enough and long enough sooner or later, people just might believe it. Now, I'm not quite sure what the size of the sample was for this or with the margin of error was. But clearly the results were well outside the margin of error for even the sloppiest pulse. Whether this plays out in this fashion. In less than three weeks. We'll have to see. There are indications that Democrats are losing enthusiasm for going to the polls three weeks from. Now, the lead that they once had which is run eighteen points down now to somewhere between five and six points. And that may not be enough to actually have them flip the house a current estimates. Charlie cook has come out and said estimates are they may pick up somewhere between twenty and forty seats of its twenty seats the house stays in GOP hands. If it's forty seats, obviously, the GOP gets clobbered and a couple of weeks the Senate Hariri, which seem that the GOP is going to be picking up a couple of seats in the Senate. That's at least how it looks right now. Heidi Heitkamp is in serious trouble. We'll talk about that coming up, and what she has done that paves the way for a GOP victory there for Heidi Heitkamp, the democrat to lose her seat that conversation. Straight ahead. Those are my opening observations. I'd like.

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